I will fuck you for my chores stepbrother stepsister spreading

I will fuck you for my chores stepbrother stepsister spreading
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Laci and Karl Have Phone Sex Part II This is part two of a two-part story. This is based on true events, as is the previous story, with some changes and a few embellishments.

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Married for several years and in our 50s, my wife Laci and I have what I consider the perfect marriage. She is both incredibly sexy, and addicted to sex. I love that about her. She's also bisexual. Laci had hooked up with a female friend, Shawna, at a hotel a few weeks earlier, and I got to listen to some of it by phone.

She then arranged for the two of us to meet with Shawna and her husband, Jason, for an overnight foursome stacey is getting a big black cock striptease and piercing a hotel. But as luck would have it, an important business trip caused me to be out of town on the day we were to meet. It was a weekend seminar I could not avoid. Laci (half-heartedly) wanted to cancel. But I knew her better than that.

I insisted the three of them go ahead with their plans without me. It's funny I am fiercely protective of my wife, but I'm not the jealous type. For example, a couple of months ago, I came for lunch from the office, just as the delivery guy was leaving our house. We get frequent deliveries at home, and the same young man late twenties, Latin, tanned, and muscled -- usually makes the deliveries in our area. Hector had a big grin on his face as he walked by me, and I knew why as soon as I walked in the door.

Laci had been teasing the poor guy for weeks, showing cleavage, making suggestive remarks, and generally creating a bulge in the front of Hector's brown shorts. Laci often expressed an interest in seeing how far it might go, and I gave my blessing, of course.

I looked at my wife's need for sex as a desire for a particular food. As mentioned earlier, we both would be perfectly satisfied with only each other as lovers, but it made little sense for me to deny Laci's desires.

When I opened the door, Laci was topless, on her knees facing the front of the sofa. She had only panties on, and one hand was down inside them.

The other was scooping up small splashes of whitish fluid from her cheeks. She was letting the gooey stuff drip from her fingers onto her talented tongue, but also using her other hand to bring a little of the slippery cum down her panties to smear onto her pussy. I correctly assumed that the fluid was sperm that recently had been jetting from Hector's cock.

He could hardly be blamed, taxi diver fucks teen anal in public if I wanted to. Laci is irresistible. "I see you took a delivery today?" I asked, faking surprise. "Oh, hey honey. Yes I did, and it was a very big load. I had trouble handling all of it, as you can tell. Plus, he's huge, and that is a big plus, believe me.

The only drawback was he had to leave before giving me even more." "I saw him getting into his truck. He was smiling.

I think he'll be back." She laughed, and continued to slurp up sperm. I walked over to the sofa, and Laci unzipped my pants. "I know he will. Anyway, I am so glad you're here so I don't have to do this by myself. By the way, Hector wants to bring a couple of his buddies next time to, ummm, deliver even more stuff - if that's okay with you that is." "You know it is," I said in a bare whisper, as Laci spit on my now-hardened cock, letting her saliva and Hector's cum provide the lubrication for her hand as she began pumping me.

As the tip of my dick touched the back of her throat, I called the office and said I would be delayed. About two months later, Hector made good on his promise, and brought three friends with him.

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That time, Laci alerted me ahead of time so I could be there from the beginning. That story is for another time, however. Back to the story at hand … Laci, Shawna and Jason arranged to meet on a Saturday. I was in a long meeting a thousand miles away as the three of them had lunch. I called the hotel room later in the day, during a break in the seminar.

Shawna answered, and explained that Laci was busy having her pussy eaten by Jason. In the background, I hear my wife's familiar moans, recognizing them instantly.

She was about to cum. "She sounds like she's enjoying it," I said to Shawna. "Oh she is, believe me. Jason and I were just arguing about who was better at eating pussy." "Who won?"
 "Oh, it's far too early to tell.

I would say we're tied now, but we can let you know in a few hours who's winning." Laci screamed in ecstasy, and Shawna was kind enough to hold the phone nearby to let me listen for a minute.

Then my wife took the phone. "Hi honey, how's the meeting going?" she said, out of breath. "Boring as usual.

Wish I was somewhere else right now." "So do I. Don't get me wrong, I like the company I have here. Jason and Shawna have been very shall we say, willing to share?

But it would be even better if you were here." It was difficult making small talk. I wanted to ask about all the nasty things running through my mind. Laci's description of Shawna as a pretty girl with big pillowy breasts made my balls ache. Laci and Jason were in their mid-30s, and though we were a few years older, nobody minded the age difference.

"Next time, I promise. Where did you go for lunch?" I asked. "Just the restaurant next to the hotel here. They booked a suite, with a Jacuzzi which we've put to good use already. They also brought some really nice fruity drink that I can't get enough of.

And a little something else, too." "Well, I am glad you're having a good time, even if it's without me." "I am sweetie, and thank you for insisting on it. There aren't many husbands who would be fine with letting a married couple make love to their wife. You're such a good hubby!" We chatted for a minute or two, and Laci seemed distracted.

She played narrator for me as she sat on the sofa across the large hotel room. "Oh I wish you could see this," Laci whispered. "What's happening?" "They're on the bed, fucking in curvaceous latina has her orgasmic snatch plugged pornstars and cumshots scissors position.

I can see Jason's magnificent cock going way up inside her … God, it looks amazing." Laci was silent for a couple of minutes, except for the quickening of her breath. "Oh God, now he's coming over to me." "What's he doing?"
 "I think he wants to fuck me." "You can't let him Laci." "Huh…what?

Why not?" Laci was pouting, only half-convinced I was serious. I knew she would be spreading her legs already, if not spreading her swollen cunt lips apart for Jason. "Tell him to stand in front of you." She did. "Now ask Shawna if it's ok for you to suck him first." "You are so fucking nasty," she said to me, then, "Shawna, Jason's cock is awfully wet.I was just wondering if I could lick your pussy juice off your husband's cock before he puts it in my cunt?" "Be my guest sweetie," Shawna replied.

"I need to set the phone down, Karl, is that all right?" "Definitely all right Laci," I said. I heard Laci expertly slurping on Jason's cock. She took short breaks, long enough to speak to her two lovers. The phone, on the arm of the sofa next to her, picked up every sound. "Holy shit, girl. Your pussy must really be soaking wet. It's practically dripping off your hubby's dick." More sucking. "You know, Jason, it would be so nice for Karl to be standing here, too, so I can try to get both of your cocks in my mouth." Still more sucking.

"I am really going to enjoy having your husband's cock inside me, Shawna. I'm quivering down there just thinking about it." Laci picked up the phone. "Okay honey, I did as you asked," she said, as if she had just picked up a particular kind of soap for me at the grocery store.

"I licked all of his wife's juice off, and now his dick is dripping with my spit. I'm laying back on this sofa, spreading my legs." "You do that darling. Let him fuck that sweet little pussy of yours. Unfortunately, I have to cougar elexis monroe plays with plumbers huge cock back to this goddamn seminar." "Oh, okay Karl," Laci said, sounding as if she was high. "He's kneeling down and his big purple cock is just about at my lips now.

I will talk to you later." I heard my wife gasp, just as the phone connection cut off. Going back into that seminar, trying to concentrate on whatever boring drivel they were talking about, was one of the most difficult things I've had to do. It also was difficult not to call later that evening, but I wanted Laci to do this without interruption from me. Two days later, I returned home. As I walked in, I noticed the pleasant smells of a home-cooked dinner.

Laci had prepared a feast for us, and we ate by candlelight on our deck as the sun set. I related all the tedious details of my big dick to bang is pornstar love movie trip.

After dinner, Laci filled me in her weekend. It was anything but tedious. When the three of them arrived at the hotel, the ladies forced Jason out of the room for a half-hour walk while they got started. Laci said she and Shawna first undressed gorgeous redhead rides on a stiff rod other, then filled the Jacuzzi and got into it together. They began by caressing each other, getting reacquainted after their rendezvous in a hotel room a few weeks earlier.

Laci said Shawna went down on her when she sat on the edge of the tub. Laci and Shawna were in the water kissing each other when Jason returned. He stripped and got in the Jacuzzi with the two women. He'd brought along a joint, and they shared it as they relaxed. That was the "little something else" that Laci referred to saucy bint gets nailed in the ring cumshot blonde the phone.

Jason and Shawna, on either side of my wife, sucked at her big breasts and hard nipples. Under the water, Jason fingered Laci's pussy. Shawna sat up on the edge of the tub, and Laci turned over, her ass and pussy still under water.

As Laci licked Shawna's dripping cunt, Jason slipped his cock into my wife's pussy from behind. Laci told me it wasn't long before Jason came inside her. They all exited the Jacuzzi and relaxed a while before the two women ganged up on Jason. I knew from experience that Laci's mouth and tongue would drive Jason mad, so if Shawna was any good at all, Jason was in for a real treat.

Laci said Shawna was impressed with her cocksucking skills, remarking on Laci's trick of inserting the tip of her tongue in the little pisshole at the end of a man's prick. The married couple then went to work on Laci. Shawna kissed my wife passionately, and sucked her tits, while Jason took turns going down on the two women. That was when I called, which I have related in the phone conversation detailed earlier. Laci explained what happened after I hung up the phone. As I assumed, Jason drove his cock deep into my wife as she lay back on the couch.

Shawna came over to sit next to Laci and fingered her clit while Jason slid his penis in and out of her. Laci came almost immediately, but Jason kept fucking.

Finally, as he and his wife kissed each other, Jason began pumping sperm into my wife's willing and wet cunt.

Exhausted, Laci collapsed further back into the sofa. Jason stepped away. Shawna gently caressed Laci, ever so gently tickling her puffy pussy lips as her husband's cum flowed out onto the carpet in little rivers. The evening progressed with more lovemaking, slow and deliberate, and fast and furious.

Laci told me one of her favorites was licking Shawna's clit and pussy while Jason fucked it. Ever the trooper, Laci slurped Jason's cum from Shawna's cunt after he shot his load inside her. "Up close, her tiny little pussy being stretched by that big dick looked so fucking nasty.

After he came, I smashed my titty up against her mound just to keep his cum from leaking out. "All I could think of was your cock in there, if it will even fit, and me sucking your cum out of her, Karl," Laci said earnestly to me. "All in good time, darling." Jason came four times that night, twice in my wife's pussy, once in Shawna's pussy, and once on the big breasts of the two nymphomaniacal women just before they fell asleep.

Laci and Shawna rubbed their cum-covered breasts together after the last load, and my wife licked Jason's cum off his wife tits.

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Laci and Shawna had no idea how many times they had cum. The three of them slept on the same bed. In the morning, they cuddled. And while Jason was interested in more lovemaking, the ladies were satisfied. They briefly toyed with the idea of asking the pretty African-American hotel maid, a girl of about 25, to join them for one more romp.

She was in the hallway with her cart, and had seen Laci and Shawna outside in robes, smoking a cigarette earlier that morning since the room was a no-smoking room. The maid made a point of approaching the two ladies and asked if there was anything the two ladies, or the gentleman in their room, needed to make their stay "even better." She winked on the last word.

But Laci and Shawna decided against it, asking for a rain check. I think Laci regrets that decision, but there's plenty of time.

We've talked about going back to that hotel to see if the maid is willing to cash in that rain check. They didn't tell Jason about the maid. He would puremature busty mature ava addams interrupts phone call for fuck been sorely disappointed.

According to Laci, the girl was slightly over five feet tall, had medium-dark skin, perky tits, and pretty legs. Laci wondered what Jason's cock, or mine, would look like up close as it penetrated the pink lips of a black girl's pussy. Ever the troublemaker, however, Laci added to Jason's frustration as they prepared to check out of the hotel room. "So, Laci, who is better at eating pussy? Me or Shawna?" Jason asked.
 Laci thought for a moment. "Well, it's sort of like comparing apples and oranges, and you were terrific.

Your cock really is magnificent, just like I told my husband last night on the phone. I have to be honest. Your wife is completely amazing with her tongue, but yours is a very close second." Pouting, Jason made them promise they would get together again soon, "for a rematch." "Only if Karl can be here," Laci and Shawna said at the same time. The three of them laughed.