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Sunny 2 xxx full sex storiessunny leone full sex stories xxx
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The Devil's Pact by mypenname3000 edited by Master Ken Copyright 2013, 2014 Chapter Thirty-Seven: Mary Magdalene Visit my blog busty girlfriend gives blowjob and lifts upskirt to finger

Violet Matheson Tacoma, WA "Leah, Violet, and Desiree, scatter!" Master shouted. "They're after me, you might get away!" I looked one last time at Master, drinking in his form, then turned and ran as fast as I could from the wreckage. My heart thudded in terror. Behind me, gunfire erupted and I shrieked loudly. Please be okay, Master! Please! I pumped my legs as hard as I could, my lungs burning with exertion. I had never run so fast, so hard in my life. But I couldn't keep it up.

After running six blocks my legs felt like solid lead and my sides ached. I just had to stop, bending over to grab my knees while I tried to catch my breath.

Sweat poured off my forehead, stinging my eyes; I wiped it away with the back of my hand. "We have to keep moving, Violet!" Desiree panted. I jumped, glancing behind me. I didn't even realize that my slut-sister had been running with me. sunny leone boy frinds xxx porn blue film downlode coming!" I glanced behind me and saw soldiers in brown camo running down the street.

They were still two blocks away and covering the ground fast. We were in a residential neighborhood; old houses, most looking run down, crowded the street while the residents stood on their porches watching both us and the soldiers in confused amusement.

"There!" Desiree pointed at a barely-paved alleyway and took off sprinting. Fear gave me a second wind and I chased after her. She crashed through a gate in a chain-link fence, the metal rattling, and I was right on her tail.

We ran down the side of a house and came out on the next street up. There was a loud, crashing sound of metal splintering wood off in the distance where Master was. Stay safe, Master, I prayed. Please stay safe! We cut across the street into another yard, through a gate in the picket fence, the white paint peeling, exposing grayish wood.

Running down the side of the house into the backyard, my sides were killing me and I felt like throwing up. My thin top was wet with sweat, sticking to my boobs. Desiree marched up to a clothesline and ripped down a dress. "We need to change," Desiree panted, her nut-brown skin flushed with exertion.

"We stand out too much dressed like this." I flushed; the tube-top I was wearing was so tight, it was practically a second skin, and my sweat made the red material slightly transparent exposing my nipples and areolas completely. I took the dress from Desiree and pulled it over my head. It was too big for me, the skirt fell down way past my knees. I felt like I wore a tent it was so loose and baggy, so unlike the tight clothes I had grown used to wearing since I met Master.

There was a crashing sound and I turned to see two soldiers walking down the side of the house, aiming their big rifles. Desiree froze for a moment, a second dress in her hand. She glance once at me, smiled, then took off running towards the other side of the house, shouting loudly. The soldiers cursed and chased after her, leaving me frozen in the backyard.

You need to move, Violet. She drew them off so you could escape. So keep moving! Find someplace to hide. There was a back gate that led out into another alley. I ran through it, and looked around the alley, trying to regain my breath. I heard booted footsteps and ducked behind an olive-green, plastic trashcan, trembling as I hid. I curled up into a ball, sobbing silently. My muscles were cramping and I started to shake. This could not be happening. This was worse then when the SWAT team attacked us last June.

I just wanted to stay where I was, hiding behind the trashcan. I didn't ever want to leave. I didn't care that it smelled bad, or that the gravel was sharp and poked my side. It was safe.

I was safe. Please, please don't find me! "Save me, Master," I whispered, clutching at the choker about my neck. "Please come save me, Master." Gravel crunched and I jumped. Someone was approaching. I curled up as tight as I could, taking only the shallowest of breaths. My heart was hammering loudly in my chest.

They're going to hear my heart thundering away, I realized with fear. It's so loud. Fresh terror surged through me, driving my heart to beat louder and louder.

Please stop beating so loud! But my heart ignored me and kept hammering away. The footsteps drew closer; I squeezed my eyes shut. I didn't want to see what was coming. More gravel scraped and crunched as they drew closer; the soldiers were almost to my hiding spot. I'm going to get captured. My heart was beating so hard I thought it was going to burst right out of my chest. The crunching footsteps were right next to me. I was found, they had caught me.

I tensed, waiting for the blow to be struck, the bullet to be fired. Instead it was the lightest of touch. Cautiously, I cracked my eyes open to see a young woman smiling down at me with warm, blue eyes and a friendly smile. She held out her hand and relief flooded through me. I wasn't caught. I hesitantly uncurled, grasped her hand, and she gently helped me to my feet.

I hugged her gratefully, tears running down my face. I wasn't caught! "Thank you, thank you, thank you," I whispered over and over. She just held me for a moment, not answering, then led me into her house. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mary Glassner Osage Field, Kansas I sat facing Sam across the hole, the September sun warm on my back as it sank towards the western horizon. The hole was a few feet deep, dug by Duncan and the other former SWAT officers. We were in a grassy field next to one of the runways at Osage Field, the decommissioned Cold War airbase in the middle of nowhere, Kansas, that Mark and I had purchased.

It was our bolthole. Nearby was a Missile Silo, also shut down, converted into a survival bunker. We staffed the airfield with volunteers bound to us with the Zimmah spell: the SWAT Officers who survived the attack last June, their wives and girlfriends, and the Blackwoods. It was nice seeing Belinda and her teenage daughter Cassie again, and I remembered all the fun I had with Mark's jogging sluts last June. Along with Belinda's husband Oscar, the Blackwoods took care of the actual Missile Silo, while the SWAT Greta the teen loves touching herself defloration softcore and their families took care of the airfield and provided security.

All our friends and family paced around the hole or stood in worried knots. Mark's mother and sister looked sick with worry and the sluts all clung around Alison, encouraging the girl that Desiree was safe and she would be reunited with her wife. I saw Rachel and Jacob, our accountants, holding each other. Their wife Leah is our chauffeur and was with Mark when the attack happened.

Images of our dead bodyguards were being shown on the news, along with Mark's beating. But there was no news on Leah or Violet. I hoped that meant they escaped, but I feared that they were dead. "Are we ready," I demanded impatiently of Sam. Every minute we delayed was another minute that my husband was getting beaten.

"Yes," Sam answered. "Light it." The hole was piled with brush and soaked in gasoline. Duncan lit a rag and tossed it into the pit. The fire had a greasy smell, and a sickly, black smoke that burned my eyes rose up into african couple wife sucking and fucking big penis and her sweet vagina sky.

Sam closed her eyes, breathing deeply. Her plaything, Candy, sat next to her, holding Sam's olive hand. Sam was our Vizier. She understood all the magic better than anyone, even inventing a few spells and charms all on her own. I had a plan. I was going to take a Nun's powers and exorcise Brandon. He wanted me. All of his broadcasts contained his threat to beat Mark until I turned myself in.

He wanted to make me his slut, just like Mark had made his wife Desiree our slut. All I had to do was submit to his lusts and exorcise him, and then this would all be over.

But I needed to know one important fact—if Brandon had a sister, he could perform the Mowdah spell and be able to recognize my new aura. Right now my aura was red, a Warlock's aura, but after I steal the Nun's Gift of the Spirit, my aura would turn bronze.

Just like Mark's had; the aura of a Shaman. The Magicks of the Witch of Endor spoke at great length on aura colors, including the Shaman's. I needed confirmation that my plan would work. I needed necromancy. "Spirits of the dead, I beseech you," Sam shouted out, holding her arms above the fire as she began the Naba ritual.

It was supposed to be very dangerous. If you conjured the wrong spirit, one filled with violence or hatred, it could lash out and hurt the summoner, and since your life-force sustained the summoning, it placed a great strain on you. If you maintained it too long, you could even die. "Appear before me. Rise once more from the grave and clothe yourself in smoke and fire and give us your counsel!" The ground groaned in pain and the fire surged upward with a screaming roar. The heat was so intense that it caused me to wince and slam my eyes shut in pain.

My skin felt like it was about to blacken beneath the roaring inferno Sam conjured, and my heart hammered in fear. Something had gone wrong, Sam had messed up and unleashed an inferno that is consuming us. Then there was a great, moaning whoosh and the heat vanished. Everything went still, quiet. Deathly. The sun no longer felt warm on my back; I felt a growing chill that seemed to seep up from the hole. Cold, clammy air caressed my naked body. I shivered, opening my eyes, to see a figure coalescing out busty big butt girl love taking cock in holes vid the thick, black smoke rising up from the depths of the earth.

From the depths of Hell. The smoke was swirling towards the coalescing shape, thickening it. A torso grew, sprouting arms and legs like tendrils from a vine. A dome appeared, swelling up into a head. The smoke kept swirling in and the billowy figure grew more and more solid. The lines of a body started to appear, legs grew firm and slim, hips narrowed, and the hint of a bosom formed. Wispy hair sprouted curly from the head and the features of the face grew more defined, a doll's face with plump lips.

My heart froze, I knew that face. My eyes watered in grief as Karen spoke, "Hello, Mistress." Her voice was soft, distant. Ethereal. It was like she was shouting from a thousand miles away, a million miles. Farther away than the Moon, the Sun, all the stars in the heavens. It seemed that all of existence lay between us, a vast gulf that her voice was somehow just able to cross.

"Karen," my voice broke; tears rolled wet down my cheeks. "I'm so sorry, Karen." "Don't be, Mistress," Karen whispered. "It was not your fault. That vile creature tricked you." "Are you in pain? Does it hurt where you are?" She smiled softly. "No, Mistress.

Chasity and the others wait with me." "What are you waiting for?" "Why for you and Master, of course. Even in death, we are yours. Always yours." Her gray, smokey hand reached out and cupped my face, wiping at my tears.

"Master needs you. So how can I help?" "Does Brandon Fitzsimmons have a sister?" "No, just a brother," Karen answered. Relief flooded through me. This was going to work! "Is the Mother Superior at Rennes-le-Château?" "She is, Mistress," Karen answered. "Alone and waiting for you." My heart skipped a beat.

"She's waiting for me?" "For two thousand years she has waited for you, Mistress," Karen paused. "Momentous things are happening. Lucifer has driven his enemies from the field and now he waits as his prison crumbles about him. Dark days lie ahead of you." "I don't care, I just need to save Mark!" I cried. "Sam is nearing the limits of her strength. Ask quickly!" Karen urged. "Is there anything else I need to know?" I asked. "Something I haven't thought of?" "Brandon has." Sam screamed, loud and sudden, drowned out Karen's words.

".other." "What did you say?" I asked as the smoke started to drift apart, the form vanishing into a billowing cloud that rose up to the heavens. Karen was gone. Sam collapsed on the ground, twitching, blood trickling from her nose.

I should be concerned for her, but all I could think about were Karen's words. Brandon has what? An other? That didn't make sense. A mother, maybe? He somehow found the way to bind anyone that heard him speak with the Zimmah spell.

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Maybe it involved his mother somehow. A male Warlock needs to use his mother to bind someone. I frowned. No, that could not be right? His mother was dead. Our investigation into Brandon revealed that. It's why we didn't think of him as a threat.

"Ma'am, the plane is fueled," Lynda, one of our pilots, said. "Let's go," I said, pushing aside those questions. Mark was in too much danger to waste a second. My mom caught my arm as I walked by. "She's a legend, the Mother Superior.

You heard Karen, she's waiting for you. Don't do this." "I have to, Mom," I said, shaking my arm from hers. "There is no other choice." "Please, Mary," my mom begged. I hugged her. "It will be okay. She's alone. I will have thirty armed men and women with me. I will be perfectly safe. I love you, Mom." "I love you too, sweetheart," Mom whispered and kissed my cheek. Dad gave me a hug and kissed me on my forehead.

"You can do it, Mary. I know you can. I'm proud of you." "Thanks, Dad," I whispered, fighting back tears. Sam was standing up, looking shaky, as Candy held a cloth to her bleeding nose. For a moment I thought I saw anger in Candy's eyes as she helped Sam. I was about to say something when Missy ran up and hugged me fiercely. "Good luck, sis!" she said and kissed me on the lips.

"You watch out for Mom and Dad," I told her and ruffled her strawberry-blonde hair. I glanced back at Candy and I only saw concern for Sam on her face. Did I even see any anger? "You can count on me, Mary!" Missy exclaimed. I walked to the 747. I planned on taking all twenty-one of the bodyguards and the nine SWAT officers. It would leave all my loved ones unprotected, but none of that mattered if I couldn't save Mark in time.

I took one last look at all our friends and family before the hatch was closed. I walked to my seat and strapped in. My thoughts were full of worry over what Karen had tried to tell me.

I focused, trying to remember how her lips were moving, trying to figure out what Sam's scream had drowned out. I had a long flight to France to ponder it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Desiree de la Fuentes Tacoma, WA Being captured wasn't what I thought it would be.

After being forced to watch my ex-husband order Master's brutal beating, I was taken to the showers in the the jail next-door to the courthouse. Two female soldiers, one tall with a plain face and the other short and stocky, stripped me naked and shoved me in with a bar of soap and shampoo. As the warm water sprayed on my sore body, I wondered if I would ever see my wife again.

I leaned forward against the tiled wall, and my body shook with silent sobs. I desperately wanted to see my slutty Alison again. I pictured her mischievous face framed by her bubblegum hair, her tongue running over her lush lips, silver glinting off her tongue-piercing.

Master gave the distress call; Alison should be far away, safe wherever the bolthole was. Safe with Mistress. "You're clean," Plain-Face barked. "Let's go. We need to get you ready for Him." I shuddered; the woman said 'him' with such a worshipful manner. I had heard Brandon's pronouncement—he claimed he was a God now. As if he could even compare to Master, I thought with derision. The women handed me a black dress to wear.

It was similar to one Brandon bought me before Mark claimed me, low cut and tight, showing off all of my body's ample assets. "Take abi se masturba para mi tube porn the choker," Stocky ordered. "No," I said with defiance. I am Mark's slut!

Stocky just reached out and yanked it off my neck, snapping the clasp. I wanted to cry. Instead, I glared icily at the woman who pocketed my choker. She handed me a jewelry box that contained a pearl necklace and I knocked it to the floor. "Don't make us hurt you," she threatened as she picked up the box. Grinding my teeth, I took the necklace and placed it about my throat.

They hadn't noticed my wedding ring, and as we walked through the jail, I quickly pulled it off my left hand and slipped it onto my right. They took the symbol of my voluntary slavery and I wasn't about to lose the symbol of my love for Alison. The soldiers marched me through the jail.

We constantly had to stop to let security gates be buzzed open. Everyone manning the prison was a soldier. There were bloodstains dotting the walls and empty shell casings littering the floor. And not all the gates had to be buzzed open, some lay twisted and blackened from explosives. As we walked, I realized there was no-one making cat-calls at me. The cells were empty. "Where are all the prisoners?" I asked, unnerved by the empty cells. "Executed," Plain-Face answered. "His orders." My blood chilled.

I wondered what had happened to Brandon. I never loved him, but he wasn't an evil man. Right? He always seemed nice and attentive. He had a temper, sure, but I was having trouble reconciling the man I married and the monster that appeared today.

Stocky prodded me and I realized that I had frozen in my tracks. Swallowing, I started walking forward again. Was he always a monster and I just never saw it in him? They led me out to the exercise yard, at the center of the jail. A small courtyard with a few basketball hoops, some metal tables lining the side. The both tables and stools were bolted into the concrete. The exercise yard was crowded with women milling about under the hungry eyes of a group of soldiers.

All the women were naked, young, and reasonably attractive. A larger table had been set up with a white tablecloth and mauve candles; a bottle of wine chilled in an ice bucket.

A romantic dinner? A naked teen with blonde hair walked up to me, smiling broadly. She bowed to me then dismissed Stocky and Plain-Face with the wave of her arm. The two soldiers saluted and walked off. "My Lady," the girl said. She had a Midwest twang to her voice. "I am Ashley, your Lord Husband's chief concubine." "You're his slut," I corrected.

"As you say, my Lady," she replied. "Would you care to sit? Lord Brandon will be here shortly to dine with you." I was about to refuse, when a woman shouted in a rich, French accent, "Kneel before your God, the Majestic Brandon, the Divine Ruler of the World!" I snorted with laughter. The Majestic Brandon? The soldiers knelt on one knee while the women in the exercise yard and Ashley fell prostrate. I remained standing, refusing to genuflect before my ex, and turned to see a porcelain-faced woman with long, dark-brown hair, falling naked to worship my ex-husband as he swept in.

Behind him walked a bevy of naked women, led by a pair of twins who were almost the spitting image of Mary. Several military men some sort of high-ranking officers judging by their age and bearing followed on the heels of the naked women, and the last to enter was the mayor of Tacoma, Colton Bray, and his lovely Korean wife, Yoon.

frisky girls bang the biggest belt cocks and spray semen everywhere beautiful Desiree," Brandon said warmly, walking up and hugging me; I stiffened in his arms. Brandon frowned and broke the hug. "I see he has warded you from my control." "And it has nothing to do with the fact that I hate you, picaflor?" I asked bitterly, as he motioned to the seat, indicating that I should sit.

I grit me teeth and plopped down on the chair. "You do not hate me, not deep down inside," Brandon said calmly. "Mark has forced you to hate me. You are slim gorgeous nymph is amazed with sexy sex his power." I snorted a laugh and muttered in Spanish, "Babosa." Brandon was an idiot. One of the auburn-haired twins popped open the wine and poured two glasses, then she knelt with all the other naked women and looked adoringly up at Brandon.

Not even Master made us fawn over him like this. "No, I hate you for this," I pointed around. "You attacked us. Your damn soldiers almost killed my loved ones. Almost killed me! You are having my Master cruelly beaten and what are you doing with all these women?" I motioned to the scared women crowded in the exercise yard. "They were candidates for my harem," Brandon calmly answered. "The ones I rejected.

My soldiers are rounding-up every attractive woman they find, and I'm keeping the best. Don't looked so shocked; Mark did the same thing. He walked into our house and made you his whore." Heat was rising in his voice.

"But don't you worry, my love, I will find a way to free you." "Mark already freed me, babosa," I answered, putting as much derision into my voice as I could.

"I'm his slut willingly. We all are." Brandon frowned as another naked woman set a salad before the both of us. My stomach rumbled, but I pushed the food aside. Brandon took a forkful, chewed it slowly, face furrowed as he thought.

He swallowed, then asked, "What are you talking about?" "Back in June, after the Miracle, Master and Mistress freed us. Some of us chose to stay as their slaves." Feeling spiteful, I added, "I could xstoryebony sex stories 2019 10 4 returned to you, but I never loved you, Brandon. I just married you for your money.

I was a gold digger. I stayed with Master because I fell in love, and I could have all the wealth I could possibly dream of as his whore, more than I ever could have as your wife." Anger flashed on his face and I was too surprised to react as he slapped me across the table. "So you love Mark," he spat. "That vile beast that took you away from me. You were mine!" "¡Tu madre es puta y pendeja!" I shouted back, rubbing my cheek.

"No, I am Alison's! I fell in love with their slave and married her. I found true happiness! Something that you never gave me! All I ever got from you was a comfortable life and disappointing sex!" I blocked his second blow and raked my fingernails down his arm.

I smiled at the bloody scratches I gave him. He stood up, rage filling his eyes, and rounded the table at me. I quickly got to my feet and tried to back away, but I stumbled over one of his kneeling whores. His arm caught mine in a steely grip. I snarled at him and slapped him across the face.

My head swam as he backhanded me and I tripped over the kneeling woman and fell hard onto my back. "¡Culero!" I snarled at him. "How could I love a muerdealmohadas like you. You don't even know what to do with a woman! Not with your little dick! ¡Pinche mula!" He stared down at me, rage burning in his eyes.

"I dislike having to chastise you, Desiree, but you will learn to submit to me if I have to beat all the willfulness out of you." "¡Jode su madre!" I spat. "I chose Alison and I chose Mark over you! Mistress is out there! You think you've won, but mom san porn six vedustore will crush you!

And I will be there to see you fall!" Brandon laughed. "Let the little whore try." I felt his eyes upon me as I lay on the floor; my skirt had ridden up as I fell and I pushed it back down, covering my exposed pussy. "Why so modest now?" he asked with a hungry look in his eyes.

"You weren't so bashful this morning with your tits exposed and covered in his cum." "¡Ve a chuparle el peson ha un chango! I'm his whore, not yours! Never yours." "Let's see, shall we?" he smiled, unbuckling his belt.

"Hold her down." His harem grabbed me. I thrashed against the women as they pinned my arms to the ground. Others held my legs. I kicked one in the face and she screamed in pain, but others moved in, fingernails biting into my flesh as they held me down. Brandon's pants were off, his cock jutting out at me beneath his fat belly.

"I forgot just how small you were," I said with a bold grin. "After Mark's, I'm not sure I'll even feel your little rope in me!" He knelt before me, his fat, disgusting body pressed atop me. "You'll feel my cock, whore!" "I always hated having sex with you, panzon.

There is nothing less appealing than a fat whale thrashing about on top of you, gasping for breath as he tries to pump away with his little cock!" "Cunt!" he snarled and slapped me. My head rang and everything went hazy for a moment.

I shook my head then felt a burning pain in my pussy as his cock forced its way in. I was dry; Brandon didn't seem to care. He just kept pumping away. I suppressed a groan, I wasn't about to let the bastard know just how much he was hurting me.

Looking up, his neck was right above me, his throat exposed. I could bite him, maybe rip out his artery. Then this all would be over. I could save us all! I lunged my head and bit into his neck, hard. I tasted coppery blood and bit harder, driving my teeth deeper into his neck. He pulled away, roaring in pain. "Goddamn fucking whore!" he shouted, his left hand clutching at his bleeding throat. There was a bloody bite, but it wasn't deep enough. He raised his right fist up and slammed it into my face.

The back of my head hit the hard concrete and everything was fuzzy after that. I was barely aware of Brandon pumping away inside me. The world seemed to swim drunkenly about me. My head lolled to the side and I stared at the knees of one of the women holding me down, a gray pebble stuck to her leg.

Then everything just faded away. It was the pain that brought me back. My head was splitting and there was a burning pain nasty alice romain enjoys a solid pussy fuck in my pussy.

I could feel a crushing weight on top of me. I struggled to open my eyes and there was Brandon, his neck covered with a white bandage.

He was still raping me, I realized. I felt raw and sore inside and every thrust of his cock was agony. "Umm, you're not a bad fuck when you're unconscious," Brandon told me with glee. "If you want to wiggle about, though, that's alright." I struggled to speak, but my head ached too much and then darkness fell on me again. I don't think I was out long, Brandon was still pumping away inside me when I woke up the second time. His face contorted in pleasure and then I realized with a disgusted shudder that he was shooting his cum inside me.

"God, I love Viagra! Three times without rest," he smiled. "And I definitely feel like a fourth. What do you horny teen boy giving blowjob hardcore and cumshot, Desiree. Want to be on top, this time? My knees are killing me." "I'd rather die, el de atras," I slurred.

"My Lord, sunset approaches," a man said; his voice seemed distant even though I could see him standing right behind Brandon.

I moaned in relief as Brandon pulled out of me. He looked down at me, considering. "I can't have you looking all ugly," Brandon said with a shake of his head.

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He bent down and muttered a word and heat flashed through me and a scarlet light seemed to envelop my babe jiggles her big tits on camspicycom. The heat banished the pain, and the fuzz clouding my thoughts was burned away as Brandon healed me. "Stand up, Desiree, I want you to see something." I felt dirty as I stood up, Brandon's cum leaking out of my pussy.

I wanted to throw-up, to run and hide, but I wasn't going to give my rapist any more satisfaction than I had to. Holding my head high, I followed Brandon out into the exercise yard. While I had been lying senseless, a large fire had been built in the center, lighting up the courtyard as the sky fuck teaching xx story mom. The Mayor of Tacoma and his wife, Yoon, waited at the fire.

"You are familiar with the Magicks of the Witch of Endor?" Brandon asked and I nodded my head. "Well, it teaches a variety of ways to summon demons. They all will make Pacts with you. The only problem is the cost. Most demons want your absolute worship and obedience to grant your wishes.

While others will have you preform tasks that will seem innocuous, at first, but will actually lead to your downfall. There are only two demons that have fixed prices: Lucifer, whom Mark and I both, have already dealt with, and Molech. Of course, Molech's prices are very demanding." Brandon held out his hand. "General Brooks." One of the military generals walked up and handed Brandon a long knife.

The knife's blade glinted orange and yellow in the firelight as it flashed through the air. I jumped in shock as Brandon drove the knife into Mayor Bray's chest.

The Mayor stared dumbfounded at the blade in his chest, the blood blossoming red through his shirt. Then General Brooks shoved the Mayor and he fell into the fire. Yoon screamed and collapsed to her knees, crying as her husband was engulfed in the flames. "Molech, I give you this offering of noble blood," Brandon intoned at the fire. "Cloak yourself in coals and flames and appear before your humble supplicant!" The fire popped and crackled and then the flames exploded upward, white hot and screaming.

I clapped my hands over my ears, trying to block out the terrible noise, the sound of thousands and tens of thousands of voices crying out in eternal agony.

The sound of Damnation itself. There was something moving in the flames. I flinched and stumbled back as a hulking figure stepped out. His skin was black as soot and covered in angry, red fissures that glowed with the being's inner flames. His eyes were coals that burned with hatred, and the air danced and shimmered about him and smoke poured out of his nostrils and mouth. The fire abruptly died down and the terrible screaming stopped. The figure surveyed the crowed and everyone retreated before his terrible gaze.

Everyone, except Brandon. The air reeked of rotting eggs and ash, and when the demon spoke, his voice was the roar of a furnace. "What do you wish of me, Mortal?" "Free Desiree from Mark's control," Brandon demanded.

I shuddered in fear as Molech's burning eyes fixed on me, peering into me, into my soul, leaving me feeling used. Soiled worse even than Brandon's rapes. "Impossible. She is bound too tightly to him. What else, Mortal." Disappointment flickered on Brandon's asian wife cheats on husband joi pov. "Immortality, youth, and sexual stamina." "I require nine hundred sacrifices," Molech answered grimly.

"All women. If you fail to provide them to me, I shall take you as my sacrifice." "Done," Brandon answered. The demon reached out and grabbed Brandon's arm. When he released it, an angry-red brand circled his limb. Grimacing in pain, Brandon pointed at the sobbing Mayor's wife. "Your first payment." Molech smiled and I could feel the lust radiating off of him.

Rising from his groin was a black, smoking cock. He reached down and grabbed Yoon; her flesh shriveled where he touched her. She screamed in agony as he dragged her off into the prison. I fell to my knees, heaving violently. What sort of monster did I marry? Yoon's screams echoed from the prison. "Desiree," Brandon said pleasantly when I finished vomiting.

"If you don't start acting like a good, submissive wife, I will give you to Molech and you can enjoy his embrace." I shuddered in fear, looking up at Brandon. He was younger now, I realized, in his twenties. His clothes hung loosely on him, his balding hair had regrown and his now too-large pants slipped off his waist, revealing a muscular, flat stomach.

His cock was hardening; Yoon still screaming in the background. "When Molech is finished with Yoon, he will want his next woman," Brandon threatened. "Your choice, Desiree." Yoon's screams sent ice pumping through my veins. My will snapped before the fear of Molech.

Feeling like the most disgusting, lowest creature in the world I knelt in submission before my rapist. I grabbed his cock, opened my mouth, and sucked it inside. I tried to look happy on the outside. I had to please him. I didn't want to be given to Molech. "Good," Brandon purred, stroking my hair. "I'm so happy that you've finally realized your place, my love." Inside I cried.

I was a filthy worm now, forever crawling in his muck. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Leah Hirsch-Goldstein-Blum Tacoma, WA I was alone after Mark told us to run and I hid beneath a rusty pickup truck. I was too frightened to move. Not even hunger, thirst, or my increasingly full bladder was strong enough to overcome my terror.

Footjob is about to end up with jizz was after dark when they finally captured me. The soldiers ripped my bloody clothes off, laughing as they groped my breasts and ass. Then I was thrown into the back of an army truck with other naked, frightened women.

"What's going on?" I asked. "They say we're being taken to the God," a woman whispered in a hushed voice, an awed voice. "If we're lucky, he'll choose us for his harem." What happened if we weren't lucky? I swallowed the question, not sure I wanted to know the answer. "I can't be in his harem. I'm married!" Jacob and Rachel must be worried sick about me. I desperately wanted to see my wife and husband again. "They shot my husband," another woman sobbed.

"He tried to stop them from taking me and." I hugged the crying woman. "Shh, everything will be alright," I said. What else was I supposed to say? "I'm Leah." "Beatrice," the woman sobbed. I held her as the truck drove slowly through the city.

A few more women and teenage girls were loaded into the back, all naked and shivering in fear. They were all pretty. Soon, we were pulling up at the Courthouse and the soldiers herded us out.

"Nice ass," one said, giving mine a squeeze. I shuddered as his dirty fingers pawed me. "If you're not chosen for the Harem, I'm gonna requisition you for myself." I shuddered in disgust. Other soldiers were molesting the women as they lined us up. I held Beatrice's hand as we were marched into the jail.

We had to navigate the corridors and pass through a half-dozen locked gates before we reached the exercise yard. It was full of nude women. There was a young man, naked, getting his cock sucked by a Latina woman and eying us as we were marched before him.

"You can stop, Desiree," the man ordered. I was surprised to see Desiree, her cheeks stained with tears, releasing his cock. She looked down at the ground the whole time, her eyes dead, as the man began to examine us carefully, grinning like a hungry wolf. Desiree looked so defeated.

I had never seen the vivacious woman look so meek and scared. What had they done to her? I swallowed in fear, glancing at the man. He must be the one who attacked us. "I am your God, Brandon," he declared. "Worship me." All the women, Beatrice included, changed. He's like Mark and Mary, I realized. A God. I was unaffected because Mark had gifted me with protection. The women were falling to their knees, crying out in awe at Brandon.

I fell to my knees, and tried to sound like them. I couldn't let Brandon know I wasn't under his control. He tapped three women on the shoulder. "You are my concubines. You love me and will do anything to make me happy. The rest of you, go wait in the exercise yard," he said dismissively. Neither Beatrice or I were chosen, and we were herded into the yard with the other women.

They all looked fearful, glancing at a bonfire nude beach films publiic sex slowly died down. Brandon gathered his concubines and Desiree, and left. I saw 51 and 27, two of the bodyguards, and moved towards them. There was a blood-curdling scream from inside the prison. "What was that?" I asked one of the bodyguards. 51 just shook her head, a look of numb horror on her face. Dried blood streaked from a gash along her forehead.

"El Diablo," 27 hissed in terror, her Latina face contorted in fear. She was a former LAPD officer, I vaguely recalled. One of the women who volunteered to join the bodyguard. "He comes. Chooses." "Chooses what?" Beatrice asked. 27 motioned at all of the women trapped in the exercise yard. It wasn't long before el Diablo came. I screamed in terror when I saw him.

He was a hulking figure, skin black and cracked with glowing red, like cooling lava. The air stank of sulfur. All the women in the courtyard screamed in panic and shrank away from his gaze. I pressed back, fighting to get as far away from the monstrosity as I could. "Save me!" I prayed loudly to my Living Gods, Mark and Mary.

"Please, please come save your faithful servant! Deliver me from this abomination!" A new scream, full of pain, rang out.

The monster had found his sacrifice. His black fist was around the slim arm of a young, blonde girl. The demon mercilessly dragged her off, back into stunning sex kitten flashes massive ass and gets anal hole poked prison. Relief flooded me. But it didn't last long.

After a half-hour, the demon, Molech, returned. Every thirty minutes, a new woman was selected and we all endured her screams, trembling in terror. By midnight I was numb. I didn't care about anything. So long as I wasn't chosen. When the soldier grabbed me and led me off, I was relieved. It didn't matter to me that he was going to rape me. I was getting out of the exercise yard; I was getting away from Molech. Three soldiers used me for an hour. I tried to be the best whore for them I could, putting all my years of partying to good use.

I forced down the guilt of betraying Jacob and Rachel as I begged the men to fuck me harder and pretended to coo in pleasure as their cocks cute and shy blonde fucked by her fosters my holes.

I just couldn't go back to the exercise yard. To Molech. I realized I would do anything to stay away. When the soldiers were done classy les mature feasting on schoolgirls vag stockings lesbian me, however, they dragged me kicking and screaming back to the yard, pushing me into the crowd.

Sunday's dawn was pinking the horizon. Maybe Molech was afraid of the sun. Maybe he wouldn't come. That delusion quickly fled my mind, driven off by mind-numbing terror, as he stalked like an earthquake out of the prison. When he dragged off his newest victim, all I felt was relief. I wasn't chosen. Yet. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lana Paquet-Holub Seattle, WA "Lana, bring me the twins," Lilith commanded. "Yes, my Goddess," I answered, standing up.

For hours, Lilith has been brooding in her chambers, ever since Brandon's dramatic attack on Mark and his occupation of Tacoma. Brandon had, in a single day, brought the entire United States to its knees. Only a few hours ago, the President himself had knelt and paid homage to Brandon, surrendering the Country to him. All of our careful maneuverings in Seattle would be for naught with this new, and unanticipated, player.

We had the Mayor under the control of Lilith's daughter Lamia. And Ziki, another daughter, had assumed the form of Nate Kirkpatrick and slowly hired Lilith's followers to key positions within the city's government. We were so close to taking over the city and establishing Lilith's rule. So close. And then this damned Brandon Fitzsimmons had to go and ruin it all! Lilith must have a plan to stop him, I thought, as I threaded my way through the warehouse.

It was owned by the City of Seattle and not currently in use. With the Mayor in our power, we quietly occupied it, moving Lilith's Children and her pregnant followers here. Babylon's house had quickly grown too crowded. As I walked past the women they all bowed to me. Some were pregnant, while others had already birthed Lilith's children.

The children all stood out from us regular humans in some way—unusual colorings, abnormal heights, or strange features that made them look slightly different. My daughter, Cora, was a Manticore. She was big and had leonine features. Lamia, Chantelle's daughter, had purple hair. Others stood out even more. Ziki, who masqueraded as Nate Kirkpatrick, was a freakish albino in her natural form.

And the twins were the strangest of all of Lilith's children. I found them with their mother, a recovering heroin addict named Andi. The twins were pale girls, their hair pure white and they lacked any pigment in their eyes. They were born yesterday, and would reach their maturity by tomorrow evening.

When I entered the room, the twins jumped in surprise. One vanished completely, the other became translucent; I shuddered in discomfort as I could see straight through her. They were both Dimme, more spirits than creatures of flesh. When they were translucent or invisible they could pass through solid objects. Lilith was ecstatic when they were born.

"Dimme are assassins," Lilith had purred when she saw the twins, "capable of penetrating an enemy's defenses and killing their target with a single touch." They could only kill when they were solid. When they were vulnerable.

Most of Lilith's children were immune to normal weapons. Only enchanted weapons or cold iron could hurt them. But a few, like the Dimme, chesty milf sucks and fucks a big penis more vulnerable.

As long as a Dimme remained translucent or invisible, she could not be harmed by anything. However, she could not affect anything, either. To kill, she had to become solid and leave herself vulnerable to any weapon. "Di, Emi," I said, holding out my hand. "Your Mother wishes to see you." One of them reappeared, Emi I think, and Di became solid. They both gripped my hand, hesitantly, and I smiled shyly at them. "Mother needs us?" Emi asked. I nodded.

"Come on." Both girls smiled and looked almost cute. Almost. Lilith was waiting in her chambers, the former warehouse manager's office.

It was richly appointed. Persian rugs covered the floor, silk tapestries hung on the walls, and scented candles, held in gold sconces, lit the room, filling the air with sweet jasmine and spicy cinnamon. Lilith sat at her richly carved, mahogany desk and smiled happily when we walked in. She stood up from the desk and knelt down, her arms outstretched. Emi and Di ran to her, laughing as their mother scooped them up in her arms. "Ohh, you two are growing up so fast," Lilith praised, then kissed them both on their foreheads.

"And so beautiful." "Not as beautiful as you, Mother," Di politely said. "No," Lilith answered with a vain smile. "But then no-one is." Lilith set her daughters down. "You two will be fully grown by tomorrow, right?" "Yes, Mother," Emi nodded. "By Sunday night." Lilith smiled broadly. "Good." Lilith conjured the images of Brandon Fitzsimmons and Mark Glassner. Well, I thought it was Brandon she conjured.

He looked younger and slimmer than he appeared on TV, with a full head of hair. Perhaps he cast a spell? Or did he make a deal with some demon? "Sunday night, when skinny busty hottie with glasses blowjob amp cim are fully grown, you are to go south to Tacoma and kill these two men," Lilith instructed her daughters.

Di and Emi both smiled. I suppressed a shudder. They were hungry, disturbing smiles. "Of course, Mother." Lilith spread out some maps and we began to plan the twins' infiltration. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mark Glassner Tacoma, WA "No, no!" Mary shrieked. "Mark, please! Help me!" I strained against the chains, struggling to break the iron links, ignoring the pain in my bruised muscles and the bite of the manacles into the skin of my wrists.

I screamed wordlessly in fear and rage. My tongue was gone; cut out on Brandon's orders. And with my tongue gone, so went all my power. I couldn't command people, I couldn't cast any spells. My tongue was my power. Brandon ripped Mary's dress, exposing her freckled breasts. A look of hunger crossed the fat man's face. Mary had come to rescue me, and had failed. She turned to run and Brandon caught her by her long, auburn ponytail and yanked her back.

"No, no!" she cried out. "Mark, please! You have to save me! Please, please!" Brandon hauled her back, throwing her to the ground. He was on her faster than I thought the fat man could move, pinning her beneath his monstrous bulk. Mary's cries and whimpers tore my heart apart as I wrenched at the chains, heaving with all my might. I had to save my wife. I poured every bit of strength I possessed, ignoring all the hurts and pain I felt.

None of that mattered. If I had to rip my arm off to save my Mary, then so be it! "Bease," I cried, without a tongue the word sounding like mush, as I heaved at the chain. I pulled and pulled, my body screaming in pain. But it wasn't the chain that gave out first, it was my body. I slumped, panting loudly. I failed her. Tears rolled down my cheek as the fat man pumped away atop my wife.

Mary's screams were daggers in my soul. I failed her! "Mark," the chiming, ethereal voice whispered. "Awaken." Everything seemed to dissolve and then blow away as the melodic voice rang out.

Brandon, Mary, the chains holding nympho cougars fucked in a row in wild gangbang down; all swept away.

Even the pain was gone. My awareness returned to me and I exhaled in relief. This was a nightmare. I was asleep on the hard cot back in the jail. I remembered thinking of Azrael as I fell asleep. I wanted to summon the Angel of Death to my dreams. She was the only one who could teach me how to harness the power of the Gift Tiffany gave me. I turned to see Azrael standing behind me. Her hair was red as blood, floating about her fierce face; her skin gleamed as bright as burnished bronze, and she was clad in a robe of the purest white.

Concern painted her face; her scarlet eyes strangely soft. "Hello, Mark," she greeted tenderly. "I am ready to learn." She nodded. "The Gift manifests differently between men and women. For you, it gives peak physical strength, endurance, and reflexes for a man of your size. You can take more injuries and still function. A man without the Gift surely would have died from the beating you sustained. Your powers are geared to fighting the supernatural. Your primary ability is the Chereb prayer." "Chereb," I whispered and jumped in layla sin cumshot in muth compilation, dropping the gold blade that appeared in my hand.

The moment I released it, the blade vanished into a thousand tiny, golden motes. "Chereb, as you have noticed, conjures a blade of Celestial Gold, the weapon of an Angel. Sharp as a razor, but only capable of harming spiritual bodies," Azrael explained.

"Angels, demons, spirits, monsters, homunculi." "And how will that help free me?" I demanded, angrily. "Hell, the son of a bitch ripped my tongue out. I can't even summon the sword if I wanted to." "It won't," Azrael answered, a hint of steel chiming in her voice.

"But, once you are free, you may need this. The second basic prayer is Choshen. This will gird you in Angelic Armor, which is proof against most spiritual attacks. But it is not invulnerable. It also serves well against mundane attacks." I was growing more and more impatient. "Teach me something useful, dammit!" Her scarlet eyes narrowed in annoyance.

"The third basic prayer is all internal. Just imagine your body as healthy and whole as it should be and you shall be healed. No words need to be spoken.

But it takes time, a few minutes, and it will leave you vulnerable." "And restrained," I muttered. "So, bide your time, wait for the opportunity, and seize it," Azrael hissed in anger, her face a thunderstorm of fury.

I flinched, taking a step back. "But, how can I create that opportunity?" "There is one prayer, gifted only to Shamans," Azrael answered, calming down. "Because I am the Angel of Death, you may pull back the veil and summon help. It is very dangerous, the dead will draw on your life-force.

I do not know how long you could maintain the summons. A few minutes, a hawt xxx beauteous teen sex act hardcore blowjob seconds, but it may give you the opportunity." "How?" I asked, frowning. "Tsalmaveth." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Violet Matheson Tacoma, WA "Violet," Loreena said, shaking me awake.

"Something is happening." She spoke with a slurred, stiff speech. Yesterday, Loreena had saved me. She took me into her house and we spent the night huddled on her bed watching TV. Watching Brandon Fitzsimmons declare himself God. It was totally surreal. Master was getting beaten so viciously, and then the President of the United States himself arrived and surrendered the country to that horrible Brandon. "This can't be happening," Loreena had said as she read the subtitles.

She was deaf and Brandon's powers did not seem to affect her. "How can the President just surrender?" "Brandon's evil," I answered, facing her so she could read my lips. "He sold his soul for dark powers." We fell asleep on her bed - her bedroom TV muted - drawing comfort from each other as the world descended into madness. The night was full of unnatural sounds. Helicopters were constantly flying overhead and gunshots would ring violently out through the night.

Every time I woke up, I would clutch Loreena and she would hug me just as tight. Now it was Sunday morning and Loreena motioned me to come to the window, the rising sun filling her room with a soft light. I walked over and glanced outside and saw soldiers marching a woman to a truck. She was naked and I could see other women in the back of the truck.

At the next house, soldiers were kicking in the front door. I could hear faint shouts and then I jumped from the crack of gunshots. A minute later, the soldiers dragged a sobbing teenage-girl out, then ripped her clothes off.

God, it looked like they were laughing at the poor girl. Depositing the naked girl in the truck, the soldiers headed for the next houses on the street. My heart froze in terror. They were searching house to house, dragging out the women they found.

And they were working their way to this house. "We have to hide!" I shouted. Loreena ignored me as she stared out of the window in shock. I forgot she was deaf, so I grabbed her shoulders and turned her to face me. "We need a place to hide." Loreena gaped at me, her eyes full of disbelieving horror. Yesterday, US Soldiers didn't break down your door and drag you off. But that was before the world changed.

Loreena glanced out the window, then took a deep breath and nodded. She grabbed my hand and led me out of the bedroom and down the stairs. She pushed on some paneling on the wall below the stairs and it moved, revealing a crawlspace beneath the stairs. I nodded to her and mouthed, "This would work." We both squeezed in, pulling the panel closed. It smelled musty, and cobwebs clung to my hair.

I was too scared to care about that, too scared to wonder where the spiders were that made all these webs. We sat down, and leaned against unfinished wood and waited. My heart was thundering in my chest as I strained to hear what was going on. I wished I had a watch or something, to tell how long we had been in here. It felt like an eternity as we waited in the dark, straining to hear anything.

What was taking the soldiers so long? I was starting to feel sick in my stomach as I waited. The stress was too much. Please, just let them search the house and move on.

I wasn't sure how much more of this interminable waiting I could take. I tried to count my breaths, my heartbeats, anything to try and give me an idea of how much time was passing by. Maybe the soldiers weren't coming? How long could I wait in here? Had it been minutes or hours? I swallowed, wondering if maybe we should slip out and check. We could be real quick—pop out, peer out the window, and pop back into our hiding spot.

The soldiers would never know. I was reaching for the panel, preparing to push it open. Bang! Bang! Bang! I jumped in surprise, someone was pounding hard on the front door. The soldier hammered again, paused, then hammered a third time. "Open up!" a man shouted. "Open up in the name of your God! All Citizens are required to submit to searches!" He banged again.

"Last chance, then we're breaking the door down and executing whomever we find!" There was a splintering crash, then booted feet pounded through the house. Dust fell down into my face as they raced upstairs, tickling at my nose. Oh no. I clasped my hand over my nose, trying to ignore the growing, tickling sensation. One of the soldiers was searching the first floor, the other the second. More dust trickled down and I could feel the sneeze building.

Please no! Not now! The sensation was growing unbearable. Any second I would sneeze and they would find us and kill us. I fought it, suppressed the ticklish urge. Achoo! I jumped as Loreena sneezed, and fear surged coldly through my veins. Everything seemed to be quiet all of a sudden. Were the soldiers listening? Did they hear Loreena's sneeze? They must be straining, trying to figure out where that sneeze had come from, looking for the place where we were hiding.

I squeezed Loreena tightly, felt her heart thudding in her chest. "Clear!" one soldier yelled from upstairs.

A soft moan came from Loreena and I could feel her trembling. She was deaf. She didn't know what was happening. It was too dark in here for her to see my lips, to let me tell her to be quiet, that everything was okay. Her moan was growing louder; she was going to give us away.

I had to silence her. I kissed her. Her lips were soft and moist. I could feel her tense in shock. She tried to pull away, and I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her tight, thrusting my tongue deep into her lips. I felt her start to relax; start to kiss me back.

"Clear!" the other soldier yelled back, and then the booted feet were stomping chubby blonde hairy teen and old couple intimate family affairs the stairs and they were out of the house. I kept kissing Loreena, our passions growing. All the stress of the last twenty-four hours melted away as I kissed this beautiful, kind woman. My hands reached out and found the cotton nightgown she was wearing, and I started hiking it up. She rose up and I pulled it over her ass.

I rubbed at her pussy beneath her panties, feeling the soft hair and the growing wetness. Her hands started touching me. I wore a borrowed nightgown and I helped teen masturbation orgasm hd theres not much that is sexier than a sizzling florida pull it up my body. I wore no panties and her fingers gently touched my bald, teenage cunt. I moaned into her mouth, enjoying her uncertain touch as she stroked my flushed vulva.

I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her panties and pulled them off, stroking her silky pussy hair and finding her snatch dripping wet. Loreena moaned into my lips as I gently stroked her clit. I shifted, turning to face her and scissoring my legs with hers.

I scooted closer and closer until our pussies kissed. I started writhing my hip, sliding my wet pussy along her furry muff. It felt so good to forget about everything that had happened and lose myself in the pleasure of this woman.

She started humping me back and I broke the kiss to lean back on my elbows and really started to trib her. "Umm, your cunt feels so soft on mine!" I moaned, forgetting that she was deaf as my orgasm built inside me. "Fuck me! Yes, yes! I need this!" Loreena was moaning just as loud, but wordlessly, a pure sound untainted by language.

My eyes had adjusted to the darkness just enough to make out her form as she writhed in pleasure. One of her hands had pushed up her nightgown and fingered her nipple. Pleasure blossomed within me, every time my clit rubbed against her pussy it grew and grew.

"Yes! I'm coming! Oh, Loreena! Sweet Loreena, your pussy's driving me wild!" Loreena's moans grew shrill and I could feel moisture flooding my pussy as her orgasm exploded through her. I shuddered a few more times, then stopped pumping my hips, breathing heavily.

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I leaned over, captured her lips with a gentle kiss, and hugged her tight. I tried to hold onto this happy, satisfied feeling. But the cute beautiful babe touches pussy hardcore blowjob and stress was bubbling back up. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mary Glassner Toulouse, France It was late at night in France when we arrived, landing in Toulouse. Back home, it was Sunday afternoon, and I was told that all the footage from America was Mark getting beaten for the second day, interspersed with clips of the President surrendering to Brandon.

I kept sending Mark supportive thoughts, letting him know that I had a plan, that I was coming for him. I wasn't going to let my husband down. The eighteen hour trip to France had seemed to drag on and on.

I couldn't sleep, I could barely eat. All I could do was fret and stare out the window or open my locket that Mark gave me on the day I met him. It was silver, heart-shaped, with a pink rose sculpted into the front.

It was absolutely gaudy, not at all something that I would have chosen for myself. It was my favorite piece of jewelry after my wedding ring. Inside were pictures of Mark and I. It comforted me on the interminable flight to open it up and stare at my husband's face, stroking the tiny photo with a finger, and weep. We barely made it out of the US; air travel was suspended as we took off from LaGuardia. We had to stop for fuel before crossing the Atlantic, and we had just gotten airborne when the order was given.

Luckily, shutting down the Nation's airspace takes time and we were able to slip out over the ocean without anyone stopping us. The last five hours of the flight were the worst. That's when they started beating Mark again. Every time my husband sent me a thought, I could feel the agony he was experiencing through his sending.

I do not know how he is able to withstand it.

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Just the shadow of his pain was enough to make me cry. Somehow, despite the beatings, he told me about his dream, and what he learned from Azrael. He could conjure magical weapons and armor, he could heal himself, and summon the dead. When we landed in Toulouse, France, transportation was waiting. I had made calls ahead of time to arrange for several vans and a police escort. The drive to Rennes-le-Château a small, ancient village built atop a rocky hill that rose black out of the countryside took maybe an hour.

The only way up the cliff was a winding, narrow lane. Behind the Church of Mary Magdalene lay the Motherhouse of the Nuns that had twice attacked us. Both buildings were ancient, made of vine-covered stone pitted with age. Silently, the SWAT officers slipped out of the vans in their black nomex, MP5s in their hands, and they quickly surrounded the Motherhouse.

Meanwhile, the bodyguards formed a perimeter around the two buildings, supported by the French police. I leaned against the van, the September night air cool on my naked flesh. I never got a chance to get dressed, other things were just more important.

Five of the former SWAT officers stacked on the front door. They gave each other hand-signals, then opened the front door and moved quickly inside. Through the small, stained-glass windows, I could see their flashlights shining around as huge titted teen and stepmom anal some searched the building.

47 leaned against the van next to me and squeezed my hand, smiling reassuringly at me. After what seemed like an hour waiting in the cold, one of the SWAT reappeared and motioned to us. 47 formed a guard of four around me and we marched over to the SWAT officer. It was Duncan, who commanded the SWAT for us. "Ma'am, we have a woman in custody," he reported. "We found her in the basement.

If you would follow me, please." "She was hiding?" I asked as he led me inside. "No, she is waiting for you," Duncan answered. "We found her just calmly sitting in this metal room, a pot of tea steaming on the table before her and two cups. There was not a hint of fear in her eyes." We walked through the narrow corridors then down a tight, narrow staircase into the basement.

I shook with nerves. You can do this, Mary, I reassured myself. She is one woman and you have fourteen armed men and women immune to her powers, and there are more waiting outside.

In the basement, we walked past old cardboard boxes, reeking of mildew, stacked against one wall. At the far end was a black metal door carved with strange symbols. Inside, I could see a woman in a gray nun's habit, a simple, white veil covering her head, sipping calmly from a cup of tea.

She looked up at me and I froze; her dark eyes were ancient, far beyond the youth of her face. Who was this woman? Mom said she was a legend, over a thousand years old. Karen said she had been waiting two thousand years for this moment. I steeled myself and entered the room. The walls, the floor, the ceiling, all of it was black metal carved with the same strange symbols as the door.

Toying japanese babes wild cunt hardcore blowjob froze, licking my lips. This was wrong. I should be running out of here. How can she be so calm? She must know what I am, what my soldiers are. She should be terrified, or at the very least nervous.

So why is she so calm? "Would you like some tea?" she asked pleasantly in a thick, French accent. Her face was dusky, a warm and friendly smile graced her red lips, and dark hair peaked out from beneath her veil. She looked Middle-eastern, a little like our former slut Thamina. I wasn't sure what to do. I swallowed, glancing at 47. There was worry in her eyes. She sensed something was wrong, too. This woman was unnaturally calm.

I glanced at the men guarding her and I could see the tension in their eyes, their guns readied in their hands. How are we all intimidated by this one, unarmed woman? "Well, child, are you going to come in and sit down?" the woman continued. "I would like to talk with you. It is very important." "Fine," I said, and sat down on the hard, wooden chair. She grabbed the porcelain teapot and poured me a glass of a spicy-smelling tea.

I took it, sipping, then froze. What if she put something in it? An amused smile flitted across the woman's lips. "It is not poisoned or drugged, I assure you.

Can you close the door so we may speak privately?" I frowned, "No, my guards stay in here." "They are not the prying ears I care about," the woman answered. "Please, I have much to tell you." I wanted to say no. I wasn't here to talk, I was here to steal her Gift. Mark was getting beaten right now. There wasn't time to waste on talking.

And yet, her eyes were so ancient, so wise, I swallowed and found myself nodding my head. I did need something else from her, besides her Gift.

"I will close the door, if you hand over your copy of the Magicks of the Witch of Endor," I told her. This entire mess was caused by Brandon getting ahold of that damned book. If we survived this mess, we needed to get our hands on the two copies that we didn't have. No-one else could learn about it and use that knowledge against us.

"Alas, I do not have it," she answered. "Don't lie to me!" I snapped. "I know it is here." "Where did you hear that?" "Wikipedia," I answered. I felt foolish when I said that out loud. She shrugged. "Feel free to search the place once we're finished.

But it is gone. I could not let you get your hands on it." I frowned. "I already have a copy of the book." "Copies are not the original," she answered. "I have no idea where it is hidden now." What did that mean?

The original must have something unique in it. Something dangerous. "Fine, humor her and close the door. Let's hear what she says to try and stop me." "I cannot stop you from stealing my Gift," she answered matter-of-factly. The door closed with a metallic clang. "Who are you?" I asked. She was a Nun, I could see the golden aura about her. "Are you the Mother Superior?" "I am Maryam," she answered. "Once of the town of Magdala." My family was Irish; my dad was a lapsed Catholic, but I had been to a few masses.

My heart skipped a beat. "That's impossible." "No," she said with a shake of her head. "For two thousand years I have fought ha-Satan, the Adversary. I have learned much and more. I have this one warning for you, Mary. You and Mark are his pawns. Everything you do brings about his freedom from the Abyss. Him and all those bound with him." "You mean the Devil?" I asked and she nodded. "He is trying to escape Hell?" "It is inevitable at this stage," Maryam sighed.

"The Supernatural has been revealed to the World. False Gods are once more being worshiped. The Evil of the days of Noah walks the world once more. It doesn't matter if it's you and Mark, or Brandon, or another pawn. Everyday, more and more people are deceived. The Prison is so weak, only one last event is necessary to bring it crumbling down." "Why are you telling me this? If it's inevitable." "The Adversary can be contained, the damage done to the world can be mitigated," Maryam answered.

"You and Mark are lesser evils compared to the Adversary. I have read the future, I have seen the subtlety of his plan. If you and Mark defeat Brandon, Lilith will confront you and be killed. Her death will be the final blow that springs the lock, and the Adversary will be freed." She took a sip. "If you are ready when Lilith dies, you may trap him." I swallowed.

Mark and I had wondered what the Devil's plan was, why he had given Mark Lilith's gem. So this was it. To escape Hell. And what would happen once he was freed? Lilith clearly hates humans, but what about the Devil? And all those other demons trapped in Hell; do they hate us just as much?

A chill ran down my spine. What have we done? "How can we trap him?" I asked, shaken by her words. "I do not know. Search the old writings." "Old writings?" "The Creator in his infinite Wisdom saw that many ancient works were preserved at Qumran." She took one last sip of her tea. "This room, study it carefully. It is a Matmown. A Hidden Place. No spiritual being can pierce through its walls.

The Adversary cannot spy on you here or accurately predict your future. What you plan in here will forever be hidden from him. It is the only advantage you will have. Your Vizier, Samnag Soun, should have no trouble re-creating the room.

Never speak of your plans outside of this room, not even telepathically through the Siyach spell. Those thoughts pass through the spiritual realms and can easily be plucked out of the Ether.

Only in a room like this are your plans truly safe from him." Maryam stood up suddenly and all my guards aimed mom son xxxyoung girl young boy guns at her. She laughed, and to my surprise, she started stripping off her clothes. Her veil came off first, revealing her luxurious, dark hair.

Then she untied the belt cinching her gray habit and pulled the robe off hot legal age teenager parker page hardcore and blowjob body. She was naked underneath; her breasts were large, with dark nipples, and her stomach flat. She had curvy hips, and a thick, dark bush grew between her legs. "So, you are the whore after all," I laughed, drinking in her beauty. Maryam grimaced, "I was never a whore.

A sinner, yes, but never a whore. That was Pope Gregory I's mistake. Men ever love salacious rumors and that one has dogged my reputation ever since." "Then why are you getting naked?" I asked. "You plan on stealing my Gift. I know what that entails." The Ganubath ritual was the opposite of the Nun's exorcism. I needed to bring Maryam to an orgasm, and when she cums, I would steal her Gift for myself.

Maryam laid down on the cold metal floor, spreading her legs. I knelt down before her. I realized that I hadn't had sex in over twenty-four hours. Since I met Mark, the only long stretches without sex were when I slept. Seeing her lying naked and willing, I felt my own pussy stir with arousal. I knelt down. Her pubic hair was matted with her juices and I could smell her honey. I rubbed my face through her silky pubic hair, enjoying the way it tickled against my skin. I breathed deeply, then licked at her slit.

Maryam moaned in pleasure. I spread open her slit, exposing the wet, pink flesh and buried my face into her lips. I ate her quickly, devouring her leah gotti fucking with valentina nappi juices.

I needed to get her off as fast as I could. Mark was waiting. I ran my tongue up her labia, my fingers gently circling her clit. Then I shoved my tongue as deep into her curly pussy slut in underware lingerie japanese I could. Maryam was moaning something. It wasn't French. It sounded like Hebrew, maybe. Or Aramaic. Her hips were starting to writhe. I drank her thick juices, sweet as honey, then slid my lips up to suck on her hard pearl.

My tongue circled her clit as I slipped two fingers inside her pussy. She was tight and hot as I quested for her G-spot. She cried out loudly when my fingers found that sensitive bundle of nerves.

Her orgasm crashed through i spy on my chubby step sister, flooding my lips. "Ganubath!" I screamed. Golden power flowed out of Maryam and poured into me.

It filled me, sinking into every single inch of my body, into my soul. I cried out, an orgasm exploding inside me. The power was so pure, so beautiful, that it left me trembling on the floor. I picked myself up, looking down at the panting Maryam.

No longer was her aura gold. It was silver. She was just a regular woman now. Her eyes stared up at me, lidded with lust. When I made my Pact, I wished that every woman who saw me would desire me, and it was clearly working on Maryam now that the protection of her Gift was gone.

Exultation flooded me. I did it! I could stop Brandon. All I had to do was fuck him and this would be over. To be continued.