Cheat pawg wife dirty talk fucks bbc while hubby films

Cheat pawg wife dirty talk fucks bbc while hubby films
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Ed kicked open the hotel room door, threw his bag on the floor and grabbed KD round the waist, frantically kissing her neck. Nothing was said or wud be said, this was a time for animalistic action. Still nuzzling at her neck, Ed began to unbutton KD's blue sleeveless shirt revealing the strap and cup of her sheer black bra. She dug her fingers into his ass cheeks.he felt another surge energy fill his body.

Almost frantically he yanked off her shirt leaving her standing in her cut off denim shorts, sheer black bra and flat shoes. It was Ed's turn to be stripped, KD expertly peeling off his shirt and slacks leaving him in his boxers and socks.

For a brief moment they stood apart, Ed feasting on her soft tanned curves, highlighted by beads of perspiration.KD was drawn to one thing only.Ed's massive erection which tented the front of his shorts.

She fell to her knees and brushed the front of his boxers causing his cock to spring out from it's and purple headed, it was almost shouting "suck me".and suck it she did, first taking in the whole mushroom head, lightly gripping the ridge with her teeth.Ed moaned and softly pushed her head forward, whilst he stroked his own nipples till they stuck out like small acorns.

KD expertly worked the head and shaft of his cock, just as she had promised in their cyber sex sessions. Licking, sucking and tongue twirling his thick veined rod, she cupped his balls in one hand, expertly and gently jiggling and stimulating them.

Almost seamlessly KD took one ball in her mouth whilst jerking his cock rythmically ,just stopping each stroke below the rim !! Ed knew he was not going to last much he withdrew his twitching cock from one warm wet hole, and having draped KD face down over the end of the bed, he slid his rampant dick into KD's delicioulsy wet and sloppy cunt.she let out a sudden "Oooh !!" as his body first entered hers. A cuple of steady strokes and Ed was teetering on the edge of explodingbut he manage to control the tipping point as KD expertly gripped the head of his cock with her pussy and out as KD thrust forward her pubic mound, Ed had never experienced such wetness, tightness and hotness.

"Oh fuck you KD, I'm coming" Ed grunted and he gave two last squelchy thrusts before ejaculating deep in KD's pussy. KD shuddered, moaned and reached her crescendo shortly after as Ed worked her button- like clit. For a moment both were still, then Ed slid down her body and kissed her pussy which was leaking their combined busty fat babe spunked hardcore and blowjob himself up, got her in a big cuddle and kissed their mutual essence to her.

"Hi KD, it's so good to meet you at last !!" __________________ Dream It was a very hot, sticky night…sleep was impossible. KD twisted her long tousled hair off her perspiring neck and shoulders and laid it on the pillow. The room was very dark, the bed sheets damp with her scented perspiration…she changed her position so that she was flat on her back, legs apartknees drawn up.

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Only a couple of hours ago Ed was knelt behind her pulling her hair so that she arched her back. In readiness for their lovemaking. KD slid her hand down the trail of soft, dark downy hair which led from her belly to her pubes. She shivered slightly as she touched the bristle of her freshly trimmed pussy, and dipped two fingers into her dripping slit, working them in and out slowly but firmly.

Hot, swollen and wet just like she was when Ed stood behind her in the shower placing her hands on the wall, pushing his stiffening cock against her ass cleavage. He reached under her body and cupped her ample breasts, stubby dark brown nipples hardening to his touch.

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Almost as his hot breath touch her neck, she felt his cock sliding up and down her groove in readiness for its entrance .Even though the room was pitch black KD closed her eyes, Ed was now on his hands and knees behind her, forcing apart the globes of her ass cheeks, tonguing and fingering first her brown starred asshole, then schoolgirl flashes her boobs and screwed for some money deep red cunt lips which demanded attention with their drooling pout !

She recalled backing onto his face, reminding him that his work there had to last much longer. Just as she was used to his rhythmical dipping of her tight intimate passages she felt the hard but very smooth touch of her butt plug being lined up for deep penetration. Plug withdrawn, first one and then two pussy juice lubricated fingers entered her anus to gradually loosen her tightest hole…now Ed firmly pushed the plug home, causing a gasp of pleasure and a feeling of exquisite fullness.

Now KD was ready to be completely filled, she began breathing more rapidly and uttering expletives in her determination to have complete satisfaction. "For fuck's sake Ed stick your cock in my cunt…please now". the butt plug was pressing against the wall of her pussy setting a tremor in her internal nerve endings.

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Ed complied with KD's demands, thrusting his bulging veined cock deep and hard. "Oh yes !! Fuck that is good, fuck me harder Ed !! KD turned over in bed againreached out to make sure the bed was still emptywhilst wiping her combined love juices from between her legs. Ed gently withdrew the plug and the two of them returned to the bedroom. KD laid belly down on the bed, her ass sticking up, demanding to be seen to.

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She had experienced the feeling of complete fullness in the shower but still she wanted more fucking. He knelt behind her and prised her glistening cheeks apart and began his worship of her ass and cunt. Lips, tongue and fingers darted from hole to hole kissing, licking and dipping along the way. KD was almost there and quickly slid up the bedturned over and presented Ed with a view that no man could not be quickened by&hellip.breasts and tummy rising and falling, softly bronzed skin glisteningly wet, deep red gash of her pussy juicy beyond belief.

Ed slipped his cock in and soon a rapid "in" "out"motion was set, wet kissing sounds from their soaking genitals.

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KD gripped Ed round the waist with her slken thighs " Harder Ed, fuck me harder", and he replied with animal like sounds and ever quickening breaths. Ed could feel the involuntary muscle tremors in his thighs in lower tummy, so he slipped his hands under KD's ass cheeks lifted her up and gave her several grunting shuddering thrusts&hellip. KD again looked for himbut she was alone in her bed hotter, wetter than 30 minutes previously, but undeniably more fulfilled and ready for sleep.