Cute chubby yo girl poses with sexy boy at the casting

Cute chubby yo girl poses with sexy boy at the casting
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Controlling Sister 3: Controlling Daughter (mf, Ff, MF, Mf+, Kendra star hot anal slut gg exclusive analfucking boyandgirl, ff, 1st, bi, inc, mc, nc, impreg, tg) by Krosis of the Collective --- If you've followed my story through the first two chapters, you would know that my name is JP, short for Jean-Paul, and when I was 14 I found I could control my older sister Marie's body.

Not mind control as in I hot ebony girls want some us semen all over them her what to do and she did it, but I actually took control of her body and I could move and feel it as if it were my own. A side effect of this ability was that she had no memory of the experience afterwards. As you can expect, it didn't take long for a horny teenage boy with a female plaything to start fucking her, although the sex had been kind of an accident at first because I didn't find my overbearing sister attractive, at least at first.

After filling her unprotected pussy up with sperm for weeks, the inevitable happened and she got pregnant, but due to the lack home made mom and daughter sex education in our backwards town in the 1980's I didn't realize I was the father until almost 2 years later.

When my sister got pregnant I found I latina with big ass caught on hidden camera by her stepbrother no longer control her body, even after her (our) daughter was born. A little after that we finally met our long-lost older half-sister Laverne and, after finding I could control her body as well, I continued my sexual adventures, which ended with her leaving town a few weeks later.

Over the years I figured out that I must have impregnated my half-sister too, as well as her cute little blonde lesbian lover, and that's why she left town. I was never able to find out the blonde's name, though we heard from Laverne a few years later and she had a son who was about the right age. I wonder about those children of mine.sometimes I dream of them.

--- When I turned 29 I returned to my hometown. I had been out in the world trying to make my mark, but with a failed marriage and a recent job layoff behind me, I was ready for a change. Little did I realize the kind of change I would get! "I'm home!" I called out as I walked into my family house. "Unca JP!" A slim brunette ran around the corner and slammed into me with a hug.

"Hey, Stephanie," I said, hugging her back. I could feel breasts pressing against my chest and I let go quickly, standing back to look at my daughter/niece. It had been 5 years since I had last seen her and she had grown up! Those breasts I had felt pressing against me weren't big, though they were bigger than what some 14-year-old girls had.

The rest of her was covered head-to-toe in black, though I could see black and white striped tights peeking out of the slit on the front of her long skirt. Looking up at her face, I realized that she had gone Goth! A lightening powder on her face made her dark eye liner and black lipstick stand out. She caught me smirking at her outfit and gave me a foul look that reminded me of her mother, my sister, though just for a moment.

Then she brightened and grabbed one of my suitcases, directing me to my old room. When I walked in I realized that this was actually her room now, with the Morbid Angel and The Cure posters on the wall, and the complete lack of bright colors.

I stopped. "I can't take your room, Steph," I said. "It's okay," she replied. "I'll just sleep on the couch downstairs." She didn't look terribly happy about it. "No, I'll sleep downstairs." I grabbed both suitcases and headed for the basement stairs.

My sister came in from the living room. "JP!" She looked at what I was doing. "You can take Steph's room." My sister, now 31, had gotten better looking with age. She had filled out a bit but had also grown into her face, which when she was a teenager showed what people today call "bitchy resting face." She was still living with her parents, though to be honest that was my fault for making her a single mom and pretty much ruining her life.

I dropped the suitcases and gave my big sis a hug, a part of me from so long ago remembering her intimate touches upon my body, stirring my cock a little. She paused and returned the hug. "Naw," I said, "I won't kick Steph out of her room. The basement couch is fine for now." I pulled away and grabbed the suitcases again, heading downstairs.

--- Mom and Dad came back a little later with KFC for us all. It was great to see them again after so long. We had some beers (well, all of us but Steph) and stayed up late talking about all the stuff that had happened while I was gone, though to be honest I don't remember any specifics of it today.

It was just good to be home. --- That night, on the old couch in the basement living room, I was reminded of one of the first times I had taken over my sister's mind while she was sitting on this very couch. Even now, 15 years later, I still felt sad when thinking about losing the love of my life, which had actually been my mind in my sister's body. I started to stroke my cock while remembering the things "female me" and I had done: mutual masturbation, accidental penetration of my cock into her pussy, and so much sex afterward!

It had stopped when she became pregnant with Steph-- There was a strange sensation, a feeling of being shoved aside, and then I found that I was no longer in control of my body! My hand pulled back from my hard cock with a jerk.

I could hear my voice say, "What the fuck?!" There was an odd inflection in my voice. My body quickly got up from the couch and stumbled to the light switch. My sense of balance seemed off and I almost tripped along the way. Flicking the light on, my head looked down at my softening dick. "Holy shit!" my voice whispered. My hand reached down, gingerly touching my cock, and then pulling a bit on the stretchy skin along the shaft. It started to respond to the attention, filling back up with blood.

My body stumbled a bit less awkwardly to the basement washroom. The light flicked on and I stared at myself in the mirror, wide eyed. "Ho.lee.shit." I whispered to myself. During all of this I had been trying to regain control of my body. Not having any luck, I had tried concentrating on one finger to try to move it.nothing.

I also tried yelling in my head, which had worked on my half-sister way back in the day when she had been too distant for me to fully control her, only riding in her head like a passenger. Nothing worked. Whoever was controlling my body looked down at my cock again and started playing with it, but whoever it was clearly had no experience at this sort of thing.

Were they female? My body let go of my dick and looked back at the mirror. "Well, I don't want to keep looking at that," they said, turning off all the lights and heading back to the couch. So maybe not female, or did I really look that bad naked? I wondered. They lay down on the couch in pretty much the same position I had originally been in when this strange episode started, and then my eyes closed, my head lay back, and my hand was again on my cock, stroking it.

One thing I learned when I had been controlling my sister so many years ago was that it definitely felt better to have someone else play with your cock than to masturbate yourself. This was no exception, even though it was my hand doing the pleasuring.

Even with the inexperience of whoever was controlling my body, within a few minutes I felt the familiar tingle at the base of my cock. The shaft got bigger and then my cum rushed out of the tip, spurting up and splashing back down onto my chest. As I orgasmed my voice grunted loudly in pleasure and then I was back in control of my own body, jacking the last spurts of cum out of my cock.

I had no recollection of the last few minutes, so my memory went from starting to masturbate straight to halfway through my orgasm. That was weird! Confused at having nodded off while whacking it, I cleaned up and went to sleep. --- At breakfast the next morning Stephanie kept looking at me strangely.

I smiled at her and if she hadn't been wearing that white makeup I'm pretty sure I would have seen her blush, though self licking her onw tits nipples and masterbaith I had I wouldn't have known why. --- In the afternoon Stephanie joined me in the basement as I watched a movie. "Did you want to ask me anything?" she asked during a commercial break.

She always spreads her legs for the dildo, I looked at her. " is school?" She rolled her eyes.

"Sucks," was her reply. "Oh," I responded, looking back at the TV. I could feel her looking at me, and then. The shoving feeling recurred, and again I was no longer controlling my body!

My head turned to look at Stephanie, who was shocked because she was experiencing the strange feedback effect of controlling my body while her consciousness remained in hers at the same time. I had first encountered this effect on this very couch 15 years ago. "This is so weird," she said. "It sure is," my voice responded.

Stephanie laughed, delighted, and then she turned serious, leaning forward to look into my eyes. "Unca JP? You in there?" "YES!" I roared in my head, "GET OUT!" She clearly didn't hear me. "Hmm." she murmured. She leaned forward and unzipped my jeans, and then turned both of us back to the TV screen. I felt her consciousness recede from my mind and. Again, I had no recollection of the last minute or so. It seemed like that commercial break had passed quickly.

Stephanie cleared her throat. "Um." I looked at her, and then followed her gaze to my lap. I was flying low! I jumped up and turned away from her, zipping up, embarrassed. How had I forgotten to zip? I sat back down and gave her a mumbled, "Thanks." "No problem!" She seemed gleeful, almost.mischievous?

--- Steph took control of my body a few more times that afternoon, making sure I was back in my original position when she returned my body to me. She was definitely smarter than I was at her age when Big tits british chick pov had been doing this to her mother.

At some point while Stephanie was in charge of my body I figured out that the amnesia I was experiencing was due to my brain not properly "saving to the hard drive" (to use computer terms) while in that state. It was kind of like how some people couldn't remember what they did when really drunk, or on drugs. However, when I was pushed into the back of my mind I again remembered the things Stephanie did while controlling me, but there was nothing I could do about it!

--- At dinner, my sister suddenly jumped in her seat. We all looked at her. "Sorry," she said, looking confused, and returned to eating. A minute later I felt Steph push her consciousness into my head. I looked at Marie and she looked back at me, and then she winked. I winked back. Both of us, neither in control of our own bodies, looked over at our daughter. She had a huge smile on her face. And then, back in control of our own bodies, we both forgot and returned to eating.

--- Nothing happened to me that night, but the night after. I was woken up by Stephanie taking over my body, putting on my robe, and going upstairs. I entered Steph's room and saw her in her own robe, lying on her bed, unmoving, for just a moment, and then she was in control of both me and her own body again.

She got up and joined me, and together we headed to her mother's room. My cock was hard by now, tenting my robe and bobbing as I walked. I had no control but I was aware of what was happening. Steph looked different without her Goth makeup. Not bad, just different.more normal. Steph quietly opened the door and stared at the bed for a moment. There was a strange feeling of adjustment in my head, like when someone heavy sits on the same couch as you so you have to re-balance, and then Marie sat up and turned to look at us.

I looked at Steph. She looked at Marie. Marie looked at me. All three of us were Stephanie. "Wicked!" she said. We closed the door and then went and sat on Marie's bed. Apparently at some point in her life she had stopped wearing nighties to bed; her boobs came on display when she had sat up. Stephanie in my head was keeping an eye on those, and I noted that they were ashley adams fucked by old man bigger than the boobs I had played with when we were teenagers.

Made sense, I thought, as at some point they had to fill up with milk to feed our baby.who was now controlling our bodies! "So, how do we do this?" my voice asked. "It was just us, um, you two last night." Steph lay with her back against the headboard.

"Same as last night," she said, "'Mom-me' will eat me out. This time, though, you get behind her. Neither of us wants to see Uncle JP naked." Again, thanks, I thought as I doffed my robe and clambered into the described position behind Marie's body, now on its hands and knees between Stephanie's legs. Marie's older but still familiar looking pussy lips looked back at me. My cock was hard and ready.

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I looked over Marie's shoulder and could see she was already licking our daughters' pussy. Steph's robe was open now and I spied novinha do zap chupando e depois dando a buce smaller breasts, their nipples hard as she used her own mother to give herself oral pleasure.

The sight made my cock even harder, and I lined it up with my sister's damp pussy. Pushing forward, I could see the head pierce her labia.

Steph-in-Marie gasped, lifting her head from Steph's pussy. "Jesus," I heard her say. I had a little trouble getting any further so I pulled out and transferred some spittle to my cockhead using my fingers. Then I lined it up again and pushed harder. "Fuck fuck fuck." she said in my sister's voice. "I.I don't know if I like this." she said to herself.

Steph responded, "You said you wanted to get off too. Last night you ate me out good but I didn't want to lick my own mother's cooch. Also." she angled her head to look at me, "you wanted to try cumming as a male again. Best of both worlds!" Steph-in-Marie spoke up again as I pushed more of my cock into her warm, wet depths: "Unhh.but I.we.don't like guys! How am I going to.unnh.get off?" Oh, of course! I realized.Steph was a lesbian! No wonder she didn't want to see me naked.

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Despite the violation of my body and mind, my ego was a bit restored by this news. Silly what thoughts you'll grab on to in order to keep from going insane. Steph lifted her mother's face up. "Don't think of men, then. Think of me back there, fucking you with a dildo." Then she pushed her mom's face back down to her crotch. By now I was 3/4 of the way inside my sister's pussy.

She obviously hadn't had sex in a while because she was damned tight! However, her pussy was wet so I was able to pull back and then push in some more until I was all the way inside. "Oh God." I heard Steph-in-Marie moan. "So full." I ground my crotch against hers, eliciting more moans as she continued to lick her own pussy. Steph had closed her eyes now, concentrating on her approaching climax.

My eyes roved over her lithe young body as she used me to pleasure her in her mother's body. "Uhh! Uahh!" Steph cried out as she was licked to orgasm. My thrusting grew harder and faster.

Her mother's pussy was loosening up and very wet by this point. "Mmm." Steph sighed, looking at me fucking her mother, "I'd be in sooo much trouble if either of you were aware of what we were doing." Aware.

I was aware of her mentally possessing me, though I forgot about it once she let me go.

Oh God.was Marie aware as well, right now? Even worse, had she been aware of what I did to her when we were teenagers? Had she been impotently screaming in her own head as I took advantage of her body, only for her to forget afterwards?

I felt the familiar tingling. Steph felt it too. "I'm gonna cum," my voice announced. "Should I pull out?" Steph in her mother's body didn't respond, gasping in pleasure as my cock penetrated her in such a way that my lesbian daughter's body would probably never experience.

Steph, though, considered for a moment. "You know, I've always wanted a baby sister or brother. Don't pull out. Let's see if you can put a baby in her!" My hands grabbed a hold of my sister's hips tightly, and the force and tempo of my thrusting increased dramatically.

No! I cried out in my head. Not again! The first time I had impregnated my sister I didn't know what I was doing, but this time I did, and it seemed that Stephanie did too.and didn't care! "This is sooo fucking hot!" Steph said, gasping. I looked up lesbian peaches stretch their deep anals and pound long dildos see her playing with herself, two fingers dipping into her teenage pussy.

Her mother's face was no longer between her legs, instead pressed into the bed by the force of my thrusts. "!" my voice cried out, thrusting my hips hard, pushing my sister forward and making her collapse onto our daughter's legs. I held my cock as deep inside her as possible as my proven babymaking seed spewed out of the tip, inundating her reproductive system for the first time in 15 years.

"OhhGoooooohhdddd!" Marie's voice gasped out as Steph felt the potent warmth shooting into her mother's unprotected pussy. I felt her insides clamp down on my erupting member as she exploded into her own orgasm. In my head I thought I could hear my sister's voice crying out in despair as she was violated once again, or maybe it was just my imagination, or my conscience.

Once we had recovered, Steph checked to make sure her consciousness was still in both of her parents. The first time she had orgasmed in my body she had slipped out of my head due to the unfamiliar pleasurable feelings, as I had done the first time I had orgasmed in my sister's body. This time, though, all was well. Despite the absurdity of it all, I was proud of how well my daughter had learned to use her power.

Steph-in-Marie realized that there would be a problem if her mother woke up with all that semen leaking out of her pussy. She was able to find a douche kit in the bathroom and used water to clean it all out, or as much as it could. However, even I knew that the douche would push some of my dangerous seed deeper inside her mother, my sister. Finally, Steph and I left Marie's room together. We waited and listened to confirm that Marie didn't wake up after her daughter's consciousness vacated her head.

Then Steph returned to her own room, got into bed, and directed me back downstairs. Once I was lying down with the covers over me, I was again myself, asleep, and oblivious to the last hour or so. --- Some of you may be wondering, if I only remembered what my daughter did to me while she was doing it, how could I be recounting my tale to you now?

Well, there is a reason, but I will explain later. --- These macabre nocturnal threesomes continued much the same every night for a couple of weeks, until one night when Steph and I went to her mother's room, Marie didn't wake up.

Steph concentrated on her mother again and again, and finally she gave up. We went downstairs to my couch. I had already figured out what had happened, to my dismay.

The last time I had been controlling my sister and then all of a sudden I lost that ability was when she had gotten pregnant. My sister was once again pregnant with her brother's child, though this time at her own daughter's direction.

Steph in both bodies was sexually frustrated. We had both been ready for some hot sex and now we were stuck. Except Steph-in-me had testosterone coursing through her veins. I turned Steph away from me and started to rub her shoulders. She sighed, relaxing into my touch. I worked on the area around her neck, and then slid her robe down around her shoulders as I went down her spine. When I kissed the back of her neck she stiffened, trying to pull away. "It's just me," my voice said in a girly tone, "just you." Steph relaxed again, leaning back against my chest.

I rubbed her lower back for a bit, and then slipped my hands around her slim hips, toward that space between her legs. She stopped my hands, moving them back. I moved them upward to her shoulder blades, digging my thumbs around them, eliciting sounds of approval from her. After a bit my hands went around and cupped her breasts.

She gasped but this time did not move my hands away. Those hands, directed by a portion of her own consciousness and knowing what she liked, massaged the flesh of her small breasts, my fingers skillfully, lightly, pinching her nipples blonde milf laura bentley gets humped and facialized intervals.

When she was ready, Steph-in-me moved one of my hands back down, between her legs. This time she did not object. I kissed the back of her neck again as one finger slid between her wet lips. My thumb quickly found her clitoris. Another of my fingers slipped inside her as my thumb rubbed that clit with skill borne of direct intimate knowledge of the body it belonged to. It did not take long for Stephanie to cum on my finger. She gasped and shook as her young pussy throbbed around it.

Steph-in-me wanted relief for our now very hard cock but Steph told her/me to stop and get back in bed. I did. Steph left the basement and I was me again, asleep and unaware of the last few minutes.

In the morning I woke up with the biggest case of blue balls and had to take care of it before coming upstairs. --- All the next day Steph seemed frustrated and easy to anger. We gave her a lot of space. Conversely, my sister seemed in great spirits; she almost seemed to glow.

--- That night Steph quietly came downstairs with some beers from the fridge and then took over my body. She had her first swig of beer in both bodies at the same time. "Tastes bitter," Steph said. I looked back at her. "Tastes great!" I replied. That actually answered a question I had wondered about for years: did food taste different based on the body inhabited during the tasting? It seemed it did!

We continued to drink the beer. It seemed Steph gradually came to like it, or at least she kept drinking. Maybe she didn't want to just give up on this chance to drink adult drinks. Before we knew it the 6-pack was gone. I looked at pretty, now-drunk Stephanie sitting next to me on the couch and leaned forward to kiss her.

She initially recoiled, but then Steph-in-me reminded her, "It's me." Steph closed her eyes and returned the kiss. Our kissing got more intense as our tongues intertwined. Steph seemed to quite enjoy kissing herself, though she kept her eyes closed so she didn't have to look at me.

My mouth moved to the nape of her neck as one of my hands slipped into her robe, massaging a breast. Steph was breathing heavily now; both of her was. I urged Steph to lie back and my fingers went to her pussy as I continued to kiss her. Like the previous night, Steph-in-me was able to bring herself to orgasm quickly due to the intimate knowledge of how to pleasure her own body.

My robe had come open by this point. I quickly removed my finger from Steph's vagina and replaced it with the head of my extremely hard cock, the tip glistening with pre-cum. Steph was still recovering from her orgasm so she wasn't yet aware of what was happening. I moved my hips forward, the head of my cock slipping between my daughter's wet labia.

At this point she noticed what was going on. "What? No! Stop!" She pushed on my chest. I paused, seemingly mentally torn. My voice spoke, "But it'll feel so good! Remember how it felt when you were Mom?" My cock slipped a little deeper inside my daughter's pussy as I pushed harder. I could feel something in lingerie blowjob compilation she observed while i got prepared for it wondering why it restricting me from going further.her hymen?

"NO!" she yelled, her consciousness abandoning my head and leaving me confused, my cock still partly inside my niece/daughter as she tried to push me away. Realizing that she had lost control, she concentrated and quickly jumped back into my head.

I rolled off of Steph, my dick popping out of her still technically virginal love channel. "Holy shit!" Steph-in-me said, looking at Steph as she re-tied her robe. "I can't believe I did that! I just.just wanted to stick my dick in you, and cum in you, and I didn't care what would happen." Steph looked back at me, her body angled away. "I guess asshole guys really are controlled by their hormones," she said.

"You can't think straight when you're trying to get some." "We can't keep doing this," I told her. "I know," she replied. "Something's going to go wrong at some point." She got up, put the empty beer bottles back into their box, and then took them to the stairs.

She waited there while I got back into my sleeping position, my breathing becoming slow and easy over the next few minutes. Then she headed upstairs, breaking our mental connection and cum on my stockings creampie and brunette me asleep and amnesiac to this truncated sexual encounter.

When I woke up in the morning I sort of remembered a dream about trying to fuck my daughter. Weird, I thought. Though I once again had blue balls, thinking about the dream turned me off. Once I had started getting ready for the day the dream had faded. --- That day I dropped resumes off at several places in town, and was home reading a book in the living room when Steph returned from school.

I heard giggling from someone other than Steph, and then I was once again no longer in control of my body. I put the book down, making sure to keep my page, and headed downstairs to my couch/bed. Steph was lying on it, and opened her eyes when I entered the room. Sitting next to her were two girls around her age. I eyed them predatorily. They were eyeing me back. The first girl, a blonde, spoke up, "How do we know this isn't fake, Steph?

Your uncle could be in on this." "Do something that only he can see or feel and I'll tell you what you did. I'm in his head so I'll know," Steph replied. The blonde stood up and walked toward me. She looked older than Steph's 14 years but I was almost twice her age so it was hard to tell. She was wearing a tight red and white striped t-shirt that framed her boobs nicely, and flare jeans that showed off her curvy hips and ass. The girl looked over her shoulder at Steph and held three fingers up in front of her, making sure neither girl on the couch could see.

"How many fingers am I holding up?" she asked Steph. Steph smiled. "Three." The blonde still looked unconvinced. She moved behind me and lifted my shirt. I then felt her finger moving along my back.

She was.drawing letters there? B.U.L.L.S.H. "Bullshit," Steph said before her friend could finish the word. "Holy fuck!" the blonde said, dropping my shirt and moving back in front of me. She looked at me like I was a piece of meat. I won't say that it wasn't kind of hot. She was a pretty girl, and obviously not shy.

The other girl stood up. This one had mousy brown hair, glasses, and wasn't curvy or stacked. She was just slim, her t-shirt and jeans a little too big so it showed off nothing. She moved in front of me, looking me in the face, though she wouldn't maintain eye contact, darting her gaze to the side as she asked, "How did we meet?" I looked down at her.

"You were being picked on by Vance Tiernan and Matt Golding at your locker and I told them to take their little dicks and go play with themselves. They fucked off and we've been friends since." The brown-haired girl smiled in delight. "Oh Steph, that's awesome!" She turned and sat back down next to my daughter/niece. Steph looked quite proud of herself. The blonde asked, "So you can feel everything he does, and he won't remember this?" She looked back at Steph.

Steph nodded. The blonde then reached forward and unzipped my jeans, reaching inside. Her hand grabbed my cock, which was already half-hard, probably because Steph had been thinking about having some fun with her friends. "Mmm." both Steph and I said in unison, "that feels good." The blonde took her hand away, looking to Steph and then back to me with a crazy look on her face.

Then she unfastened my jeans and pulled them down, my underwear coming down with them. My now hard cock was pointing at three teenage lovely teen gives head and fucked deep, the eyes of the two newest going wide at the sight.

"Holy fuck!" the blonde said, getting down on her knees in front of me. "Look at that thing!" "Don't just look," Steph urged, "Touch it!

When else are you going to get a chance to do stuff with a guy's dick when he's not around?" The blonde chewed her lip a little, and then gingerly took a hold of my shaft. She experimented with different grips and squeezed it from softly to not so softly. It still felt nice. "C'mere, Alex. You have to touch this," the blonde said.

The glasses wearing girl, Alex, didn't move. Her eyes were as wide as saucers. "Get over here!" the blonde said forcefully. Alex obeyed, jumping from the couch to kneel down next to the blonde.

The blonde held my cock out to Alex. "Play with it," she said. Alex reached forward, tentatively touching the head and pulling her hand back quickly. "It's warm," she said. The blonde rolled her brutal redhead babes xxx left behind at a building soiree in a bad neighborhood. Then Alex reached forward again and grasped my shaft, getting used to it.

Soon she was pulling the skin toward her and sliding it back. She started slow but picked up on what she needed to do quickly. She was getting a good rhythm going. Steph spoke up, "He's gonna cum soon." Alex let go of my cock as if it was a poisonous snake.

It bobbed up and down between the kneeling girls. The blonde grabbed it, jacking quickly. She wasn't afraid. Her eyes were filled with wonder. I started to gasp as I got close. She increased her speed and pointed my cock at Alex, who squealed and jumped back.

She managed to get to the far side of the couch before I started to spurt, my cum arcing toward her but falling short and splashing on the carpet. When I finished my ejaculation the blonde looked at the cum remaining on her hand and then brought it to her tongue, tasting it.

"Not bad," she said, appraisingly. Alex came over and sniffed the remainder on the blonde's hand, scooping some off and tasting it herself.

Her face scrunched up. "Eww." The blonde looked over at Steph. "Have you tasted his cum, Steph?" "Oh gross, no," she replied. "He's my uncle!" "Have you ever fucked him?" "Same answer," Steph said. I could see her face change a little as she said that. When she had taken control of my sister, her mother, I had fucked her in Marie's body from behind. Though it wasn't actually Stephanie's body I had fucked, she still remembered what it had felt like, and so it was a kind of lie.

The blonde turned back to my cock, which had only flagged a little. "Can he go again?" she asked. I spoke up this time, making the girls in front of me jump a little, as I hadn't spoken for a few minutes. "He's kind of old, but I think so." Thanks Steph, I thought.

Steph-in-me wagged my cock at the girls. "Maybe one of you could use your mouth to get it ready again?" "Eww!" Alex said, backing off. The blonde, however, moved forward and sucked my cock right into her mouth. She was inexperienced but quickly got me hard again. She kept sucking and bobbing her head, making the most of the first blowjob she was likely to have ever given.

Then she stopped and beckoned Alex over. "You do it too!" she commanded, and Alex obeyed again. It was clear who was the "sub" in this group. Alex took the head of my cock into her mouth, sucking. A little semen from my first cum slipped out of my urethra and she recoiled at the taste, but a look from the blonde got girlfriend teen fucked by her boyfriends hard penis back to sucking.

She got a bit more of my cock into her mouth and started to move it in and out, deeper and deeper. She got maybe half of it in and could take no more without choking, so she continued the blowjob on only the top half of my shaft.

Even with her poor blowjob skills, Alex was able to get me close to cumming due to the erotic and forbidden nature of this encounter. As I started to moan she backed off and the blonde took over, jacking my cock at the base while sucking the top half, as Alex had done. Within a minute I grunted and my second cum of the day shot into the mouth of the inexperienced but enthusiastic blonde teenager.

Like a trooper, she kept her mouth on my cock and took the entire load, swallowing it when her mouth got full. When she was done she kissed my cock head and sucked the last drops out. "Shit, look at the time," Steph said, looking at the wall clock.

I got my underwear and pants back on while Steph wiped up the mess on the carpet with toilet paper. The girls walked me back to the living room and then Steph put me back into the position I had been in when she took me over an hour earlier, holding my book at the same page.

Even with this total violation of my body I had to admire her attention to detail. Then the girls headed to Steph's room and I found myself sitting on the couch, book in hand and a bit befuddled. What line had I just read? I felt tired.maybe I needed a nap. --- Instead of taking control of me at night like she had been doing for weeks, Steph would bring her friends over after school. My parents were out running their own business and my sister Marie worked in a local restaurant as a server during the day, so I was the only one in the house.

This time the girls were going to try something new: some kissing practice. My clothes on, I sat on the couch and the blonde climbed astride me. She had worn a skirt today, which fanned out around us as she settled down, leaving her panty-protected crotch pressed against my jeans-covered lap.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately. Soon our tongues were going at it and I could feel her pelvis moving, stimulating my cock through my jeans. Within a few minutes her hips were moving madly as she tried to get greater stimulation down there. I stopped her and unfastened my jeans. She rose up and I slipped them down teacher and student xxx vidod legs.

My underwear remained, tented out by my hard cock. The blonde (I still didn't know her name!) settled back down, gasping as she felt my hardness connect with her pussy mound through the two thin layers of fabric. This felt a LOT better, and she quickly resumed her hip movements as we continued to kiss passionately.

My hand came up under her shirt to massage one of her breasts through her bra, and then she gasped and started to shake in orgasm. Within a minute or two she was spent and rolled off of me. My briefs were visibly soaked from her cum and my pre-cum. "Your turn," Steph said to Alex. The bespectacled teen looked frightened but once again she was ordered into action. Alex clambered into my lap. She was wearing what looked like the same jeans from yesterday, and as we kissed her jeans rubbed against my cock in a most uncomfortable way.

"Take off your jeans," I said, unfastening them for her. She hesitated, but then the blonde stood her up and pulled Alex's jeans down, also leaving her with only her panties for protection.

Alex climbed back into my lap. I pulled her into another kiss while gripping her hips and urging them downward. She gasped as her genitals felt the hardness of my cock through our underwear. She relaxed into the kisses and soon she was gasping and grinding against me. I could take no more and grunted into her mouth as I came, filling my underwear with cum built up over half an hour of two teenage girls grinding on my cock. Alex gasped as she felt the warmth of my cum through the two layers of fabric and then she started to orgasm herself, thrusting her pussy against my now-sopping underwear as she shook uncontrollably.

After we recovered Alex got up on unsteady feet and looked at the mess that had been made of both pairs of our underwear. Hers was nearly see-thru from all the cum that had inundated it right near her now almost visible pussy lips.

She looked scared. "Steph, I'll get pregnant!" she cried. Steph got up and pulled her slim friend into a hug. She seemed to think for a moment and then said, "Don't worry.Unca JP got a vasectomy a while back. He's shooting blanks and can't get you pregnant." That little liar!

She gave her-in-me a knowing look. I understood.she must have found it really hot when her-in-me fucked her Mom and came inside her unprotected pussy so many times, and now she was going to do the same with her poor little friend!

Alex hugged Steph hard. "Oh thank God!" She paused and then I heard her whisper, "That was so hot!" We took off my underwear, cleaned me up, and Steph found an extra pair in my suitcase. She also found my box of condoms which she quickly put back so that her friends wouldn't see it. We all got dressed and then Steph returned me to my regularly scheduled life, almost an hour after I remembered anything. Man, I thought, I must be getting old to get tired so early, and the afternoons seemed to keep getting away from me!

--- The next afternoon was much the same as the previous, the blonde astride me with her jeans off but her panties and my underwear still on as we kissed. I noticed she was getting really good at kissing.

She also did her best to aim the head of my confined cock to where her pussy was as she gave me a teenage lap dance. I managed to get her t-shirt and bra pulled up so that I could suck one of her puffy nipples into my mouth. She came instantly and I almost did as well as she frantically rubbed herself off on me. Alex replaced her again, but as she settled down on my lap I made sure to pull the waistband of my underwear down so that she unknowingly settled her panties down on the shaft of my bare penis.

Like her friend, she had learned from our kissing practice. I enjoyed kissing the slim, bespectacled girl as she heated up in my lap. Like the blonde, Alex moved her hips so as to direct my cock head to the part of her undies that protected her pussy. The absence of my underwear made the contact better for both of us. I lifted Alex's t-shirt and bra, as I had done with the blonde, though Alex's was actually a sports bra.

Her breasts were very small, but she had surprisingly wide areolae. I sucked one of them into my mouth. She gasped. As Alex was distracted, Steph came from behind and, carefully using her fingers, angled the head of my cock so that it pushed the crotch of Alex's underwear to the side a little.

It was awkward, but I adjusted my hips to assist. After a few more tries I felt the tip of my dick touch the warmth of Alex's pussy lips directly, now that her underwear was no longer in the way. Alex gasped but didn't pull away. In fact, she adjusted her movements to amplify the pleasure she was feeling down there, which caused the head of my cock to slide up her pussy lips and bounce off of her clitoris.

She whimpered a little but kept working at it, the angle of her hip thrusts becoming steeper as she continued the movements. I released Alex's nipple and we started kissing again. A moment later my cock head dipped between her vaginal lips and instead of bouncing out it penetrated a little. Alex paused at this sudden change, but then she put more downward pressure on her hips and started to kiss me again, gasping.

I could feel my cock going into her wet but unused teenaged pussy, little by little. She stopped kissing me and looked down at where we were now joined at the crotch. "Oh God." she said, but she continued to push down. A little more of my cock entered her virginal passage.

My 6 inch cock was maybe a third of the way in by now. Both of the other girls had knelt or lay down to the side to get a good view of their friend losing her virginity. Steph, on my right side, had her hand under her long skirt, frigging herself through her tights. I put my arms around Alex's hips and lifted her up a little, causing her to give a little squeak. Then I settled her down again. The movement allowed almost half of my cock to enter her. I then felt fingers lightly handle my ballsack and squeeze a little.

It had to have been the blonde, as Steph was still busy masturbating. This new sensation sent me over the edge. I rolled my head back and party slut blowing hungry dick outdoor slutparty and hardcore as those balls gave up their precious cargo. That potent seed rushed out, mixed with my semen, and blasted out of my cock like a cannon, painting the young girl's insides with dangerous sperm. "OH GODDDD.!" Alex screamed as she felt my cock, only halfway inside her, throbbing, filling her with warm liquid life.

She pushed her hips down hard as she herself started to cum and my cock went even deeper inside the welcoming pussy of the young girl, allowing my babymaker even more exclusive access to her pristine, fertile insides. My cum filled her up, some of the spurts shooting right through her cervix as it spasmed open and closed in time with the orgasmic waves that threatened to send the poor girl into unconsciousness.

I could hear both Steph and the blonde off to either side of me, cumming hard on their fingers as they watched their unsuspecting friend getting inseminated.

Finally, it was over. Alex slumped on top of me as I lay back on the sofa, one last little orgasmic aftershock from her pulling the remainder of the sperm from my cock, which was now fully embedded in her, the tip now flush with her cervical opening.

If it was the girl's fertile time of the month then there would be almost no chance she wouldn't get pregnant from this. --- That evening Steph asked if her friend Tara could sleep over. Since it was Friday night the adults had no problem with that.

In fact, they actually seemed surprised by the question, so I guessed Japan friend long time sex story never usually had sleepovers. When Tara arrived after dinner I was introduced to the pretty blonde who had been playing with my cock for the last few days, although I was unaware of who she was in my current state of mind.

She looked at me strangely as I shook her hand, but I of course had no idea what that meant. Girls, I thought. Steph actually changed places with me that night, her comatose body remaining on my couch while the entirety of her consciousness was in mine. When Steph-in-me entered her room I found Tara waiting for me, lying on Steph's bed in a seductive manner.well, as seductive as a 14- or 15-year-old girl can be.

She was wearing light drawstring pants and a white tank top that clearly showed her stiff nipples. I kept my robe on and sat on the bed next to Tara. I realized I finally knew the blonde's name now! She got up on her knees to give me a kiss, and then pulled back to look at me closely. "Steph?" she asked. "Yep," Steph-in-me replied. The blonde looked almost embarrassed.

"So I'm going to have sex with you? Dude offered this arab babe to fuck and suck and film everything that kinda gay?" I removed my robe. "You're going to have sex with a guy. Yes, my mind is female, but that's my problem, not yours.

When I'm in this body it's like I'm not a girl doesn't feel the same. In some ways it's better." I lay back on the bed, looking at Tara expectantly. Tara couldn't help but keep glancing at my cock, which had been hard since about halfway up the stairs. "What does it feel like when you cum as a man?" she asked. I stroked my cock as I looked at the teenaged beauty. "It's hard to describe. Everything's focused on this thing." Steph-in-me pointed my dick at her friend, giving it a shake, and continued, "I guess it's like having a really big clit and there are no distracting feelings from other parts like your breasts, or from inside your v-jay.

The cock is all." Tara started to pull off her pants. "Give me that thing," she said, "I want to feel it inside me. I can't believe Alex got it first." I sat up while Tara removed her shirt, freeing those fantastic boobs that would only get better over the next few years. Her nipples were hard and puffy. After removing her pants and underwear she lay back and I lowered my head between her legs, saying, "You'll have to be Mom's in the next room." She looked down at me.

"You're not going to.uuoooohhhhh." I had planted my mouth on her clit and started flicking it with my tongue. Tara laid her head back, overwhelmed by the sensations. After a bit I moved my head lower to the bed, pointing my tongue and pushing it into her pussy while continuing to flick her clit with my finger.

She grabbed the pillow and gasped into it as I tasted her juices and felt her vagina throbbing around my tongue. My cock was extremely hard now.

I sat back on my knees, moved up and slotted it into place between her legs. She looked down as the head of my babymaker started to push into her wet folds. Steph-in-me went slow, trying not to hurt her friend. "It's okay," Tara said, breathing heavy, "My cherry's gone already. Give it to me." Steph-in-me didn't waste time with the unspoken question of who took her friend's cherry, instead pushing forward hard.

Half of my cock went into the teenaged blonde beauty, its step brother fuck lily carter eased by my saliva and the juices produced from the girl's orgasm. Large curves make dudes rod hard hardcore and blowjob both groaned. I pulled back a bit and then jabbed it in again, this time getting three quarters of the way in.

For all of Steph's abilities, she was still just a novice with a cock. You don't just shove it in and go for broke; you tease, adjust the angle and depth, and change it up. Still, it felt fantastic. Tara's head was back on the pillow again. "Goddddd." she moaned. Another thrust and my cock was fully buried in the possibly fertile depths of this hot teenager who was completely unaware of the danger she was in.

Steph-in-me pulled back and started to thrust with long and hard strokes. Tara's head was lolling back and forth on the pillow as she got fucked. Then, on one particularly hard thrust she stiffened her spine and raised herself up halfway to a sitting position as she came HARD on my cock.

I paused, feeling her pussy grip my penis with unexpected force. "Uh.uhh.uhhh." she gasped. The walls of her pussy undulated up and down my shaft in a way I'd never felt before, and then.

"Oh shit!" Steph-in-me said as Tara's pussy stimulated my cock to orgasm. It felt like the girl's vagina was a mouth, sucking the cum out of my shaft. I held my cock deep inside the orgasming girl as my seed splashed hard against the back of her pussy. Finished, I pulled out and excess cum spilled out of the quivering blonde. She was still experiencing orgasmic aftershocks. I rolled to the side and watched the beautiful teenager recover from the overwhelming orgasms.

Finally, she turned to me. "Oh Steph, that was incredible! I've never cum like that before." She looked down at the pearly white mess pouring out of her.

"You're sure your uncle's shooting blanks, right?" "Of course," I said, "We wouldn't be doing this otherwise." Liar, I thought.

Tara looked down at my body. My cock had gone down a little, but not much. Then she asked, "So you've never done anything sexy with your uncle?" "Ew, no," I replied. "I told you, it's gross." Tara looked up at the ceiling. "Too bad," she murmured. After a minute or so Tara got out of bed and put only her top and underwear back on.

"Going to clean up and have a pee," she said, leaving the room and closing the door behind her. While I waited I used some tissues to clean off my dick.

A few minutes later Tara came back. She had a renewed hunger in her eyes. "Get on your back," she commanded, stripping off and clambering onto the bed.

I did so, and she got into cowgirl position. She was inexperienced, but got the head of my cock into her without too much trouble. Once everything was lined up she was able to get all the way down my cock shaft with only a few bounces. "Mmm, yeah." she moaned, grinding her pelvis against mine. It felt fantastic. This was a more leisurely screw, now that the initial need to FUCK had been taken care of. I looked up at the blonde beauty riding me, her breasts bouncing lightly in time with her down thrusts.

I moved my fingers up and tweaked her pointy nipples. "Can I.kiss you?" Tara asked. "Yeah," Steph-in-me responded. Tara leaned forward as I released her nipples and we kissed lovingly, tenderly. She continued her up and down movements on my cock as our tongues danced together.

She pulled back a little. "I'm making love to you, Steph." "Yeah," was all I managed to get out before she renewed our kissing, more passionately this time.

I could feel her pussy starting to tighten a little around my cock, and her movements increased in speed. Knowing that Tara was getting close to cumming brought me closer to my own release.

I thrust my hips up harder in order to get my cock deeper. Finally, Tara cried out into my mouth and I pressed my lips firmly to hers to keep her quiet as her pussy once again gripped my cock spasmodically.

My orgasm followed swiftly and I grunted into the kiss. For the second time that night Tara's wanton pussy practically sucked my potent sperm right out of my cock and deep into her teenaged reproductive system. Tara's orgasm continued after mine had finished. I could feel the girl's pussy walls urging the last drops of life-giving fluid from my cock, its head as deep as possible within her. She dismounted and lay into the crook of my shoulder, panting.

This was nice. --- We awoke the next morning holding each other. I could feel my adrenaline kick in as the situation dawned on Steph-in-me. "Shit!" I said, jumping out of bed and putting on henriette blond takes a double facial after dp real tits and pornstars clothes as quick as I could while glancing at the clock. "Steph?" Tara called from the bed, concerned.

"It's still me," I responded, leaning in for a kiss. "I think everyone is still asleep, but I have to get out of here NOW." I opened the bedroom door, glanced about, and then quickly and quietly slipped out. Back downstairs, Steph returned to her body while still controlling mine. We swapped positions and she waited at the bottom of the stairs while she made my body relax, slowing my breathing. Finally, she pulled all of herself back into her own head and once again left me sleeping and unaware of the night's adventures.

--- Steph managed to convince her Mom to let Tara sleep over again the next night. I was happy to have a cutie like Tara hanging around, with her tight t-shirt and jeans, though I felt like a bit of a letch. She kept giving me strange looks, almost like she was checking me out, but there seemed to be something else there. She was an odd chick, I mused. --- That night I entered Steph's room to find both girls on the bed, naked and waiting.

I was surprised, but of course Steph-in-me wasn't. I could hear my voice, kept low so as to not wake anyone else in the house, "Mm-mmm! Two sexy girls, all for me?" Tara looked at Steph in anticipation. Steph shook her head at the blonde. "We agreed only you. I'll stay to watch, though, like you asked." Tara moved to the edge of the bed and opened my robe.

She grabbed my already hard cock and started jacking it off. I watched Steph sit with her back to her bed's headboard, idly playing with her dakota skye untie me please mister part teen fucked doggystyle smalltits pornstars as she watched.

Tara engulfed my cock with her mouth, the hot, wet sensation causing me to gasp with pleasure. She still wasn't able to get more than half in her mouth but she kept jacking the lower half with her hand. It felt fantastic. She was already getting me close to orgasm when she stopped and stood up. She put her arms around me and then jumped, wrapping her legs around my hips. My hands immediately went to hold her ass so she wouldn't fall.

She looked down, adjusting her hips. My cock bounced off of her thigh, then her pubes. Finally realizing what she was trying to do, Steph-in-me got a better grip and steered my cock into her friend's juicy pussy. With gravity and her copious vaginal juices assisting it didn't take long for me to bottom out in the excited girl. Sliding in and out was difficult, though, so we ground our sexes together while we kissed.

After a bit my arms got tired so I turned and pushed Tara up against the exterior wall. This made it easier to hold her in place while I thrust my cock into her. It didn't take long, and then I was blowing a load of babymaking sperm inside her.

We collapsed onto the bed, making Steph squeak and pull away as I landed on her foot. She was red with exertion, and I realized I had probably just kept her from reaching orgasm herself with my ill-timed landing.

Tara looked at her, hopeful. "Want him to finish you off?" "No, no," Steph said as she moved away from me. Tara was raring to go again, attacking my cock with her mouth once more. She was getting pretty good at cocksucking, and my manhood was ready within a couple of minutes.

I lay back and she got into the cowgirl position again, my dick easily sliding into her sopping pussy. This was once again a leisurely screw. We kissed as she slowly rose and sexy teen chicks are pleasuring each other passionately, gathering our passion bit by bit.

Soon, though, she was moving faster upon me. As she reared up in order to get deeper penetration Steph wrapped her arms around her from behind, one hand going to one of her friend's breasts and the other down to her clit. "Steph! What--?!" "Shh," Steph said. "You're already fucking me there.

Let me do you from here as well." She kissed the back of Tara's neck, making the blonde shudder in pleasure. It seemed she was okay with it, adjusting the angle of my cock in order to give Steph better access to her love button. Steph's other hand pinched and kneaded her friend's stiff nipple and puffy areola.

Tara's movements weren't as stimulating with the new angle, but the sight of Steph masturbating her friend more than made up for that. Steph looked over Tara's shoulder at me. "He's going to cum," she whispered.

"Yes." Tara whispered back, closing her eyes and moving faster on my cock as she felt it swell a little inside her. Steph kissed the side of Tara's neck. "Do you want that? To feel him cum deep inside you? Tell me." Tara's mouth was open now, her eyes still closed. I could feel her pussy starting to tighten around my cock.

"Yes.I want it.I want to feel that hot cum fill me up. Oh Steph." Steph moved her hand from her friend's clit to her face, turning it towards her own for a kiss. Without that hand there Tara was able to slam her pussy down on my cock, again and again as she French kissed her friend. "MmmmUUUHHH." she groaned into Steph's mouth as I felt her pussy bear down on my cock hard. I was already starting to cum, but this increased pressure demanded that my cock pull as much seed as it could from my balls and shoot it as deep inside the orgasming teenager's unprotected vagina as it could, and it did.

Czech home orgy party 8

Tara collapsed on top of me, gasping, and I heard Steph moaning and then grunting. I looked and saw her lying at my feet, her eyes closed and her fingers deep in her own pussy as her hips rutted up and down, shaking with her own orgasm. --- At some point we all fell asleep in the spoon position, me as the big spoon and, of course, Steph as the littlest spoon so only Tara was touching her, not me. At some point while I was sleeping I barely registered a hand surrounding my cock, rubbing it and bringing it back to life.

After a bit Tara moved her body away from me, leaving me cold and with no hand on my cock. My body, controlled by a still-sleeping Stephanie, instinctively moved forward until it was spooning with Tara's warm body again. The hand returned to my cock, and soon it was at full hardness. Tara moved her topmost leg up, allowing my cock to move between her thighs.

I could hear her breathing, heavy with excitement. The hand directed my cock on a bit of an angle and then I felt the head slip into her wet, hot pussy.

Both Steph-in-me and I were still mostly asleep but we were aware of how pleasurable it felt. The hand returned to jacking my cock again. There was urgency in the hand's movements, and the energetic masturbation got me close to orgasm quickly. I could hear Tara's breathing rate increase as well, and her pelvis started to roll a bit, causing the head of my cock to hit different angles in her pussy, though not enough to dislodge it. I could hear her moaning, "Nnh, nnh." As I started to cum I naturally thrust my hips forward to get deeper penetration.

Then Tara woke up: "Wha--?! What?! NO!" She tried scrambling away but my first sperm-filled spurt of semen injected itself where nature wanted it to go. My cock head slipped free and I woke up as the next few spurts went elsewhere.

Then my blood ran cold as I saw that who I thought was Tara was actually Steph! I had just shot some of my sperm inside my daughter's pussy! The supplementary bolts of my cum had coated her pubes and vaginal lips, and as I watched my last spurt splashed right onto her puffy labia. Tara was between Steph's legs in a flash, her face buried in her friend's cum-saturated sex.

Steph arched her back in pleasure, overcome by her friend's tongue and fingers in her cooze, and probably by Tara's sudden lesbian behavior, which I expect Steph had been hoping for since she had invited her friends to these fuck parties. I could only sit there and watch, stunned. If I hadn't just cum my cock would have been hard as a rock and buried in Tara's pussy, which was now bobbing in front of me as she was bent over, furiously pleasuring Stephanie.

Steph cried out as she came, shaking hysterically as Tara continued manipulating her friend's clit and pussy. Finally, it was over. Steph-in-me made sure Steph was fine and then I smacked Tara across the face. Tara fell to the bed and held her cheek, crying. "Why the fuck did you do that?" I hissed. I realized that we had been louder than we should have been, so kept it down in the hopes that we had been undetected. "I'm sorry," Tara sniffled. She turned to Steph. "I really wanted you to have sex with your uncle.

I NEEDED it." Steph got up and hugged her friend, backing me off with a look. After some light questioning Tara revealed her reasons for this bizarre sexual assault. Late last year her uncle had visited and abused her one night, taking her virginity and blackmailing her into silence. She had mixed feelings about it because she had found the sex pleasurable, but her uncle had made her afraid. With Steph controlling me, her uncle, Tara's fucked up logic was that if Steph-in-me had sex with Steph and we both enjoyed it then that would somehow balance everything out.

She also revealed that on the previous night, after our first round of sex, instead of going to the bathroom to pee like she had said, she had instead gone downstairs. In trying to get her fantasy to come true she had extracted some of my cum from her dripping pussy and, moving aside the crotch of Steph's underwear, had used her finger to push it into her comatose friend's vagina.

She had done this with several fingerfulls before returning to Steph's bedroom, turned on by the forbidden thing she had just done and ready for more sex. By morning the dangerous sperm in Steph's virginal pussy had dried or swam deeper inside her, so she didn't notice anything out of the ordinary when she had woken up. Steph looked down at her pubes and vaginal lips, now completely devoid of semen.

"Oh.and I suppose all the cum that Unca JP sprayed on my cunny didn't just get licked up by you, did it?" Tara blushed.

"I pushed it all inside you while I made you cum." I felt sick and I was pretty sure Steph did as well. Since Tara didn't know I hadn't actually had a vasectomy, she thought what she had done was harmless fun; a kind of sexy prank.

And since it was harmless, she was confused as to why we were so pissed off. Steph turned her friend to face her. "I'm mad because I don't actually like men, Tara. I'm a lesbian." Tara thought for a moment, and then her face brightened in a smile. "OH!" she exclaimed. "That makes so much sense. Oh, Steph, I'm so sorry." The girls hugged, and then Steph-in-me got dressed and quietly returned to the basement. It was only 5 AM by this point so we hadn't woken anybody. --- Steph took me over after Tara left in the morning and Steph-in-me told the family I was taking her out for the day.

I didn't know what was going on, but one bus ride later (paid by me, of course) and we were in the next town. She had me purchase the "morning after pill" from a pharmacy, which she immediately took.

Once she got what she needed we wandered into a park. We strolled along for a while. A teenaged boy with light brown skin passed us, going the other way, and for a moment I thought he looked familiar, but I couldn't caroline pierce jack lawrence in neighbor affair my head to check because Steph-in-me was still in charge.

A few teasing teen gina gets her pussy filled with cum pornstars hardcore later Steph forced my body to fall forward. To my recollection, one moment I had just finished breakfast and the next. "Unca JP! Are you okay?" "What.happened.?" I said, confused.

I was laying face first on the ground and my head hurt. Steph helped me sit up. "You tripped, Unca JP, and hit your head. Come here." She helped me to a nearby bench. My daughter was practically a criminal mastermind. The blow to my head explained my memory loss, and she filled me in on our plans for the day, next of which was apparently ice cream.

Man, I was a schmuck. --- On the next day, Monday, the after school fun resumed. I fucked Alex while she was bent over the couch cushions. As I held her hips to make sure to plant my seed as deeply inside her as possible when I blew, I noticed that it seemed like her young body had started to fill out a little.

It didn't seem as boney as it had a few days before. Possibly her body was maturing due to her recent sexual awakening, or maybe my boys had succeeded in their mission? Time would tell. I also fucked Tara from behind as she ate Steph out. Alex seemed shocked by the lesbian display but didn't freak out. In fact, she wanted another go after I was done filling Tara up with my second round of babymakers. Once again I lost track of time, suddenly tired, and my parents got home seemingly only a few minutes after Steph did.

Wait a minute, I thought. The weird dreams, the lost time.could it be.? --- The next afternoon I set up my Dad's video camera in the living room book shelf a little before school got out, and started to read. I heard Steph getting home and the next I knew, I was tired and I had lost time again. I immediately went to the book shelf and rewound the tape. Sure enough, a few minutes in I got up and left the room for an hour, returning and sitting back down just before I noted the time loss.

Stephanie had my gift! And she was doing something with my body for an hour or more each afternoon. But what? Oh God, I thought, she wasn't having sex with me, was she? I was her father! Well, she didn't know that, but at the very least I was her uncle, and that was still bad. And then the voice of my conscience sounded in my head, 'As bad as having sex with your sister?' I sat down, feeling guilty.

--- I didn't confront Stephanie that night. A second review of the tape with the volume up yielded the sound of me on the basement steps, so for the next afternoon I set up the camera in the basement, pointed towards the couch.

Whatever was going on was happening down there. Once again the unexplained loss of time and energy. Once again I reviewed the tape, but this time I couldn't believe my eyes.

Steph and her friends Tara and Alex? I entered the room and her friends and I got naked and fucked.without a condom! What the fuck were these girls thinking?! Steph stayed off to the side and frigged herself. On one hand I was relieved that my daughter wasn't having sex with me, but on the other hand she was making me have sex with minors! I could go to jail! I called her downstairs after dinner and showed her the tape. Then she disappeared. She could turn invisible too?! No.she had controlled me again.

The tape was gone from the camera, and then she must have left the room. I found her upstairs in her room, reading. I closed the door behind me. "You can't do this, Steph! It's not foxy sluts get naughty at a party striptease and brunette looked up at me, all cool and collected. "Just enjoy it, Unca JP. I could just pretend I'm controlling you so you can actually fuck a couple of cute teenaged girls sometime." I shook my head.

"Are they even on the pill? You didn't use rubbers!" "Of course they are," she lied. "You can't do this anymore." "Yeah I can," she said matter-of-factly, "In fact, if you try to stop me or tell anyone, I'll tell them you were forcing us. I have easy access to your dick to produce as much 'evidence' as I need." And then I was back downstairs, naked and lying on the couch. My cum splashed on my chest, the final moments of my orgasm washing over me as my hand finished its masturbation, the warm white substance testifying to what Steph had just told me.

--- I worked on getting a new place to live but it was slow going. Every weekday afternoon I lost time, and on the weekends Steph had sleepovers with her friend Tara and I was pretty sure Steph was making me fuck her on those nights as well. Then the inevitable happened. One night Marie told the family that she was pregnant and had no idea how that could have happened, as she wasn't seeing anyone.

But I knew.I knew the moment I looked over at our daughter and saw the look of happiness on her face. It was investigated by the police as a rape, but by this time there was no evidence of how it happened.

Marie decided to keep the baby anyway, which made Steph happy because she would soon have a younger sibling. Once again my sister was going to have my baby, and this time I didn't even remember impregnating her. --- And that wasn't even the worse of it. A few weeks later the cops showed up and arrested me for statutory rape.

Alex had missed her period twice and when her parents found out they forced her to tell them about our afternoon antics. They didn't believe the mind control story but the rest of it was damning.

While I was in jail I learned that Tara also got pregnant. The girls would have their babies a month apart, and another statutory rape charge hit my court docket. A genetic test on the foetuses conclusively proved my fatherhood, and I was sentenced to two years in prison (one for each girl). --- Steph would jump into my head every now and then while I was in prison. Sometimes she would leave me notes which would disappear right after I read them, probably down the toilet.

Other times she got.mischievous. One time I went from sitting in the common area to finding myself in the middle of a fight with another inmate, which led to a quick beat down for me. What can I say.I'm a lover, not a fighter. Another time I was walking back to my cell and then next I knew I was being fucked in the ass by another inmate in a quiet part of the prison.

I yelled but no one heard, and then the guy kicked my ass after amateur milf with big tits fucks a big cock shaved curvy it up with cum.

--- And now the moment you've all been waiting for: why the hell am I able to tell you about all the times that Steph took over my mind, if I only remembered those times when church going bailey brooke wants to sin and getused in every way was doing it? Because she's in my mind now. She's not controlling me; just sitting there in the back of my head, watching, feeling what I'm feeling.

You see, as a Goth, she has a natural interest in death. Child molesters might as well have a target painted on their back, and the guards left me alone in the shower at the wrong time. I'm laying here on the tiled floor, naked and cold, my life's blood spilling out of the shiv hole in my back. They say you see your whole life passing in front of your eyes while you die.

They're not far wrong. I can see everything she made me do now. I can also feel you, my children, in my head. I'm broadcasting my last thoughts to you, in the hope that you understand.

Don't use this porn cutie babe fingering ep high def, the curse of my genetics. Controlling people's bodies against their will can only ever be an evil act. Don't.don't do what I did.

I'm so sorry, Marie, Laverne, my beautiful sisters. Please.forgive me. Please. --- Stephanie opened her eyes. The pain of the shiv in her uncle's -- no, her father's -- back faded, as did his life. "Goodbye," she said softly, tenderly. In the next room she could hear her baby brother crying. --- In the same town, three other babies wailed in two other households, two of which were twins.

Their mothers, young and inexperienced, could not calm them for hours. --- One town over, Laverne looked at her teenaged son, who seemed to be listening to something she herself couldn't hear.

"You okay, sweetie?" she asked. "Yeah," he said, and then he looked back at her. To her eyes he seemed different, somehow suddenly older than his 14 years. And that strange look in his eyes.

And then she was no longer in control of her own body. --- Jayna's mother rushed into her daughter's room and took her hand. The blonde girl, looking much like a younger version of her mom, awoke crying. "Bad dream?" her mother asked. The girl nodded, looking at her mother. Once again she was reminded of her grandma's words, that her mother had unnatural tendencies, lying with other women as you would a man. She thought about the dream she had just had.

Was there something she could do about that now? The end?