Charlee chase big tit happy ending massage

Charlee chase big tit happy ending massage
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hi friends. im amar.and this is my first evr story on this a bit nervous and may make some mistakes.but ignore dem and enjoy the story.

Im a regular teenage boy.and like others i fantasize women almost all the time.neways lets start with the story. It was a hot summer day and i was all alone in my home, as my mom and dad were away for the weekend and my sister had gone to the Bahamas for a month. I always loved staying back alone cos that gave me more privacy and more chances to see porno flicks. It had been 2 years since i started masturbating and i loved it.

Though i never got a women for real but I kept jerking off almost 5 times a day. I was now desperate for some real action as this was the best possible chance i could ever get in my life.

It was around 11 in d morning ( my usual time to get off bed) and i lay on my bed thinkin about finding a women. i was lost in my thoughts when suddenly the BELL rang. I got up, wrapped a towel round my waist and opened the door.

It was my MAID. I let her in and got back on my couch still lost in my thoughts. All of a sudden i thought of my maid. i had never ever thought of her in that way but my lust forced me to.My maid was a beautiful women in her mid thirties thought not meant to be a maid, she had to do it because of her financial constraints. She had jet black hair, brown eyes, a fair complexion and beautifully shaped tits.

She was probably every man's fantasy. I saw her go about her daily chores. bending to pick up things,washing utensils etc. I saw her for almost half an hour and she was drenched in sweat. her entire saree was full with mouth went dry and i wanted to suck every drop of her sweat.

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I was really turned on and wanted to FUCK her bad. Seeing her work my cock had the HARDEST erection to date.but i tried to hide it as i didnt want her to see it. I was desperate for her body and couldnt control myself i got up and stood right behind her.

She was busy washing the utensils and somehow didnt notice me. I stared at her for an eternity before coming back to senses. I was understandibly scared cos i didnt know how she would react.

Somehow i gathered courage and gently lickd some sweat off her neck. She twitched and left out a moan. I though to myself that may be she liked it so i did it again.she let out yet another moan.she then turned around and saw me standing.

She couldnt believe her eyes.her eyes met mine but she looked down and went from there. i was scared and thought that she would summon the police.but that didnt happen. She was quite and continued with her i again went close to her, turned her around and gave her a peck on the cheek.she hugged me tight and we were in each others arms for a fraction of seconds before she pulled out. I very innocently asked her if she wanted it.and she nodded.i just couldnt believe it.

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She didnt move or say anything but gave me a shy smile.i went for her lips and kissed left hand pushed her closer to me.i could feel her breasts touching my bare chest and i was loving it. I then placed my right hand over her cute round ass.she broke the kiss and caught my hand. She then placed them on her breasts and asked me to make love to her.

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I undressed her and sucked her nipples which were pink and large for a good 10 minutes.she kept pressing my head deeper into herself.and kept moaning loudly. meanwhile my hands slowly found the way to her cunt and i started fingerin her gradually.she was loving it.

She had been a single mother for over 6 years and this was her first fuck after almost 8 years.she asked me for my cock which was an excellent 8 incher.she gasped at the length and went to her knees. She pulled my foreskin back and started licking it like a thirsty dog. I caught hold of her head and pushed my 8 incher further down her throat.she almost choked but didnt let go off my cock. This was the best blowjob i breeolson she eats her pussy like a raging le got and soon i shot my load over her face.and she licked it with her tongue.she now wanted to get it inside her but i was reluctant.

She kept begging me for my cock inside her but i kept fondling with her breasts and kissing her passionately.she was hungry for my cock but i kept delayin it cos i wanted her to be more horny. After about 30 mins of foreplay i gave her what she wanted.i turned her around and inderted my cock in her was damn tight and hotter than an owen.she moaned loudly.telling me she liked it.

I then slowly kept thrustin and pulled her hips towards me.i gradually gained momentum.and dig my cock inside here and moved as fast as i could.she was gasping for air but i paid no heed and kept ramming inside her.she was moaning louder than ever and was about to come.after a couple of seconds she came.but i still had to come and it right after her.i filled her cunt with my cum. we were too exhausted to talk but still wantd we lay in each others arms licking each other.and settling for a long gentle kiss.

finally my dream had come true.and i was laying besides her in her arms. she thanked me for it.she then continued wid her work but i asked her to work naked for me.and that was just the beginning of a whole month of fun.