Horny teens enjoy anal dicking by hung tutor

Horny teens enjoy anal dicking by hung tutor
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SHE ALLWAYS NEEDED SOMEONE BESIDES ME Chapter one Nickie meets Carlos My wife Nickie and I got married when we were both nineteen; we were high school sweet hearts and had gone together since we were sixteen.

Nickie was a beautiful young lady with dark auburn hair, five foot five with a very pretty figure, very small, one hundred pounds and small but very perky tits, she looked like Audrey Hepburn. After a couple of years of collage I got drafted into the army.

When I came home on leave from basic training Nickie and I got married. After all my training I was sent to an army base out side of Bakersfield Cal.

I sent for Nickie (my brother drove her down in my car from Utah) when she got there she landed a real good job and we did pretty good for about six months sex was real good then I was sent to Viet Nam for one year. When I got home we stayed in Cal. but moved to Hermosa Beach. We both got good jobs and things went pretty good for about two months.

After that sex went down to one or two times a month. I tried every thing I bought her clothes, flowers, took her to dinner all the time but it never got better, she wouldn't even get undressed in front of me any more. What made it so hard is I loved her so much and she was nothing less than a goddess, just a very beautiful young lady.

After about four years of that I had a six week affair with a young girl at work. She lived right by work so we would have sex at noon and after work, it was the best sex I had ever had she was really good. My brother lived in Cal. by then and I was talking to him about my wife not giving me any sex and also about the lady I was seeing. I told him that I was going to leave Nickie and move in with the young lady. When I got home I was all ready to let my wife have it when she pizza cum hot bang before dinner brunette big tits me we were going to have a baby.

I forgot about what I was going to say and was happy how it worked out; I ended it with the other lady the next day.

Sex with Nickie and I got a little better it went to one or two times a week. After our son was born we waited the month before having sex and that was the last time she would let me have any for over two months, I was just going crazy!

I told her I was ether going to leave her or was going to get sex somewhere else, she said she would try. Sex did get a little better and we seemed to be very happy.

Every thing was really good for about two months and then our sex life took a shit and went back to one or two times a month, I just couldn't do anything about because I just didn't think I could live with out her.

After three years of that we had my little girl. Sex really got better for about ten months and then we moved to a small town just out side of Santa Barbara Cal., that was 1976. We both got good jobs and I was making more money than I knew what to do with, it was great, she was working as a secretary at a one man law office.

Things were real good, I don't think we had ever been so happy, but three months latter no sex again, she wouldn't even say she loved me; I thought our life was all better and this new thing just made me sick.

The couple next door were our age and had two girls the lady, Linda was very small and very good looking I guess the guy, Sam wasn't bad ether. We did quite a bit with them and had a lot of fun, sometimes we would drink a little to much and me being so horny would end up with my hand down Linda's shirt nobody every said anything, as a matter of fact I think Sam liked watching me play with his wife.

Then New Years Eve tight sweet girl feeling the wrath sextury and hardcore 1978 Linda, ask us if we wanted to go to a friend's party, Sam could not go as he was a fireman and was working and she didn't want to go alone. We went to the party and was having a good time, about 1:00 Linda ask if we could go home I said sure but my lustful babe marilyn greedily sucks his hunk bf with a huge boner wasn't ready to leave yet, we knew some of the people there so I ask this good friend of Linda's, his name was Carlos if he would take her home, he said sure.

Nickie had already been talking to him, he was VERY good looking and they had been doing shots. I took Linda home and just to be nice I walked her to her door she opened the door and turned around, put her arms around me and gave me a big kiss and started pulling me in her house. I didn't need any more than that we went in and right to her bed room, her body was great the sex was great and I was in heaven. After we had sex a couple of times we were just laying there and out of the blue I ask her, do you think Nickie is fucking Carlos?

and Linda said I know she is, she said watching Nickie with Carlos was what made her so horny, I got a twinge in my gut and my head felt a little hot I had never thought of my wife fucking another man, WE didn't even have sex, why would she have it with another man!!

Well I kind of put it in the back of my mind and Linda and I started fucking again and when she started cumming I thought of Nickie and wondered if she was cumming at the same time.

That thought made me shoot the biggest load I have ever done. I went home about 3:00 A.M., when I got home Nickie was not there, I tried to go to bed but I couldn't so I just stood looking out the front window waiting for my wife. At four A.M. they pulled up and Carlos got out and went around the car to open the door for Nickie, all the lights were out in the house so they didn't know I was watching, he walked her to the door and she gave him a very long kiss, my heart was just pounding all I could think about was she had just fucked his brains out.

When she came in I was standing at the end of the hall by our bedroom door, I just said "a little late isn't it". She said they had stayed at the party quite a while and then just sat in the car for about a half hour and talked. I told her after I took Linda home I went back to get her and the party was over and the light were out and there was no car in front, I was lying but I knew she was to.

Then I ask her if Carlos fucked good. She kind of stammered and then said that a dumb question, all they did was talk, I said ok lets go to bed and I went in the bed room and she went in the bath room, she was in there a long time and when she did come out she got in bed.

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I reached over and put my hand down her panties and she grabbed it with both hands to try to stop me but I was determined. When my hand found her pussy I put two fingers in and her pussy hole was so big and sloppy my heart started pounding again but she stopped trying to stop me. I took her panties off and for some reason I went down on her and ate her pussy like there was no tomorrow and to my surprise I liked it and she went nuts.

When I did get on her she couldn't get my dick in her fast enough and as soon as it was in she was fucking and cumming like crazy and for some reason it felt good to know I had my dick in my wife's pussy and it was full of another man's cumm. We ended up having great sex for over one hour that night.

The next morning we were having coffee and I just said; the things you were doing with Carlos at the party last night turned Linda on so much that when I took her home she fucked my brains out for two and a half hours. Her reply was dose she fuck as good as she looks. I said even better and she also looks better laying on the bed nude, how about Carlos.

She said the man is absolutely beautiful, his foreplay fantastic gangbang for asian babe group sex and japanese great and if he would have let me stay I would still be fucking his big dick, do you get the idea. I said ok, so the guy is a fair fuck.

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Then she gave me a hug and a kiss and said, my pussy is wet and horny I need to fuck. We went to bed and it was great, after a while we were all sweaty and worn out she said, I just can't stop thinking about last night, Carlos was so good.

What's funny I hadn't even thought about last night with Linda, Nickie had just fucked me better than I had ever had before by anybody and I was loving it. I didn't really want to but I ask her if she wanted to see him again. She said she would really love to if it was alright with me. After a while I said IF she asks me every time it would be alright but I would think of her as cheating on me if she saw him without me knowing.

She through her leg over me and fucked me so good again I thought to myself if she fucks me like this she can see him all she wants. Well it took three days. It was Saturday, we put the kids to bed at 6:30 (that was there bed time) and I went out to the garage to putter small titty tranny gets jizzed on tits tube porn, at 9:30 I was thinking I would go watch TV, I figured that's what Nickie was doing as I hadn't seen her since we put the kids to bed.

Just then the door opened and Nickie came out she was all decked out, sexy short dress, make up and she smelled like she just got out of a bubble bath, she was definitely a real fox and sex goddess. I looked at her and my heart sank down to my gut, I knew what she was going to do.

She smiled at me and said, I hope you really meant what you said about letting me go to Carlos. My heart was still in my gut and I couldn't get a word out, when I did I said dose he know you're coming. She said yes I talked to him the day after New Years. I thought to myself my god she has known all this time that she was going to fuck him tonight. I finely got out yea, its ok.

She turned and went over to the car but I called her back and ask her how long she was going to be. She said the last time I would have stayed all night but I know you won't let me do that, so how long can I. I thought a minute, and then said how about an hour that would be two or three times would that be enough.

She said sure I will be back here at 10:45, and then she said thanks, I was thinking; sure have a good fucking time.

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As she drove away my hands started shaking, then my whole body was shaking so bad I could hardly walk, I made it in the latina jaye summers earns money with her expert blowjob and made me a strong drink.

I had no more than set down and it was gone so I got the whole bottle and some OJ and went back to the living room and started drinking. At 10:15 about one third of the bottle was gone and all of the OJ so I was drinking straight vodka. I just sat there and didn't move other than I was still shaking, maybe even worse than before and I was thinking and picturing Nickie setting on Carlos's dick and him filling her full of cumm.

At 10:45 the door opened and there was Nickie, she looked radiant even though her hair was messed up, she didn't have any make up on and she was carrying her bra and panty hose, her perky tits and hard nipples sure looked good through that thin dress. She came over and sat by me and ask me what was wrong, I was still shaking like crazy. I told her I had been like this since she drove away and I had drank too much. She gave me a hug and the shaking got much better. She helped me to bed and she got right in with me.

I ask her if she had a good time and she said I'll show you, she took off her panties and rubbed the crouch right on my face, it was just full of gooie cumm but the just got fucked smell of it got my dick hard even though I had way to much to drink. She spread her legs and I got between them, we always leave the bath light on but tonight she left all the lights on. When I looked down her pussy hole was open as big around as my dick so I knew after this much time and it's still open that much he must have a pretty big dick.

She also had a river of cumm running out of her cunt and down the crack of her ass. I just looked for a minute the sight of her creampie got me so excited I was ready to just look at it and jack off, then she told me she didn't clean up after they got through fucking just for me.

I was so turned on you know the rest, I ate all of his cumm and we had the best fuck ever. After that she would go over to Carlos's every Saturday night. Our sex life was so good but the best times was when she got back from having sex with Carlos, she would fuck me completely different than any other time I could feel her stomach muscles tighten and she rotated her hips every time I was on the out stroke that made it fill like her pussy was milking my dick.

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She always kept it to one hour and I got to where I just didn't think about her or what she was doing and if I stayed busy it didn't even bother me, matter of fact after about two months I tried to get her to go on Wednesday but she said he couldn't do it then but Tuesday would work. (By the way Carlos knew that I was alright with what they were doing, matter of fact he and I went out one night for drinks and set up the rules) I found out latter the reason they didn't want to do it on Wednesdays was they were cheating and doing it at noon that day!