Old amputee gets cock sucked and rode on by blonde

Old amputee gets cock sucked and rode on by blonde
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My Rape! I was seventeen years old, a senior in high school. I liked to party, get drunk and get high. The typical teenage stuff. This day was going to end up to be different than the normal high school party day.

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It was senior skip day and we all had planned a huge keg party with the usual people coming. There was always older people there to buy the booze, so nobody thought anything of it when older guys we all know would show up. We started out at our favorite hang out with a keg of beer, weed to smoke, and booze to drink. Someone found out about it and turned us in. The cops came out, busted up the party, confiscated the keg and sent us on our way. We just all chipped in and bought another keg and brought it to hang out number two.

This was a place where the cops would never come because they couldn't drive their cars there. They never wanted to walk in, so we got left alone there. We were all partying and having fun, talking, laughing, swimming, whatever we wanted.

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Our usual drug man showed up and I walked over and talked to him. He is my boy friends brother, so I thought I knew him fairly well. He and I were talking when I asked him If I could get a front some weed. He said for you, of course.

He handed me the weed and I told him that I would pay him back in a day or two. He told me, what if I don't want to wait to be paid back? I looked at him and said, well I don't have the cash right now, so you are going to have to wait a day or two. He said, ok, you know I was just kidding, I can wait.

I smiled at him and walked away. I joined a couple of friends and went about partying and having fun. We all drank, talked, smoked a little weed, it was big cock bf bangs teen gf and her busty mom that we hadn't done a billion times before that. I went to find the bathroom and had no idea that I was being followed until I came out when I was finished and there he was.

We talked for a while, then he went into the bathroom. I walked back to the party and continued to party with all my friends. A while had passed and he came up to me and asked if I would like to go get high, I never thought anything of it and said yeah sure I would like that.

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He walked me out into the woods away from the party. He pulled his bag out of his pocket, he filled his one hitter and handed it to me.

He was holding the lighter in front of the one hitter for me and when I was finished taking a hit, he grabed me by the back of my head and pulled me to him. He said, I told you what if I don't want to wait? I looked up at him and said, please don't do this to me here.

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He grabbed me and threw me down to the ground before I knew what had happened. I tried to scream but he had his hand over my mouth that quick. Then I tried to push him off of me, but he was to big and powerful for me to get away from.

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He unzipped his pants, took his cock out, moved himself up and shoved his cock down my thoat. He said now that your mouth is busy, I can keep you from fighting me off. He grabbed my wrists and pulled them up above my head, held them down with one hand and with the other, he reached behind himself and unzipped my pants.

With his cock slamming in and out of my mouth, he put his hand down my pants and started shoving his fingers inside of my pussy. I didn't want him to violate me like that, but I couldn't do anything, I was completely helpless. He looked down at me and said, if I take my cock out of your mouth are you going to scream? I did my older black amateur woman in boots with white interracial cunnilingus to shake my head no. So he pulled his cock out of my mouth and pulled his hand out of my pants.

I opened my mouth to scream and I felt his hand slap me across my face which stopped me instantly. He moved himself down my body, pulled my pants off, lifted my legs and shoved his cock right into my pussy in one hard fast motion, slamming it into me. At seventeen, I had not had much experience where sex was concerned, so it felt like he was ripping me apart as he slammed in and out of my tight teen pussy.

He had me pinned on the ground, his cock burried deep inside of my tight young pussy, pounding away with no reguard for me. I told him that it hurt. He just started to fuck me faster and harder.

Tears were rolling from my eyes as his lust became more and more fierce. The harder he fucked me, the harder he pushed me into the ground. My wrists hurt from the pressure he was putting on them. I couldn't get away as he was far too strong. He fucked me so hard and fast for what seemed like forever. It lasted well over an hour before he finally shot his load deep inside of my pussy.

After he shot his load, his grip lossened somewhat. Then he leaned over and whispered into my ear and said, if you tell anyone, anyone at all about what I just did, I will find you again and fuck you even worse than this.

Keep that in your mind, I don't believe that you want me to take out my aggressions on you ever, again now do you? I simply shook my head no and then said, I will not tell a single soul, I promise.

I lied. I couldn't keep what happened to myself. I told my mom all about it. To be continued.