Out of the family xxx arts and sex crafts

Out of the family xxx arts and sex crafts
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Warning: The following depicts sexual acts between a 13 year old girl and a 15 year old guy. If such content offends you or if you are below eighteen, please do not read further.

Kristen's Seduction "Wake up! You'll miss your bus!" That was my mother. My 'I'll never let this kid miss a day of school' mother. I sigh and get out of bed. After washing up, and slipping into a T-Shirt and jeans, I go down for breakfast. Downstairs, the sight is normal. I am alone in the room… alone in the house.

Both my parents are doctors, and go for work early in the morning, and come back, early in the morning (the next day) only to (guess guess?) go back to work. They probably sleep in the hospital, or someplace. Truth be told, I'm not really attached to my parents.

Maybe it's the lack of time cindy hope and anita pearl lesbian pussy with them, or maybe I'm a little bonkers, but I just don't care for my parents. I quickly make myself a sandwich, and rush, locking the door, to the bus stop. My name is Max. I live in a small town, near Arkansas. I am 15 years old. I am 5 feet 5 inches, and have broad shoulders, with short brown hair, and brown eyes.

The absence of my parents does mean one good thing… Every boy's dream… Empty house, wifi, and a computer… Yup. I am loaded when it comes to porn. I have all sorts of clips. I've even sex chatted over the cam. I just love sex. Maybe it's the hormones or something… The bus arrives at the correct time, only, no one is on it.

That's when I remember. I smack my forehead. We have some cultural program today. School ends at 10, which is as good as not going at all. Since I'm there, and the driver's grumpy, I get on the bus anyway. The next stop is the one I'm actually hoping for someone to show up. I'm not too big on friends, but… She gets on. I knew she would. She never misses a day of school either.

Her name's Kristen. She has shoulder length black hair, black eyes. Must be around 5 feet 3 inches. She's 13.

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Even though she's not very pretty, I find myself attracted to her, and I know why… Thing is, I kinda lust for her. She's kinda innocent. Last week when the kids in the bus were playing truth and dare, and asked her to name 5 boys she would have sex with, all she said was, "what's sex?" Fortunately, unfortunately, her stop came, and she got down, and, her question, remained unanswered and, soon, forgotten.

**************************** School was the same, although no teachers really came for class, or took classes, and all participating students were down in the hall, where the program was supposed to happen. This left only 5 students, Will, a nerd with thick glasses, who didn't really talk much, Me, Shauna, a desperate girl, who was ready to do pretty much anything to get in the popular crowd, Haley, a girl who kisses boys the squirter luscious lopez brunette one squirting fun, and (I've heard) has even given a few blow jobs, and, Kristen, the quiet.

Will decides to go to the library, and no one misses him. So here I was, in a classroom, with two 13 year old girls (Shauna, Kristen) and a 17 year old girl (Haley). "Well," I said, in order to break the awkward silence, "how about a game of truth and dare?" I just said the first thing that came to mind. But the girls seemed to like the idea, so we sat down to play. First answer came on Haley. "Dare," she said, without a moment's hesitation. "Wow Haley! You're so cool!" said desperate Shauna.

"Whatever." was the reply. After thinking for a moment, Kristen says, "Take off your clothes." And she does. I got a boner right there and then! Then, without being told, she slowly unclasped her bra. Her tits were big. Next, It was Shauna's turn. "Dare!" she said. "Hmm…" I say, "Make out with Haley." Shauna looks at Haley, who shrugs, and starts kissing her.

After 5 minutes it gets wild. That's when the bell rings. Damn it! Me and Kristen, make our way to the bus. Once we are in, I suddenly notice, that HER tits were big for a 13 year old.

Boy, am I horny. I started talking to her, hoping she wouldn't notice the bulge in my pants. At one point, her cell rang. After a short conversation, she kept the phone, and sighed. "My parents are going out for a few hours, emergency," she explained, "the house is locked, I guess I'll stay at my…" "You can stay at my place!" I say, even before she finishes.

"Really?" she asks, "Thank you! It'll be so good to have a friend around!" She doesn't know it, but slowly, a plan is forming in my mind. *************************** We're at my home.

She's in my room checking out my comics. I excused myself to go to the bathroom.

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I come back in, "Do you want something to eat?" She shakes her head. I sit on my bed, and she slowly sits beside me. I had locked the main door, and shut the windows, when I had excused myself. All I had left to do, was hope that the plan would work. "So… Um, do you know what's sex?" It's risky, but I say it. She looks at me. "No… But a few kids were asking me about it in the bus… Do you know what that means?" I nod.

And wait. After a pause, she says, "Can you tell me?" My heart beats loudly in my chest. "Okay… Um, you'll have to remove your clothes." She puts an eyebrow up. For a moment I think she'll not agree. Then, she slowly shimmies out of her sweater. She takes off her shirt, and then slowly, her tight, knee length skirt comes off. She's in her bra and panties… Wearing a bra at 13!

I ask her to stand up, and she does… I slowly walk behind her, and slip off my T-shirt. "Sex…" I take off my jeans. "is when a guy puts his…" I slowly take off my boxers… I am completely naked. "penis… in a girls…" I turn her around sharply. She gasps. We are a centimeter apart. I slowly lean in and kiss her. She kisses me back at first, wild, but then pushes me back. "No!" "What happened?" I ask "It just… Just doesn't feel right" My penis is up, and rock hard.

No going back. I get up from the bed, walk towards her, hold her hair and kiss her roughly. She tries to resist. I unclasp her bra, and she gasps. Her beautiful breasts come out. Before she can say anything, I slowly cup them in my palms, and start pinching them… It doesn't take long, and her nipples become hard. Slowly, I put my mouth to them and start sucking on them.

She tries to escape, but, when I push her on to the bed, and pin her down, she gives up, and complies. I resume my sucking, teasing one nipple with my tongue, and another with my fingers. A moan of pleasure escapes her mouth.

I stop sucking and look up at her. Her eyes are closed and she's enjoying it. I smile, and slowly move down, to her pussy. I take one finger and run it across the elastic of her nubiles marta v ready to fuck tube. She shudders. I slowly take off her panties, and unveil her gorgeous vagina.

I waste no time, and man seduces legal age teenager adorable cutie my tongue inside. She screams.

I continue licking her pussy lips, and slowly, let my tongue move inside. I find her clit and start licking it like crazy. She's shaking and moaning like mad. Then, when she's close to an orgasm, I stop. Slowly, her body returns to normal.

She looks down at me, and asks, "That's it?" I smile. I slowly put my tongue back in. She lies back down and moans. I start licking her pussy, every nook and corner I can find and soon, she comes on my face. I lick what I can, and slowly put my head up. She's lying in bed, her eyes closed, tired, smiling. She looks at me and smiles. "Now what?" I stand, and bring her face close to my penis.

She looks up at me, and asks what to do. I just shove my cock in her mouth as a reply. She starts licking it, and soon gets the hang of it. She's very good, and I cum in 5 minutes flat. She swallows it all and says, "Is there more?" I make her lie down, and slowly put my penis in her pussy. God, it's tight. She screams. I start pumping into her. "aaahh! Ooh! Yeah baby! Ooh myy oh my oh god!" Is all she can moan. A few strokes, and I cum all over her.

I lick what's on her, and make her lick what's on me. We both lie, side by side. She brings her foot up slowly, and touches my penis with. It's hard again. Next thing I know, I'm kissing her neck, and pushing my penis inside her. He screams with pleasure. I Love it. She loves it. After we're done, she gets up, kisses me, and thanks me for the lovely time.

While wearing her clothes she asks, "So that's what sex is?" "Yes." I tell her. "I think I like it." She says, and winks at me. Once she's gone, I lie down in bed for a while, and think about the awesome sex.

5 minutes later, I'm up, and about, thinking of my next plan, and next target. I like thiss seduction stuff. Once, I have a plan in mind, I pick up my phone and dial the number. "Hello? Shauna?" …To be Continued. Please tell me If you liked the story and leave your suggestions in the comments below. Second part will be out only if you want it to. Thank you for reading…