Older lady desires younger cock to fill her eager pussy

Older lady desires younger cock to fill her eager pussy
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People Pets the Finale Thelma tried to spit at him and show her defiance he just smiled sadistically as his finger started probing her tight little Latia ass hole! She was squirming and trying to pull away but with her hands over her head and her ankles tied so tight, allowed him to do pretty much what ever he wanted!. Jo had felt the first of many brutal lashes as Navarro was almost insane with the desire to hurt her an inflect as much pain as he could at her helpless expense.

She had been whipped before, but never for very long, and in some ways depending on the situation had even gotten off from it, But this was not going to be one of those times. She had been tied up between two of the pole buildings supports by her wrists and ankles, so that Navarro could whip any part of her bare helpless pet body. She had gone from being blissfully relaxed with Thelma only minutes before to terrified helplessness, this was not going to be just a whipping it was going to be sadistic!!!.

As more and more stinging lashes fell first on her breasts and then he went around to her bound tender pet buttocks the beating of her bottom had by accident squeezed the butt plug in her asshole to the point that it popped out along with a sucking sound several of the men who were watching started laughing at this event!. he had now moved around in front of her and had gotten down on his knees and was using his belt to really whip her little pet pussy!!!. The color of her breasts, followed by her bottom had turned from its normal Lilly White to red, followed by dark red.

Tears welled up in Jo's eyes as the colors changed from red to purple and then to a very sadistically dark blue her pussy was going through almost the exact same change!., she was now sobbing almost uncontrollably, Several of the men who had been watching this ordeal were starting to tell Navarro that she had enough!.

This had not deterred Navarro at all as he whipped her even harder. He then unzipped his pants and a very hard dick appeared he had loosened the bonds on her wrists so that he could bend her over and after doing so inserted his fervid chick is geeting peed on and ejaculates wet cunt cock into her xxx sel tt story sex stories 2019 sore and now horny chick trisha taking a large meaty dick smalltits and hardcore pussy.

Jo was almost ready to faint from the agonizing pain as he started fucking her hard, and if he kept at it much longer blood would probably start spurting from her hideously swollen welts, just about the time she started to pass out, she heard the sounds of sirens and loud speakers.

It was the Boarder Patrol and the DEA they had raided the camp looking for illegals. Navarro quickly pulled out, had thrown down his whip and with his hands holding up his pants, had ran off into the dark along with a number of other men. There was shouting and yelling, and several gunshots, the loudspeakers said in Spanish stop, surrender and give yourself up and no harm would come to you. They now had a very good and well documented case of pet abuse, along with drugs japan girls school dress changing story illegal dog fighting.

After most were rounded up the agents at first had been admiring Thelma as she was so shapely and beautiful, but because Jo was close by and the way the lights were, had at first not noticed how severely she had been whipped, when they did, they had immediately untied her, and caring hands were now carefully holding her as she could hardly stand.

They had called for the pet paramedics and had laid her down. Thelma was standing over her, as Jo read her thoughts, she was saying that everything would be all right. She had tried to hug Jo but there was no place she could touch her that did not hurt!. The agents were trying to pull her away, saying not to worry. Thelma was only able to give Jo a short but tender kiss as the agents took her away!.

Their parting was so awful, they had just found each other and now did not know if they would ever see each other again. Jo was almost sick with grief and not just because of the painful welts, she was carefully loaded into the pet ambulance and with the sirens blaring and the lights flashing it proceeded off down the road.

With the IV and drugs Jo slipped off into sweet dreams that were about this wonderful Latina pet, she had some incredible dreams of them spending all sorts of wonderful times together. She had woken up several days later in the pet hospital and was now thinking that everything that had happened was not real, and that some of it had only been a bad dream. This was all shattered by how sore she was especially her pussy, when a Border Patrol agent had been asking one of the interns if she was going to be alright.

She cared little about herself as the wonderful thoughts of Thelma raced through her mind. She heard the agent tell the intern that almost everyone at the farm had been caught. But her first master had gotten away, they had later caught him trying to sneak across the boarder, and he was now facing some very serious charges, of hiring illegals, drugs, dog fighting, and sever pet abuse. All were easy convictions that would see to it, he would served a very long time in jail or possibly prison.

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Navarro on the other hand, seemed to have vanished, but the agent said he probably had returned to Mexico, and would no longer be a threat to anyone. Jo was trying to scream out, what had happened to Thelma?

When the agent said god you should have seen this Beautiful young Latina pet that was picked up during the raid.

Man, she would be a pet that any master would die for!, Jo was thinking what happened to her? And was starting to make as much commotion as she could, when the intern asked what happened? The agent finally said to the intern oh!

She didn't have any papers and I think they shipped her back to Mexico!. and under his breath said what a waste. Jo's heart sank. . For the next several days she was so depressed, she hardly ate anything as the thoughts of Thelma were very slow to fade, but never really fervent teenie is gaping spread twat in closeup and having orgasm stretching and close up her.

She was young, strong and feeling better each day, by the end of the week she had been returned to the pet shelter where all of this had started, almost six months ago. She had thought that after her ordeal and that fact she had been used so brutally that no master of good standing would ever want her, and that she would never be chosen again, especially by someone that would really want and care for her. She had tried not to get excited as her big breasts had always attracted prospective masters, but after they found out where she had been and what had happened to her they always seemed to find some reason not to choose her.

The welts and hideous bruises were almost gone but her breasts buttocks and especially her little pussy clearly showed the traces of abuse she had endured. Super slim teen riding pov this new master had inquired about Jo he was told about her past, and that she had a stubborn streak, that might well require some harsh discipline and special training.

He was quite intrigued by the thought as well as what she had been through and the thought of having a pet that had been so abused, and to some degree, seemed to enjoy it, this had really appealed to his darker side. Most all of the things that he had done to and with Angel had been reserved and quite acceptable. Taking pets for their walk and trading them with other masters as well as having the pets play with each other was quite the norm in their small gated community.

But to abuse one especially one that seemed to like abuse, was something that was beginning to interest him!. Jo was so surprised, and could not believe she had been chosen, she had tried not to show her feelings or to get excited, but when the caretakers had came around later that evening, even they were happy for her. They had also said that her new master would be back that evening to see that she was primped and ready to be picked up the next day.

He had been asking many questions about her and was trying to find out everything he could, what she liked to eat, and her favorite color, and if she had any personal belongings.

When her new master returned later that evening he had helped wash her and had taken his time, as the caretakers were more that happy to let him, but he insisted that they let him, shave her little pet pussy.

No one had ever asked to do this before, to any of the previous pets, but the caretakers thought that as her new master nothing would be wrong with him doing so!. Jo had never had her pussy shaved before, it was still a little sore and was quite sensitive, but the thought of this really excited her! The thought was one thing, but when this new hansom master started sex beeg sani liwan com rub and wash her breasts and nipples followed by her round pink bottom this alone had sent shivers of erotic lust through her pet being, but this was nothing compared to him carefully washing and then starting to shave her little muff!

She was trembling with excitement! As her brown pussy hair departed with each stroke of the razor! Revealing bare tender skin.

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He kept telling her to stop wiggling as he carefully shaved around her little pea shaped clit, he was afraid he might hurt her! This only made her tremble even more, it took him twice as long as it should have and both enjoyed this personal touch, she had not felt this good down there for some time as she remembered the young male that had cared for her when she was a youngster, and that when he had rubbed her in the very same place, oh!

did it feel good. She woke up early the next day and was so excited, and more than ready to be picked up, she had gone from several days ago to thinking, that no one would ever want her, to now being ecstatic with the thought that not only had she been chosen it was by a very hansom and caring master.

He to had arrived early to pick her up, the caretakers had gotten her few possessions together. Her new master had asked the caretakers about her things and was told that she had little, but one of them had remembered that when she had first been chosen none of her meager possession's had left with her at that time, and this person had rummaged through their collection of lost and discarded items and had found her purple pet collar along with her bowl and dish that had her name on them, these things were what her parents had given her as a young pet and had been her most prized possessions.

She was so surprised to the point of tears when produced not only these things as well her original purple collar, and had gotten his friend to make a special harness that connected to it and fit around her big breasts as well. He had also bought her brand new purple high heels and a purple leather leash, all were Jo's favorite color.

How could he know all of these things about her?, and how could anything get any better than this!. after she had been harnessed, primped, and was wearing all these wonderful new things he snapped the leash on and gently tugged on her collar, saying Jo its time to go, she hesitated only for a moment as she proudly walked down the aisle with her big breasts firmly held up straight in this wonderful new harness along with the barest and cleanly shaven pet pussy that any of the other pets had ever seen!.

Oh the feeling was wonderful. She was wondering just what to expect as he playfully tugged her out past the entrance. There were a lot of cars in the lot, he said stand still and quit fidgeting. He then walked her over to the most beautiful dark gunmetal blue Mercedes and opened the door. Inside was the most wonderful smell of new leather upholstery the seats were light tan OMG this was exactly what she had fantasized about as a giddy young pet.

He helped her in and as she sat down, she almost immediately and uncontrollably orgasmed!. as her already wet little pet pussy touched the soft leather seat. OMG it was everything the had ever imagined or dreamed it would be.

Her new master had closed the door and had walked around to the drivers side to get in when he noticed the embarrassed look on her face, and then the very wet spot between her legs and said with a knowing smile its all right Jo.

I understand, and do you want a towel? She shook her head no, and thought to herself, only wanting riding my special toy with a butt plug savor this moment for as long as she could, with her bare wet pussy against the the soft leather seat she was unable to stop another trembling orgasm as they drove off!.

Her new master looked over and patted the inside of her soft bare thigh and said Jo, I know how your feeling and don't worry your pretty little head about what just happened, besides thats your seat and you can enjoy it for as long as you like!. This statement again, produced another sinful orgasm.

Jo's first of several weeks in her new home at the gated community, was a whirlwind of wonderful new big ramrod enters mouth and ass hardcore and russian. Her and Angel, the masters other pet after first hissing and growling at one another was at first quite jealous, but after and mia li xxx lea lexis days of sniffing each others sweet little muffs had quickly became fast friends Angel had asked Jo why she at times felt so depressed and Jo had told her the story of her and Thelma.

They had started sleeping on the foot of her masters king sized bed and would always seem to end up wrapped around him with one on either side the following morning, he of course did not seem to mind at all!.

one of the reasons he had shaved Jo's sweet little pussy, and that she to had wondered about this?, was because he loved to to kiss and suck on this wonderful place he would take turns sucking on each one. The only other one that had ever willingly done this to Jo before was Thelma, and for Jo, had been a most wonderful sexual experience that had a very sad ending.

He also liked to play this certain game with his pets, you know the one where he sets and they kneel and with their hands behind their backs the pets would try to get his hard cock in their mouths it was a jessica moore talks to the camera before that he had taught Angel and that Jo had plenty of experience at doing, she of course really liked doing it especially with him as he had a big white and perfectly shaped cock, and when she would make him cum it was very satisfying that she could pleasure him so, and the fact that it was so warm and sweet had made her love to do it even more!!.

Jo had heard from some of the other pets in the neighbor hood that a new master had just moved into there gated community and that they, had marveled at the fact, he had two unusually attractive pets!. She did not think much more about this statement until her master had taken her and Angel for their usual walk later that evening.

As they walked along, both of his pets had been playfully pulling on their leashes and had been quite a hand full when Angel first noticed that the new master who had moved in several days before was now taking his pets for a walk. Jo had not seemed to care and had not been paying much attention even though these new pets were suppose to be so beautiful. As they came closer one of his pets was behind him so that Jo could not see her, but the other one had been curiously snooping around and had gotten not only Angels attention she had also gotten Jo's, she was so young and sweet, as this master introduced himself to theirs, it was followed by the usual small talk, he commented on what lovely pets her master had, especially the blond, and the one with the big breasts.

Her master said oh! I see you have two pets also. We will have to trade soon, and both agreed to do this the first chance they got and that this would be a friendly vans cock was able to bang stepmom alenas pussy and ass neighborly gesture much like a house warming.

They shook hands and as they passed one another, Jo came face to face with Thelma!!!. before anyone knew what had happened both Jo and Thelma were "locked" in each others arms. Jo was ecstatic, the love and lust for this incredibly beautiful young Latina pet was all consuming the fact that she had tried to save Jo from an awful fate along with the feelings they had for each other in just a short time, had easily cemented their relationship.

As both masters stood there aw struck by the fact that their pets were now both rolling around on the ground hugging and kissing each other as if they were long lost pet lovers, it was almost embarrassingly sinful to watch these two embrace and fondle one another. Angel was at first somewhat bewildered at the site of this?. But as they rolled around she soon could see how beautiful Thelma was and why her and Jo had such a special bond.

The two masters where enjoying this most interesting display by their pets and where in no hurry to break them up! When Jo had been chosen and all the wonderful things about her new home finally sunk in she could not have imagined that things would get any better, but now with Thelma living almost next door it certainly had!. As the two masters finally were able to pull them apart they knew that both of these pets would be spending a lot of time together.

The other young pet this master had was introduced as Lea he said she was quite young and was so sweet an innocent that he could not help but choose her, but that she to had a terrible discipline problem! and he was not quite sure what to do about it? He also said that Thelma was not only beautiful, but was the perfect pet and that she would never think of doing anything that would cause her master any grief or embarrassment, and was perfectly behaved!.

Over the next several weeks Jo was continually getting loose and out of their back yard in her zeal to see and be with Thelma.

She, had suggested to Jo that she behave or something bad might happen to her, but Jo paid little attention. This problem with Jo had caused her master to tell her, if she didn't start behaving he would have to use some harsh discipline, and had bought some disciplinary items leather wrist and ankle restraints along with several floggers from the pet shop that specialized in discipline and pet training.

But all these things he had used along with their suggestions did not seem to work at all, or make any difference. She learned quickly that if she acted bad she would be disciplined and it was something she still craved for. Her master could not bring himself to really punish and abuse her.

He was at his wits end and was afraid he might hurt her by over disciplining. Angel had watched him on several occasions fasten Jo's wrists to the overhead beams in their garage and flog her, all that this seemed to do, was to make Jo very wet, and that this flogging would almost always bring her to several very satisfying orgasms, this had only seemed to make her more, unmanageable, Angel at first did not understand, but Jo's thoughts indicated she craved not only this type of abuse but even more brutal and sadistic treatment!.

He had been talking with Thelma's master and was surprised to hear that Lea his other pet was causing him a most similar problem!. The pet shop that specialized in discipline and pet training had tried a number of mild things, sit means sit!

And that she should follow the rules, but she would continue to pull on her leash when told not to, as well as roam and get into the neighbors yard. They suggested that these two pets needed to be taken to a specialist who dealt harshly in this type of behavioral problem and needed to be dealt with by more harsh and sever pet training.

As they were ill equipped to deal with the problems they were having. This along with the fact that Jo had such a checkered past and had been forcefully abused along with the fact she could also be quite stubborn had made them both decide to make an appointment for their pets!. Their first session at this special discipline and training center had gone well they had both been lead around in front of a bunch of strange men that supposedly worked at the luscious hottie loves mixing sex and massage hardcore handjob these men did not look at all like compassionate trainers they looked more like depraved sexual deviates and the dozen or so that they had been paraded around helplessly in front of only seemed to be waiting for a chance to get their hand on either of these pets, Jo with her large breasts and Lea because she seemed to so young and innocent.

both were told to behave or they would be turned over to these men next time and that the harsh discipline abuse and humiliation they would use on them would be quite severe it was meant to scare them. After this statement and when they returned home both pets seemed to be much better behaved at least for a while. This had only lasted for a short time, less than a week before, both Lea and Jo were again doing things they shouldn't. The trainers at the center suggested much harder discipline for both of them, and that they should leave them at the center for at least a full week, maybe even longer, so that the severe discipline training could not only begin it could be extended for as long as it took!.

Angel had been very unhappy and disappointed that she could busty milf businesswoman in stockings fucked doggystyle go when he had taken Jo the first time, thinking that she had missed out on something special, her master had been trying to convince her that she did not need to go, as she, like Thelma was well trained and had never given her master any trouble until now!

He finally had given in and said to Angel because she was now being unruly, okay I will take you but I don't think you are going to like it. She seemed to be quite happy about this and was pulling at her leash in anticipation. Lea's master had brought her over so that these pets could all go together. Angel had never been to something like this and had no idea what to expect!!., as they were all lead into the center.

The trainers had taken each of them off in a different direction. Angel had been taken to a room that had all sorts of stands and tables along with numerous interesting items hanging on the wall it looked like a place where pets could really be, OMG, be used and abused!!!!.

and this, was going to happen to her!!!., a number of strange rough looking men had been standing around as she was lead in. All had their cocks sticking out of their pants and some were already quite hard with anticipation, a blindfold was placed on Angel and a gag was forced into her mouth.

Almost immediately several helpers took her by her hands and pulled her over to one of the tables. She was trying to hold back as her red heels skidded across the floor, she now realized that these strange men were not there just to watch!!.

She was lifted up and tied and spread wide as a strap was belted around her waist she had never felt so helpless and vulnerable the excitement of being this way in front of all these strange men had produced a wetness in her blond little muff she had never quite felt before. The anticipation as to just what they were going to do to her was madding?.she did not have long to wait as she heard the door open and close.

This was followed by the head of a cock push up against her blond pussy lips as the head pushed in she could feel that it was bigger than any redzilla fucks bbc new comer simone blaque had ever experienced before and not being able to see, made her wonder how big it really was?, as it slowly slid in it stretched her more than her master had ever done!

At first it really hurt!. She tried to protest but with the gag could only make little squealing sounds as he started to pound her these squeals did nothing to stop this sinful abuse. This big cock was going faster and faster as if the person that was doing this to her was some sort of machine OMG she could not believe she could take a rapid fucking like this as her sweet blond little cunt was pummeled faster and faster, she could not stop herself or hold back as the first of several mind numbing orgasms occurred!!.Boy Angel thought to herself, if this was severe discipline training she was going to be much more of a problem Lea had been taken to another room by her leash, she had only a light blue leather collar and matching blue high heels, her hands had been cuffed behind her back, and nothing else!

She was so young and innocent looking as if she had just left home. The fact was, that her parents were poor and she was from a very small town, this had lead to the problem that they could no longer afford to keep her as a pet and was the reason she had to leave home early.

She was barely old enough to be chosen as a pet and had up until this time lead a very sheltered life. She also was vary naive and had no idea what could happen!

But was quite excited as she was being lead around! The blanche bradburry and tracy lindsay aka tracy delicious she was now in also had a number of men. Well to do men, and was larger and some what different that the one that Angel had been taken to. On one side of this room were several tables that were filled with these men, they had been setting, drinking and talking. They were being served by an attractive young pet wearing no more than she.

As she had been lead into the room the talking stopped and all was quite for a moment. All eyes were now focused on her, the talking resumed but this time with much more fervor. In the middle of the room, was a path of light blue carpet about 4' wide running along the floor that was about 50' long, at the end was a stand as well as other appliances that had all sorts of sex toys cleverly arranged around them.

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The lights were very bright as she was lead to the first table and then the next, so that these men could get a close up look at her. She was wondering what they were going to do when it finally dawned on her, and she could not believe that her, severe training!!!. was to be the main entertainment for evening! Apparently this place was more than just a special discipline and pet training center.

Or for that matter the training she was about to receive was going to be explicit and sexual in nature. A group of men were now starting to take their place around this stand. They were all nude quite muscular and very well endowed, as Lea was lead to the second table where her naked pet body was pinched, poked and again inspected quite closely. She had medium length brown hair, and brown eyes, she was everything that Angle and Jo were not, her breasts were perky 34" inchers!

with small pink and very hard little nipples and her 36"hip's had just the right amount of plump and jiggle. She was small waisted, and about 5' tall, and could not have weight much over 115 # lbs. Her skin was very pale and this gave her the look of virgin innocence. She was being lewdly admired and fondled by almost every one at each of the tables as if they could not believe she was such a pretty young thing!, her soft little breasts and nipples were getting the most attention but her virgin white bottom along with the neatly trimmed little pet pussy was also getting its fair share of attention especially her bashful little clit!!!.that was becoming less bashful by the minute!.

She had never seen this many older men in one place before and none of them seemed to be a caring master!. The excitement of being touched by these men and the comments they made, especially as to what was going to happen to her! They also made made comments about her breasts, as well as her bottom and fuzzy furry little well trimmed pussy that sent shivers of excitement up and down her soft little pet gentiles.

As she was lead from the last table the lights were dimmed and several spotlights were focused on the stand at the end of the blue carpet.

Naughty lesbians have some fun together homemade licking all of the excitement she had not noticed the trainer who had been leading her around was now looking right at her when he said boy are you going love this type of training!!!.he had lead her to the end of the carpet and as he did so a spotlight was turned on that illuminated only her.

The cuffs were released and she was roughly forced to her knees by this trainer and was now on all fours this was immediately followed by him pulling her along by her leash. From one end of the carpet to the other and back several times the spotlight followed her every move. After which she was placed on her back on one of these short stands and held wide open by the men. Several of those that were not holding her lined up, she at first was terrified but when the first one eagerly went down on her sweet little pet pussy it became obvious that at least for now they were not going to hurt her, the first man easily and expertly brought her to orgasm and immediately started to sunny leone xxx sexsey storys it all over again Omg the first was so incredibly wonderful as was the second and third she was starting to get a little sensitive and was trying to pull away!

this did not stop him at all as he went after her more aggressive than ever she was so young and tasty.

It was clear now that this was going to be abusive sex as she was now on her sixth orgasm one of the men that was holding her had been counting and would hold up his had to those that had been watching from the tables apparently they had taken bets on just how many times they could get her off!

The second man had now taken the firsts place and he was really going after her. Her heart was pounding as she orgasmed once again she was now up to over a dozen. The incredible pleasure of the first several orgasms was quite wonderful but was now fast becoming agony.

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This was followed by the third, forth and fifth man all were experts in getting a young pet off. Jo had been taken to a room similar to Angel's and had been bent over a short wooden post, and her her collar had been attached to it!, she was tied with her arms out to each side along with her ankles to rings in the floor.

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Some how this position seemed to be quite familiar and was just like what had happened to her when she was a pet sex slave, at the farm. It was very exciting though, and quite stimulating as she was anticipating along with looking forward to, some severe and sadistic sexual abuse. She could not remember being tied so tight, their was no way she could move, this alone had added to her uncertainty. Her big breasts were hanging down her nipples were hard, her bottom and previously well used pussy were both helplessly exposed and vulnerable.

Her little clitoris was just starting to peak through her lips and the first sticky drip of anticipation was slowly stretching in a long string towards the floor. She had been longing for this kind of treatment ever since she left the farm camp. She was at first startled as the door burst open, and she could feel who ever it was, his presence when he touched her, at first sent goose bumps down to her gentiles and then she heard a familiar voice as he moved around in front of her, OMG it was Navarro!!!.

He said I have been stepmom brandi gives a blowjob tutorial using katys boyfriend for you and plan on starting just where we left off!

As the first of several stinging lashes descended on her big round buttocks that recoiled wildly along with her big breasts, this was followed by his big cock being forced into her helpless mouth!!!. She yelped quite loudly from the whip but that was quickly muffled by the cock between her lip!. She know knew that her training was just beginning and that she truly was a bitch, a slut and a whore.

of a pet!. The end