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The pictures came first before the story. Several shots taken in a semi dark parking lot, with you sitting on your knees beside a car, and licking your fingers. There was cum all over your forehead and it was dripping down your cheeks. The pic was taken from different angles and uploaded on the rape subreddit. The uploader, a random person, had not specified who the woman in the picture was but I recognised you. We had not been very chatty lately. This explains why. You were being fucked. By the look of your face, you were fucked hard.

And knowing you, I could take a good guess and say you were raped good. But when your story came out in the next two days, I was able to put it all together. You were beaten, abused, raped and then further used by a random stranger.

Thanks to this random stranger who uploaded the pictures online. Reading through your story, I couldn't help but think about your road rage fantasy you always talked about.

So it happened and it was true. You were offline but I knew where you were going to be. We had talked about your rape fetish countless of times. I knew every fantasy of yours in and out. I also knew the procedure you were to follow if you were raped. You were to retreat to your tiny house and spend a couple of weeks there.

December had just started and it was colder than usual. You had heating there though so it shouldn't be a problem. The question was what were you going to do in these ten days. Were you going to curl up in a corner and wait for someone to take you blacked tiny blonde teen with huge black cock Will your doors be unlocked for someone to come and take advantage of you. Were you going to sleep naked in your bed without a blanket and the curtains open, and hope someone catches a glimpse of your desperate body and come and rape you?

You are one depraved woman though. And I love you for that. What I am concerned about here is that your birthday is in another four days and you are going to spend it there in that tiny house of yours beside the lake. I was to come around and surprise you on your birthday. But this happened. So I changed my destination to your tiny house and I also tweaked my surprise a little bit. I bought a black ski mask from a store and added it to my small luggage.

I had packed a small suitcase with some clothes, and winter accessories. I also bought a decent knife as this item had been the topic of our conversations in the last two weeks.You were really a fan of knives.

I did buy some other stuff which made me make an extra bag to carry. It was a small bag anyway. I made full use of it and stuffed some extra blankets in because the weather forecast was showing signs of a blizzard. It was on the news all over the town as I left early. The wind had that cutting chill to it as I wrapped my scarf around my neck. I buttoned up my jacket and caught the bus on time going to the suburbs. Thinking about you, I had an image in my head of you sitting in your pyjamas with a mug of coffee in your hands staring in the roaring fire of your living room.

You've described your tiny house to me many a times and we had even roleplayed online in it too. So I knew the layout of the house. There was a living room, a bedroom and then a bathroom. Very minimum.

As you liked. The bus left me five miles short on the main road. To my left were dark woods through which I had to walk and get to your house. There must be some kind of access road but I was not going to waste my ava ramons hubby watches her get fucked teazeworld and voyeur in trying to find that. I wanted to reach to you as soon as possible. I had two hours to midnight. It was your birthday on Sunday and I had my surprise ready.

Fastening the suitcase on my back, I put my gloves on and made sure I was covered because the wind had picked up and I could see small flurries of snow floating about. The blizzard was coming on. I covered my mouth with my scarf and navigated my way through the woods towards the direction of the lake. I had already looked it up on the maps and I knew the exact direction. Moving through the woods was easier than I had anticipated. The wind was less significant and the snow barely noticeable.

I reached the small hill before your house around 11:30 pm. As predicted, the lights were on. You were awake. I made the final touches to my plan sitting there on the hill. I also reviewed the back up plans in case things went south. You were as unpredictable as me. I knew for a fact that you were not going down so easily, no matter how many times you had been raped.

I took my stuff and carefully descended the hill. The lake was on my left, the wind disturbing the waves a little bit. The snow was increasing every passing minute.

I dumped my suitcase on the little wooden porch under the shade and opened my little bag. Under the blankets were my ski mask, the black bag which was breathable and the knife. Slipping everything except the skimask in my trousers, I took my jacket and scarf off and covered my luggage with them. I slid the stuff under the table so the wind wouldn't blow it away. Slipping the ski mask over my face, I inched towards the living room window to see you just getting up from the couch in front of the fireplace.

You had a mug in your hand and you had just turned your back on me. I could not get a chance to see your face. I smiled at the thought of you relaxing and lounging in your tiny house. Quite the nice rape retreat.

It had been a week since your '395' rape and you were still here. What were you waiting for? Who were you waiting for? My phone vibrated to announce it was midnight. Your birthday. I sneaked forward towards the main door and turned the knob slightly.

It twisted all the way which brought an even bigger smile on my face. You left the door open. Oh, you dirty little rape cunt. Yes, leave the door open in the middle of nowhere.

I was inside the warm chalet style house and closed the door slowly behind me. The noise wasn't a problem because the wind howled outside. Luckily, there was electricity inside the house and you only had the whole living room lit along with the light of the fire in the fireplace. Standing at the main door, the fireplace and a little lounge area was to the my right. Left of that was the dinning table. That corner of the room was still dark. To the immediate left of me were two doors. To the left was the tiny bedroom.

The bed took 90 percent of the space. The walls of the whole house were of wood too. The floor looked like freshly polished, lovely shade of golden wood. To the right of the bedroom was the bathroom. Directly in front of me across the living room space was the kitchen. You were in the hardcore anal masturbation gina valentina gets her wish as it was the only other room that was illuminated.

I simply walked across the living room to hide myself beside the kitchen door. I blended myself in the darkness of the corner where the dining table was, the black bag clutched tightly in my hand. As soon as I heard your footsteps come out of the kitchen, you turned left to face the lounge area. I let you walk a bit as I scanned the area ahead. There were three pieces of sofas around the fireplace with a glass table in the middle. A double sofa was placed facing the fire while two single couches were on the left and right.

You were going to sit on the left couch, the closest to you. I leapt forward keeping the black sack open and put it over your head roughly. After pulling the cord to secure the breathable bag on your head, I elbowed your back violently to topple you forward and knock the wind out of you.

The problem was that there wasn't enough space between the sofas and the fire as the glass table was in the way so I had to kick your body forward to make you land in the space between the glass table and the fire.

You landed on the rug, face down and I immediately jumped on your back and sat on your ass. I grabbed your wrists and twisted them both on your back and pushed them up. I waited for the wind to come back in your lungs as I kept your hands on your upper back by placing a knee busty babe craves for a long dong them.

With my free hand, I took hold of your head and banged it against the floor. I had to bang it hard because the rug was taking most of the impact. I banged it again and again. Your voice came around at the fourth turn and I sighed with satisfaction. "I thought you weren't going to come back." There was silence after that as you remained calm.

I could see it in your mind. You were processing, thinking, registering my voice. Lucky for me or lucky for this situation, you had only heard my voice once and it wasn't enough for you to put a name to that voice.

You knew my face of course but I was wearing a mask and you had a black sack around your head so there was no way you were going to find out who I was. I loved the anonymity. It gave me the edge.

It gave you the edge, the kind of twisted person you were. I took my knife out of my pocket and tore your shirt open from the middle. The knife ran along your back tearing the cloth and the flesh. It made you squirm and scream, and you jolted. You nearly pushed me father in law sex scandal but I brought my knee down on your bare back, knocking the wind out once again.

I heard you take a breather in and the sack got sucked in. There wasn't enough air to breathe freely so there was added pressure. Your hands were freed during the little struggle but I managed to snatch your top and bra right under your body. I was expecting the same time for you to recover from this blow but you came early and rolled me over towards the fire with brute force.

I was toppled over to the left side, my wrist directly hitting the hot coals. The knife had slipped away under the table but I managed to grab your pyjama bottoms as you tried to slither away from me. I yanked your bottoms, tearing them off as you escaped successfully. Then I noticed my left cuff had caught fire.

I tried to put the fire out by my right hand but I ended up taking my shirt off anyway. You had slipped several feet away from me now but you were still blind and I still had the advantage here. I got up from my knees and tried you grapple you by the waist but you rotated and shoved me away violently using both of your hands.

I was thrown back over the double sofa and my boot siberian mouse custom teen babe masha msh 45 on the glass table shattering it in a thousand pieces. You let a scream out but I didn't let this phase me. I grabbed the knife sitting among the shattered glass and held it firmly. Lounging towards you, I literally threw myself on you but you were unpredictable as always.

You were swaying left and right like a crazed blind patient. I missed that first chance but I was on my feet now facing you.

Your back was towards the destroyed lounge area. I came forward to place a heavy knee on your stomach. Your hands came on your belly reflexively but I didn't give you a chance to gather yourself. I shoved you with both hands and your back landed on the broken glass. Your screams were haunting but I didn't give a fuck. I took this opportunity to take my trousers off and sat on your belly naked.

Your hands came up to scratch my face as a feral growl was sounded from your throat. In my reply, I smacked your clothed face with my hand then a series of slaps came raining down on your tits. I slapped them good making them red. Each time your hands came up, I would slap your face, tits and belly harder until you came to realise that there was no way out. This went on for a long time. I had to break the stubborn cunt inside you.

Your breasts were definitely bright red from all the slaps and I could not even imagine the state of your back with all that glass squished underneath you. Finally, after a long time I loosened the cord and slid the sack up to reveal your face. The first thing I did when your face was free was to throw the knife aside and hold your throat with both hands.

I pressed your throat harder looking straight down in your eyes. Oh, those beautiful eyes. I looked straight in them and saw you slipping away. Your eyes rolled up and I released you right then followed by a slap and a spit on your face. "Stay down, you little cunt.

Being raped by a couple of raged bastards slut is begging to get fucked super hard you think you can come to your little house and relax.

Wait till you get a piece of me. I'll show you what real rape feels like." I slapped your face again then backhanded you, aiming to make your cheek the same colour as your tits. But you disrupted my streak by attempting to throw me over once more. The knife glimmered in your hand as you waved it around my chest.

A stinging pain made me look down. A line of red was formed three inches across my chest and blood had started to drip. You took this opportunity of my bewilderment and threw me over then instead of escaping, You spat on my body. "Rape me? Look at yourself, coming in wearing a mask like pathetic fucking robber." Your words were like poison bees stinging all over my body.

I let a growl out and banged myself on you, throwing us both on the glass. I felt tiny pieces of glass sting but rage took over and I smacked your ass with my fist and managed to pull the sack back down on your face.

I over tightened the cord against your neck strangling you as I pushed you in a doggystyle, your knees on the painful rug. Your back was a sight to witness.

Little droplets of red were scattered along the whole of your back and bits of glass were stuck here and there. Oh, this had gone not the way I amazing slow to fast sex teen and teacher expected.

My dry hard cock found the entrance to your asshole and I plunged it straight in without thinking. You screamed in the sack and tried to crawl ahead but my fist came to the side of your ribcage and I hit you hard there. "STAY WHERE YOU ARE, YOU FUCKING CUNT." I shouted as I began to rape your ass. It was tight and dry and the friction was not there at first.

You were constantly screaming as I rammed my cock deep and hard in your bowels. With my right hand, I grabbed your head and held it in place as I fucked your ass. My left hand would occasionally spank your ass.

I loved your ass. It was probably the best part of your body and I was taking pleasure in fucking it right now. You weren't exactly still. You moved, thrashed, fought back but my right hand kept you in place. The main thing was my cock never female cum squirting marianablumer 15 (squirting tube porn out of your ass.

I kept ramming it in. It was lubricated by my own precum. I caught a glimpse of your elbow coming back to hit me and I retracted, my cock almost slipping out. The next instance I was on top of you sliding your body forward on the rug. Your legs straightened out and I buried your body under my weight. My cock travelled all the way in your ass as I slammed your head on the ground.

And I growled as I fucked you harder than before. Thousands of pieces of glass were being squashed under your chest and belly, and I was feeling the glass sting my chest too. It was agonising. It hurt but the raw sensation of raping your ass was superior. I wasn't going to cum in it. Not yet. The wind had picked up outside, howling against the weak windows. The fire roared in the fireplace and with it, I felt something inside me.

Right now, in this moment, I was the rapist. I came with the intention of raping you and you craved that experience. Your body was covered in cuts and grazes all over and my cock was hard, pounding away in your ass. Feeling that 'something' inside me, feeding on it, I grabbed hold of your head, my hand clutching the bag over your head and I yanked you up with force. Getting up on my feet, I kept pulling you till your body twisted and turned in place for me to drag you to the bathroom.

I didn't care how many more cuts you get from the dragging. I simply enjoyed the manhandling and taking you by force was one of my favourite things. Your body thrashed but my grip was strong, the bag taut against your neck as I kept the momentum up. On my way to the bathroom, I grabbed the knife and tucked it in my trousers to take them with me.

It had some essential stuff in it which I had planned to use. I switched the light on and threw you inside. The bathroom was spacious, again with wooden floor and walls. The white bathtub was standard and a toilet was situated beside the sink. The first thing I did was to take off your mask. As soon as the mask was off, I delivered a heavy slap on your face. My right hand came in contact with your cheek and I slapped you hard.

I wanted to let you know that I was playing no games. I was no Rowley. Despite the slap, you reeled back to look me in the eyes. I was still wearing the ski mask. I looked back in your eyes.

"If Lusty mature looker tera gets banged hard take this off then you are going to get the worst rape night of your life." A small smile spread across your mouth.

You were smiling even after the torturous session in the living room. I was expecting any and everything from you. I've known you online for a few months and I knew how much of a tough cookie you could be. "Well, take it off and try me. Let me know if you find me easy to break." You spat on the floor beside me then looked up at me. My right hand swung and I slapped your face again. You whipped back stronger and I took my mask off revealing my face.

There was genuine surprise and shock on your face as you processed this new information. I took this moment to kick you back on the wooden floor with my foot. My raised foot landed flat on your face and I shoved you back.

You collapsed hard and began to gather yourself. I had taken the belt from my trousers, and the leather end of the belt came down on your legs. I wasn't aiming for any particular spot. The belt landed on your legs making you squeak a little. "It's me. Now get up, you dumb cunt. You've had it way too easy up till now. Get up now!" You staggered up with a moan and I took a step to the side and waved the belt to land on your back.

The whipping sound it produced was delicious making my hard cock twitch. "That's right. That's how much I want to fuck this body up. So you can spend months here recovering." The thought entertained me and I smacked you with the belt again then suddenly I switched to the other side in one quick motion and the metal buckle stroke against your back making you whine louder. My left hand came down on your face, hard then I held your throat with it. I squeezed it while looking in your eyes then I spat on your face.

It landed under your left eye and began its journey downwards towards your lips. "Give me that smile again and let me carve a better one for you." I slid my trousers using my foot and bent down to take the knife. The belt rested beside my foot on the floor as I straightened up to touch the knife to your left cheek. I gathered the remains of my spit using the tip of the knife and smeared it on your lips. Then I used the cold edge of the knife to graze along your left cheek.

The sharp tip poked your skin and I let it pierce it drawing a single spot of red. I moved the knife along your cheek, creating that perfect red line. It started to drip beautifully in an artistic way. Then I released your throat and played with your right cheek. I gave you a better cut on the right than the left one.

The line of blood dripped down from the shallow cut and I took a step back to admire. "Such a lovely smile. I love when a cunt smiles but I also love when it cries. You know how much I love two sexy colombian girls playing in webcam show looked stirred, awakened but terrified at the same time.

The sight of a knife and the power I held could go in any direction. I was much more composed than before. You had fucking elbowed me which made me drag you to the bathroom and now here you sat on the floor, blood dripping down both of your cheeks. I transferred the knife to my left hand and picked the belt up. I held it from the leather end so the metal buckle swayed inches above the ground.

"Now I want your face in that toilet just like you had it in the rest stop. Like a nasty fucking toilet whore." I kicked your legs to make you move. "Get your fucking head in that toilet. Make yourself disappear." You groaned and did as I told you.

I put the knife on shelf and used my left hand to fully dunk your head in the water then I flushed the toilet.

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You squirmed in response but I held your head inside and waved my belt to hit your ass. The metal buckle fell short. I wasn't positioned right. I needed to step back to do this properly. "Grab the toilet with both hands and do not take your fucking face out. I don't want to see that face. You understand me?" I heard water gurgling and I stepped back, looked at your ass and waved the belt to strike your ass.

The metal wrung against your ass hard and your body shook. "That fucking filthy face I do NOT want to see." Again, the belt hit you hard and you squirmed. Squirming was good. It turned me on. I knew I was doing it right. I could go harder. I belted your ass raw red, switching ends as you breathed the toilet water then I mounted your back and pushing your head in the toilet, I entered your sweet pussy. It was wet. That was no surprise. I knew you were getting off to this treatment.

I mean who in her right mind would sit in their car writing a story right after being raped freshly by two men? That deranged pathetic person can only be you. My mind was filled with these kinds of degrading thoughts as I fucked your pussy while shoving your head in the toilet water.

I flushed the toilet a couple of times then I took my cock out and inserted it in your ass without warning. You bucked against my thrust and I grabbed the first thing I noticed in anger. It was a medium sized toilet brush with hard bristles and a firm handle. I whacked that against your ass as I stepped back. I smacked the hard brush on your back. "Stay where you are, you cunt. You've no idea what I can do." Finally, I put my cock in your ass holding the brush in my hand and I heard the water gurgling.

I small school girl first tim xxx know if that was in approval or not but I did know that brother fuck hairy sleeping sister just loved getting your ass fucked. Your ass cheeks were red raw with belt beatings and a couple of hard hits with the brush. Your ass was slick, wet and nice to fuck.

I smacked my hips down, burying my full 8 inches in your ass. I kept fucking you till my thighs were strained being in that squat position. I took my cock out and admired your gape. I liked gapes. Your ass was stretched evenly the width of my cock. I smiled and asked you to take your head out.

I put the toilet seat down and sat on it facing you. Your hair was dripping wet and the blood lines on your cheek were faded. New lines of blood were starting to form as you sat there on your knees and hands facing me. You burped and some of the water came out from your mouth. You looked like a pathetic mess.

"Look at your fucking face. You live for this abuse, don't you?" You look up at me submissively then looked at the toilet brush in my right hand. "Y-yes. I-I live for this abuse. I want this. N--need this right now. I will do a-aa-anyth." Your submissive begging turned me on and my left hand landed on your face then I grabbed your head with both hands and lowered your mouth on my cock. "Oh, you are going to do everything I have to offer.

Taste your own fucking ass." My cock entered your mouth and I tried to go straight for your throat but I felt a little resistance from you. I replied that with a smack of the hard white bristles on your back.

You learned your lesson and I entered your throat. I ava addams kimmy granger all night rager it for a few seconds then pulled out to ask you. "How do you like the taste of your own ass, filthy bitch?" You were probably still shocked by the hit on your back. Your words stumbled around your tongue. "No.Y-Yes.

Yes, I love it." Holding your head in my hands, I tilt it up to look at you. "No? Oh, you don't like it? Hmm, I'll give you something better." I dipped her head down and lifted my legs up to reveal my ass. Then I pulled your mouth on my ass aggressively. "Have some of this. Lick my ass clean, cunt." You were not hesitant this time otherwise I would have smacked your body hard with the brush.

I felt your tongue against my asshole lapping away. My hands were not exactly soft as I pulled your head on my asshole and I began to move your mouth up and down my crack. Your tongue was out like a dog all the time as you brushed it roughly against the length of my ass. "How do you liked that then? Did you enjoy it?" I asked lowering my legs but I didn't give you a chance to answer and slapped your face again. "But you know what?

That was just a demonstration. You don't really deserve cleaning my ass. I am not happy with this toilet cleaner. She likes abuse but she can't take it like the cunt she is. I love having my ass licked though." I pulled the toilet paper to let it roll then tearing it off, I held your throat with my hand as I started to shove the paper in your mouth. "Open your fucking mouth. Let's have a filter here. I'll use you as an ass cleaning holder.

That suits you more because you don't deserve to clean ass. You're just a holder." My legs went up as I watched your face stuffed with toilet paper, half of it hanging out.

I brought your face back down and started to rub it up and down my ass again. I loved using your filthy face like this. I always wanted to try this and now I was getting it. I spent a good amount of time using your face for my pleasure then I finally released you and looked at you. The tissue paper was wet and somewhat dissolved.

I ripped more and stuffed your face with it and left some hanging out again. Your mouth was stuffed with toilet paper making your cheeks bulge. I grabbed the belt and fastened it around your neck tight.

I had to carve a hole using my knife to lock the pin in place. "Let's put this toilet to proper use." I smiled at you as I got up and yanked at the leather end of the belt.

You nodded and came on hands and knees, paper in your mouth. "Get your ass in the bathtub." I smacked your bottom with the brush then landed a couple of more making you squirm and groan. You landed hurriedly face down in the bathtub. I stepped in, holding the belt in left hand and the brush in the right. "Yes, stay right there. You look like a depraved slut seeking attention.

Is that what you want?" You nodded looking at me and I stared in your eyes as I pointed my hard shaft downwards and with a grimace, a trickle of piss leaked out landing at your breasts. I kept the flow up and it rose to fall on your mouth, wetting the tissue at once. "Oh, take it like a piss gurgling whore." The tissue paper didn't take long to get yellow and wet.

It dissolved in your mouth and I took the hanging paper up to force it in your mouth too. The pissing made my cock semi hard naturally and now I could piss freely. I told you to open your whore mouth and I began to piss freely in your mouth, further melting the tissue paper into nothing. I didn't forget to piss on your face. I used the toilet brush to rub your face after I had pissed over your forehead, eyes and hair.

I had a lot to offer. "I want my piss soaked in your pores. This is going to remind you for weeks and months that someone came and put you in your right fucking place," I said as I watched you take a gulp. That toilet paper had gone down your stomach along with my piss and all the toilet water that forced its way in your lungs. "Look at you. A truly piss soaked mess. Do you want more?" You didn't even think twice and nodded. "Yes, I want more of this abuse." I used my foot to shove you back.

Your back landed on the back rest and you slid down in the plugged piss filled bath. I used the same foot to spread your legs and stomped my foot down on your pussy hard. Your hands came up in panic, your eyes wide with pain and shock but I stopped your protest using my foot by slamming it on your chest. I pointed a finger at you and told you to 'stay' where you are. I stepped back and took a look at your pussy. I did fuck it before but it didn't get as much attention as your ass.

"Looks pretty much ruined but could take more." I lowered myself down to put the tip of the brush on your pussy. I teased it a little by using the hard bristles. Your eyes grew large once you realized what my intention was.

"Please, S-Sir. No. Please. Don't" I looked back at you. "What's the matter, cunt? Think this will hurt? You're going to cum to this pain and I will make sure it hurts." I pushed the bristles in your pussy slowly. Each circle of the hard pointy thorns disappeared as you groaned and shrieked. I was enjoying this. I kept the brush steady in my hand and slapped your face with the left hand.

Once the brush was fully in, I began to rotate it and you screamed again in protest. "FUCK." This time I used my right hand to slap your sorry face. The brush was fully in and I wasn't worried about it.

My right hand was free and I delivered a few good slaps to show you the difference between a weak and a strong hand. Your eyes rolled back with pain and you groaned. My fingers forced their way inside your mouth and I invaded your throat making you gag. I kept fucking your throat with my right hand and rotating the brush in your pussy with left.

You were in pain heaven, I redhead hottie anal toys her tanned nurse see that by your beaten face. Your stomach convulsed and you threw up the yellow piss you had just swollen with bits of paper. "Such a fucking cunt. Messy, filthy, dirty cunt of a woman you are. You deserve to be raped, beaten and abused by men like Rowley and Doug but I think they were too soft on you." I made you retch again, making you throw up more liquid, your throat and stomach over straining, and for the first time I saw a plea in your eyes.

They were begging. Begging for what? Stop or more abuse? Knowing you, I knew you were broken. I used both hands to lift your legs up all the way, making sure the brush did not come out of your pussy. Then I pushed my hard cock in your ass and started to fuck you while playing with the brush. "Your job is to make yourself cum now." Your body was twisted on itself, ankles all the way to your face.

Your ass was tight and delicious and I was enjoying ramming my cock inside it. The disadvantage of this was that I could not swing my hand to strike your face cheek. Instead, I used my hand to stomp your face down as I reamed your shithole violently, smacking myself in your black hole. I used the weight of my hands to crush your face as I shot a rope of cum deep inside your bowels.

It shook your body. I didn't know if you were cumming. I didn't care. I was the rapist. Rapists don't care about these things. All I know that I was shooting my cum deep down in your shitter and it was the best orgasm of my life. I groaned as I emptied myself in you then I pushed myself using you as a stand. I looked at the brush which was still inside your hot nympho sucks cocks and gets banged, the handle peeking out.

"Do what you gotta do and come out. I'm waiting for you," I said as I stepped out of the bathtub, cleaned feet on the little mat and exited the bathroom. The living room was a mess with broken glass everywhere.

It was still warm. The fire still roared. I walked in the kitchen and found water in the kettle mom and son doing sex. I boiled it again, made two cups of coffee and brought them in the living room. Setting them down on a small coffee table, I moved the single couch away from the broken glass and sat on it. Sitting here, I could enjoy the fire and keep an eye on the doors.

I had taken two sips of the hot coffee when I heard the bathroom door open. You stood there, naked and bruised, looking at me. You were holding the toilet brush in your right hand, Your tits, belly, thighs had scratches all over from the mom and son doing sex table glass. Your hair was messy and your eyes red, matching with your red face cheeks.

I was way generous there slapping your face. The expression on your face was submissive but there was a certain fire in your eyes. I understood that. You wanted more abuse. Oh, your eyes spoke. You wanted me to beat you up and rape you every night of the year.

Shifting those thoughts away, I smiled at you and raised my cup of coffee. "Happy Birthday to that lovely lady standing over there. Come, I will drink my first coffee with you." (-end-) --------------------- (-alternative ending-) You gagged as I pissed in your mouth, soaking the toilet paper. It dissolved into mush and you spat it out then looked at me. I replied with a gush of urine right on your face. It landed on your forehead and travelled down your face.

You spat out all the toilet paper. I let more piss fill your mouth. "Sing." Mouth filled with my yellow piss, you looked at me questioningly. "Sing happy birthday to yourself." You swallowed the piss in your mouth and started to sing. "Haaaappy bbirthdaaaaay to meeee. "Happy birthdaaaaay t…" A gush of yellow liquid hit the back of your throat and you heaved. I slapped your face. "Keep going, whore." "Haaappy Birthdaaay tooo meeeee.

"Haappy Birthdaaay, dear Miss Ke…" A slap on the face as more piss splashed on your face and in your eyes. "No Miss Keys. Filthy dumb cunt." "Haaappy Birthdaaay, filthy dumb cunnnntttt. "Haaappyy birthday to meeee." I smiled and I inched forward to bury my full length inside your throat. You gagged and tried to push me away but I managed to trigger that reflex and with a heave, you threw back the piss you had just swallowed. You coughed and struggled, falling back as you looked up at me with contempt.

"Bastard." It was a mutter but I picked it up. I yanked your hair to keep your face still and forced you to look at me. "What the fuck did you just say? You spat again, made a face and my slap was hard. It rattled your jaw as you came back to face me. "I'd rather drink dirty toilet water than you piss." My slap was harder this time and it was on the other cheek.

It literally threw you half out of the bathtub. I toppled you over on the hard wooden floor and stepping out, I kicked your ribs hard then namitha sex images with out dress in beating you with the toilet brush. I didn't leave any place alone. I made sure you were red with the smacks as you screamed and protested. You were weak and exhausted to run away anyway. I grabbed your head, dragged you to the toilet and shoved your face in then flushed.

I kept your head inside for longer this time before taking it out.

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"Like this or you want more?" "More." You snarled then looked at me. My brain turned off at that moment. Rage filled inside stunning sex with swarthy beautiful babe hardcore and blowjob and I smacked your face.

You were thrown back landing on your spine as I delivering a kick in your ribcage. "You want more? I'll give you more." You got up in frenzy. "No. Please Sir, no. I'll do anything you want. You like me to beg? I-I'll beg for you. I'll be a good girl." You managed to get up on your knees and started to stroke my cock with both hands. That didn't lessen my anger as I started to land slaps on your face.

My rain of slaps didn't end. I was slapping the same cheek over and over again and you were presenting your cheek each time with a lusty moan. Your hands didn't stop stroking my cock, making me cum. My hand started to burn but I kept going and you let a moan out. You were cumming too. I felt my cum erupt and land on your breasts and face as I delivered a last slap.

Even after a full orgasm, my anger wasn't subsided. This was no replacement for the snarl. You were dazed by the slaps and didn't immediately look up at me. I grabbed your leather belt around your neck and began to drag you out in the living room. "I'll show you what a threesome is happening with three lesbian gals before us slut like you deserves." Your body was dragged across the wooden floor to the main door.

I opened the door and threw you outside. The cold wind hit our naked bodies, flurries of snow attached to it but I kicked you in the blizzard. The wind was howling. It wasn't letting the snow settle on the ground. I kept dragging you across the ground. You had managed to come on your knees at least and followed me with little protests. The ground was cold but I didn't care.

I was angry at your pathetic body. I stopped at the edge of the wooden pier, the lake violently moving back and forth beneath us due to the blizzard. I yanked the belt to have you stand up and grabbed your throat, moving you to stand at the edge of the wooden plank. "You wanted more? Looks like you're going to get a lot more." Your eyes were wide open as you stared back. I had your throat twisted in my hand. Only needed to let go and you would be gone. "Y-You know I-I can't swim." "But you can float.

All you have to do is float. The lake will reject your worthless fucking body and the land doesn't want it. But one can hope." I let my hand go and you fell down with a splash. Attached to the end of the plank were a set of vertical metal stairs going in the water.

I took a step forward and looked down at the black water. It wasn't too violent. All she needed to do was float. I was counting the seconds. One. Two. Three. Just float. Four. Five. Six. Come up, you cunt. Seven. Your worthless body has only one purpose. Eight. For me to abuse you over and over. Nine. Fucking come up. Ten. Your head appeared first then your hands quickly came up to look for the metal stairs.

It seemed like you knew what you were doing. I watched you take a deep breath as you grabbed hold of the metal rails. Once satisfied, I made my way back to the house. I was feeling the chill settle inside me now. A cup of coffee would do me good. I kept the door unlocked as I made my way to the kitchen.

The water was still in the kettle. I boiled it again, made two cups of coffee and brought them in the living room. Setting them down on a small coffee table, I moved the single couch away from the glass and sat on it. Sitting here, I could enjoy the fire and keep an eye on the main door. I had taken two sips of the hot coffee when I heard the door open.

You were shaking like a leaf with the cold. Your body was wet and you stared at me with a blank expression. I offered a smile.

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Your eyes never left me as you walked toward me. "What's the matter with the birthday girl? Haven't you had a lovely night?" You stood near the fireplace for a second and didn't reply then you turned and smiled at me. "I found the water but didn't find any Captain to degrade me." (-end-)