Made a sissy by mother in law

Made a sissy by mother in law
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Beautiful People Ch. 2 By Jax_Teller I was riding my Harley home after an eye opening weekend, it was close to midnight and half way home I noticed a set of head lights following me. At first I thought I was being paranoid, but after a few turns I was sure I was being followed, and they were being very careful not to be seen (like a professional would).

I waited until I found the perfect place with no population and well lit stretch of road and I broke hard and turned the Harley around loosed the strap holding my 45 caliber in the holster and rode directly at the vehicle following me.

As I got closer I pulled the 45 out kept it pointed at the vehicle until I could see it was a black SUV like one the club used. I kept my gun on them until they slowly rolled up next to me and lowered the window.

I put the gun away and Patrick told me that they were under orders and began to apologize.

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I said that's ok I understand, and I turned around and went on home. Once I was inside my apartment I waved and they went on.

This was the world I was joining, and it was going to take some adjusting. In the morning I called Carson and asked his permission to move into the mansion and he said yes and I was glad to hear it. I also asked him if it would be acceptable for me to get a job with a local gun shop. He said that it would indeed, and we agreed that it would also give us greater access to guns and ammo without the clubs' direct association.

I called my employer that I'd worked for three years, a told him I was quitting. I contacted a friend who'd been asking me to work for him at his gun shop as his gunsmith.

He was very happy to have me, and asked what changed, and I told him life had been boring and that was changing.

The shop was closer to the mansion and that would make life easier. I talked with my father every day that week something we'd never done before. We were close as father and son but now we were even closer and he seemed very proud of me. He cautioned me about the dangers I was facing and how it would be different from my military experience to date.

I told him that I had new extended family to help guide me and keep me safe. Every day that week my father surprised me with every conversation.

Friday evening as I had finished moving my things in with Kristen, the membership began to roll in. There were bikes of all kinds and a lot of folks hugging and shaking hands. In the Main room, we all sat down and there was an official air to the meeting. Carson called the meeting to order and business was discussed briefly, and the assassination attempt was briefly discussed. Then Carson opened the floor to new business, and left a moment silent and then said he had one piece of new business to present to the membership for a vote.

He said that this mom and daughter with son xxxstory pointing at me had teacher and student xxx vidod himself to be worthy of membership and has a backer. Just then my father stepped into the room and said this is my son Jackson Teller and I nominate him for membership.

There was a hush in the room as he spoke and when he was done Carson said that he seconded the motion and added that due to my actions with regard to the assassination attempt, that full membership with no other restriction should be granted.

He raised his voice and said all in favor and there was a resounding wave of one voice "Aye" and then Carson said opposed, and there was silence, so quiet that the lights buzzing sound was the only thing heard. Carson said motion carried, and reached out to shake my hand and said you Jackson Teller are a full member in good standing of the Cloven Hoof, and a Proven Heritage.

Kristen walked to me with my leather coat raised above her head like the women at the fights carrying the round signs. She swayed her hips as she walked and I thought how blessed I was to have found her.

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She walked turning so all could see the club's Colors, there were shouts and clapping. She held the coat for me and I put it on.

There were a lot of hoots and hollers and clapping. Kristen hugged me followed by my Father, and then Jessica. The music was turned step brother fuck lily carter and drinks were passed round. My Father said I'm proud of you son, and I introduced Kristen to him. He looked her up and down as if examining her and said "well done young man she's a keeper", and gave her a hug.

He made his way out the door, along with a few of the members I didn't know yet, although they seemed to know him. Once again my Father surprised me.

The party kicked into high gear and Kristen kept me supplied in drink and smoke. Many members I'd not met came over and introduced themselves and I talked to so many folks I couldn't remember them all.

As the hour got late and folks had left out, the crew that was left seemed to switch into sexual mode. There were several couples that had gone off to a couch and a few blow jobs were being given to the seated men.

I noticed Carson off to the side getting some slow head from Jessica, and he gave me a nod of his head, and raised a glass of whiskey which I did in return. Kristen had been keeping close to me throughout the evening and I thought about how nice it was to have her. Then she got up and said she'd be back in a few minutes with a surprise.

When she returned, she had a red headed woman that looked to be maybe 20 years old. Kristen said this is Maggie and if you'll kindly accept this gift, I present to you, I would that we go open her up in our room.

I wasn't sure what to say other than, thank you I accept. With that they each took an arm and helped me to my feet and led me to our room. I was amazed that Kristen was doing this, as I thought for some reason that we would be spending more time as a traditional couple. Still I was one never to look a gift, uhm horse? In the mouth? In our room, Kristen took my coat off and hung it on the rack I had made specifically for my leathers.

Maggie was the first one naked and she was freckles from head to toe. Her breasts were small, but firm and her nipples were puffy, her ass was perfect, a very nice package indeed. Kristen removed her clothes as I did and Maggie sat back onto the bed, and spread her legs and used one finger to call us to her other hand slipped down to her pussy.

Kristen knelt between her legs and grabbed her legs over her shoulders and began to eat her pussy. I saw Kristen as I had not yet, on her hands and knees enjoying a woman.

I also noted her wet pussy spread in front of me, and knelt down and slid my hard cock in her wet pussy. I pushed all the way in her until my balls hit her ass.

I pulled almost out of her, and began fucking her in and out as hard as I could. As I fucked her, I felt her fingers rubbing her clit, and then she shuddered and came. I could feel her juices flowing down my thighs as well as hers. From the look on Maggie's face I could only assume that she was coming too. I wasn't close yet and I pulled out of Kristen and lay down on my back and Maggie mounted me, as Kristen sat on my face.

They were facing each other and I could tell they were having fun of their own while using me. It was a class A fuck fest and I was the designated male. The rest of the night became a blur from that point on. In the morning I awoke, the filling in an Oreo cookie. Maggie on one side snuggled up to my chest and Kristen likewise on the other side.

They were holding hands across me. It was quiet for a few minutes and I thought briefly that there would be no better way to die, and then they started to wake up, smiling and saying good mornings.

We got up and got showered and the two of them talked about how Maggie came to be here and as a present to me. I listened more that talked as I didn't want to fuck up a good thing. Maggie had just come to America and Kristen told me that as long as I was ok with her staying with us she would be our sex slave. I did what most men would do and said that would be just fine love. They had set this up before I had come into the picture and my presence just seemed to enhance what they'd planned.

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They went off to tour the mansion and to some chores. I went into the hall, and saw some of the members looking at the pictures next to the Irish flag.

After they left and most of the membership had left out, I went to the flag and looked at the pictures around it. It was then that I noticed that the pictures all had little plaques on them with the persons' name and a short eulogy.

These were all members who died serving the cause. I was still looking at them when Carson came up to me and said having second thoughts yet? I said "no, just honoring them." He said "well, let me share this with you," and he pointed to a picture of a man who looked to be in his forties, and wore a uniform, that I really didn't recognize. He was sitting astride a Harley and looked like a one percenter.

I looked at the name and it was Seth Daniels, and then Carson told me the significance of the man. He was Kristen's father, and had valiantly died serving the cause. Carson led me by the arm away from there and as we sat and drank at the bar, he told me the story of Seth. I listened as if I was being told the secrets of the universe, by God himself.

When Carson was done he told me that unless Kristen brought it up, I should avoid the subject, for she was but a we lass when Seth had died and she had dedicated herself to the cause in his memory. It wasn't until she's been moved to America that she'd become a woman and had begun to live life and not his death. I asked Carson if there was anyone I should ask for her hand in marriage.

Carson told me as president of the chapter he would take my request and make sure it was acceptable by the powers that be. I told him my intent was to marry her, that we were courting, not just living together. He told me that he was proud of where things were going. I told him about Maggie and he said he was aware of the lass and her plight.

I gave him a quizzical look and he said she been exposed as a reverse informant sex fairy tales8 mom and son japan you sex fairy tales xxx fuck sleeping spy in the political system in Ireland and was relocated here for her safety, and that was also why she was supposed to be paired up with Kristen.

I thanked him for sharing that with me, and I told him how Kristen had presented her to me, and he laughed so hard I thought he was going to choke. He said well that's Kristen for ya, big black cock vz japan got a deviously delicious mind sometimes.

End of Ch.2