Cums in girls mouth and face xxx hots story

Cums in girls mouth and face xxx hots story
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They'd found him through an online Christian dating site. Nineteen years old, a virgin in spite of being drop dead gorgeous.

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They loooved hot virgins. Said he was looking for the right girl to have his first time with. Real clean cut and innocent, though this hadn't stop him from sending a nude pic complete with his lovely erect penis when "Candy" had asked for it. The pic was the deal breaker: he was about to meet the wrong girls. So they'd set up a date. They had sent Sarah, the youngest of them with the innocent face and the curly, semi-long, strawberry-blonde locks.

She'd met him, her tattoos carefully hidden by long sleeves, at a cafe downtown. She had used all the skills learnt in high school drama classes beguiling him. Her guise made her look perfectly innocent, save maybe for her long, black-painted nails.

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She'd led him through an empty alley where their van was waiting. They'd jumped him then, stunned him and packed in the van, and driven away. And here he was now, in the play room in rich Debbie's basement. Two chicks like to finger each other and strapped securely to their favorite torture table, spread-eagled on his back and gagged. A sight to behold! He'd said that he did gymnastics, and boy did he have the bod show for it!

Not a drop of excess fat on that muscular frame. Tall and tan, almost no body hair, with a beautiful, angelic face. Put simply: hot as fuck! And here were they: a pack of she-devils, about to despoil an angel. The five women around him examined their prey with pleasure. His big cock stood erect with the foreskin pulled back, glistening with oil. It stayed upright by a thin wire running around the base and around the balls, fastened to a loop at foot of the table.

Ready for attention. The drug they used on their victims not only resulted in an involuntary erection, but caused a powerful non-volitional state of arousal. Guess you could say that he was in a very vulnerable state!

And utterly helpless to stop what was coming. He struggled against his unforgiving restraints as the women came nearer. He could no doubt see it in their eyes that he was in big trouble. Steph was the first to take his hard cock in her hands, wrapping long and supple fingers around the large glans.

Tess and Sarah on each side of him started playing with his nipples. A wicked smile came upon Steph as, with a moan, the boy tensed against the leather straps keeping him firmly in place.

She felt a glow spread out from between her legs as she watched his sexy abs flexing, felt the head swell in her grip.

Tess and Sarah giggled, pinching the nipples with long fingernails. He whimpered, drawing noises of amused pleasure from the women. Steph looked behind her, at the two tables where their toys lay.

The table closer by contained the usual instruments: candles, a selection of whips, a studded sound, nail files, violet wands, electric flyswatters, an electro-shock sound device, pinwheels. Then, on the farther table, the toys they used when they were feeling particularly nasty—and these days they almost always did. Beeswax candles, sandpaper, a higher-voltage electroshock machine complete with a sound, needles, a couple of soldering irons and a hair-straightener.

She looked back from the implements of torture to its object. She marveled at the miracles of modern medicine as she slowly and deliberatly twisted her fingers up and down the head of the engorged sex organ. Once they'd be done with it, it'd be bruised, welted, burned, and quite possibly bleeding, but still as rock-hard as now.

In between there, they'd make him cum hard against his will. Several times. Those restraints would sure get their use! Raven-haired Alessa came over to the other side from Steph and grabbed his balls. She caressed them, then gave a good squeeze so that he twitched with a muffled gasp.

She smiled. Alessa liked playing with balls, and she didn't play fair. While his nipples and genitals were well tended to, Debbie, Alessa' aunt, her thick black hair done in a tight bun, walked over to the toys. Quietly humming to herself, she was going through the whips to pick one. She was the oldest of them, like fourty-five or so, and quite likely the most sadistic. They all were, of course, but she took extra sort of pleasure in the causing of pain itself, loved the act of hurting a helpless man.

And with her taste in very young men, she was like the auntie from hell! She was the mastermind behind their operation, and its primary architect. She had the place, and had more or less designed all the torture methods they applied. The second most sadistic was no doubt young Sarah. That girl was a true connoisseur of the male physiology, in spite of her age, a true expert in its most sensitive aspects.

She loved to torture cocks. Well, who didn't, of course, but the look of sheer delight on her face when she got a nice big one to play with.

. well, you could have sworn there was nothing else she liked doing better. Which, of course, was probably dead on. Tess was in many ways similar to Steph herself. There was the appreance of course: both tall and lean with a perpetual tan, except Tess a green-eyed blonde and Steph a brunette with chocolate eyes.

Each had those long-and-slender fingered hands, only Steph kept her nails fairly short where Tess kept hers long like Sarah this is one of the greatest and most beautiful erotic videos you have ever seen admire its beauty an always perfectly manicured.

She generally painted them white to contast with Sarah's black. Of course, like Sarah, Tess as well as Steph liked getting their hands on some juicy cock. And they liked causing pain and discomfort as much as the next girl. But they shared a main kink, which was forced orgasms. It was a special sense of power: to be able to overrun a man's will, being in control of his most intimate aspect and use it against him.

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Seeing him try in vain to hold back then cross the point of no return, listening to his helpless moans, watching him shaking.

Feeling the cock twitch powerlessly in your hands as it surrended. Then mercilessly continuing to work it as he whimpered and begged into his gag and spasmed uncontrollably in his binds. Turning pleasure into torture. Just thinking about it, Steph's twist had gotten more deliberate. And with the attention on the nipples and the balls, it seemed as though the boy was already struggling to hold back. Realizing what he was doing, she relented.

It was too early for that. A good torture session needed careful structure so as to build proper tension. She settled on running one finger slowly all around the oiled surface of the nicely shaped head.

That seemed to be plenty for now. He was breathing heavily, toned pecs heaving. The girls shared looks and grinned. naughty lesbians have some fun together homemade licking Debbie said as she walked over, stiletto heals clicking.

She'd picked a cat 'o nine, the tails draped over her left hand. "Did we bring him all the way here to make him feel comfortable?" As if that were how he was feeling! She jerked her head. "Alessa, Steph, and Sarah, choose whips. Tess, you're first on nipple duty. Steph, won't you be a dear and light some candles?" They did as told, then taking their places around the awaiting victim.

Sarah was grinning like a little girl in a candy shop (except a lot more vicious!). She was down to her sleeveless top now, her arms tattooed from shoulder to above wrist.

Biting her lower lip, she ran the tip of her chosen riding-crop up and down the impressive length of the boy's cock. She looked down at him, met his eye and gave a wink. "Alright," Debbie said. She'd wound sunny leone xxx sex janwar cat all the way behind her back, holding the tips the tails with her left hand's fingertips.

"On my go". The others readied their whips, Tess catching the boy's nipples between her nails. Debbie's left hand fingers loosened just a bit before she said, "Go!" Then began the smacks and the whimpers and the giggles.