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Eager busty teen loves getting her butthole filled up
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We just looked at each other for a minute and smiled. "I guess the baby didn't like that one bit," I said. Jim ran out to the car to get it ready, Maria and Ray helped me up and we slowly made our way to the door. I knew the moment had to come sooner or later, but still it felt like it was too soon.

We got in the car and made our way to the hospital. We got in there and Ray made sure to give Bill and Wendy a call. They got there just in time for our baby girl to be born, and they brought Tom of course. We all eyeballed our baby girl for a few minutes after they cleaned and wrapped her up. "She is beautiful Jennifer, you are a lucky woman," Wendy said.

"Thank you, say 'Thank you Wendy' little one," I replied to the baby. We decided to name her Jessica, we didn't have any Jessicas' in our family, but we had our hearts set on that name for some reason. "I'm sorry, you wanna hold her?" I asked. "Yes," Ray replied. Ray took her and held her in his arms. That was one of those very few times I saw him shed some tears. Holding his incest daughter just brought it out I guess, he couldn't help it. That of course made me shed a few tears too.

So I got up in my gown and gave him a hug from the back of him. Then there wasn't a dry eye in the room. Even Wendy and Bill's parents' eyes were drenched.

Everyone hugged everyone, that was a huge moment in all of our lives. This time we all stayed in the hospital room for a little longer, I guess we were all on a high you could say. "So now we're her god parents right?" Wendy asked. "Yes of course," I replied. "And what about us?" Maria asked with a tone. "Well, you are the grandparents that get to spoil her, you two have the best job of all of us," I replied. "I guess we didn't think about that," Jim said just before he kissed Jessica.

So we all talked for a couple busty czech babe tamara grace slammed for some money hours, but then it was getting late, and Wendy and Bill needed to put Tom down. "Well congratulations to both of you," Bill said. "Yes, from us too, we really wanna wish you two the best of luck, they are definitely cute now, both of your babies are gonna be total handfuls though, guaranteed," Elizabeth said.

"We'll take your word for sucking an extremely huge penis hardcore and blowjob and thank you," I replied. "Well don't be strangers, come over and visit this one too every now and then. You are only their parents and you can get tired of visiting the same baby after awhile can't you?" Ray asked. "Well they are standing right there you know, but you are right," Elizabeth replied.

Then we all laughed and they gave everyone hugs. Then they left and our parents stayed for a little while longer. I made sure to let them hold her as well, but Maria played the ladies first card.

"Well, I must say you proved us wrong. I mean damn you two are in love with each other," Maria said. "Well, we weren't trying to prove anything, we were just being ourselves," Ray replied. "If you say so, well she beyond beautiful," Jim said. "Well, I'm her mom," I replied. Then they finally left about an hour after that. Even though it was a Wednesday night and they both had work the next day, they still stayed until about midnight.

I was officially on maternity leave and Ray taken the next day off. "Well we're gonna get going now. As soon as we're out of work, we're coming over, so make sure you feed her. She looks like she may wanna eat more than you two did," Maria said. "We'll make sure of that mom," I replied. They both gave us hugs and made sure to give Jessica kisses on her forehead.

They couldn't bear leaving just yet, but they had to leave, and it's not like there was gonna be a huge gap in between visits. Once they were gone, Ray and I eyeballed her as she was asleep. The nurse made sure I knew how to breast feed her, and I couldn't wait to try it for the first time.

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As I saw another tear going down Ray's face, I gave him a huge hug. "You gave us this baby, I can't thank you enough big brother," I said. "I'm sure you'll think of a way sis, call me crazy," Ray replied. We kissed very passionately for over a minute as I was still in my gown and not wearing anything underneath it, so he was more than tempted to try something there, he just put his hands on my butt.

"Whoa, we can't do that," I said. "I know, I just love my sister, she is the sexiest woman alive," Ray replied. "Well, as soon as it's safe to have sex, we're gonna get mom and dad to babysit, and I'm gonna take you around the world, let me tell you," I said. "I believe you sis," Ray replied. Then we kissed again and we both laid down on the bed to cuddle. We laid there for about an half hour in silence. "Don't you wanna get dressed?" Ray asked.

"No, I like being in this gown, it's sexy," I replied. "And just driving me crazy," Ray said. He had a point, it was like waving a chocolate bar in front of a chocolate addict, it wasn't fair, so I got up and went to the bathroom to change.

I came out a minute later to Jessica fussing a little as Ray held her. "I think someone is hungry," Ray said.

Then I came up to them and I took her. I sat down with her and took out one of my breasts to feed her. As I fed her Ray watched us like a hawk. He never saw someone breast feeding before, but of course that wasn't something he was only gonna see once. As weeks went on, I fed her many times all around the house. I think he was a little turned on by it honestly. As Jessica was 12 weeks old, I was feeding her on the couch and Ray just got home from work on a Thursday night, but he had a surprise for me.

I couldn't tell what it was, but I knew I'd love anything from him. "So how is my baby?" Ray asked as he set something down in the kitchen. "I'm good, but Jessica is good too," I replied.

"You are a funny one," Ray said. Then Jessica was done eating and I had to burp her. After that I put her down for a nap in her bedroom. I grabbed the baby monitor and came back to the living room to some nice music.

It was Poison's Every rose has it's thorn on the stereo, but I didn't see Ray, I found him in the kitchen putting some candles in a cake. "And what's this?" I asked. "Well, just a small celebration," Ray replied. "What for?" I asked. "Well Jessica is 12 weeks old real amateur cfnm slut sucks stripper cock we're still truly in love, so I got this cake for us, and 12 candles," Ray replied.

So I gave a couple kisses, the cake was thoughtful I thought. He lit the candles and we both blew them out. "We're still in love and nothing has compromised that. Now I wanna dance with my wife," Ray said.

He took my hand, brought me out to the living room and then we started dancing together. "So I'm gonna take a shot in the dark and say you are still very happy that we have Jessica?" I asked. "Yes sis, very happy, I did it for us. We officially have a family now and I'm not about to let this great feeling slip at all. I want this to last forever and don't want the romance to fade, so I did this for us," Ray replied. "Well, I think the love we have can do that for us, call me crazy, but thank you, this is really teen forced rough dp cry of you," I said.

"Well you are my little sister you know. Maybe dad did this for mom, and that's how they are still in love after all these years," Ray replied. "Well I won't argue with that theory, but I'm sure the sex didn't hurt though," I said.

We just danced for a couple minutes in silence except for the music, it was so nice and sweet of him to do that for me, even though it was so simple. "Well I'm really thinking that incest is best now, call me crazy. More guys should seriously think about hooking up with their sisters.They should get them pregnant and be as happy lovely amateur girlfriend first time anal sex on tape pornstars and hardcore we are," Ray said.

"I know, and just how badly do you wanna have sex with me now?" I asked. "On a scale from 1 to 10, probably 83 I think," Ray replied. "Well I think I can make that 83,000. I'm not wearing any panties," I said. That got his cock hard, we hadn't had sex in months and he had me, so it wasn't a fair fight. "Well, I'm still gonna get credit for the romantic stuff right? I mean that's just not fair, I'm here dancing with you to nice music I know you like, and you tell me you aren't wearing any panties?" Ray asked.

"I'll still give you credit, besides we're gonna have to call mom and dad to get them to babysit, now sense you did this for me, I'm really gonna have to make it up to you now," I replied. "How about you tell me you love me," Ray said.

"I love you Ray," I replied. "I love you too Jennifer, now call mom and dad, I really need to show how much I love you right now," Ray said. "Now whose being bossy?" I asked just before I kissed him. I called our parents and told them this was our night to do the nasty, they understood completely and were always more than happy to babysit. So I prepared a few bottles and put them in her diaper bag, I had it all ready for them when they showed up.

They actually didn't stay long, I told him I wasn't sure what all he planned, he brought a cake and of course we were gonna have sex, so they came in, took Jessica and left. "Well, can we have at least one piece of cake before we get physical?" I asked.

"Sure sis," Ray replied. So he got a piece for each of us, and we ate it while on the living room floor. "Damn, where did you get this?" I asked. "At a bakery," Ray replied. "I think I might have a 'delicious-gasm' from this cake," I said. "Well keep busty teen babe katie morgan pounded by her pervert stepbro pussy dry for now, I'll make it wet soon enough," Ray replied.

Then I laughed and gave him a kiss. "Ray, can I ask, were you at all sexually attracted to me before I came to you that day?" I asked. "Maybe, I'm not sure honestly. I just knew you were my sister, and I'd anything in the world for you, even have sex with you," Ray replied.

"But you really liked the sex though?" I asked. "Well I married you and got you pregnant when you asked me to, so I think you are in the clear there," Ray replied. We both made out for a couple minutes and then he took off my shirt, then my bra as well. "No, I wanna have sex on our bed, it's most comfortable there," I said.

"I can do that," Ray replied. He stood up, but I stayed laying down. :But I wanna do one sexual thing out here first," I said. "What?" Ray asked. "Go get outdoor anal play tube porn piece of cake," I replied. He didn't ask why, he just did it, he came back a few seconds later and handed it to me. I took the cake in my right hand and pressed it against my chest and smeared it a bit. So my boobs were covered in some cake, but most frosting.

"You want some titty frosting hubby?" I asked. He just laughed and got down on his stomach. He began licking my nipples getting all the frosting off them. I found it to be very kinky and erotic and we both very much enjoyed it. It took him a couple minutes to get it all off my tits, but he got it off, then he ate the rest of the piece of cake.

"Best cake, ever," Ray said. "If you want more where that came from, you gotta carry me over to the bedroom," I said. "Always a price," Ray replied just before he picked me up. He carried me to the bedroom and set me down on the bed. "Are you ready to get into your sister's panties?" I asked.

"I thought you weren't wearing any?" Ray asked. "Did I say that?" I asked as I showed him my panties. "You lied?" Ray asked.

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"Just to get you in the mood, but you are proving to be good husband material though, now get into your sister's panties," I replied. "Yes my lady," Ray said. We made out for a minute, and then he undid my pants. He took them off me and then laid next to me. "Aren't you gonna take off my panties?" I asked.

"Well, I wanna get into them for a minute," Ray replied just before he put his right hand in my panties.

"So now you have gotten into my panties, you are funny big brother," I said. "I like to think so, I think you love me more for it," Ray replied just before he kissed me once.

"I think you are right," I said. Then he started rubbing my pussy slowly and made me feel really good as always. Already my pussy was really wet, I let out a couple soft moans and I got on my side. I put my arms around him as he still had his hand in my panties.

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"Next time, I eat cake off your pussy," Ray said. "You got it, so how wet is your hand now?" I asked. "Very wet, you wanna taste it sis?" Ray asked.

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"Gimme that hand," I replied. I took it and sucked on each of his fingers individually. I made sure there wasn't a single drop of cum left on his fingers. "So would you say that our sex life has gotten better ever since our first time?" I asked. "I think so sis, now let me prove it," Ray replied as he got off the bed.

Then he stripped down to nothing and laid next to me again. He very slowly moved my panties down and had me completely naked just before he got on top of me, but I stopped him. "Don't forget, we need one of these now," I said as I got out a condom. "Oh yeah, I almost forgot," Ray replied. He put the condom on and got on top of me once again. He inserted his cock into for the first time in months, and it felt even better than the first time we had sex.

"Holy shit," I said. "You mean 'Holy fucking shit big brother, that feels so damn good, it's been way too long.' right?" Ray asked. "Yes, now make love to your wife," I replied. He began thrusting his cock in and out of me. It was an unimaginable feeling honestly, I couldn't feel anything other than pleasure.

With all the time without anal sex, it was just too much. We both were just breathing in and out slowly to keep our cool. "Kiss me," I said. Then he kissed me once and got as close as he possibly could. He stayed that close to me and we made out passionately for about 3 minutes straight. I felt my boobs getting a little squished, now they were really squished sense they were a lot bigger by then.

He really seemed to like my boobs being so much bigger of course, and it had been way too long, this was gonna be an experience of a lifetime.