Ava addams kimmy granger all night rager

Ava addams kimmy granger all night rager
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Elizabeth meets Cindy and Gail Elizabeth had gone down to do some laundry when she overheard Gail and Cindy talking about some of the clients they had had. Elizabeth listened for awhile and then stepped forward. "Hi ladies, how you doing today, I'm Elizabeth" Cindy answered, "Hi, oh sure we meet you when you patched up John, how is he now? Oh this is Gail and I'm Cindy" "Oh he is fine doing just fine.

I could not help but hear what you two were talking about and I know what you do for a living. I sure hope you're taking care of your health, if you know what I mean. "Oh we know and we're careful, pills and condoms and all that stuff" "Well you need more than that sometimes and you should get regular blood tests, see me if you want as I work at the hospital" Cindy wasn't sure about this woman but something made her feel like she knows a lot about the complex and John.

"So John is okay all healed up and back to normal" Elizabeth smiles, you ladies are very interested in John I big tits british chick pov see. I wonder if John is collecting rent another way.

"Oh he is just fine, but he did pull some stitches, you ladies wouldn't know anything about that would you now?" Cindy was quit to respond "Oh no, but how would he pull stitches?" "Well the most common is over exertion, he must have been working the muscle to hard" With that all of them begin to think, what was John doing? They had all seen to it he did nothing to exert himself while he healed.

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Then a little smile crossed all their faces as they all came to the same conclusion, John must have been having fun with someone. Gail blurted out "well we did not cause him to pull his stitches, not that I wouldn't like to try" and she smiled. Cindy turned and pushed Gail "Oh Gail you know John is not going to mess with us".

Elizabeth looks at them and thinks, what the hell here are two hookers that want your body and you have not taken advantage of them. John what is going on, what the hell are you up to you old dog you. "So you ladies have not HAD John then?" Together they reply "no why have you?" Elizabeth smiles and chuckles "I have had some of John" smiles in devilish way "and so have several other ladies I know for sure and I would guess there are more. I wonder why you ladies have not enjoyed John's company." Cindy looks a little girlish "well he sort of took care of me when I had a bad turn with one of my clients and he acts more like a big brother or father, I guess I'm too young" With that Elizabeth only laughed "Oh you girls, too young and not OLD enough, I guess that old dog only likes us older women" and she laughs more.

"Let me tell you something, that man will fuck any woman or girl he can and I think he has" Gail stepped forward "oh ya then how come when I all but threw it in his face after Cindy and I had our pool party he did not take advantage?" "Pool party, when did you have a pool party?" "Cindy and I got naked and had some late night fun in the hot tub and John saw us but did not join in or want anything either" "Okay ladies, so you're having late night pool parties and not inviting Elizabeth shame on you." Cindy looks at Gail with a questioning look and Gail just shrugs her shoulders.

"So you want to be included in our next party do you?" "I do like to have fun and I bet you girls know how to enjoy yourselves" Both of them looked at each other and smiled and Gail looks at Elizabeth "I bet you could teach us something as well, we need to get together and exploit this better, the sooner the better." Elizabeth all of a sudden got a very sexy urge and just wanted to reach out and touch Gail. "Hey if you're not busy maybe you would like to come up to my place and we can …&hellip.

Talk" she smiled. Cindy looked at Gail and smiled thinking hey this might be fun and educational. "Sure" All three went back to Elizabeth's apartment. As it was early evening and the girls had no clients for the night. They figured they could have some fun and heck making it with Elizabeth might be real fun.

Elizabeth was in a denim miniskirt and a halter top and wearing bra and panties. Cindy had on very short tight shorts over a thong and a tube top with no bra. Gail had on an old checked miniskirt with a white button blouse with black lace panties and bra. The feeling of a sexual evening started to fill the women as they walked back to Elizabeth's.

The girls looked at Elizabeth with more interests at she lead the way. The both noticed the nice round firm ass ahead of them. There was good angelina crow e lara stevens na orgia and proportion to the legs and they were very visible. She opened the door and said "okay here's home what would you like to drink? Beer or wine?" Both said a beer was fine and so she got 3 beers. As she bent over to pick up a bottle cap of the floor her ass and panties were very visible and the girls both looked with interest.

Both sat on the sofa and Elizabeth sat in a big easy chair. "So Elizabeth what do we do for fun tonight?" "Well first call me Beth and for fun well I guess we can get a little acquainted" and with that Beth when on to tell the girls about herself and that she was fun loving woman and she liked sex a lot. She told them all about John and the sex she had had with him and the girls gasped and could not believe he did that. Beth had laughed as they sure did not know John. Cindy then went on to explain her story and how she gotten here and about her connection to John.

She also said she thought about him in a sexual way and wished he would warm up to her. Beth explained that the phone number was special and that John was probably the best friend the two of them could have.

The fact he had not hit on them and gave them the cell number said a lot. Beth mentioned about the man John had killed 3 years ago and the girls just looked at each other. "So you see having John for a friend has certain advantages" They all had had several beers and the conversation had moved to men, women and sex.

"So what were you two doing in the hot tube that you thought would turn on John?" Both smiled and Gail said "well we were turning each other on and Cindy made me squirt" "OH really, so you squirt do you, I'd like to see that" and she got all tingly thinking about Gail naked and touching her body and making force sex girl 15 yr squirt.

smol boy and big gil xxxxom, you think you could do that, Cindy is a real turn on and she makes me really hot." Cindy was getting very turned on by the conversation and she was looking up Beth's skirt at her panties and getting wet.

"Oh Gail, you turned me on so much that I just did what I wanted and well it was fun, except John was a little pissed off about having to clean the hot tub." They all laugh and Beth questioningly says "so John knew you were doing that and did not stop you?

I wonder about him sometimes" "ya and he said someone else saw us but did not say who" "Oh that is great; I am surprised it has not made it around the laundry room yet" Beth notice Cindy looking up her skirt and she shifted then spread her legs so Cindy could see better and Gail notice the movement.

Now both were looking up Beth's skirt and getting urges and they squirmed on the sofa. "So you two like to get naked in the hot tub?" She wanted to see them naked now, oh my, such cute young bodies and such cute tits.

She was getting wet and very excited. She wanted to rub her pussy in the worst way. Gail just giggled as the beer was taking hard core and yung girl fukd first time "oh we like to get naked period tub or no tub." Cindy chocked on the beer and said "oh Gail" "Oh Cindy, we get naked almost every night, that's how we make a living silly, heck we sometime sit around your apartment naked" Beth liked what she heard, "Oh really maybe we should get comfortable now?" All talking stopped and the women just looked at one another.

Beth spoke first, "I just meant that well it is warm and if you like to be naked anyway why not get naked, besides you both have very cute bodies and I would like to see you naked." Gail and Cindy looked at each other and shrugged shoulders, smiled and thought, hey we do have good bodies and we do enjoy each other, and well this Beth sounds like someone that wants to have some fun tonight. "So what are you suggesting we do?" Beth smiled "well you could strip for me" The two looked at each other and Gail stood up "why not" and started to unbutton the blouse.

She did it slow in an exaggerated strip tease fashion. Cindy laughed and clapped. She took off the blouse and then the skirt. Now all she had on was the bra and panties. "Okay Cindy your turn" Cindy got up and unsnapped the shorts and dropped them swinging her hips and then took off her top exposing the cute little tits with hard erect nipples.

"Hey now you Beth" Beth stood up and dropped her skirt and top with little hesitation and then move to Cindy and reached out and took hold of a nipple. "Oh they are nice and hard and big for such little tits." Cindy liked Beth holding her nipple and reached out to undo Baths bra, "you have to show those big tits of yours now". The bra fell open and she grabbed one of Beth's nipples and squeezed it. Beth reacted and reached out and pulled Cindy in closer then ran her hands down her sides and grabbed the panties and pulled them down.

"No sense keeping these on" Gail did not want to be left out and move in and as Beth stood up she took Beth's panties down. "Oh nice bare pussy and such big lips" Beth reached out and pulled down Gail's panties and now all 3 of them were naked.

There was no stopping now as the desires and passion were heavy. Beth reached out and took a nipple of each between her fingers and twisted them and the girls each took one of Beth's nipples and the other girls. Each had two nipples in between fingers and was twisting and pulling. Beth broke the circle first and reached down slipping a finger along the pussy lips of Cindy and then Gail then bending the finger to enter between the lips and wiggled making each girl very excited and wanting more.

The girls moved into Beth and put arms around her and started to kiss and suck her nipples thief cassidy banks johnny sins they each grabbed and ass cheek and squeezed hard.

With that Beth pushed her fingers deep into each girl and wiggled it hard and fast. Beth stopped and said "okay let's go into my bedroom I have some toys we can play with." They all rushed into the bedroom and then quickly embraced and caressed each other and then Beth opened the drawer.

"Here are some of the toys I like to play with." And she pulled out a couple of strapons, several dildos, and vibrators. Several were very large and there were some neither girl had ever seen such as the large hand or rubber thing that looked like a human forearm. "What do you do with this" Gail asked as Cindy move up behind her and cupped her tits and pinched the nipples and she moaned yorus d adventure hmv higher quality hentai bucked her hips back into Cindy's belly.

Beth took the hand and pointed it at her own pussy and said "when I get really hot I put it in, its called fisting, you mean you have not tried that yet and your working girls". "Hey I just started working and that would never fit my pussy" "Oh if you get hot enough and it's done right it will fit believe me, I bet I can make it fit". "Ya well not tonight okay, I just want to play with your big tits" and with that she moved in and grabbed Beth's tits and kissed and sucked the nipples.

Beth now had both girls sucking her and it felt great. She reached around and fingered both of the pussies, first one finger and then two. Her thumbs found the clit on each and worked them. The idea of sex with a female made the experience even sexier and so they started to experience small orgasms early. They had fallen on the bed and were grabbing and fingering and kissing with abandon.

Beth was eating Gail and Cindy was eating Beth and Gail had a finger in Cindy's pussy deep and hard. Then Cindy had a big orgasm and that caused Gail to follow and Beth well she had several little one and that was fine.

They lay breathing heavy; three naked bodies entwined arms and legs. Gail rolled over and looked in the drawer and saw the straps and gags. "What do you maxcuckoldcom penny pax cuckold interracial and pornstars with these?" She said as she picked up a pair of cuffs with ropes.

"Well sometime I tie up someone and sometime they tie big tits teen masturbating on pornwatch part on hornyandhotmilfscom up. Heck I even tied John up once." Both girls spoke up "I want to see that." They had all sorts of visions of John all tied up naked while they teased and played with his body, naked body.

Their pussies got all wet and tingly again with the thought of John naked. Beth saw the look and thought, this could be very interesting. These two really want John and well I could have a really good time. Sex with three women and a man sounds like a lot of fun.

"Well maybe we can work something out someday soon" Gail then pulled out a strapon; "no need asking what this is for, but it is big" Beth smiled "the bigger the better believe me, want me to show you how, give it there." Cindy looked at it and said "you can fuck Gail with it not me" and Gail replied "only if I get to fuck Beth with it afterward" and with that she move to put the strapon on Beth. Thing progressed and Beth got out the lub and greased up the cock and then move to Gail.

She first started licking and sucking on her pussy and kissing her belly. Cindy did not want to be left out and she moved to Beth and started to cup, squeeze her breast and pinch her nipples.

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Gail was getting worked up and grabbed Beths head and pulled it up to her breast. Beth started to suck Gail's nipples and then guided the cock to her pussy. She pushed and the head popped into Gail. Gail's body bucked a little from the initial pain of entry but ghar ki safai karne wali the pain became a new pleasure and the huge cock slid deeper into her now wet pussy. The strapon had a protrusion on the back side that worked on Beth's pussy and clit so every movement into Gail caused movement on Beth's pussy.

Soon Beth was ramming the cock deep and fast into Gail. There was so much moaning from Gail that made Cindy move over and squatted down so Gail could lick her pussy. Gail eagerly bit and ate Cindy's pussy. The hips of all bigass ebony babes fucked in black threesome were bucking and the moans were getting louder. Cindy did not want to be left out and she moved to Beth and started to cup, squeeze her breast and pinch her nipples.

Gail was getting worked up and grabbed Beth's head and pulled it up to her breast. Beth started to suck Gail's nipples while Cindy's hands ran down her spine.

Gail could feel the huge cock moving inside her pussy and it was stretching her to the limit. Beth pushed hard and it went in so deep. She could finally only think, ah god it hurts so good and she bucked up to meet Beth.

Her body quivered as she had several orgasms. There was much moaning and quivering with the pleasure of the moment. Now they collapsed onto one another and just occasionally a hand would caress a body. Beth rolled off the bed and started to put things away when Gail said "wait I want to see what else you have" and with that looked into the large drawer containing an assortment of toys and tools.

Gail was very interested and started to pick up things and ask about them. Beth showed all her various vibrators and the butt plugs and beads. She also explained about the enema and douche tools she had and how they could give some pleasure.

Cindy was interested in the enema tools as she had urges along that line. She was rubbing her pussy and then rubbed her tight ass hole and actually slipped a finger in as they were talking.

Beth did not miss anything the girls said or did. She was thinking that these two girls were going to be close siberian mouse custom teen babe masha msh 45 Beth. She had no idea how close it would become. This is an evening they all remembered for a long time. It was a couple of weeks later that the worst happened. It was 12 at night when John's phone went off. He looked at the call and it was Cindy on the ICE line.

He did not talk but listened. He did not like what he heard. There was a scream and then crying and voices, loud angry voices giving orders. John was up dressed girl in stockings satisfies a hard dick now looking at his computer.

His software and phone could locate Cindy's phone. It was on the move out of town and this was not good. Picking up a package from the secret hole in the floor, John headed out in his truck. He followed the GPS signal on his laptop and saw it stop. Oh man that's at least 20 minutes away. Hang on Cindy. Cindy and Gail had taken a call for a two girl show with two men. They had met at the hotel as usual but then in and out with cassandra captain stabbin men got very rough and insisted that they go to another location.

Cindy said no way and refused but then the men pulled a knife and said they would go of die. At that point Cindy remembered the number and instruction John had given her some time ago and she hit the button and put the phone in a pocket in the robe she had on. They had been drive to a house in the country, actually a rather rundown old farm house. There they were taken to the back room which was lit and had all sorts of frightening things.

There was a wooden X with straps on it and a steel table with all sorts of shape knives. There was a funny looking chair with a hole in the seat. There were hooks from the ceiling and chains and whips. Both girls just looked wide eyed and scared to death. One of the men went and started a couple of DVD cameras. At this point one of the men grabbed Gail and spun her around and ripped her blouse and bra off.

When she screamed he hit her and then pulled off the skirt. She just stood there in her panties and cried. Cindy started to scream and say something but the other man only hit her and then told her to shut up. He dragged her to the X and strapped her to it and then stuck a gag in her mouth. He then proceeded to rip her clothes off. Gail was taken to another wooden contraction and bent over and strapped to it.

She felt some cold metal slid along her leg and then her panties were cut off. She saw a large bright ugly looking knife in his hand and she was very afraid. She could only think, they are going to kill us we are going to die and she started to cry again. Cindy saw the man cut Gail's panties off and her own lying on the floor. The knife man came over and finished cutting off her clothes.

Now they opened their pants and hauled out their cocks and proceeded to rape the girls. Even prostitutes can be raped. Both girls enjoyed sex that's why they did what they did for a living, but this was not fun and they did not enjoy this.

Cindy felt the cock tear into her and she threw her head back and it hurt as the cock went deep and dry into her pussy. He pumped for what seemed like forever before he came and then he pulled out and spun the X over and assaulted her butt. Without any lubricant he raped her ass.

She was screaming into the gag and tear were pouring out of her eyes. Gail had been raped by the other man as well now he was also raping her ass. All the time the men were laughing and talking about how they were going to make a bundle on this snuff flick. Snuff Flick did not register with either girl the only thing they knew was the pain. The men then got a rubber hose that was attached to a bag.

One man rammed it into Gail's ass and the other squeezed the bag. Gail thought she would explode as the liquid filled her. This was not enema and this was torture. She bucked and struggled but the men only laughed. They pulled the hose out and the liquid shot out of Gail's ass like a geyser. Not only the liquid came out but so did the shit and it was ugly. Cindy was terrified as the men approached her and did the same thing.

She could feel the hose as it was forced into her ass and up into her. Then she felt the cold liquid being pumped beautiful desi wife sex with boss indian her filling her beyond imagination. She thought she would throw up but the gag stopped her.

She was shaking with fear. She was head up when they pulled the hose out and the liquid and shit spewed out of her and down her legs. Both girls were crying and so afraid. Now they took a ugly looking thing, not a baseball bat but sort of like that.

They approached Cindy and laughingly said "you ever have a cock this big" and with that he started to push it into her pussy. He struggled and pushed and pushed and she screamed gag or no gag. The other man was doing the same to Gail's ass with a hug dildo. All during this the men had been whipping the girls with nasty cats with metal tips. The girl's butts and legs were covered in blood and shit.

The man working on Cindy said " I think this one needs to be bigger, have to open her up some" and with that he picked up a scalpel off the steel table. Cindy could only think, oh god he is going to kill me, cut me open and she struggled.

There was a crash and the sound of running feet and then he showed up. John entered the room; held out his hand in a bag of some sort. "Do not move if you want to live. Now you down on the floor and you let the girls loose. I have a gun in my hand and I will kill you right now." The men responded like told. The girls were release. "Oh John" "Quiet not a word, now get something on and get out of here now and say nothing, get in the truck and wait and I mean wait and be quiet." The girls did as told and found some old sheets and wrapped up and left.

About 10 minutes later John came out and got in the truck. The girls started to cry hug him saying "oh John thank you thank you, you saved" "Enough, be quiet" and he dialed a number. "Hello, John here and I need your help bad……&hellip.

I need quiet medial help for the two women Cindy and Gail they have had trouble and need help but nobody can know and I mean nobody, understand, will you help………… good I owe you a big sex wapdem xxx storys full we will be back to my place in 30 minutes the code is 8747 see you there and bring a full bag of tricks." He closed the phone and looked at the two women, hell they're just girls.

Cindy was next to John and just reached over sobbing and kissed his cheek and wrapped her arms around him. Gail lay over Cindy holding her and touching John's face looking at him like a lost child.

John could only think, shit what have I gotten into. The girls cried and sobbed most of the way back. John has an attached garage to his unit in the complex and he drove in and closed the door. He ushered the girls to the door and into his apartment. Elizabeth the nurse was waiting. "Oh god John what happened?" "I'll tell you later, now just take the girls into my room and do what needs doing and remember all of you not a word to anyone period, this never happened" With that Elizabeth took the girls to John's bedroom and striated to clean them up.

She put them in the shower first and then checked them over. She did what needed doing. John had just come back in and was sitting in the big chair with a beer. Elizabeth came in walked over to John and sat down in his lap took his beer and drained it. "They will be okay in a few days if there is no infections, so what are you going to do about those men?" John put an arm around her pulled her close and kissed her tenderly, "I owe you a lot, thanks…&hellip.

So they told you what happened did they and it said no talking" "Hey they are terrified, they are hurting and well the emotions are all mixed up and they had a woman to talk to…… they told me about some really rotten scum that I think intended to kill them and then they tell me about some hero coming to their rescue." With that she reaches over and kisses him on the lips.

"John you are something special and I do love you…… so what about those men?" "Easy lady and I am not a hero maut ka lauda bur mil jayega you can kiss me all you want" "The men John, what is going to happen?" "The men are no longer a problem and don't ask any more questions" Elizabeth backed up and looked at John, he looked tired, but she also saw something that said, don't ask.

She remembered things about the past and decided to let it alone. John just pulled her to him and kissed her. "Thank you for being here" "I very very sexy hot story free stay till tomorrow, I gave them some pills and they are sleeping and I want to check them in the morning, Gail said something about snuff film?" "You know what they are don't you" "Yes" "Well, let's say they are out of the business" The girls recover over the next week.

John has thanked Elizabeth in a special way, that's another story, and things are fine again at the Sunrise Apartment Complex