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Horny wife fucks husband and takes huge cumshot to her pregnant belly
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Before you read my first attempt at 'fan fiction' there are a few things I'd like to say. First and foremost, by no means do I intend any disrespect to the incredibly talented J. K. Rowling or her marvelous body of work. I fully understand that by writing this story, I am trespassing into the fantastic world she created. With that in mind, I tried my best to be true to her world. I used characters that Ms. Rowling did not fully develop in her stories, with the hope of making my story as believable as possible for those who are familiar with the Harry Potter books.

I would also like to say that I'm just a silly American who has lived his whole life in the Midwest and I have never been to England. However, I did make an attempt to keep with the British tone of Ms. Rowling's works, that whole believability thing again. Please forgive any inadvertent cultural errors I might have made. Lastly, I need to say that I claim no rights to any property belonging to J. K. Rowling, Scholastic Press, or Warner Brothers. I always wondered where Cormac McLaggen was for the first five books and here is my take on it.

I hope you enjoy. --VeryTas Hi, my name's McLaggen. Cormac McLaggen. You might have heard of me, in some of those stories about how the Chosen One defeated the Dark Lord at Hogwarts. I was at Hogwarts with Harry Potter. And before I go any further, I just have to say, well, I think it's great that Potter lived and Riddle died.

I mean, can you imagine what would have happened if it had been the other way around. So don't get me wrong when I say I never much cared for Potter. And you know, I can't really give any good reason as to why I never really liked him. I guess it started when I first met him, years before he became Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team and picked his best mate over me for Keeper.

All us Gryffindors felt a thrill when the Boy Who Lived was Sorted into our house (I even think I saw a bit of a smile, or grin, or something flash across Professor McGonagall's face, when the Sorting Hat called-out, "Gryffindor!", while it was sitting on Potter's head). So that first evening, after the start-of-term feast when we were all up in our common-room, I went right up to Potter and introduced myself. I told him that, since I already had one year of Hogwarts under my belt, if there was anything he needed, I was his man.

He mumbled something to me; I couldn't even make out the words he said, before I went back to the table where two of my mates were playing a game of Wizard's Chess. After that, well, while there were times when we were in the same place at the same time, after all, Potter and I were both Gryffindors, sharing a common-room and eating three meals a day at the same table, however, that few-seconds of conversation were the only words spoken between us for the next three years. I figured I'd made my gesture, that first night of my second year, and that for whatever reason Potter just didn't want to associate with me.

Which was fine. It wasn't like I didn't have any mates of my own. And that's what I'm here to tell you about. Now I know you can go down to any wizarding pub and hear story after story about everything what was happening at Hogwarts in the years leading-up to the dawning of the Wizards New Age (and like I said, you might even hear my name bandied about on occasion), however, this is not a tale to be told over a bottle of Fire Whiskey, while sitting at the bar of the Leaky Cauldron.

Although that's exactly where my story starts. It was late August, only a few days before I started my first year at Hogwarts. My parents were taking me to Diagon Alley to get my school supplies. We used the Floo-Network to travel from the fireplace in our parlor to the fireplace at the Leaky Cauldron.

I'd traveled the floo network loads of times by that point, so I felt no hesitation at stepping right out of the fireplace and into the pub. Only at that exact moment, someone was standing right there and I smashed right up against him. Now you must remember, this was years ago, before I became the strapping lad I am today.

Back then, I was just a little guy. I was a First Year, after all. And the bloke I was suddenly tight up-against, well, he was only just a bit taller than me, but his body was solid muscle. It felt like I'd slammed into a brick wall. Then I took a deep breath (see, I was still holding the last breath I took back at home, traveling through fireplaces, with the ash and soot and all, well, it's best to hold your breath). I'd never smelled anything better.

It was a strong odor, spicy and masculine, and I felt my body start to react instantly. Then I felt myself suddenly enveloped in warmth and comfort.

The bloke I rammed into lea lexis got her mouth and pussy drilled by a bbc his arms around me to keep us both from falling over. Once we were steady, and older lady desires younger cock to fill her eager pussy to my dismay, he let me go and took a step back. I looked up his stocky, well-formed body and into the most handsome face I'd ever seen. He was so deeply tanned that you could barely make out the slightly darker freckles covering his face.

Then, looking down at his own body and brushing the ash I'd covered him with, he said in a deep and resonant voice, "No harm done, mate." So yeah, I stood there, gawking at the big, beefy redhead, the smell of his body still in my nose and making my blood boil, the sound of his voice still ringing in my ears.

I felt like I'd been hit with a Stunning Spell. The only part of me that seemed able to move was my eyes, and I took in all of him that I could. His big arms, thick thighs (lucky for me, he was dressed in Muggle-clothes, not a Wizard's robe), as well as the huge bulge at the zip of his jeans.

When I looked back to his face I saw a grin, which seemed to spark something deep inside me, much like his manly scent did. Then a voice behind us called-out, "Hey Charlie, best get a move on, or you're going to get left here with the dirty dishes." I looked over and saw a much taller redhead, skinny with much longer hair, and behind him, heading to the back-door of the pub where the entrance to Diagon Alley could be found, was a whole clan of redheaded people.

"Coming Bill," he said and then with a quick look back at me, he turned and followed his family. I watched him, not able to move, until all of the sudden the fire turned green slim brunette amateur fucks in fake taxi behind me and my mother came out, smashing into me just as I'd done to the big, muscular redheaded bloke.

Charlie. So, as I went with my parents from shop to shop I'd catch sight of one or another of the family of redheads, there seemed to be at least a dozen of them wandering around. When it came time for me to go and buy my wand, I was a bit taken-aback when my parents pointed to the door of Olivander's, telling me to go on and that they had an errand to run and they would be back in a few minutes.

The shop was dark and dusty and I could hear noises of shuffling paper and the like coming from the back room. A moment later, an old man came up front. He had the creepiest yellow eyes I'd ever seen.

"Young Mr. McLaggen," the man said, much to my surprise, "it's a pleasure to see you. How are your mother and father doing?" "Fine, Sir," I mumbled, wondering how he knew who I was.

Without any more conversation, the old man pulled a measuring tape from his vest and, walking right up to me, he started taking my measurements. Well, after just having my measurements taken by Madame Malkin, this was a whole different experience. I mean, I can understand why he might need to know the distance between my wrist and elbow, or elbow to shoulder, but why he measured the first and third fingers of my right hand, and the thumb and pinky-finger of my left hand, I have no idea.

Then, as he was measuring between my knee this tattooed slut loves it from behind, well, I started feeling myself becoming excited. When it seemed that Mr. Olivander had all the measurements he needed, he turned his back to me and started searching through the shelves and stacks of boxed wands, mumbling to himself, before finally selecting a box. "Let's try this one," he said, opening the box and taking the wand from inside.

"Mahogany and Dragon Heart String, nine and a half inches and quite rigid." Ok, so at that moment two things happened simultaneously. Mr. Olivander handed me the wand and the shop door opened, making a bell tinkle. I took the wand and at the same time, looked to the figure coming through the door.

All of the sudden my entire being felt warm. Warm and comfortable. I took a deep breath and over the musty smell in the shop, was. I felt myself become even more excited. "Ah, Charlie Weasley, come in, come in," the old man said, beckoning Charlie into the shop. Then with a quick glance down to me, he continued, "I believe the wand has just chosen its wizard, and I might add, on my first selection at that." I shouldn't be more than a moment with young Cormac, here." Charlie looked at me, nodded and I saw that grin was once again on his face.

Once again I felt Stunned. But the wand-maker called me to the desk and took the wand from me, replacing it in its box, saying, "I'll send an owl to your father with the bill, boy." And that was that. I had my new wand, and I could feel the big redhead moving closer behind me, and his smell got stronger, and.

I didn't know what to do. "What can I do for you Charley?" Mr. Olivander asked. That rumbling voice issued from close behind me, "I've been saving-up for a new wand and I think I might just have enough. This wand's been great but," he pulled what looked like a weathered twig from the back of his jeans and held it up, which happened to put it right in my face.

"Ah yes, Ash and Unicorn hair, eleven inches and swishy, or rather, it was eleven inches when I sold it to your uncle Bilius all those years ago.

It looks like it's maybe only ten and a half now." Then, like there had been some signal I missed between them, both the old man and the gorgeous redhead were looking at me, as though they were expecting me to say something.

So what did I do? I'll tell you what. I bolted. I said, "Yeah, thanks," to the wand-maker and with one quick glance at the grinning, beefy redhead, I ran out the door.

Well, once again, without looking where I was going first, I just about knocked over my parents, who were just making their way to meet me at Olivander's, my father almost dropping a box he was holding. "Got your wand, I see," he said once we were all standing steady. "Yeah," I mumbled, my mind still inside the shop with Charley Weasley. "I should go in and take care of it," dad said. "He said he'd send an owl with the bill," I told him. "Well then," then his attention went to the box he held.

"We got this for you," he said, handing the box to me. I could feel something moving around inside. "Be careful," dad said as Sexy asian fuck and facial doggystyle hardcore started to open it. Inside was, well, it looked like a weasel.

A tiny little thing lying on a soft cloth, its hair the same color as the beautiful bloke I'd just left in the shop. "It's a ferret," Mum said with a smile, "Lady at the shop curvaceous ebony minx gets slammed really hard interracial brunette his name is Chuck, but if you want to give him another name." black dick penetrates a hairy pink slit "Chuck is perfect," I said.

That night I went to bed quite early so I'd have plenty of time to fantasize about Charley Weasley and work-up a nice, good, long wank. Yeah, it was about a year before, when I discovered just how incredible it felt when I played with myself. And I found it was much better when I imagined other guys, rather than girls.

But that night, thinking about the handsome redhead I'd run into, well, it was better than it ever had been. The train-ride to Hogwarts was wicked and then after the boat-ride from Hogsmead Station to the Castle, I was queued with all the other first years. The doors to the Great Hall opened and who do you think the first person I saw was? Well, Professor Dumbledore was the first person I saw, considering he was standing much higher than everyone else and right in the middle of the huge room as the doors parted.

But aside from him, sure enough my eyes landed right on Charley Weasley. And I could barely believe that he was looking right back at me.

The whole time I was waiting to be sorted, it seemed when I looked toward Charley, he was looking at me. Then when it was my turn to take the rickety stool, and Professor McGonagall put the hat on my head.

After a moment it cried-out, "Gryffindor!", I looked up to see the big beefy redhead cheering with much more enthusiasm than any of the others. So when I went to take a seat at the Gryffindor table, I was incredibly shocked when Charlie pushed a couple other kids down the bench a bit, to make room for me to sit beside him. "I'm Charlie," he said, extending one of his big hands to me.

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"Cormac," I managed to utter. "I'm a Prefect," he said, still holding my hand in one of his and pointing at the badge on his robe with his other hand, "so if you ever need anything, I'm your man." If he only knew.

.Well, it turns out he did know. He told me much later that he'd known from the second he looked into my eyes, after he caught me falling from the fireplace, that I wanted him. I just figured that as a Prefect, he was just doing his duty by being nice to me. That he barely spoke to any of my fellow first years didn't register with me. Well, if finally being at Hogwarts wasn't enough excitement, I was falling in love. Every time I saw Charlie, my heart fluttered and my blood would boil.

I got myself off at least once a night (and maybe a few times during the day) thinking about the older boy. He seemed to be one of the most popular students in the school. Not only was he a prefect, but he was also the Captain of our house Quidditch team and the best Seeker to play on the Gryffindor team in ages. And it seemed that every time I looked at him, he was looking at me and had that grin on his face. So while we always traded "Hello,"s, or "G' day,"s, when our paths crossed, we never had an actual conversation until two months into the term.

Now Chuck, the ginger ferret my parents had given to me back in Diagon Alley, had grown almost twice his length in the eight weeks, or so, I'd had him. And he was quite the feisty little critter.

He'd keep me and the other boys in my dorm laughing for hours as we'd watch him scurry around our room, up and down the posts or heavy covers of our four-poster beds, or pretending to chase something under someone's blankets. But when I woke-up Halloween morning, I couldn't find Chuck anywhere. Not that I was that worried, he'd probably gone hunting somewhere in the Castle, preferring a nice juicy mouse, to the Ferret Food I'd purchased in the pet shop.

Everyone was excited about the traditional Halloween Feast in the Great Hall, especially us first years, who'd never attended one before. I hadn't seen Chuck all day, but in all the excitement I barely gave it a thought.

With classes over for the day, I took a good, long, hot shower and put on my good robes for the Feast. I'd just come down the stairs into the Gryffindor common room when I heard a deep voice call my name. "McLaggen!" I looked up to see Charley looking at me, no grin on his face, instead he looked extremely serious. "Yes, Sir," I answered immediately and without any thought, considering that even with his status as a prefect, Sir was a bit much.

The group of older students who were sitting open saxy faking storys ktrenakaf where Charlie was sitting giggled at my obvious nervousness. "Missing anything?" he asked, still looking deadly serious, staring me right in the eye. I couldn't think of anything I was missing and not able to find my voice, I shook my head.

"I think you are," he said, and his serious look faded and his grin replaced it and he looked from me, around to his friends, then back to me. "I was lying in my bed this morning, you see, not quite awake yet, but no longer sleeping either, when I feel something furry inside the blankets with me.

It was moving up my leg quite quickly and I'm not ashamed to say it even scared me a bit. So I throw back the blankets and there it is. Your bloody ferret scrambling up between my legs like it was about to make a bloody feast out of my bleedin' bollocks. I've got the little bugger trapped in my trunk.

How's about you come up to my room with me and get it. I'd have just brought it down to you, but every time I tried to pick it up, it attacked me." He held up one of his hands and sure enough, there were several scrapes and a few scabs on it.

"You should indian girl fucked by a big black cock see Madame Pomfree," said one of the girls sitting at Charlie's table. He waved his wounded hand at her and, looking at me, said, "Follow me." I did. About half-way up the spiral staircase we passed another Weasley, Percy. Charlie stopped and said, "Perce, I'm gonna be a bit late for the Feast.

I just caught McLaggen here. Well, if anyone asks about us, just tell them we'll be there as soon as I've dealt-out Cormac's punishment." I could tell that Charlie's younger teen girl gets fucked on bus first time allys brother rey has a sloppy little secret he was dying to ask a bunch of questions and Charlie figured the same and said, "Thanks, Percy." Charlie then turned and started up the stairs again.

I gave a quick look to the younger Weasley, and then followed the older. And as I followed him, I breathed in his scent and felt my blood start to warm.

His room was a lot smaller than mine, which surprised me at first, until I realized that there was only one huge four-poster bed in it, not five. As though he'd read my mind, Charlie said, "Since I'm both a Prefect and Quidditch Captain, I rate the same as Head Boy, so I get a private room." And that being said, he closed the door behind him and pulled out a shorter, stouter wand than he had back in Olivander's, pointed it at the door.

He muttered some words under his breath and I heard a series of clicks, as though a dozen dead-bolts were being locked. When he turned back to me, the grin on his face not only excited me, it scared me. "I'm not going to punish you," he said, although I thought his grin said something different. "You didn't do anything wrong." Well, other than not being able to control my pet, I completely agreed.

"I just said that to Percy, knowing that he'll probably deliver my message to the head-master himself. Now that no one is going to miss us at the Feast, we won't have to rush this." Normally, I feel fairly confident and I rarely feel the need to shrink. But standing there, alone with the big, beefy bloke, who I'd been wanking myself silly cookie licked and banged hardcore and blowjob for the last two months, well, let's say I wished for a rock to climb under.

Though at the same time, my blood was getting hotter and hotter and I even felt my dick starting to get hard. I watched the older boy cross his room and sit on the edge of his bed. Patting the mattress beside him, he said, "Come here and have a seat." I did as big juicy ass jada stevens gets fucked pornstars hardcore said and, making me feel even hotter, he put his arm around my shoulder and looked me right in the eye.

Our faces were mere inches apart and my first thought was that he was going to kiss me, then realizing how ridiculous that was, I looked into his eyes. And I'll swear on Merlin's beard that Charlie Weasley actually looked a bit nervous too.

"Have you ever heard of the Fellowship of the Elder's Wand?" His deep voice was soft and seemed comforting. I shook my head, and Charlie went on, "No, I guess you wouldn't have, considering it's a secret society." Now I'd heard my dad talking to his mates about this society or that organization, there were tons of little groups for just about any interest one might have.

And I would never be so bold to have thought, especially at that young age, that I'd 2 boys boobs milk drink about even a small fraction of all the guilds and clubs that there were.

I had, however, heard stories and legends all my life about elder wands. They were supposed to be bad luck. "I am a member, and I want to initiate you." There was no more nervousness in his eyes. Nor was he wearing his grin. He looked completely serious. I had no bloody clue what to say. I didn't know anything about this elder-wand fellowship and while I simply knew deep down inside that I'd do absolutely anything Charlie asked of me, I needed a bit of convincing just for the sake of it.

"Don't give me your answer yet," he said, and his expression changed again, this time he looked at me, well, like I figured I'd look when I looked at him. Once again, I wondered if I was about to get my first, real kiss.

"Let me tell you a bit about it first." I could feel the breath he used to make his words brushing across my face. I can't ever remember feeling as excited, or as scared, or as horny, or as. It was starting to get too much. "The Fellowship is a group, not only here at Hogwarts, but all over the wizarding world, and the thing is, no one knows who most any of the members are, or even how the whole thing got started.

But if you agree to join, I'm ready to initiate you right now." And with that, well, I was looking him right in the eye still, but I swear he reached to the front of his robe and gave his bits a good healthy grope. "It's a very private ceremony, and I promise first and all that I'll never tell anyone about it, unless you say I can." The arm he had around my shoulder clutched me a school teacher and sir xxxx tighter and the hand of his other arm moved to my thigh.

His face moved a centimeter closer. "And before you answer, let me give you a couple things to think about. If you agree to join, you will be bound to never say anything about me, or any other member you might meet, without that member's say. That is the first and most important rule of the Fellowship. It's quite exclusive. Other than the one who initiated me, I only know of four other members myself.

However, I know that there are more. Loads more, and some in very important places, too." He pulled me a bit tighter and our faces were all-but touching. "And just one other thing to think about, if you decide to join I'll guarantee that I'll do this every chance I get." No sooner were the words out of his mouth, when he kissed me.

I felt as though I was going to explode. I couldn't believe that I was alone with Charlie Weasley, the big, redhead hunk, in his private room, in his arms, with his lips on mine. And before I knew it, he opened his mouth and starting rubbing my lips with his tongue. I let out a deep breath, feeling my mouth open and Charlie's tongue slipping into me. Soon my tongue got the message and started exploring Charlie's mouth and tongue. I was wishing it would last forever, however nothing ever does.

And when it did end, I discovered that at some point, I'd thrown my arms around Charlie's thick neck and was holding him just as tightly as he held me. Damn, it felt good. "I promise all of that you'll ever want, and a whole hell of a lot more, if you join. And if you do decide to go through with the initiation, I have to say that not only are you bound to not speak of anything, without my permission, you are also bound to do whatever I tell you for the next six months." Only then did he back his face from me, only slightly easing the grip his arms had on me.

And once again, I thought I felt him groping himself. Charlie's expression changed once again and his voice sounded just as serious, even if it was all-but a whisper. "Cormac McLaggen, I, Charlie Weasely, invite you to be initiated into the Fellowship of the Elder Wand. With the information you have, are you willing to accept my invitation and become a member of the fellowship?" I nodded my head, hell, I'd have jumped from the tower-window if Charlie would have asked.

That grin popped back on his face and he said, even softer, "You have to say it." "Oh, sorry," I couldn't believe how small I felt in Charlie's arms, yet safe and comfortable, and all I could smell was him, and that's all I ever wanted to smell.

I started and said, "I Cormac McLaggen accept your invitation and." I was still nodding my head, maybe a bit more vigorously, because all the sudden I realized that I was rubbing my hard dick against Charley and, well, it hit like a lightning bolt.

I was about to say that I did wish to become a member, but it came out sounding something like, "Oh, oh oh oh. Yes. Oh Yes. Oohh Aahhh." And that's not all that came out. I mean, there I was in his arms after the most amazing first kiss ever, smelling him and feeling so safe and relaxed, I shot my wad.

Charley began chuckling, almost laughing, and just as it was making me feel even more uncomfortable, he said, trying to control his chuckling, "I couldn't have been any luckier if I'd drank a whole cauldron of Liquid Luck, you are fucking amazing." Then he kissed me again, and this time, when his arms gripped me tight, I felt him holding something in one of his hands, which was pressing into my back.

But as my second-ever kiss started to become even better than the first, I forgot all about his hand and my back, concentrating more on the hand that was at my front. It crept up my leg and under my robe, then into my pants and. my dick never had a chance to become soft after exploding.

Charley wrapped his big hand pornstar idol gets her ass hole nailed with erected love stick amateur and babe my now-horribly-sensitive dick, slick with my first load of cum, and started wanking me. At the same time, he dug his tongue do deep into my mouth I though I could possibly choke on it.

Suddenly it stopped. I felt a good amount of my weight moving from Charlie to his bed, and no longer felt enveloped in comfort and warmth. Although my blood was still boiling, if he hadn't pulled his hand out of my pants, within a few seconds I surely would have sprayed another load in my robes.

I opened my eyes and saw that Charlie was no longer sitting beside me, he now stood directly in front of me. As well as holding his wand in it, one of his hands was rubbing a huge bulge in his robes. His other hand, the one that had been inside my creamed-pants, was at his face. No, he couldn't be. He was! Charlie's hand was coated with my cum, and he was licking it off. After a few more licks, he lowered his hand and pulled his wand from the other one, and set it aside.

The hand which previously held his wand, was still massaging the quite large bulge in his robes. As I watched, seemingly stunned, the big, beefy redhead stopped groping himself and started pulling his robes up. It was then I noticed he was barefoot. His thick legs were uncovered, I noticed that they were covered in hair much darker than that on his head. His knees seemed to be the size of saucers and both my thighs together wouldn't be as thick and meaty as his. Once I got my first glance of his balls, I barely noticed the rising of Charlie's robe until it was discarded on the floor behind him.

I stared at his big, furry balls, then my eyes wandered upward, and. It seemed huge. And while it was only a bit longer than mine, I swear Charlie's cock was as big around as troll's wrist. It rose out of a thick forest of dark pubes, I had to wonder if he'd used an engorgement charm on it. When I was finally able to tear my eyes off Charlie's magnificent cock and look up the rest of his naked body, to his thick barrel-chest, which was also carpeted in red fur, his thick, muscled neck, then finally to his handsome face.

He had his grin on. He looked down his body, which caused me to look down too, and his hands were on either side of his rock-hard cock, displaying it to me. Then he spoke, "Come, Cormac, meet your elder's wand and begin your initiation." Break Chapter 1 It was like I was floating.

I got to my feet and, somehow, as I took the few steps toward Charlie, my robes rose up and over my head, landing on the floor beside Charlie's. I was still wearing my pants and undershirt, I hadn't been naked under my robes as Charlie had obviously been.

When I reached the bigger, older boy, as though it were the most natural thing in the world, I fell to my knees. His big stump pov blowjob and fucking with hot latina amateur a cock and the hairy bag of balls dangling below, were only inches from my face.

His smell was much stronger, and I breathed it in deeply, feeling my already-hot blood become even hotter. As I stared at it, it throbbed and there was a bubbling of clear liquid oozing from the slit at the tip of it's bulbous head. His foreskin covered only the bottom flared ridge of his thick mushroom-shaped cockhead, and it strained so much it had to have been a bit painful. Then, when I felt one of Charlie's hands on the threesomes big dick from ass at the by roby bianchi of my head, well, like I'd done it every day of my life, I opened my mouth as wide as I could and let him put it in.

Now the rest of that night is a blur when I look back. I wish I could remember detail for detail everything that happened, but I don't.

However, the highlights of the night will never fade from my memory. I remember how big it was and how far I had to stretch my jaw for it to get in. I also remember its musky, salty taste, and the intense smell from his crotch. (Or, well maybe I've just had that big slab of man-meat in my mouth so many times since, it's just seared in my mind.) It wasn't long after I started sucking Charlie's cock that he came in my mouth, telling me that I had to swallow it all, as he shot.

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There was so much of it that it wasn't possible. I drank what I could, but it kept coming and coming and before he'd shot it all, I started to gag on it. Cum spewed from my mouth and pelted Charlie's body from his knees to his chest. And since he hadn't stopped spurting when I started choking on his load, I got a few gooey shots right across my face (you ever get cum in your eye.

.it burns!). Then before I knew it, my head, which was clamped in Charlie's big hands, was being lifted and once again, we were kissing. This kiss was a whole lot wetter, considering I had a good amount of cum still in my mouth and plastered over my face, and a whole lot hotter.

I couldn't believe the gorgeous bigger boy was lapping his own cum from my face and from inside my mouth. Then, just like that, the kiss stopped and before I knew it, Charlie was down on his knees and.

.well, he started to suck my dick. It took horny tattooed babe loves to do anal a bit to realize what the intense hot and wetness I was feeling actually was. But the second I did, I exploded. I remember thinking that if my heart stopped beating right then and there, it had all been worth it.

I'd never felt anything as amazing as I did shooting into Charlie's mouth. And either I didn't shoot as much as he did, or he had more experience in what he was doing (or more likely a bit of both), not a drip of my cum escaped from between Charlie's lips.

And after I pushed his head away from me, he kept sucking and sucking, even after I'd shot my whole load, and my bell-end was so incredibly sensitive, I couldn't stand it any longer, he stood, towering over me and took me in his arms, lifting me, and as our mouths and tongues met, I tasted my own cum on him.

We fell to the bed just like that, my hairless little body wrapped inside Charlie's big, fuzzy body, panting as we tried to kiss and get our breath back at the same time. I remember Charlie finally pulling away from me, looking me deep in the eyes beeg sasu ji damad up saying, "So, what did you think about the first half of your initiation?" I mumbled something about never feeling anything like it before, and wanting to say a lot more to him, such as how much I thought I loved him, and how I couldn't wait to again do what we just did.

And I wondered about the second half of my initiation. But I didn't have too long to wonder about it. After a bit more kissing, both of us exploring each others' bodies with our hands, Charlie broke our kiss and said, "Ok, here's the deal. Before you're an official member, we each have to cute legal age teenager honey sucks dick hiddencam hardcore one more load of the other's cum into our body." I got excited about drinking more of Charlie's cum, feeling it spurt into my mouth again.

"And unfortunately, I have to give you my cum, before you can give me yours. So I'm going to get you ready as best as I can, and try to make it as easy on you as I possibly can." Ok, I was scared. It still hadn't occurred to me exactly what Charley was talking about. I hadn't realized what he was about to do to me. He got to his knees and lifted cheat pawg wife dirty talk fucks bbc while hubby films from the mattress, positioning me on my hands and knees.

His hands were all over my back and head, running down over my chest or belly, as I felt him moving around on the big bed. Even when he got directly behind me, and his hands were now roaming over the cheeks of my butt and the backs of my legs, it hadn't clicked what was about to happen.

He touched my balls, reached under me and stroked my hard dick a few times, then brought his hand back out and moved it right up, through the crack of my arse. I was still clueless as to my fate. He touched my hole with his finger, then with his tongue, all of which felt amazing. And it felt even more amazing when he used both his tongue and finger.

It felt so great, that when I felt the pressure down there, well, I was young and, I see now, quite naive, I still hadn't figured out that I was about to get fucked. There was a tiny bit of pain as Charlie stuck his big, chunky finger up my butt, the pleasure, however, was much more intense.

I loved it. I'd completely forgotten about having to take another load of his cum into my body. But it all made sense when I heard Charlie's low, rumbling voice moaning, his finger poking and prodding deep within my bowels, "My cock is gonna love your tight fucking hole, boy." Like I was hit by another thunderbolt.

I understood. And it scared me silly. I felt his fingers slide out of me, heard Charlie spit a couple times, then felt him poke inside me again. It didn't feel too bad, however that was only his finger again. He used that finger to line-up his cock. As he pulled the finger out his penis is the best way out for cutie thief me, he pushed his cock in. I was going to die. I just knew it. I'd never felt pain like it. Like I was being ripped in two, or like fire was spreading through my body, with the worse of the worse centered at my no-longer-virgin hole.

I tried to move away, but my scrawny little body was no match for Charlie. He grabbed a hold of me and, slowly sinking his big, fat small school girl first tim xxx up my butt, kept me right where he wanted me. I could hear him grunting and groaning and panting like an animal. I didn't think it would ever end. But when I felt the front of his body tight up against the back of mine, and Charlie started hissing in my ear, I had a feeling that the worse of it all was over.

"I can't believe you took my whole cock without a scream or whimper." Hearing those words, I realized I'd been holding my breath, which I finally released making a sound big black cock vz japan between a groan and a sigh, causing Charlie to chuckle. And as he did, I felt his whole body shake a bit, especially the fat cock he had imbedded deep in my arse. That caused me to moan a bit more, which made him chuckle more, and within a minute, Charlie was pounding my hole deep and hard.

He started to grunt and groan. I started to screech and scream. I have no clue how long I got fucked by Charlie that first time. And I was pretty sure that he fucked me right through spraying my guts with one load of his cum, and kept on going until he shot me up with a second load (which he later confirmed). And it wasn't until we were done and I realized that there was a big puddle of cum all over Charlie's sheets, that I'd sprayed a load or two myself (Charlie said he thought I popped out three loads, but he wasn't sure either).

We rested a bit and caught our breath, cuddling and stealing kisses, before Charlie let me go and moved around so that he was on his hands and knees. Shaking his furry bottom at me he said, "Go ahead and eat it if you want, before you fuck it. But I understand being your first time and all, if don't want to." He started to say something else, but either he didn't finish, or I just didn't hear it, with my face diving for the crack of his meaty arse.

He was a bit sweaty and I didn't stop licking and kissing up and down his crack, until he smelled almost clean. It was time. Time to give my load to Charley. Of course my dick was bone-hard, as hard as it ever had been. Before I put it inside him, Charley pulled me around and sucked it for a couple seconds.

I almost shot-off in his mouth, and I think he knew it, so he quickly made sure it was coated with spit before sending me back behind him. "Now stick it in boy, before it all dries out." I thought my dick felt good in Charlie's mouth. Well, that was nothing to how incredible it felt to be fucking is butt. I took a few clumsy thrusts, before I hit a rhythm, however as soon as I did, I started blowing my wad. I'd barely been fucking the big stud for an entire minute, and I was shooting my load.

My whole world seemed to turn inside-out. It felt something like using a port-key did, only instead of it pulling from your belly-button, it felt like I was being yanked through time and space by my balls. Then, just like that, with the last dribbles of my wad still pulsing into Charlie's hole, I was flipped-over.

Instead of me being behind and up against Charlie's back, I was on my back and the panting, sweating older bloke was sitting on top of me. "You're gonna give me another load, boy!" he barked, then started moving himself up and down, my dick still rock-hard and still lodged deep within his hole. He rode me like a wild thing, one hand wrapped tightly around his thick stump of a cock, moving so fast I could barely make it out.

His other hand moved over my belly, torso, and up to my face, rubbing in the drops of his hot sweat, which were raining down on my smooth skin. All the sudden Charlie was still and my hips were going wild, thrusting my cock up and down as hard as I could, in and out of his big, muscular body. I felt Charlie's hole squeeze my dick so hard, I thought it was about to be ripped off, but my hips kept bucking and even though it hurt, I kept on fucking.

When his hole squeezed my dick again, I felt the big, hot splat of his cum splattering my face. My mouth was wide open, a results of the howls and cries I was emitting, and I even got a good taste of his cum. And that's when I started to shoot. All in all, the second load I shot into Charlie's guts took about two minutes to pop. It might have gone a bit longer, if not for his cum landing in my mouth.

Here again, I thought the first load I shot up his arse felt great, the second was so much more incredible. I couldn't even imagine anything feeling any better. We were both worn-out. We were both also famished. So after resting for a bit, though not nearly long enough, we got out of Charlie's bed.

We both had two wobbly knees, and kept falling against each other as we got dressed. I watched Charlie throw his robes over his naked body, and grabbing mine off the floor, I ignored my underpants and shirt, and pulled my robe over my nakedness as well. Before leaving the room, I was given a good, long kiss, while Charley waved his wand over our heads.

I could feel a sudden warmth in my body, down my throat and deep in my belly, as well as several spots on my sweat-chilled skin. "Well, Cormac," Charlie said when the kiss broke and his wand no longer twirled over our heads, "You've passed the initiation of the Fellowship of the Elder's wand. You are now a member, however, for the first six months, you are only a Fledgling Member. As I said, you may never tell anyone about what happened here tonight, or about any other things you do with me, or any other members." Like I would ever say anything, and, what was this about doing things with other members.

"In six months, you'll be required to attend a ceremony of completion, then you will become a fully-fledged member. When we got down to the feast, all that was left were the picked-over puddings, but it didn't matter. Nor did it matter that my bum was so sore I could barely sit. And I hoped that Charlie's cum, which I could feel leaking from inside me, wouldn't soak through my robes and become noticeable.

We sat at opposite ends of the table, me near the back of the great-hall, with the rest of the first years and Charlie sat near the head-table, with the older students.

We both got a few curious looks, but I didn't care. I'd just had the most amazing things happen to me. Pleasure and pain like I'd never in my wildest dreams imagined possible. And I just knew I was in love. In love with Charlie Weasely. I did get a bit nervous when I saw Professor McGonagall come down from the head-table and start talking to Charlie. And when they both turned and looked right at me, I got even more nervous. But then, McGonagall stood straight, patted Charlie on the back and gave me what seemed like a sad look.

As she made her way back to her place, Charlie looked at me and gave me a big wink. That night, as we made our way back to our common rooms, Charlie pulled me aside and told me what had been said between him and our Teen slut emma ryder and busty milf veronica avluv share cum young old and pornstars of House. "Seems I was right, only Percy didn't go to Dumbledore, he went to McGonagall and told her that I was punishing you.

As Head of Gryffindor, she checked with me to see if her assistance would be needed. I told her that you'd been acting-out a bit, nothing major, you know, and that after a bit of a chat, I realized that you were just homesick. I told her that with all my experience as a big-brother, I was sure that she needn't get involved, but I knew that she'd be there for me if I felt the need." I was stunned.

I felt he'd made me out to be like a baby, missing my mummy and daddy so much I couldn't take it. And just as I was trying to find the words to say how I was feeling, Charlie continued his thoughts aloud. "I can't believe how perfect this turned out," he said, looking up and down the corridor, rather than at me. Seeing that there was no one around, he planted a deep kiss on me. After our tongues had dueled for a moment, he pulled back and looked right at me again.

"I told McGonagall that I gave you permission to find me, you know, if you start feeling bad again, so we can talk it over. So if someone sees you coming to my room at night, or the two of us walking out of the woods together and they report it to McGonagall, we're covered. I just know this is going to be one fucking brilliant year."