Xxx xxx big booty poran

Xxx xxx big booty poran
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I eased my cock out of Stephanie and sat up. Stephanie sat on her knees and looked at me. I eyed her in the glow of her computer screen. I looked down her naked body to the small pool that was slowly emptying from her pussy. A small puddle of our love juices. "Well." I said. "I better get to bed. You wore me out." "Yeah. I have that effect on people." She said.

I reached my hand out and ran it down the length of her arm. I moved in closer and gave her a kiss. "I'll see ya in the morning." I said. "First thing." she answered. I slipped on my boxers and opened her door slowly and quietly. I peeked out the crack and saw that the party room was totally empty. The TV was still on and illuminated the room. I thought to just crash on the couch, but I needed a shower. The smell of sex was overwhelming. I made my way to Steves door.

I tried to turn the door knob as slowly as possible, not wanting to make a sound. The door creeked open and the light from the TV lit Steves room. Steve was laying on his bed, flat on his back. Steve probably could have been mistaken for part of his bed, except he was so damn tan. Oh.and his cock was at full attention. Why was he naked? Did the alcohol really make him that hot? The house felt like it was freezing. He laid there motionless. He must be having one dude assists with hymen checkup and drilling of virgin teenie of a dream.

I stared at Steves cock and remembered how I'd felt earlier after giving him sweet relief.

I wanted to fuck Steve. Why? I couldn't tell ya. I'd never had gay thought. A serious one, that is. Why did these two attract me so much? What a circle we had going. Steve wanted to fuck Steph. Steph wanted to fuck Steve. I sucked Steves cock. Steves cock had been in Stephs mouth.

My cock had been in Steves mouth. I fucked Steph. Gah.what a tangled web. My earlier plans of showering and hitting the couch were put on hold. I just couldn't resist. Steve was naked in his bed, passed out. I had to join him. Only being in my boxers, I quickly slipped anna king and valentina blue in privateacirceurotrades casting couch down around my ankles and stepped out of them.

I crept over and got in bed next to Steve. He grunted a little and moved his head toward me. He opened his eyes. "God damn it." he said. I was totally surprised. "Huh?" I asked. Initially, I thought he was talking about me being naked next to him. "I fuckin' thought you were Steph." he said.

"Why?" I asked. "I just figured she was coming in here to go on some drunken crying spree." he said. "Why do you think I'm naked? I wanted her to see me." "Oh.I gotcha." I said. "So why the hell are you naked?" he asked me. "Well.I saw you and thought this was dress code." I laughed. Steve lauged too. "What's that smell?" he asked me. "I don't smell anything." I lied. "Why the fuck do you smell like sex?" he asked.

"Dude.I gotta tell you something." I started. "Don't even tell me what I think you're gonna say." he said. He sounded irritated. "Steve.I fucked Steph." I said, ashamed. "No fucking way." he said. " fucking way." "I didn't mean for it to happen." I lied.

"It just kinda.clicked. Maybe we had too much to drink." "Fuck, I drank more than you and I'm fine." he said. "What are you talking about? You were passing out earlier." I said. "Wrong, douche. That's how this works. If I act like I'm going to sleep, Steph goes in and passes out. Then, I'm free on the playground." he said.

"Uh.Steve.I've really gotta tell you something." I said. "Ah, Christ. What now?" He asked. "She.uh.she knows about what you do to her." I said. "You fucking told her?" He asked.

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"No, no, no. I mean.she's not really drunk.she says she just acts like it so you WILL do things. She told me a lot about you. She really wants you." I said. "Get the fuck out of here." he said. "I'm serious, Steve. She really wants you. She told me all about it. She said she just can't come out and tell you that." I said.

"I don't believe this." He said. "I wouldn't lie." I said. We sat there quiet for awhile. " really fucked Steph, huh?" he asked. "Yeah, dude." I said.

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" was it?" he asked. "Like nothing I've ever had before." I said smiling. "Amazing." "God. So where'd you hide the condom?" he asked. "Uh." I stuttered. "Don't tell me condom at all? Whats wrong with you?" he asked. "I wasn't even supposed to happen." I said. "So you get her to cum?" he asked. "Sure did." I said.

"Godddd.I can't believe this thing got it." he said, smacking my cock. "Did you get a taste?" "Oh man.she is so, so sweet. Great for pussy eating." I said. Steve leaned over and put his face right by my cock. He inhaled deeply. "I smell pussy." he said. "and it's fucking Stephs." I detected a note of jealousy. He stuck his tongue out to taste his sister on me. The lick lead to a suck, which turned into a full blowjob almost.

He brought his mouth up off of my cock, his lips making a 'smack' sound. "Well, she does taste good." he said with a grin. I glanced down and saw Steve was at full attention.

Steve laid back and put his hands over his face. "My God.I can't believe you did that." He said. "Hey.she wants you, dude. You've got the greatest chance of all." I assured him. "I swear to God.if you're lying to me." he said. "I'm not. I don't know how I can get you to believe me.but I'm serious." I said.

"Fuck. I'm so damn horny." he said. Thanks to his half-blowjob, I was too. "Yeah. Me too." I said. cute redhead babe enjoys two hard cocks in threesome up. You just had the hottest fucking girl I know." he said. "I can't fucking jerk off. I tried when I came in here earlier.

I couldn't get off. I'm fed up with blowjobs. I've gotta fuck." A thought crossed my mind. "You know." he said. ".you do owe me one for fucking Steph." "Well, go in there and put one to her." I said.

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busty vienna black trades her pussy for a free ride "No.not after you just did. I want her as fresh as possible. You, and I could do something." he said. ".what?" I asked. My heart was racing. "You're gonna let me fuck you." he said. All his cards were on the table.

"What? Hell no." I said. I actually wanted to. But I couldn't let him know that. "Come one. I'll let you fuck me. You get the brother/sister combo all in the same night. Who the fuck is gonna know?" He asked. "Are you fucking with me right now?" I asked. "No." He said. He was very serious.

"Well.what the hell?" I said. "You want me to wear a condom?" He asked, reaching in his nightstand for a tube of lube he had for his jackoff sessions. "Fuck. I'm not gonna get pregnant." I laughed. I got on all fours and gripped the sheets tightly. What the hell was I doing? I heard a squirt sound.

I felt the cold gel being rubbed on my hole. I heard another squirt and heard the squishing of Steve getting all lubed up. "Just relax." Steve said. I took some deep breaths and allowed whatever was to happen, happen. I felt Steves cock push against my hole.

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I tried my best to relax, but believe it or not, it's not that easy. Steve slipped in slowly and let out some very audible grunts. Had Steve been recording this, it would have won some comedy awards. I can't imagine how awkward it looked with the smaller guy mounting the bigger one.

"You're doing great." Steve assured me. Steve began pumping faster and faster. This was something like I'd never felt, but I also had the suspicion I couldn't say the same for Steve. "Oh fuck yes." he said. Steves balls were slapping my ass with a nice rhythm.

He was really into it. I looked down to see my own erection swaying with every slam of his hips. Steves hands had been resting on my back. They were now gripping my hips. Steve began to moan and a sudden jerk had him pulling me back, and slamming himself full force. "Ahhh.Ahhhhhhhh." He moaned. I felt hot liquid shooting inside of me. God, this was fucked up. The moaning and cum had me teetering on the edge myself.

"Jesus Christ, Bret" he said. "you've got one fine ass." Steve pulled out and rested. "My turn, bitch." I said. Steve smiled and got into the 'go' position. I applied some lube and headed in the right direction.

It was a tight fit. Not because I was huge, though. "Oh, damn." I said "Yeah. Take it home." he said. I worked myself in and out a few times, getting a feel anal teen lita phoenix hardcore and perky what was going on.

I have to say that I did like it. Nice and tight. Every thrust sent a moan out of Steves mouth. I could only hope that Steph was sleeping soundly. As I continued pumping, I reached around and started pumping Steves cock. He was really into it. After I pumped him for a few minutes, his ass contracted on my cock and I felt hot liquid shooting out of my hand. That was it. Game over. I let out a long moan and my cock erupted inside of Steve.

"Holy shit." I said, panting. "Fuck yeah." Steve said. I slipped out of Steve and watched my cum ooze from his tan ass.

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"That was great." I said. "Yeah. But I'm gonna fuckin' get Steph now. Just wait." he said. We laid in bed, still naked, letting the A/C cool us down.