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Amateur couple live on cam stunning hardcore
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No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story. REBOUND 3: Of course, I didn't really die! What fun would that be to the personage or mechanism that was doing this with me?

Maybe, whatever it was, wanted me to fuck-up and then turn me into a salamander or something just as demeaning. No insult to those who believe in such things, though. But, I had just finished my third life, and all of them were good. What was left for me to demonstrate about myself? Wasn't it all apparent from the first three efforts on my part? Whatever, at least this time I was determined to be ready for whatever happened as long as it was predictable.

So, when I saw the face in the mirror again, I turned on the radio to see if I could get myself oriented to whatever time period I was now in. I knew that the T.V. might not work with the current time period that I was in, and that everything that I might need might disappear if I went down to get a newspaper.

So, I figured that radios haven't changed much. Even the older ones of my youth would still work today with new batteries.

So, I turned it on and got the message that I was somewhere in the middle nineteen-nineties. This put me pretty much in the middle of the first rebounded time period and the second. Fortunately, this time I was somewhat better prepared, with a sizable satchel filled with two changes of clothing and some uncut diamonds and gold medallions under a false bottom. There was also room for some era acceptable currency there. And I had been saving up batches of age specific currency over the previous life's travel.

With me now knowing of the current age that I was in, I could use all of the currency up to the time that I was in now, minus one year for safety's sake.

So, I dressed in dress slacks, a business type shirt and a light jacket to meet the day. I also included my loose leaf binder with people that might be of help to me in each of the time eras. I selected the pages for the nineties and walked out of the condo to meet whatever would come. I had three successful lives to my credit and so I was prepared to meet anything that came to my way in this life. There seemed to be no way that it could be better than the first three.

As my foot hit the ground the complex disappeared, since it was not to be built until nineteen-ninety-four. But, in this time there were some houses in sight and there also was a bus stop along side of the road.

Big City had always had a very fine bus system. The fare was a quarter and I had a correct one and so made my way to the down town station to plan out my next step.

My immediate plans were involved with my Aunt Giselle, who was still alive at this time and in her late fifties. Giselle lived in the south hill area, a place of grand old mansions. Many of them were in poor condition at this time, since it was before the big push to renovate the existing and salvageable ones.

Having heard of my Aunt, though, I expected her home to be in fine condition and was very satisfied to find it so. I straightened myself up with my casual tie in place and knocked on the door. I have come to the conclusion that most people prefer knocks over rings, since the rings often have a very irritating tone. A tall older man came to the door, and asked me, "What is your business here, sir?" "My name is James Blassingame, and Miss Giselle the lady of this house is a far relative of mine.

I would like to confer with her, if it is convenient for her now." He looked me over for a couple of minutes and then guided me in to take a seat on a bench right by the door. From the look in his eye, I determined that it would not go well with me, if I strayed from there without an invitation to do so. With that understood, he tottered off into the interior of the home and I awaited whatever the conclusion of this matter would be.

He soon came back and addressed me, "Madame will attend to you in her private lounge, please follow me." So, I matched my stride to his tottering one and soon arrived at a small ante room brightly lit up by the afternoon sun.

A fine looking and slim woman with gray hair looked up to me expectantly. And then bid me to take a seat on the facing sofa, for her response to whatever was my purpose in visiting her. "Could you please repeat your name and family identification for me?" "Yes, Ma'am. My name is James Blassingame and I am related to you through you paternal grandfather back in North Carolina. We are not near relatives." "Okay, I see. I don't think that I have heard of you, but I have not kept up with the family back east for some time, now." "Well, without giving away all of your secrets, even back home we know of your mansion, your good health, your sadness at losing your husband so young and your lively parties that attract a goodly number of the city's upper crust.

Do, I have all of the right?" "Yes, pretty close at that. Would you like something to nibble on and to drink?" "Surely a piece of pie or cake with some tea would be much appreciated." So, in noticing my politeness, she summoned the young girl maid to attend to us and then sat observing me.

I put on my best honorable and polite young man act for her. She read correctly what I was doing, but evidently gave me a great deal of credit for even trying in contrast to the very rude behavior of many of my contemporaries of this era.

After we partook of the light lunch, she inquired as to how she might be of service to me. And I replied that I had traveled out to this area to go to college. I would have to live here a year to qualify for the in state tuition, a break that I very much needed.

But, that I would work for the year and save my money to start my education. I already had a few scholarships in hand, but felt that I would get more with my anticipated great grades, as I have always been a top student. So, the main thing she could do sorry your associates sister fucks becky sins got caught by her stepbro using their dads me would be to allow me to take a room with her to save me a lot of money to be spent on lodging during my sexy amateur babe cecilia lion gets pounded in public years.

She asked me how many years I anticipated it to be, and I remarked about five or six for me to work my way through to a Masters in Business degree. It would start with a four year degree in Retail Marketing. Which would be a natural since I already had a couple of years of part time work in grocery stores and very much liked the business.

She was nodding in appreciation of my vision of my future and so on the spot made the offer for me to move in temporarily for three months to see how things would work out.

I thanked her for that and suggested that I thought that things would work out very well, indeed. And with that she excused me to go and fetch my belongings, which unknown to her were completely contained in my satchel out on her front door steps. When I advised her of this, she sent the butler out to get it and he delivered it up to a second story bedroom of considerable size.

I knew that I would thrive here for sure. As I was settling in to the room and familiarizing myself with its features, the young maid showed up and inquired on how she could be of service to me.

I looked at her rather short and well-rounded body and several thoughts came to mind, but I contained myself and suggested that my clothing in my bags could be freshened up along with the bed clothes and that would be enough for now.

She smiled prettily and fetched the clothing from my satchel, which I then placed on the upper shelf of my closet, later intended to be hid with the valuables inside of it. Then she bent over to remove the bedding and with this her skirt flipped up in the back revealing her cute panties to my sight. They were the very smooth material kind, very tight, but with full covering and showing the cutest ruffling around each of the leg holes.

A delightful sight to behold, and intended to be beheld, I guessed. After dallying around in fetching the bedding she turned again with a smile on her face and left the room intense creampie with teen girl aurora monroe born april those and my clothing.

I then took the opportunity to take a nap and ponder how things would proceed. I must have been asleep for over an hour when Margie, the maid came back with my clothes and bed linens. I had my eyes closed but could hear her hanging up my clothes and putting some of them into the bureau across the room.

I cracked my eyes to see what was going on, and caught her inspecting my valise. With this I jumped out of bed and grabbed her hands as they were about to open the latch.

She was surprised at my agility and scared as to the results of her nosiness. I looked her in the eyes and she knew that she was in trouble. With that, she with a begging expression, "Please Master, don't tell on me. I could lose this job which is necessary for me to get my education at the college, since the Mistress has warned me before about my intrusive curiosity.

I promise to not bother it again! And is there some little thing that I could do for you now to make up for it?" I let go of her and sat back on the bed thinking this over. Before I could come to a decision, she knelt before me and opened my pants for her to take care of my cock. I didn't really expect this, but I was ready for it or anything else that she might do at this time.

And in the back of my mind, I determined to get my hidden valuables into a safe deposit box, that afternoon. So, she put on her seductive smile and opened up her blouse to show off her very attractive tits. Then with a mega smile and her eyes peering up to me, she pulled my cock up into her mouth with her tongue meeting halfway to the opening.

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She worked on it for several minutes and since there was no shot provided for her, she raised up and lowered her panties to take me up whatever chute that I wanted. I chose the pussy this time. As she was bouncing on my lap, with me fully installed in her, I heard a noise behind us and it was the Madame curiously observing our connection.

She laughed a bit and remarked, "Son, I would like some of that later, if you please!" I just nodded and returned to attention to the little bundle of joy that was fucking me so energetically. When I was done with Margie, I asked Madame if I could have a key, since I was going downtown to pick up some supplies that I would need. She with a knowing smile replied, "But of course." And handed it to me. She asked if I would like some help downtown, but I smiled and said, "Not this time, but at another time, for sure." And I got a big smile with that.

I caught the bus to downtown and moved to a bank that I had been using to in my previous time period. They were happy to have my business, because they knew my grandfather (actually me) as a customer for a number of years. So, I opened a current account under my name as his grandson and stowed the valuables where Margie couldn't get herself into any trouble again. From the funds in my wallet, I added to my wardrobe and then caught the bus back to the mansion. Madame, upon my arriving insisted on scanning over my new duds and after her removing the tags and annoying labels, pronounced them fit to wear.

She then summoned Margie and instructed her to wash them, iron them and then hang them up for me. Margie was a bit nervous, but complied. When they were ready to be stowed away, I was already hawt xxx beauteous teen sex act hardcore blowjob room, looking over some materials that I had gathered downtown at the bookstore.

It included a syllabus for the key courses that I would be taking the next year, and so I was determined to be well prepared when my classes started. I would have all of the texts read by then and also have my notes handwritten about them ready on hand.

Margie came into the room as I was laying on the bed looking over the texts, so she hung up the clothes for the closet, noticed the bag on the upper shelf and then stowed the other things in my bureau.

Then she crawled up on the bed and cuddled up to me. I put on an uninterested attitude and she obviously felt challenged to overcome that, so began whispering into my ear to get my attentions on her. When I gave in and began to listen to her, she in a very low voice asked if there was any little thing that she could do for me right then. I nodded, 'Yes." She could be a good girl while on my bed while my attentions were elsewhere, just hold me and let me have my peace with my other interests.

She was very chagrined over that, and determined to take over the moment, so she whispered to me again, "James, what kinds of fun things do you like to do in bed?" So, I turned to her with an "All right, you have my attention now!

What was the question that you just asked me?" Actually, I knew full well what she had requested. But, I wanted to keep hold of the 'high ground' in this conversation with her. "I was asking what kinds of shapely legal age teenager rides a penis hiddencam hardcore do you like to do in bed, but I can see by your expression that I should answer the question for you first!" I nodded to that.

"I like being nude and cuddling for extended periods of time. I like all manner of kissing as long as it doesn't gag me or bruise up my face.

jock beats any dildo girlfriend and hardcore (Said with a big smile on her face.) I like my titties to be sucked on, and for some reason they do pass milk, though I have never been pregnant. I like a man's mouth on my pussy. (A females' too as I later found out.) I like toys up into my pussy and ass. Cocks, too. I like to Role Play and most anything else that won't harm me, nor annoy me too much." "Very enlightening, Margie.

I will have to think of whatever else I might be interested in and get back to you. That sounds like enough fun to keep us busy for some time, when you are interested." "James, I am nearly always interested, except when I am on my period." "Oh, this is another thing I like, I love 'period play.'" "Well, I will have to think about that. But, surely not on the heavy flow days.

If I give in on that, it would probably be up the ass. And, aren't you going to force yourself upon me for my foolish curiosity? Most guys would." "No, I will only share with you when you want it, too.

The previous time was plenty of penance to cover the situation." "Are you Catholic, by any chance? I am French Catholic by my raising." "No, but I like some of your tenets.

I think that I would have been a very naughty priest if I had your family background." "We can only hope so!" "Is tomorrow too soon for us to try out some things, Margie?" "No, that would be fine." And with that she moved on to her other duties in the house. After another brief nap, I dressed for dinner at five in some of my more formal new duds and got a very pleased expression from Madame in response to that.

Dinner was quite good and afterwards, Madame and I withdrew to the lounge to watch the evening news. She sat right down beside me, and left her hand on my lap.

This made watching the horrors reported on much more able for me to endure. I lost interest in the programming after the national news and withdrew to read a novel that I had bought downtown at the Barnes and Noble.

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It was CIDER HOUSE RULES, by John Irving. I had missed it during the years after it was published, but I had liked Tobey Maguire in the movie and fell in love with Charlize Theron. After reading a couple of chapters, I was ready for sleep and turned off the lights, except for mom and nick son sex very small night light installed in a plug-in.

As I began my journey into slumberland, I felt the door open and someone enter. I was not sure of who it would be, but I felt the covers on the other side of the bed open up and saw the shape of an older woman in the dim light from across the room. When she was fully installed in the bed, she reached over and covered my mouth and whispered, "Please remain silent." So, I did.

Madame then reached around me to cuddle up and let me caress her. Though her body was consistent for a lady of her age, it also was very smooth to the touch and responsive, too.

After a bit of this, she maneuvered me to be on my back and then leaned over to have me suckle on her B sized breasts. They were very lovely in the dim light and the nipples sexy blonde babe alex grey in a kinky fuck session hardened under my suckling of them. I heard a number of moans from her during this process. She then moved down to lower my pajamas and began to suckle on my dick that was recumbent there.

Soon, it rose to the occasion and she moved her body to rise over me and installed it on my uprisen member. She braced herself by leaning on my chest with her hands and her titties were very handy for my hands and later my mouth as she leaned over even more over to present them to me. Her plunges down onto my cock were very gentle and evidently very much appreciated, too. It took a while but she eventually had a rather pronounced climax and returned to my cock to bring me off, too.

She with my cum still present around her mouth, leaned over and whispered into my ear, "Thank you, my dear boy. Now go to sleep." After she left, Margie came in and took her place, but just cuddled up with me to sleep through the night. REBOUND 4: Things are proceeding very well in my new life. I finished the first year of established residence in Madame's mansion and in the current State to allow me to be enrolled as a state student with a very pronounced lowering of my tuition.

And I worked the previous year at a local supermarket of a national chain. They were very glad to get me when they found out about my educational goals. I started as a helper-clerk and progressed to a checker within ninety days. And then another ninety days and I was made the frozen foods department manager.

I had to let them know that I would be going to school fulltime in the fall and would be available only on school vacations and the summers until I graduated. They thought that they might change my mind, but did agree to work with that if they could not bribe me (my assertion) into staying and going to school part-time. No chance of that, I have seen too many college careers die because of too much strain on the time by the working of the student.

And besides after the first year I got a lot more scholarship assistance and so didn't need to work much anyway.

Two bumps in the road during the first year of residence, though. Madame got a lower G.I. infection and the police decided to try to pin it on me. She was under hospital medical treatment and unconscious for a week. The doctors realized that she had been anally active and figured that I was the one and the root cause of the infection.

When Madame came to and realized what had happened to me, she called the city Police Chief and read him the riot act. That she had evidently ate something that had violently reacted to her long dormant ulcer and that I was to be released immediately or there would be as she son blackmails mom sex stories sex storys, "Hell to pay for everyone involved." Since Madame was probably right, and one of the most powerful voices in town to boot, he got right on it and I was out within the hour.

For my legal records, I got a written statement clearing me of any wrongdoing in the matter, I needed that to keep my scholarships. And to have no felony charge on my record. Then when I got home, I found out that Margie had come up pregnant. This time it really was me, and she was devastated, because since she was a longtime resident of the State and two years older than me, she was about to enter her senior year, while I was about to enter my freshman.

A pregnancy would interfere with her chores around the house and take up a lot of time to care for the baby. Madame called her to the hospital to confer about things as soon as she found out. Margie was fearful that this would be her termination interview. But, the gracious Madame came through again. Margie would stay at the home at least until she graduated, and she was excused from any chores that she couldn't get to.

And to top this off, she was going the squirter luscious lopez brunette one squirting hire one of the nursing student recent graduates to stay at her home and take care of the baby (and herself) during the days so that Margie could make her educational commitments.

Margie just collapsed into Madame's arms over the shock of this and a nurse had to come and remove her so that Madame could continue to heal up, undamaged. She was so excited when she got home, that she dragged me from the dinner table to fuck her into oblivion for the night.

It was a whole lot of fun with her belly just beginning to show, but my belly growled through the night because of the missed meal. Madame was so happy when she got back home, and the same nurse that was caring for the baby, would also be monitoring her progress for the doctors. And when Madame first interviewed Kiko, the young nurse, she made it clear that she would have to fill in for her in my bed for the present, too.

She seemed to take to that with some relish. And surprisingly, Margie didn't seem at all jealous over that. I later found out that this was because Kiko was favoring her bed, too. So, that school year progressed very well, and Margie graduated with her degree in pre-school management with a stellar grade point average and Madame staked her to a backing for her first operational unit.

It was a raging success. She still lived with us, though and slept lively with me often. She seemed to be very independent of mind and had no notion of ever marrying, but let me know that she would like other children by me as time went on. And since I really liked her, but also had no notion of marrying, it all seemed like a natural to us. By the time of Margie's graduation, Madame was strong enough to attend it, and skinny legal age teenager bounds on rod hardcore massage join me in my bed once a week.

I now had three women to service, since Madame didn't really want any of us to leave, ever. We were her new family and she thoroughly enjoyed ruling very benevolently over us. After Margie's second year of business and my third in college, our son, Virgil was old enough to accompany her to work. And, no, nobody that I knew of had that name in my family, unless we were related to the Earps, which I sincerely doubted.

So, Margie with not enough challenges in her life, I guessed, decided that it was time to start her next child. Kiko was thrilled about this, too. But, unable to initiate the process to her profound despair. But, she did favor us with her presence in the impregnation bed for that night. Before they came in to my room for the impregnation effort, I took a short nap and had one of my dream visions. I hadn't done this for a long time, since my lives were so full, that I didn't have time to dream up anything else.

A slightly strange face appeared to me in the vision and then addressed me in a dialect that I couldn't quite recognize, but did adequately understand. He informed me that he was from the future and with the limited aid of the DUOMENTALITIES CORPORATION, was working on his doctoral thesis on men's interactions with women. He didn't explain the nuts and bolts of this, but he did mention that because they had my original life recorded, and the subsequent ones, also, that they didn't need multiple subjects of the study.

In a limited way, I was the 'control' for them, since it was really just me in each of these incarnations. He then gave me an easily remembered phrase that I could repeat out loud five times in succession and thereby be eliminated from further Rebounds. But, they did keep the right to establish as to whether this really did reflect my desires to end the repeats.

Or was just a manifestation of my immediate frustrations. I thanked them for letting me know this and then replied that I was very satisfied with this process and would be unlikely to want to end it anytime soon, if ever.

They were happy about that and then signed off, to not be heard from again for many years. I am thinking that I neglected to inform you that Kiko and Margie had become not only good friends and lovers, but business partners. Kiko was her assistant manager and medical authority for her facilities. And they remained my lovers, too.

Madame still graced my bed at times, but was mostly very happy to be entertained by the rest of us in our furtive sexual endeavors.

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She did insist on being present for the attempted impregnation this night, though. And this was not going to be a medically sound and recommended session. It was going to be a wild ass fuckfest with all four of us involved. So, I was in my bedroom and Madame joined me by sitting in the overstuffed chair in easy viewing orientation and dressed fully, but casually. The girls came in naked except for clingy and fancy panties with obvious split crotches.

They had evidently been playing some before joining me, and moved up to Madame for her inspection and interactions before joining me on the bed.

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I was in a pair of fancy shorts that Madame had bought for me. I felt very good in them. After a little fingering and a lot of kissing with Madame, the girls turned their attention on me. Since Margie wanted the maximum number of cum infested climaxes up into her, she got things started by having Kiko suck me up hard and then guiding her onto me in cowgirl.

While Margie was flailing away on my body, Kiko was seated on my lower end with her arms around Margie and caressing and manipulating her breasts and clit. With all of these attention on Margie, ashley adams fucked by old man it was me that came first, right up into the target area. With that Margie leaned over and gave me a great big slobbery kiss, with Kiko still mounted to her back. Kiko then left the bedroom to check on Virgil in his baby room and then to get some snacks and drinks for us, but, Margie not wanting to waste any time in waiting for her to get back invited Madame to aid in the next round.

So, with Margie on her back elevated up on pillows and me installed up her baby chute, Madame managed to make it up onto the bed and lifted her dress to place her pussy right down on Margie's mouth. Then with me pounding into Margie and Madame rubbing her pussy across Margies' lips, Madame leaned forward and engaged me in a magnum kissing exercise, probably the most energy that she had expended in some time.

As things were well proceeding, Kiko made it back and set the snacks and drinks on the bureau and then joined the action by licking and tonguing Margie's anus, while I continued to pound her pussy.

Margie then had a pronounced climax of her own, and if the cervix opened this time, there was a traffic jam up into her womb of semen carrying DNA drivers.

What a smash-up that would be. And with only one surviving driver too, firmly installed into Margie's waiting egg. After we came down ravishing petite chick gets her narrow snatch and small anal rode this, we stopped for snacks and chatty sex talk, with handsie emphasizes.

The ladies' titties came under special attentions by all of us, and they left the main instrument for the night mostly alone, for it to be able to continue its work of the belly in mind. After I had emptied up into Margie a couple more times, at least, Madame doffed her clothing and joined us in bed nude to sleep the night away with my dick parking anywhere it desired to be. Even Kiko got a load over the night. In the morning we showered in pairs, Madame and I together and then we all limped down to the dining room to enjoy a sustaining breakfast to the cook's amusement.

Walter the butler, had no comment to offer and Virgil was his garrulous self and the star of the table. Everyone got off to their jobs or schooling on time and Madame took her place in the living room to rule over the roost until we all gathered back together in the late afternoon for dinner.

A couple of weeks later, it became apparent that Margie was fertilized. Not that stopped us from making sure of it. When we found out that it was going to be a girl, we all thought up names for it, and put them in a jar, to be opened and selected after her birth. In the meantime, Kiko was thinking of having one, too. But, common sense prevailed, since she decided that with two lovers, an aged lover, her job, and her helping to care for Virgil, that she had all on her plate that she could handle.

So, she had herself fixed (as did Margie after the birth) and we all played on just like we felt like it. Twenty years later, Madame checked out on us. The nerve of the old gal! But, she was in her middle nineties by then and had had a grand life of it. She had been a relatively silent partner in our sex fun for years, but had accepted some oral on her pussy, while watching us frolic at times, to her immense enjoyment.

With her death, the mansion passed on to her daughter, who had lived far away and was unknown to us. She sent a very nice letter letting us know that we needed to vacate within six months, because she was going to come into residence and had her own friends to accommodate on the premises. So, upon receipt of the letter, we immediately contacted Blossom, the go to real estate layer in town, and she recommended a delightful lady realtor, that had a genuinely fun way to finalize family guy creampie xxx ryder skye in stepmother sex sessions contracts.

It involved saunas, open legs and open mouths too. She was very effective in their uses. She asked what we would be interested in and the three of us decided that we would like a modern home with four bedrooms. One master with a full bathroom connected, another sort of master, also with a connected bathroom and two generic ones with a common bathroom on the hallway for them. These were for the kids, though they were actually away going each to college at this point.

It turned out that each of us three had saved a considerable amount of funds, and so together, we had no trouble making the down payment and with a thirty-year year mortgage and survivors agreements in place, things worked out just fine. Margie and I would have the main bedroom together and Kiko would have her own.

To make up for the absence of the drama of two growing kids, we got two Yorkie-poos and three cats with very distinctive personalities. That filled in our drama quotient for sure. And when the kids came to visit, they complained that we hadn't done that when they were young. And we reminded them that they had provided more than enough drama themselves for that time.

Over the next twenty years or so, Margie, Kiko and I all approached and passed out social security ages and retired. Margie and Kiko had done very well with their child care facilities and in fact franchised the operation and so would have a nice income in bigass babe ass pounded and spitroasted amateur anal retirement.

I had done well with the grocery company and retired as a District Manager with profit sharing and a big fat I.R.A. Also, the original contents of the satchel were still in the bank deposit box, never having been touched.

We three decided to do some cruising and land traveling, so did so covering much of the Earth over the next fifteen years. When in our mid-eighties, we settled down to a more relaxed manner of life. When I had come to my seventy-fifth birthday night, I had repeated the key phrase to discontinue the rebounding out loud, and in my sleep got the response that they acknowledged that and granted me to live out a normal lifespan and die a natural death.

I thanked them for that. So, on a clear and warm spring evening, I gathered my two favorite gals to seats on the porch overlooking our back acre and told them that I had a story for them.

I asked them to bring a wine glass each, because it was a whopper. I told them of each of my lives, beginning with my original one. And how it had been a very good one, with a good wife and family. I had loved them all very much. And that I had worked for thirty-five years with the same grocery company that I had worked for during their sharing of my life.

That I had been a minister also, for over forty-two years and loved that, too. But, that my marriage caved in at the last due to circumstances that neither of us could handle. And that I had spent the next fourteen years in loneliness, except for some very lovely sex workers who at least took care of those needs for me. Then I told them about the Rebounding to the physical age of eighteen in physical form, that was totally unexpected and my life that led to a wonderful marriage to Mariko.

The timing of it had been from the time concurrent with the time of my passing. And the sad ending for her with a lost mind. And then the second Rebound. And then I related the adventure that my second rebound life had been, with it retreating to the time that I had been eighteen as well as having that age, then too.

I told them about Dixie my step-sister and about our involvement and then her death in Viet Nam as an Army nurse, helping others. Also about the passing of my 'step-father' and the continuance of my relationship with Muriel until her death. Then I finished with a recounting of the third rebound and my meeting up with them and how happy I had been in this life, too!

Extreme teen first time kinky nicole finds a good match with them looking at me wonderingly, I remarked, "My lovelies, it is all true, it all happened to me.

And I have been promised to live out my life normally this time and not go through it again. I just can't imagine ever being as happy as I have been on these four lives or love anyone's as much as I have loved all of you. I would hate to wreck any of these memories by me coming back again and fucking up a life royally. So this time, I will really die, and I am glad of it.

But, in the meantime we still have time to share, so let's go to bed and awaken whatever is left of our libidos for a joyous night together." And they arose and took my arms and led me to bed with their still very fine bodies up to me naked.

It just doesn't get any better than this!!!