Lezzie beauties spread their deep anal holes and fuck long sex toys

Lezzie beauties spread their deep anal holes and fuck long sex toys
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I was 15 at the time and had an athletic body, red hair, hazel eyes and a 7 inch dick. I have been dating my gf Lauren for 6 months now and fucked her about 35 times a month. She was 15 had long brown hair, green eyes, tanned, had a nice ass and had 34b tits and loved sex. She had invited me on one of her family trips to the mountains.

The trip started when Christy was invited by her friend who lived near the cottage we were going to rent. I arrived at her house Saturday morning about 5am since it was a 6 hour trip and the cottage had to be paid for before by 1pm.

Laurens mother Christy took my bag and loaded it in the trunk. Christy was 34 had divorced her husband 6 years ago. She looked like a grown version of Lauren with the same colored hair and green eyes. Had bigger tits and a slightly bigger ass than Lauren. I got in the car and was greeted by Lauren and her sister Jessica. Laurens sister Jessica was 17 and looked nothing like Lauren or her mom. She was 5'6 had 38d tits had blond hair and had a very nice ass and anal loving babe wants to be assfucked like a slut.

After about 10 minutes on the road we were all asleep.

I awoke suddenly to a low humming sound and looked at my watch it was 9:10 and was wondering where the sound was coming from. Then I started looking around the car. Lauren and Jessica were still sleeping. I looked up front and Christy saw me. "Good morning Brad did you sleep well". "Yea I did" I replied. "Do you know how much longer it is to the cottage" I asked.

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"About another 2 hours since there is hardly any traffic" she replied. "Did you by any chance hear a low buzzing sound" I asked her. She replied "No it must have been Jessica's cell vibrating" After a pause she asked how long me and Lauren been dating? "Were coming up on 7 months next Monday" "Wow that's a long time im sure that you two have gotten very close over the past months" she replied.

She asked me if I was doing anything special for Lauren on Monday. "I wasn't planning on anything" I said. "Would you like me to drop you and Lauren off at a nice restaurant" she asked. Yea that be great I replied. After that I stared out the window and looked at the scenery till I fell asleep. When I awoke Jessica was driving and she pulled off into a rest stop and asked if I wanted to get out and walk around since we had time to spare I agreed. Lauren, John and Christy were still sleeping so Jess left a note saying we what we were doing.

We walked about a half mile then Jessica asked "Are you fucking my sister?" I stopped walking and was about to say no when Jess said "It ok if you are I wont tell my mom or anything" "Yea a coupe times a month" I replied. Then she said in a stern voice "You're lying because im sure she snuck out at least 20 my neighbors sex tapes layna laurel mimi allen a month". "Ok fine we fuck a lot" I said a little annoyed.

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"She also moans your name in her sleep a lot and thinking about her being fucked kind of turns me on" she replied in a sexual voice. Then she unzipped her jacket reviling her 38d tits walked over and kissed me. I kissed her back and started playing with her tits which caused her to moan.

"Take off your pants and boxers". Wile I was taking off my pants and boxers she took her pants off revealing a red thong. "You were planning this weren't you?" "Yea I was now get over here so I can suck your dick." She got down on her knees and I walked over and stuck my dick into her mouth. After licking the shaft and head she took all 7 inches in her mouth.

I was amazed how good she was she must do this a lot. After she got my dick nice and wet she told me to fuck her cunt. She got on her back and lifted her legs up over my shoulders.

I got on top of her and pulled her thong off and threw it off to the side. Then I slid my dick into her wet cunt. I started out slow and then started to speed up when she started lucious milf fucks him good and hard my name.

"Now I know why Lauren loves fucking so much." "Yes fuck me." "Fuck my cunt." "Yes yes yes." "Fuck me harder." "Yes." "Oh yesssssssss" she screamed.

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Her cunt tightened and then relaxed. "Pull out so you can cum on my face and tits". I pulled out of her cunt put my legs on each of her sides grabbed my dick and rubbed it until I cummed all over her face and tits. She licked around her mouth saying "You taste good we should do this more." I agreed. We both got dressed and walked back to the car. We got in and Jessica moved the rearview mirror so I could have a perfect view of her cleavage.

Thirty minutes later we arrived at the welcome center which had a sign that read "Welcome to the Lakeside Naturism Sex Resort and Spa". Me, Lauren and Jessica all had blank expressions when we read the sign. Christy turned around and asked if we were all ok going in a nudist resort.

We all gave nervous yea. We all went inside to register and pay for the cottage. When we opened the doors a naked lady in her thirdies walked up to us and said "Hello and welcome to the Lakeside Naturism Sex Resort and Spa". harmony rose unravels suckhole for face pumping harmony rose name is Maggie and I will be taking care of you on your stay". Then we all introduced ourselves. She was about 5'8 with long black curly hair had c tits and had a small patch of pubic hair.

"Have you all been to a nudist resort before?" she asked. Me, Lauren and Jessica shook our heads and Christy nodded her head yes.

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"Ok then Christy you can go to the front desk and sign in and the rest can follow me so we can get you registered and go over the regulations". We followed her into a room with a couch and a recliner.

"Have a seat on the couch". "In this resort everyone is required to be naked or have revealing clothing which can be bought at any store here". "You may choose to have sex wile staying at our cottages if so".

"Any kind of sex is allowed except types that offend others." "The types that may offend other can only be practiced behind closed doors". "Public sex is allowed only on the cottage property that you own".

"In restaurants and stores you are allowed to give hand jobs, blowjobs and finger yourself or others". "Underage sex is allowed". "Sex between an underage teen and an adult over 18 is only allowed behind closed doors and in the spa".

"Everyone under 21 is allowed one alcoholic drink a day". "Everyone is required to shower once every other day". "Also you must respect others around you which includes no vulgar comments". "Now you may follow me and I will give you your lockers and get you registered". We walked into a locker room which had lockers on each side and followed Maggie to a row of open lockers.

"You may strip and put your clothes in your lockers. We all got undressed and looked around nervously. "Now follow me and I will take your picture and enter you in our database. We followed her past the front desk and into a room with a camera. "Now who would like to go first?" Jessica volunteered and walked in front of the camera. "Ok Jessica if you want to pose sexy you can but your face must be visible". "Ok" Jessica said then she stuck two fingers in her cunt and cupped one of her tits.

"Now Lauren its ur turn". Lauren walked over and posed with her hands on her hips. "Ok nice one". "Brad its ur turn". I walked over and posed naturally with my dick sticking slut is begging to get fucked super hard up. "Ok you are all set you may now go into the lobby and wait till I give you ur cottage.

We all walked in and sat down and waited for Christy and Maggie. Christy came first and had cum all over her face. She sat down and said "A worker was jacking off and I decided to help". Then she wiped the cum off her face with a tissue and threw it away. Two minutes later Maggie came over and gave us the key to our cottage.

We walked back to the car and drove to our cottage occasionally seeing people fucking. The cottage had 2 bed father reap daughter fuk story with a queen size bed, a bath rooms, a kitchen, a living room, a deck with a great view of the mountains with a built in hot tub. Christy and Jessica shared a room and me and Lauren got the other. We got unpacked and Christy asked if we wanted to see a movie. Which we all agreed on seeing hostile.

The movie began at 7 and was over at 9:50. When me and Lauren saw the characters fucking we rubbed each other and I occasionally saw Jessica watching us.

After the movie we went and ate at a restaurant. It turns out that Christy's friend Amy was a waitress there and insisted on seating us. Christy gave her a hug and a kiss and introduced us. Amy was 28 was 5'7 blond hair had d tits and a shaved cunt. We all took turns hugging her when it was my turn my hard dick grinded against her cunt. She looked at me and said "At least someone is happy to see me". We finished eating and made plans to visit Amy and her daughter tomorrow.

We got in the car and Christy turned around and told me and Lauren love hero full hd dj slow motion we are allowed to do sexual things when ever we wanted to. At that Lauren leaned over and kissed me and rubbed my dick.

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We continued making out and rubbing each other till we got to our cottage. Me and Lauren ran into the cottage and got on our bed and started fucking.