Hot blonde busty sex doll blowjob anal deepthroat fantasies

Hot blonde busty sex doll blowjob anal deepthroat fantasies
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Package Deal 2 (Characters and base plot by Impax) Shellie, 21 yr-old older sister. Lauren, 17 yr-old little sister. Rick, me Shellie's fiancé. Summary of part 1: I broke the news to Lauren that I'd proposed to her sister, her only family left in the world, and asked her to move away with us to Montana. Lauren agreed on condition I take her virginity on our wedding night. I told Shellie and she was, of course, mad at her sister, and after some discussion, she decided to scare Lauren out of her crush on me by forcing her to strip naked in front of me and suck me off in front of her right now, and to follow it up with me taking her virginity tonight.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was already hard just thinking about this crazy situation I couldn't believe I was in. Lauren now stood before me, not yet seventeen and naked as a baby, standing shyly in front of voluptuous girlie enjoys hot sex hardcore and blowjob. I sat back into their couch and waited to let the scene play out between the sisters and see if Lauren would capitulate to my demand to suck me off here and now.

Her sister was sitting strait up next to me on the couch and had her arms crossed and a stern expression on her face, waiting to see if her little sister was going to do as we has instructed.

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Shellie had threatened to leave her alone here and move away with me if she didn't, and I could see Lauren was not expecting that from her only family. "Well?" Shellie drolled out with more than a little vitriol. Lauren moved her lithe body closer to us and cautiously kneeled in front of me.

Her small pert breasts, very similar to her sisters, bounced a little and wagged seductively as she knee-walked slightly between my knees. She stopped there, nervous and unsure of herself. "You said you're still a virgin, but you're almost seventeen. Surely you sucked a cock before?" her sister almost spat at her. Without comment Lauren slowly shook her head.

"Really?" Shellie actually seemed surprised at that. Shellie had told me that she'd been sexually active since she was fifteen, but she was quite a lot bolder than her younger sister.

Also the fact that both their parents had been killed when Lauren was fourteen probably had an impact on her as well. Shellie thought for a moment, then said, "Unbutton his pants and unzip it carefully; you don't want to hurt his penis." Then she looked at my crotch and laughed a little at seeing my bulge,"Enjoying this that much already?" I shrugged and Shellie shook her head, as we waited for Lauren to comply.

She bit her lip momentarily, and reached her hands forward and tried to unbutton my jeans. It's never as easy to do this to someone else and she took almost a minute just to do that much. Having gotten that she then bit her lip again and worked on my zipper, pressing her hands onto me restrained cock.

Even through the jeans I could feel the warmth of her soft hands, clumsy and untrained, sometimes painfully pressing me, until finally she got the zipper going and pulled it down slowly. Now my underwear was exposed and I decided to help out by pushing down my jeans under my ass so they were not as in the way.

The last thing I wanted was my cock that near my zipper with someone that inexperienced fondling me. I was wearing boxer briefs and Lauren had no idea how the flap in the center worked and was unsure how to proceed. "Just pull them down," her sister instructed simply. Lauren grasped the waistband, and I lifted my ass off the couch as she peeled my underwear down, her face brunette classy slut fucking riding big dick inches from my soon to be revealed cock.

Once she got it past my ass, my cock was starting to come into view, starting with the base and balls, and the shaft, and finally once the last of the cloth was bunched down with the tops on my jeans my cock popped free, snapping up to attention, surprising the young girl by booping her in the nose on its way to his erect attention position.

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She gave a tiny shriek of surprise and backed off while her sister totally lost it and started laughing hysterically. I couldn't help but snicker and lost a little of my rigidity while Lauren blushed bright red.

Shellie composed herself and got back to the matter at hand. "Well, get to it cunt!" she said tying to sound serious, but couldn't drive the smile away from the corners of her lips, "You wanna share my man, show him you're ready and suck him off!" She then stifled a giggle and tried, mostly unsuccessfully, to show her stern mamma-grizzly face.

Lauren's blush didn't abate as she returned her attention to my still mostly rigid cock and I could feel the hot blood in my veins return him even before she reached out her smooth gentle hand to gently grasp my penis. She then closed her eyes and moved her head above my lap and looked down the end of my rod. She then dropped her head and took the tip into her hot mouth and sucked on it. It was actually a little painful as she tried to use it like a straw.

I winced a little and another giggle escaped Shellie before she stated blatantly, "You don't know what to do at all do you?" Lauren withdrew cute milky skinned attractive babe homemade and hardcore only responded, "Um…" Shellie sighed and groaned, "Fine, I guess it's better to show you how to do it than have you injure my man." Shellie then leaned over, firmly grasping my base and pushing down on my balls just the way I like.

"When a cock is hard you can manhandle the base here and guys like it. The balls and head are the sensitive areas and you have to be a little more gentile. Now don't be a pussy, they like it a little rough, just don't cut them with your nails or bit with your teeth." Shellie then turned her head down and literally swallowed my cock into that mouth I'd loved for the last nine months. I leaned back and rolled my eyes and my fiancé manipulated my groin with expert and practiced skill.

She sucked and swirled her tongue, her hand squeezed and jerked my cock, and I could feel her clothed breasts rub against my thigh. Instinctually my hand rubbed her back and down her ass, squeezing a butt cheek to show her my pleasure as I throbbed in her mouth.

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Unfortunately she stopped and the cool air blew on my throbbing member as he leaned up. "OK, your turn," she addressed her younger sister. Lauren steeled herself and tried to emulate her older sister's actions.

She replaced her sister's grasp on my base, not quite as firm, but did well, then after looking her sister in the eyes for approval, she leaned down and put the head of my cock in her mouth.

She then tried to bob her head like Shellie had done and promptly gagged herself. She pulled away coughing and eyes watering as she tried to recapture her breath. Shellie, instead of laughing at her sisters pain this time offered sympathy. "It's OK, just breathe and try it again slowly.

You have to know how far you can go and with some practice you can take more. You should have seen Billy Marson, remember he was the first boy I dated back in high school?" Lauren nodded as she recovered. "Well…" Shellie continued, "We had just eaten our dinner and were parked by the lake instead of going to the movie as we said we were going to see. We had been getting friendly and I wanted to try going down on him like I'd heard other girls talk about, and ended up gagging myself and puking spaghetti all over his lap!" Both girls giggled and Lauren seemed to feel better hearing this.

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"Try again, just go slow and feel out how far you can go and just go that far." Lauren wiped her eyes again and returned to her task. Grasping my base again and moving her hot little mouth back over my man-meat.

She was gentle and just moved slowly for a moment. "That's it…" Shellie encouraged her, "When you're comfortable squeeze his cock and suck harder. Remember to breathe through your nose so you don't have to pull off." baise en exterieur pour karina une milf beurette tres chaude Lauren obliviously hadn't considered breathing and exhaled sharply into my pubes, then started breathing before resuming her first blowjob.

She was rough, inexperienced, and nicked me a few times with her teeth, but I was getting a blowjob from this extremely cute girl with my fiancé encouraging her on at my side. Not something I ever expected and just the situation alone was really turning me on, making me groan in pleasure. Shellie turned to look at me and snuggled up close, pressing her breasts into my chest. "You like that?" I nodded and knew she was getting turned on as well. "You like my little virgin sister sucking you off?

Waiting to drink down your jizz in her little virgin mouth?" Shellie always liked to talk dirty and it always turned me on. We had been having sex for almost a year now, ever since she and I got a little drunk last Christmas Eve and waited until Lauren went to bed. Any time Lauren was home when we had sex she would always whispered her dirty-talk, but now she stated it plainly in her sultry voice and I throbbed in her sister's mouth. Lauren gagged just a little as I grew, but quickly resumed after a quick breath.

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"Oooo…" Shellie ran her nails over my exposed stomach, lightly scratching me. "You are going to dump your load into her virgin belly." She started unbuttoning her blouse while she hissed her sexy words in my ears.

"My virile man, so potent his sluttly girlfriend needs to get his baby sister to suck him off." Her blouse now open, she pulled up her bra over her smooth, firm breasts that were only slightly larger than those of her younger sister's.

Then she threw one leg over me and her sister's head, kneeling on the couch over my waist and blocking sight of Lauren altogether. "Mama needs her titties sucked," as she pressed her firm breasts with erect nipples into my face. I placed my hands on her jean-covered ass and held her to me as I sucked hard on her tits. I enjoyed the goose-pimple texture of Shellie's extremely turned on nipples and areole on my tongue and I alternated between them and groaned as Lauren continued to suck on my scholong.

"Fuck yea, suck my titties! Fuck her mouth cum for her! Give her you salty goodness you sister-fucking bastard!" I couldn't take much more, it was all so intense, I started to buck up a little, but was mostly held down by the two sisters. "Suck him hard now honey, he's about to cum! And don't forget to suck down every fucking drop of his jizzim or I won't stop him from fucking you in your god damn ass!" Lauren squeezed me hard and I groaned out loud, releasing Shellie's tits from my mouth and crushing them into the side of my face as I squeezing her ass to me hard.

The cum was loosed from my balls and half a second latter splattering the tonsils of lovely little girl who'd been working me over le last ten minutes. Lauren mad a good effort, surprised by the force, volume, and probably taste of my cum, gagging her back off my cock. She probably had some go down the wrong hole, blonde chloe licks her stepmoms wet pussy she was almost retching by the time I saw her after Shellie, swung off of me.

I felt bad for her and moved to assist her, but Shellie held me back and gave me a stern look. It took longer than the first gag to recover from, but soon she looked up at us with my jizm all over her face and lips, and tears in her eyes. After a moment Shellie, with her boobs still hanging out, said, "Well?" No one said anything so she continued, "You want him to fuck your ass or are you gonna be a good fucking slut and lick up all his cum?" Lauren just breathed for a moment and then moved back to my cock and licked the cum from my pee hole that still oozed from my twitching penis.

Then she sucked like a straw to get the rest before looking back to my sister for confirmation. "All of it," she said sternly, but poor Lauren looked around in confusion than back to her older sister who sighed and bent down to her then held her head in her hands, than licked right up her cheek to her forehead, getting a wayward shot of my cum from her face. Lauren was semi-paralyzed by her sister doing gorgeous filly has her pink slit plowed a thing to her and only winced as if in pain, but more in shock as my fiancé continued to clean off her little sister's face of my spooge.

Even though I just came I was still hard and really turned on. What can I say… I'm a guy. I reached out and squeezed one of Shellie's tits and could feel her heavy breathing and tell she was really turned on right now. I used my other hand and rubbed her ass over her jeans and could tell she'd wet them even through her panties.

Lauren started to relax as Shellie licker her like a cat until clean, then returned to my side. "Not bad for the first time." We all took a breather and waited for Shellie to hand down her ruling.

I know who was going to wear the pants in our house so wasn't going to get in her way.

"But, you didn't take it all so I guess Rick is just going to have to fuck the shit out of your asshole." Lauren's jaw dropped. Then she whined, "But… I tried… I really did!" Shellie looked over to me, "Well Rick?

What do you think?"