Milf cory and teen piper goes pussy licking and fingering

Milf cory and teen piper goes pussy licking and fingering
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Disclaimer Copyright, 2012, Patricia Steel ([email protected]) Do whatever you want with this story, only keep my name attached, please.

Please report any and all orgasms arrived at through reading and masturbating to these words. I love knowing that I am deliberately manipulating your mind into an erotic state. This story is to be considered "Fiction" although it has its basis in "Fact". This is not to be considered a true tale of underage sex, statutory rape, or molestation, as these events happened more than a quarter century ago.

Some of the principal parties are no longer living. The only reason I'm telling you that it has its basis in truth, is it might make it all the more sexy for you, and maybe make your orgasms better/stronger/faster. Thank you, and enjoy. Part 4 By the time Ronnie and his date ever got to the house, however, there had been some sort of big argument between them.

She was shouting at him in such a tone that no one could really understand what it was she was saying at all. He handed her something, which she threw at his head, and we saw it was his keys, actually.

She picked them up again, got back into his truck, and spun the tires as she left. I think everyone breathed a sigh of relief that she did not remain at the reception. People were not staying very long past dark, out of respect for my grandparents.

Jim and his new wife were kinda nested on the back porch. She wasn't able to drink, of course, and there was to be no "wedding night bliss" at that late in her pregnancy (2 1/2 weeks until her due date) so, the night was coming to a mellow close. I was settling on the back porch with them, when Ronnie came out and joined us, handing Jim and myself each a beer, and we all kinda settled on the big porch glider that was there.

Yeah, I was a grown woman of 16 now, drinkin' beer on my grandparents' back porch with the guys. Both my sisters were off fucking some boy or other somewhere or other.

But my night suddenly had turned for the better in that regard. We sat and anal dildo teen tits oficer of patrol agrees to help redhaired babe to cross the border, and drank more beer, talking about some of the funny things that happened that day, and my brother finally asked us what ever happened up at the cabin those 2 summers past that sent Ronnie into exile for so long.

He had been one of my brother's best friends there for a time, and then all of a sudden, he was gone. We slowly told our tale, with a good bit of shameful laughter, aided by the Yuengling Lager we were drinking. By the time we were done, my brother's jaw was on the floor, and Ronnie and I were laughing hysterically, and I had slid onto his lap with my arm around his neck. All he and his wife said to me was "Way to go Tina!!" I guess they approved of my taste in men, even at 14.

Ronnie looked like he might have been in danger of nodding off, and THAT was not in my evening's agenda of entertainment, so, I told him he was going for a walk with me, down to see the animals, I said.

My grandparents kept a few chickens and various other things in a little barn down below the house… just away from the lights of the porch. A couple goats, for milk, and such, some pea-fowl, if I recall, and the place was always crawling with kittens and cats.

I took him down below the barn, where no one could see us, and threw my riley reyes lance hart slut shaming batman more around him, remembering how we kissed those 2 summers ago, and starting there.

My pretty Ronnie had learned a thing or two about kissing in the last few years. He had his hands all over me and in no time at all, I was just as wet and excited as the night when we were so rudely interrupted.

We went inside the barn by the lower door, and up the stairs into the hayloft. It was dark, and I was trying to remember where the hay-holes were, so we wouldn't fall back down, on top of a goat or something, but we made it to the stack of bales on the front side of the barn safely. I sat Ronnie down, undid his boots and his belt just from memory alone. He had on one of those "dressy" plaid western shirts with the snaps, I felt in the dark, so "rrrrrip" off came the snap- shirt.

I could once again feel his smooth chest and shoulders&hellip. I felt down to his cock, and I guess the beer was having a slight anesthetic effect on the poor boy, so, I got down on my knees to see if I could help, but I wasn't going to let him "get off" so easy this time… I had other plans for that pretty cock of his.

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Just the warm, wet feeling of being in my mouth must have been enough to overcome the beer. His cock began expanding immediately in my mouth, and I only swirled my tongue around the head a few times, just to get him fully hard.

I had changed out of my "bridesmaid's" dress about 5 minutes after the ceremony was over, and I was in my usual T-shirt and Sweats, which I had off and lying in a pile with Ronnie's clothes in no time at all. I pushed the mom and san xxx vdo right off along with them, and hadn't put a bra back on that day, so I was pretty much ready for action.

I moved Ronnie to a single bale, laid him out nice and comfy, with his feet on the floor of the hayloft. Straddling him in one easy motion, I let myself down, already dripping wet from our kisses earlier, slowly, a little at a time upon Ronnie's beautiful cock.

I got to a point where it felt like it didn't want to go any further. He looked up at me and said, "Oh God, Tina, you're still a Virgin?" I nodded my head and smiled, "I've been waiting for you, Ronnie, my beautiful Ronnie." "Ohhh Gaawwwddd!" he moaned, and pushed himself up on his elbows, so that I could bend forward and kiss him, and that kiss may have been the best of all that night, because he was inside me, right at the point of taking my virginity.

He broke the kiss and said, "Are you ready for this? It's going to hurt a bit, with some girls a little, some a lot.

Are you OK with that?" I nodded my head, and with that, he pushed his hips up into me, and I felt the pain, sharp, but I'd felt worse in my life. "Do you want me to get on top, now?" He asked, and again, I nodded my head. Without pulling out of me, he wrapped his arms around me, and told me to push up on the hay with my feet… now he was on his legs, with my legs wrapped around his skinny waist, he took me over to a place where the hay was stacked double high, and sat me in a reclined position, all the while staying inside me.

I kept my legs wrapped around his waist, but my hands, I grabbed the bailing rope with, above my head on one of the other bails. I needed to, I was about to get the fuck of a sexy babe elle monela rides cock for money, and I mean that literally. With me firmly secured, Ronnie slowly pushed into me all the way. I felt him grind his pelvic mound against my clitoris as he bottomed out.

Slowly, he'd pull out almost completely, and repeat the motion over and over. I felt a little sore each time the ridge of the head of his cock passed my torn hymen, but that minor soreness compared to the emotional joy, and physical pleasure of his grinding against my clitoris, plus feeling him inside me made it seem minimal.

Like I said, I had felt much worse. He had a good rhythm going, and honestly, my mind was gone— lost somewhere in pure physical bliss. Ronnie reached one hand above him, and grabbed hold of the barn rafter, to keep his own balance, and the other he rested atop my delta, with his thumb resting right upon my clitoris. With that thumb, he began to rub it in slow circles at first, then, as he could tell something was changing within me, just by my breathing, he started manipulating it harder and faster, and increased his fuck-rhythm beautiful blonde makes him eat her cunt well.

Oh, god it felt soooo good. In a matter of moments, I could tell Ronnie was getting close. Not waiting for the matter to come up for discussion, I said "Ronnie. You keep fucking me, until I cum, if you gotta cum, you just do it inside of me, and keep on fucking me, ok?" He responded with a breathy, "Yeah!".

I was getting sooo close myself, when I felt him slam me hard a few times, and I could feel the temperature of the ooze inside me that we had both made jump up substantially. I knew, then, that he had cum. I could feel the extra ooze start to drain out around his cock and out of my opening. True to my request, though, he kept on moving in and out, and kept on violently assaulting my clitoris with his thumb.

I looked up, and he wasn't just balancing with his hand on the rafter. He was holding himself up by this beam. I had fucked the poor boy weak in the knees, and still asked him to keep on fucking me!! With that thought, I went over the edge.

I wrapped my legs around his skinny waist, and I shuddered and all but screamed out loud, "oh Ronnie, my sweet Ronnie!!" I reached up for him, to pull him on top of me, and he gladly acquiesced. He needed the time off of his legs&hellip. in a little while he rolled off of me, and lay next to me on the hay bales, pulling me to his chest. Oh how I loved being there. Finally, we got dressed, and went downstairs, and seeing my brother and his new wife still sitting on my grandparents' back porch, we rejoined them.

My brother asked, "Did you see any animals, Tina?" Ronnie responded, with a big grin, "Oh, maybe a snake and a beaver." I reached back and spanked his ass for that crude joke.

We laughed anyway, and sat there with them until nearly 2 AM, when my Mother came looking for me. She wasn't happy to see me sitting on Ronnie's lap, but I doubt she had any idea of what we had been up to earlier that night.

My panties had just a tiny spot of blood on them the next morning, I noticed, as I got ready to shower, so I just buried them in the trash, and put a tampon in, just in case.

I walked up to my grandparents' house, expecting to find Ronnie there sleeping it off somewhere, but, to my sad surprise, they said my brother, Jim had left to take him home about an hour before that.

Shit— we never did blonde teen takes care of a dick to talk about any future plan, or anything. I didn't even know how to get hold of him. Oh well. Jim probably did. It would be alright. I took a walk down to the barn, to make sure everything was OK, and it was, with the exception of a handful of hay that had to be thrown away.

No animal should be expected to eat THAT stuff — at least when they weren't a part of the fun of making the mess in the first place&hellip.LOL Soon, I heard a truck pull up. It was Jim. I almost ran up to him, with all these questions… he asked me to take a little walk with him, down to the old pond, which I agreed to.

That's when I learned who Ronnie's "date" was the night before. It would appear that my Ronnie had gone and gotten this horrible woman pregnant a few months ago. The girl's family had insisted that he marry her.

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So, he was very much engaged to her last night, when he made love to me in the top of the barn. Ronnie asked Jim to explain it all to me, so I wouldn't be upset, but I was upset. I had loved Ronnie for years. Surely he had known this. He might have been exiled from my family's affairs for a while, but surely he could have come to things at my grandparents' place, and seen me in between.

I waited for him, why couldn't he wait for me? I said some of these objections out loud, I guess, because soon Jim was trying to comfort me and defend Ronnie at the same time.

His best argument was, "Tina, the problem is, Guys have cocks, and unfortunately, cocks don't wait… oh sure, they can wait a month, or even two, but years?? No, you're asking too much of any guy. At least any guy I ever knew. Did he know he was supposed to wait for you?" "No, But…" "Well, if he didn't even KNOW he was supposed to wait, why on earth would you expect him to??

I'm sure he had feelings for you up at the cabin those years back, but you were just a kid, Tina. You know mom and dad… They'd never let you hook up with him at that age. They didn't even like that part of the family.

They thought they were all losers, and you know. Ronnie's not the most stable guy in the world, when it comes to jobs and such. Dad would have been throwing that in your face all the time. I know it hurts, but it's better off this way. At least you have good memories of him, and he is a great guy, underneath. He was my best friend for a lot of years, until mom exiled him from the place." I cried on Jim's shoulder that day.

I cried on my grandmother's lap that night. I cried on Jim's new wife's bedside right up until she had the baby. I cute teen fucking in her first porn scene ever la nintildea star to the new baby for a while, telling her all the secret of my broken heart, as if she could understand.

After a while, the crying stopped.

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I actually never saw Ronnie again. I was told he was at my grandparents' funerals, but I didn't have the courage of heart to go to either one of them. I sat outside the funeral home for my Grandmother. My Grandfather, well, I just didn't even try to go. Over the years, I married an asshole, had 3 children, who can be assholes when they want to be. I often think how different my life would have been if only Ronnie could have been mine instead.

Or even if I had gotten pregnant from our little tryst in the barn. I would have loved to have my pretty Ronnie's baby. But things just didn't work out that way. In all my life, I've never had better sex than that night in the barn, and I've never had better oral sex than from my Pretty Ronnie up at the cabin, on that sofa.

I just hope and pray that wherever he is now, that he is happy, and that he has someone who loves him. I hope you all enjoyed my "mostly true" story. —Tina END Part 4 End Cousins Series