Mature blonde gets her anal hole explored on webcam

Mature blonde gets her anal hole explored on webcam
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Pamela Link unlocked the door to her luxurious Park Ave. apartment and ushered the nervous eighteen year old blonde inside the foyer.

"From now on this will be your new home," Pam said while leading Angela into the gigantic living room. "So, what do you think?" "I-I think it's the most beautiful place I've ever seen," the young girl replied softly. "I'm glad you like it," Pam replied genially. "But it doesn't really matter what you like, does it?" "No," Angela replied with her eyes cast down. "We might as well get something straight right now," Pam said evenly. "When you address me, you may call me ma'am, mistress, or mommy." "Is that clear?" "Yes, ma'am," Angela quickly replied.

"And the same goes for Mr. Link," she went on. "Either sir or daddy." "I understand, ma'am," Angela replied. "Good, now that we have that taken care of," Pam said a little more easily, "follow me into the bathroom." As they made their way to the rear of the apartment Pam pointed out the various rooms before adding, "Of course it will futurama porn fry and leela having sex up to you to keep the apartment clean, that is a provision of your staying with us." It seemed like a rhetorical question so Angela just kept her mouth shut and followed Pam man seduces legal age teenager adorable cutie to the master bathroom.

"Here we are!" Pam said while flipping on the light. Involuntarily Angela let out a low whistle and offered, "Wow, this is the neatest bathroom I've ever seen!" "I'm glad you like it," Pam chuckled, "after all, you're going to be spending a lot of time in here." Along with a whirlpool bath, separate showers, a bidet, two toilets, and two sinks, was a large six person hot tub that was already filled with warm bubbling water.

"Take off your clothes," Pamela ordered. Even though she was embarrassed to be undressing in front of a total stranger the tone of Pamela Link's voice left little doubt that if she disobeyed her she would be immediately punished if she didn't do as she was told at once. With her hands on her hips the forthish matron stood impassively while the tiny blonde slipped out of her pink bikini panties and matching bra.

She shivered in the cool air as her tiny pink nipples shriveled up as they became instantly erect. "You have a very pretty body, dear," Pamela said softly as her pussy drenched itself in anticipation of sexual contact. Little Angela was truly a wet dream come to life! She was only five feet tall, and if she weighed any more that ninety five pounds it would have been a surprise.

She was cute and pretty at the same time, with almost no breast development and the cutest puffy pink nipples a person could imagine!

If anything gave away her age it was her vagina!

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Covered with soft downy blonde hair, it barely concealed lips that appeared to be blatantly bulging in a constant state of sexual arousal! So except for her full vagina, Angela appeared to be much younger than her eighteen years!

Pamela Link licked her lips hungrily and said under her breath, "You are going to do just fine, my dear, just fine!" Pamela led the shy young woman over to the edge of the tub where she had her sit down with her legs spread wide apart. "If you're going to be out little girl we have to do something about this pubic hair," she said a matter of factly while massaging a generous handful of baby oil into the bulging labia. "Ohhhhhh!" Angela gasped when the palm of Pamela's hand brushed across her erect clitoris.

"Very responsive," the older woman intoned, "I like that in my little girl." When she was sure that the hair was completely saturated, Pamela produced a long dangerous looking straight razor and began carefully shaving until not one trace of fur was present. "How does it feel, child?" Pamela asked softly.

"It feels cold!" Angela answered quickly. "How does it look?" she rejoined. "It looks absolutely wonderful," Pamela sighed while gently probing the drooling slit with her index finger. "O-oh, mommy!" the young girl stammered. "That feels soooooo nice!" "Would you like me to suck it for you?" Pamela asked softly.

"Oh yes, mommy," she sighed while thrusting her hairless mons forward, "please suck my vagina." "I will on one condition," the older woman replied. "Anything, mommy!" Angela answered. "When I'm done you have to do the same for me!" "Oh, mommy," she romanian cam babe finally getss buttplug up ass, "I'd love to put my mouth on your vagina." "You're such an obedient child," Pamela replied while positioning her mouth only inches from the steaming hot slit.

"Now, let me taste you&hellip." Pamela had sucked many a pussy in her day, but nothing had prepared her for the succulence that was Angela's bulging vagina! She eagerly let her tongue roam up and down the length of her slit while taking special care to make sure that she gave the incredibly engorged clit the hairy granny fucked on the pool table is so richly deserved! For the next ten minutes Pamela Link kneeled between Angela's girlish thighs while giving the poor thing the tongue lashing of her life time!

When she couldn't hold back even another second, the young girl's hips lurched forward hard into the older woman's hungry mouth as an orgasm of brutal proportions slammed into her helpless clit like a runaway freight train on the loose!

"My god!" Pamela whispered. "You are the most orgasmic woman I've ever seen in my life!" "How many did you have!?!" Still trying to catch her breath, Angela took a couple of deep breaths before stammering, "I-I don't have any idea, it was like they just kept cumming in waves!" "Well," Pamela replied as she stood up to remove her clothing, "I can see that you are going to be a very nice little girl to have around." Angela sat quietly while her mistress slowly disrobed.

"You have a very pretty body, mommy," she said softly as the older woman's huge breasts flopped heavily out of her bra and onto her round tummy.

dyke milf makayla cox enjoys lesbian duo with teen izzy bell "Why thank you, dear," Pamela replied with a smile, "and I have another surprise for my little girl." "What's that, mommy!?!" she asked eagerly. "I love surprises!" "I'm sure that you do!" Pamela answered quickly. "Now watch when mommy takes off her panties!" "Ohhhhhhhh, mommy!" the young girl exclaimed.

"Your vagina is so hairy, I just love it!!!" Pamela leaned over and kissed Angela on the top of the head before taking her by the arm and leading over to the hot tub. Pamela got it first and then reached over and literally lifted Angela over the side and into the warm swirling waters.

With Pamela's two massive breasts easily floating on the frothy water, she pulled the little girl to her and crushed her into her chest while kissing her full on the lips. "Oh mommy," she sighed, "I wish my breasts were big and full like yours." Pamela laughed before replying, "Well, maybe someday, but for now we like our little girl to have nice tiny breasts." Pamela held Angela like she was a rag doll while kissing and caressing the small ripe body.

She was just about to hoist herself out of the water when a deep voice from the bathroom door asked, "So, aren't you going to introduce me to our little girl!?!" Automatically both women turned in the direction of the voice only to see Riley Link standing there with a half smile on his face.

"Oh hi, dear!" Pamela gushed.

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"I'd like you to meet, Angela, our new little girl!" "Hello, Angela," Riley Link said with nod. "And how are you?" "Very fine, daddy," she replied a little bit nervously, "it's very nice to arb boy and boy xxx you." Without taking his eyes off the young woman Riley quickly shed his suit and under clothes until he was standing naked in the middle of the bathroom. "O-oh, my!" Angela gasped as she stared at the thick piece of cock flesh that stood erect in front of her "daddy"!

"Daddy has a big cock!" Pamela whispered into Angela's ear. "He's a wonderful fuck!" "H-he won't hurt me, will he?" she mewled softly. "Of course not, dear," Pamela replied as her husband slipped into the water and made his way over to them. "Just relax and let daddy play with his little girl!" Riley scooped her away from his wife and lifted her out of the water until her vagina was directly in front of his face.

"Wow," he said with a whistle, "she has an incredible pussy." "I was just about to sit up on the edge and let her tongue me," Pamela offered hopefully. "Go ahead," Riley replied while letting his mouth cover the bulging bare crack. After a minute of so of oral servitude he lowered Angela down and asked, "Would you like to suck mommy's cunt?" With her pussy now in a state of extreme arousal she stammered, "O-oh yesssss, daddy, please let me suck her!!!" "How's that, baby?" Rilely asked his wife as Angela's eager mouth attached itself to her aching crack.

"J-just wonderful, ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck is that nice!" Pamela groaned. "That's good," Riley replied while slipping between Angela's thighs. "I'm going to fuck my little girl from the back," he intoned while sliding his huge head against her gaping slit.

"Oh fuck, Riley!" Pamela hissed while she watched her husbands enormous cock pressing relentlessly into the young girl's more than eager organ. He continued with steady even pressure until all at once the head snapped past the straining lips and into her fuck hole.

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"O-ohhhhhhhh mommy!!!" she gasped. "Daddy's erection is in my little pussy!!!" "I-I can see it!" Pamela gasped as her pussy began to cart wheel out of control.

"He's fucking his little girl with his big katies fine ass oiled up and fucked prick!" As his wife's pussy began to explode in a series of vicious climaxes, Riley Link began powering in and out of Angela's helpless pussy with brutal precision and ferocity!

In only a matter of a few minutes the poor girl was reduced to a mewling slut who was in the process of being given the fucking of her young life!!! Riley wasn't quite ready to shoot load, but all at once the tight little cunt began to convulse and spasm around his thickness to such a degree that his pecker suddenly and without warning erupted deep inside of the velvety tight little vagina!

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"Sweet mother of god!" he shrieked as blast after blast of white hot jism rocketed from the hole of his massive one eyed snake. Pamela had long since gone over the edge, but seeing her husband's incredible cock literally skewering the tight little pussy was enough to induce one more numbing climax from her already satiated cunt! Pamela slipped back into the water with a sigh while a still stunned Angela curled up on her lap and began nursing quietly at one of her hard pink nipples.

Riley was still a little shell shocked from the experience but managed to stammered, "G-good grief, baby, I think we've got a keeper!" Pamela smiled weakly at her husband and murmured, That we do, that we do!" THE END