Mom and son was sex

Mom and son was sex
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Shy conservative middle class house wife to Black cock slut. This is my wife, she's in her late thirties and as you will agree extremely attractive.

Our story started some while ago when an old friend of mine contacted me from prison, he had been serving a 5 year stretch and was up for parole. He had contacted me to see if I could help with his parole application. I am a middle class well educated business man with several companies operating very lucratively.

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My friends name is Toby, we were very good friends in my earlier years but had lost touch with each other until he was actually convicted in court for aggravated rape when I read about him in the local newspaper. Toby had been in touch asking if I could offer him a job which would help immensly with his parole application. I had aggreed with out hesitaion and skinny chick striptease and play with sextoy been to see him a couple of times to sort out all the formalities.

My wife Amanda, was very proud of me when I had told her all about Toby and was eager to help in any way she could, that was until I told her Toby was black and a convicted rapist… Amanda was herself a very middle class woman with a very strict upbringing and very rarely came into contact with ethnic minorities, but judging from her reaction she was obviously a little bit racist.

A few weeks passed and it was getting closer to the time of Toby's release, I had been to a hearing for him and everything was set. There were very few occasions when I was left alone to talk to Toby in confidence but on the few times he made it very clear to me he was sexed up and could I arrange for a woman for him when he came out. I discussed this with Amanda whom seemed a bit out of sorts at first but then warmed up to the idea when she suggested one of her friends, Katy.

Katy was very similar in looks to my wife, similar age but unlike Amanda, Katy was what we called 'black mans meat', she only ever seemed to go with ethnics and Amanda had admitted to me on several occasions that Katy had tried strenuoulsy to get Amanda to sample one of her 'black friends'.

Amanda and Katy had been friends for a good many years, it was thanks to Katy that my wife started taking a little more care of herself, after the birth of our daughter (who was now 20 years old and away at uni) she had let herself go a liitle. Katy had got her back interested in dressing nice and sexy, going to the gym and going out occasionlly for a girls night out. In fact Amanda was so inoccent she didn't realize how extremely sexy and provocative she looked, she couldn't understand why other women stared at her and why men oggled her, however she did like it, she liked it a lot… This had caused a few arguments between us recently because it was my opinion that my wife was dressing like a slut and drawing too much attention to herself.

There were times for example when she went to the gym with Katy, this was a predominantly a black male gym, when she would go wearing a tight short cropped top that showed half her tits off!! Amanda discussed the arrangement with Katy about Toby and without surprise or hesitation Katy agreed, especially when I showed her a snap shot of Toby.

(Photo of Amanda and Katy…) A week before the release date my wife was particularly excited about the event, in fact that's all we ever talked about, and she was on the phone to Katy for hours every night. It must have been something Katy said to her that made her suggest to me, a meal when Toby arrives and then to get them in the mood,we'll all watch a porno movie!! I was a bit taken aback, I hadn't expected that comment from my wifes lips, but I instantly agreed and we both sat side by side on the sofa with her lap top to look at some porno movies to select one that would be suitable.

When I started serching for "interracial" movies I was amazed at how much stuff there was available at the touch of a button. I was also amazed at how many web sites wher already indicated in red which meant they had already been visited and how extremely eager my wife was to wade through them, especially the ones with really BIG black men in them. At first this would get Amanda really hot and wet and it would end up with me fucking her on the sofa, eventually though it ended up where I was physically irsquove never wanted a cock in my ass so badly anal virgin her while she was surfing the internet, and when she found a particularly meaty black man with a huge cock she would "bang" down onto my cock to the point where she was hurting my bollocks!

I had never seen her so hot or experienced her fuck like this before, I wasn't complaining though. Friday soon came and I went to meet Toby out of prison, we stopped for some lunch on the way home and I explained that Amanda had arranged a date with her friend for Toby, he seemed very pleased especially when I described Katy to him, which on reflection sounded like a very good description of my wife.

We arrived at the house at around 6.30, it had long since gone dark and we walked into a bright warm kitchen with a flurry of activity and my gorgeous wife ther to greet us. She looked simply stunning, Toby's eyes nearly poped out when he saw her enormous breasts straining at that little black dress she was almost wearing.

Introductions were made and Toby never took his eyes off Amanda, she was acting very weird, very flirty almost as if I wasn't her husband and as though I was setting the two of them up for a date!! We waited for Katy to arrive, she was late, Amanda kept looking at the clock and muttering about where she was when the phone rang, sure enough it was Katy, she had had a mishap in her car earlier that day and she couldn't come, she apologised and then rang off.

We ate the lovely meal my wife had prepared and we retired to the sitting room, I sat in my favorite chair, Toby sat on the sofa next to Amanda. I switched on the TV and we watched and talked a while maily about Toby, his time in prison and what he intended to thigh high split skirt and tan stockings tube porn in the future. Toby was a Sudanise Nubian who had come over to this country in the late 80's seaking political asylum, he had arrived with a large contingent of his tribe who were now all living in Sheffield, I had met him at university and we had become pretty good friends.

My wife was asking most of the questions and whilst she did she was sat bolt upright sticking out her chest as far as she could and playing with her hair whilst she talked to Toby. After a while and few drinks my wife steered the conversation a round to sex and how he coped in prison, Toby sensed her flirty nature and returned the comment, quite suprisingly, that he was horned up most of the time and that the only release he ever had was to wank off in his cell!

As soon as my wife heard him say "wank" she trembled a bit and smiled. Toby continued, "prisons aren't like they used to be, they have female guards now, once a very attractive female guard caught me wanking in my cell, when she saw the size of my cock, she did the job for me".

Amanda said, "what the female guard wanked your cock off"? Toby replied "yeah!

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It happened all the time, some of the female wardens couldn't get enough sex from exotic africa interracial and romantic us well endowed black guys, and it didn't just stop at wanking, they would let us fuck them and they would give us blow jobs and everything". Amanda blushed slightly and smiled, her eyes wandered down to Toby's groin area, mine followed. He had an enormous bulge there!!! Amanda was getting into a devilish mood now and questioned Toby, " do all black men have big cocks".

Yeah, on average they usually are a lot bigger. Amanda pondered the answer for a while and then turned to me for the first time in ages and said, "haven't you got a dvd lined up for Toby to watch"?

"Yes, I'll put it on shall I"? With out waiting for a response I pressed play on the dvd remote, it was all set up ready. This film was one that my wife had selected, it was obviously an interracial film depicting a black man and two blonde haired large tited beauties.

The black man had an 11" cock!!! We abi se masturba para mi tube porn silently watching for a while on the big 42" screen, the film was extremely pornographic, out of the corner of my eye I could see my wife watching intently and she was breathing rapidly. Toby was obviously getting hot and flustered, he stood at one point and removed his T shirt, he had fairly tight fitting jogging bottoms on, he displayed a massive bulge down his left leg, it was sticking out hideously and very obviously, my wife saw it and just stared at it.

There was a particular scene on the film where the black man was having his cock sucked by one girl and his bollocks licked by another, "is his cock fairly typical of a black man's or is it a lot bigger than the average black" Amanda said.

Toby adjusted him self in is seat and replied "yeah fairly typical that one". My wife laughed, "yeah right, I'll bet". Toby looked at her and said in an equally flirty voice, "well there's only one way to find out". They both stopped and turned immediately to me, "ye&hellip.s show her Toby" I said. Toby lifted his pelvis off the sofa and pulled is tight fitting joggers down to passed his knees, he had no boxers on, his massive rock hard cock swung back up after the elasticated cord of his bottoms had released it, it slapped him on his stomach.

He sat back down and it lay against him, the head rested high above his naval almost to his chest. My wife was in awe, she just stared at it, her eyes scanning the large object from top to bottom . Amanda licked her lips unconsciously, she swivelled her seating position around towards Toby, she was no longer interested in the film on TV.

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"Fuckin hell!!! Its true, they are fuckin massive" she said. Toby relaxed back into the chair, spread his legs and thrust up his pelvis so that Amanda had a really good view of his cock. He took hold of his cock by its root and started swaying it around, he then pulled the skin right back to reveal its enormous dark purple head. There was a distinct pungent smell of cock in the air now and Amanda nostrils were flared and her large tits betrayed her breathing in deep lung fulls' of his pheromones.

"Amanda" I said, she tore her eyes away from his cock and looked at me, her eyes were like large jet marbles, twinkling with excitement and lust, "since Katy hasn't turned up, I promised Toby a good time with her, don't you think has a consolation you could give him a hand job"? Her eyes instantly returned to his cock, "I suppose it is only courtesy to at least do that" while she was saying those words she reached over her hand and very gently wrapped her delicate teen forced rough dp cry fingers around it.

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It was so big she couldn't reach all the way around, she clenched her teeth and gave it a squeeze, It grew another inch and was now rock hard, it looked like a large piece of finely hewn ebony!

She slowly started to wank the cock, slow deliberate long strokes, each stroke starting at the very base of his cock and ending sock up to the wide flange of the big purple head. She started to increase the speed of her stroke, slowly leaning further over until her tits were almost touching the tip of his cock and so that she could breathe in that thick scent of his manhood. After a while she suddenly stopped and said "if you cum, you might stain my new dress"!

"Why don't you take it off then" replied Toby. Amanda stood up and remove her figure hugging dress, busty redhead drilled by big hard dick she had on was a tiny bra and pants, she sat back down and continued wanking the huge cock. After a while she changed hands because the one she had been using was starting to ache, as she slowly wanked the cock she explored it, it was a good 10 or 11" long very thick and very heavily vained, she used her other hand to massage his balls, they too were massive, they were held in a soft leathery sack about the size shape and consistency of two very large hard boiled duck eggs.

Amanda traced thick rubbery tubes coming out of the top of each ball and disappearing into the base of his cock, she could imagine this tackle was designed with the sole purpose of delivering copious amounts of spunk deep into women's wombs! After a further 10 minutes of wanking Amanda was getting extremely wet and anxious to satisfy a deep burning that was taking place inside her, her cunt lips were puffed up, her cunt hole was fully dilated, her nipple areola had tightened and puckered up squeezing her nipples out to their full extent, and her clitoris was on fire.

Amanda looked at me and said" pppplease can I have it in me"? "SSSSsure, go for it darling" I said. Amanda stood up and removed her remaining underwear, she was about to straddle Toby when he stopped her. "Hang on there honey (he called her), I am of Nubian descent, we have a cultural routine before sex were the woman must clean a mans cock and bollocks with her mouth before they can proceed".

"Ooh!. Okay then, I don't want to break any ethnic traditions and be brandished a racist" Amanda replied. She knelt between his spread thighs and went to work on his cock and bollocks, just has she had seen the other sluts do on the internet. His richly veined cock was so big she could barely fit it in her mouth, but she tried. When she was lapping at his bollocks she noticed how heavily bloated they were and estimated that between them they must hold approximately one quarter of a pint of spunk!

She spent at least 20 minutes devouring his cock and bollocks, it had never been so clean, it shone and glistened with her saliva. Now both cock and cunt were ready to fuck!! She straddled his big cock and lowered her cunt lips down on to the head of the massive cock The muscles in her thighs were tense as she hovered over his black pole, now all her dreams of the past week were about to come true, she relaxed the tension in her thighs and glided down his long thick black shaft.

Right down to his big fat bollocks, the pain was intense, but like no other pain she had experienced before, she again tensed her thighs and pulled herself up towards the big bulbous end of his cock and then lowered herself again. She repeated this and started to increase the speed, it was fucking gorgeous and she was in absolute ecstasy, the pain was excruciating but she knew she would never be able to settle for anything less ever again, whilst sliding her cunt up and down this black mans shaft she knew our marriage would never be the same!

He fucked her very harshly and savagely in all sorts of positions… The room stank of cunt fat, it was all over Toby cock, bollocks and thighs, occasionally he interrupted Amanda's fucking and instructed her to clean his whole groin area with her tongue which she duly did. He penetrated her like no other cock had, when he was fully inserted up to his bollocks the head of his cock was inside her womb and banging against her ovaries, this caused an intense but addictive pain which she now new would be the only sensation she would settle for, Katy had on many occasions told her about this feeling…now she could see why Katy was a black cock slut!

After about an hour of constant unrelenting fucking, Toby's bollocks were starting to get very painful, they were heavily swollen and he realised he had to empty then very soon. He repositioned Amanda onto all 4's and started pounding her from the rear, he used his big fingers to stimulate her clitoris whilst he shafted her Her cunt had loosened somewhat now and has he thrust his big black cock home it started to make a farting noise as the cock forced out the air, and then was followed by a distinct slap of heavy bollocks on white flesh.

Ppphhhwaaaarrtt…&hellip.ssssllaaaap,pppphhhwaaarrtt&hellip.ssssllllaaapp… on and on it went. Amanda was now reaching her limit she was so close, she forced open her cunt and hips to allow this massive black man full entry and closed her eyes&hellip.

You know on films when a massive or violent event is going to take place there is a second or two of complete silence and calm, this is what happened next, Amanda's body froze and then a second or two later her whole body went into spasm and she started to shake violently. "ffffuuucckkkiiin hhheellll, ffffuuuuuucccckkk mmmmmmeeeeooooooooohhhhhhhhh" She exploded into the wildest deepest longest mind blowing orgasm she had ever had… Toby kept fucking, he didn't miss a stroke, when Amanda had stopped shaking and her body relaxed he said to her "were do you want the spunk slut"!

"Not in my cunt, I don't want to get pregnant, shoot it in my mouth"! Toby thrust his massive cock into her 3 or 4 more times then pulled it out and spun her around on her knees, he pointed his big cock at her face and she grabbed hold of it with both hands and started wanking it, he rolled his eyes back and shuddered and then with delicious brunette receives a proper anal pounding low guttural roar fired his load into her mouth, ream after ream of thick white hot spunk shot out and each one hit the back of her throat, she tried desperately to swallow the thick gooey liquid but it was cumin too fast and inevitably a large amount of it ran down her chin and dripped onto her tits.

Toby squeezed the last drops out of his long cock and held her chin in his other hand to ensure it was distributed into her mouth. When Toby had finished, he shock his head at Amanda, "what's wrong" she asked. "You should never waste precious spunk like that, allowing it to dribble down your body, you must always swallow it, every drop. The next time you must promise me you will do this".

"I'm sorry" she said, " I couldn't swallow it quickly enough, there was just too much of it". "Well if you can't cope with it all on you own you had better get another slut in to help you! Right"? "Okay Toby, I know just the right person" she grinned. Toby stayed over that night, I had to sleep in our daughters room because cute babe slowly sucking on his tiny dick had convinced my wife that Nubian tradition dictated the host must allow his guest to sleep with his wife, this sounded a load of crap to me but my wife was very eager to believe it and besides what would they possible be able to do now after that fucking session!!

I was woken up twice during the night with screams and the head board banging, and kept awake by the constant incessant slapping noise of black bollocks on white flesh &hellip.

The next day, Hot teens go wild at a party lesbian group took Toby shopping for some new clothes, they met Katy in town. I checked the bedding in our room there was spunk stains every where, she obviously wasn't able to follow Toby strict instruction about swallowing spunk, hence the reason I suppose they went to meet Katy!!

It later transpired that my wife and Katy had planned the whole evening themselves, I knew Katy was trying to get my wife onto black cock, I didn't realise how manipulative and devious she could be&hellip. I was going to find out…&hellip.