Mother i would like to fuck gets tenacious fucking

Mother i would like to fuck gets tenacious fucking
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My name is tom. I am tall and skinny. I am half white half porn cutie babe fingering ep high def so I have a carmel color skin.

I am kinda built I have a nice six pac but I don't like to brag. I have about a 3 inch soft dick and 5 inches hard, and pretty thick. Also I am a virgin Sean was about my height, he was really muscular. He had nice tanned white skin and I am sure was completely ripped. I had not seen his dick yet. I was horny all the time. I thought about sex 24/7. I also thought about sean 24/7 I had a huge crush on him. I met him last year in math class he was loud and annoying and really really sexy.

he had the hairiest legs and it made me crazy. I usually ended up sitting next to him and he would call me names like idiot, jerk, queer and faggot which would make me mad but also really turn me on. That was that and the next year came and we had no classes together except for lunch. I would see him all the time and he would sometimes talk to me which I lived for.

He would say things like hey and sup and I would always act like I did't care but when he would talk to me it would make me beautiful girl likes being fucked on webcams. Anyway, Sean and I were to different people.

I was shy and an outcast and no one got me. Sean on the other hand was popular and a jock everyone loved him and. he had a girlfriend I could tell they were really in love they ate lunch together they were always holding hands in the hallways and there was something in the way he looked at her that I could just tell he had strong feelings for her. One day I was sitting in 5th period english and was bored out of my mind. decided to ask to use the bathroom so I could get five minutes of freedom.

I walked down the hall and entered the bathroom and saw sean sitting on the floor crying. it was so weird he was one of the toughest guys I knew and to see him cry was the strangest thing ever. "uh.what's wrong?" I asked "she broke up with me" he sobbed He looked up and looked shocked as if he thought I was someone else.

"I am sorry man, are you ok?" I asked stupidly "NO! " he yelled I walked over to the urinal an unzipped my pants. The thing about the urinals at our school was that they did't have those divider things so sean could see my entire cock as I pissed. I knew he was looking at it and that made me kinda horny but I tried not to get a boner.

"nice dick, fag." he said as I finished peeing and started pulling up my pants "Uh thanks" I said smiling Sean had gotten up from the floor and followed me to the sink.It was like he had completely forgot about his girlfriend. I stared at him straight in his gorgeous brown eyes.

"why did she break up with you" I said trying to hide the bulge I had in my pants. "I don't really wanna think about it" he said. I turned on the sink and started to wash my hands.

"Your gay right?" Sean asked. I was so shocked, I didn't know what to say. I was gay, but I hadn't even told my parents I wasn't about to tell the guy who had called me a fag everyday last year. "Um I. er uh I. don't er" That's when Sean came over to me, his nose was touching mine and he leaned in and kissed me.

My first kiss! I just had my first kiss with a guy that I had a huge crush on and was probably the sexiest human ever. I kissed him back and I stuck my tongue down his throat. It felt like his lips were sending bolts of lighting through my body and down to my now completely hard dick. he pulled away. "I take that as a yes then" Sean said "Um. wow, I um" was all I was able to mumble. "what about you and taylor?" I asked "I really loved taylor but, she said she liked someone else, I got upset cause I thought people would call me gay and shit" he explained "cool".

I said "do you wanna make out some more"? I asked "I don't Know, I'm not some fucking fag. but I think you are sexy as fuck". he said sean slammed me up against the robber fuck my wife anal and stuck his wet slippery tongue down my throat again.

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That went on for about 3 minutes. I could feel his solid dick rubbing up on mine it was amazing. he pulled away again "I wanna fuck you" he said "really"? I asked. I was amazed I thought that Sean was 100% straight and I was still a virgin.

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I was scared but also really horny. rebecca linares is about to get anal really, you stupid fuck" he snarled.

"Ok" I smiled he took off my shirt and started to suck my hard nipples I let out a small moan and he sucked harder. I ripped off his shirt and almost passed out. he was perfect he had the most amazing body I had ever seen I felt his entire chest and licked every square inch. Then I pulled down his pants and saw a enormous bulge and then pulled the elastic waist band of his tight boxer briefs and his 9 inch cock slapped me in that face.

I had never seen a cock in real life and now I had a huge one to suck dry right in front of me. I grabbed it a started to jerk him off and he let out a few loud moans and then he told me to suck it. His dick slid in my soft wet mouth.

Sean put is hands around the back of my head. "suck that big dick you fucking faggot!" he yelled sean had a huge bush of pubes that I hit with my nose every time he would thrust my head on his cock.

I was gaging every time his huge dick would hit the back of my throat. he pulled me up by my armpits and kissed me again.

I lifted up his arms and dove my face into his under arm making out with is armpit as he put his hands all over me "I am going to fuck you so hard" he cried. "I want your big cock all the way up my tight ass" I said trying to sound sexy. "turn around" he order I turned around and braced myself I kew it was going to hurt cause his dick was huge and it was my first time. Then I felt something weird but good hit my ass.

It was sean's tongue, he was rimming me. I screamed "OH FUCK YEAH!" I moaned It felt so good waves of ecstasy came crashing over my entire body. I had never experienced anything so amazing. "MMM your ass taste so good".

sean said He stood up.

He did not hesitate he suck his 9 inch dick right in my asshole I screamed. "FUCK! Fuck me!!" he garbed on to my hips and started to thrust his huge cock inside me it hurt a lot a first but after the first 10 to 15 thrust my pain melted to pleasure. it was truly the most fantastic felling. "MMM I love that hot tight ass you got" he yelled "OH fuck me FUCK me SEAN!!" he now had me naked lying face down on the bathroom floor, His dick was so big in my tight virgin ass.

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I almost started to cry. He took his 9inches out of me and flipped me over. He was sitting on my chest breathing hard. "You are fucking amazing!" I said He started to grind his nice bubble butt on my hard dick. He flipped me back over and ran his hands all over my back and down into my ass crack.

"MMMMM" I moaned Sean once again stuck his 9 inch penis into my ass and started pumping again. This time felt different, it felt so much harder and so much deeper. "FUCK!" Sean screamed.

"I am gonna cum!" "CUM IN MY ASS CUM IN MY ASS" I yelled He thrusted his enormous cock into my hot ass one or two more times and his hot steamy cream filled it up. To have his hot cum in my ass was the most amazing feeling ever, it's shemale tricks straight guy and force him so hard to explain but it is just amazing.

He pulled his dick out of my ass and flipped me over and made me make sure that all of his cum was gone by sucking it all out of his semi hard dick. then he got down and I came all over his face and in his mouth. Then I got down and licked it all off of his sexy face. After that we just sat there breathing heavy and I kissed him one or to more times.

Then we got up and put on our clothes that we had thrown all over the place. It was sorta awkward, Sean had this weird look of regret on his face. "That was fun." I said, finally breaking the silence. "yeah" he said. Then Sean walked over to ware I was standing looked me straight in the eyes tilted my chin up and kissed me.

then he walked out of the bathroom and I stood there happy and confused. but mostly happy.