Zrazzers milf office full storys

Zrazzers milf office full storys
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This is the third part from "Barbara is just right" series. This week was supposed to be another hot one. The Lake was crowded with boats and their quest to be cooled by the mountain lake water. Picnic docks were crowded and the situation offered little privacy since everyone was jammed together. Mostly everyone was in the water cooling off. Barbara was in the forward cabin and her mother Carol was sitting next to me on sex sania mirza xxx com top deck of my 32 foot Sea Ray.

There was enough wind blowing that being top side cooled us off a few degrees. It was an open secret that Barbara and I were involved and her mother Carol wanted to come along with her daughter to get some sun and swim in the cool lake. The moment that Barb came on board, she removed her bikini top and tossed it in the cabin below. She did not care if she was seen by any of the other boaters or her Mother.

Carol was playing it cool and tried not to react when Barbara walked by topless. I actually prefered Carols breasts to her daughter. No droop and she could have passed the pencil test. ; her nipples were like ripe strawberries on white mounds of whipped cream. Her waist was very small, not over 20 inches and her long legs just went up and up to her pussy. She had freckles over her body especially on her chest and tits. There was a slight upturn to her breasts. I loved what were called "banana breast" and carol's tits were close to that shape.

Not bad for a 39 year old Mother. I stopped Barbara as she came on the top deck and pulled her close to me. I was wearing a old ragged set of trunks and my cock was completely visible underneath.

Barbara has a beautiful body for an athletic 23 year old that spent all her time working her family farm.

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As she stood close to me, a stream of sweat found its way down between her tits and go out of sight under her bikini bottom. I put my palm flat against her stomach and pushed my way down between her pussy and the cloth.

Feeling the moisture from the sweat as it made her pussy damp. A middle finger inserted in between her pussy lips confirmed that she was very wet not only from the sweat but with her imagination of what was to come.

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I withdrew my finger and placed the finger between my lips sucking the flavor from it. She tasted like lemons, obviously from some lotion she put on her hairless pussy. She knew that the lemon taste drove me crazy from earlier fuck sessions.

It was a fresh taste and I wanted more. She stared at me half mad and half excited, as she gave my cock a few strokes and squeezes with her right hand. I could have come at that moment but quickly suppressed the urge. Carol had a bird's eye view of our encounter and looked away smiling. I guess Barb was mad at me for a few things, she did not want her Mother with us on the boat and was upset that I had asked her along.

My groping of her pussyand also finding it wet, pissed her off to no end.

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As I was beginning to cool off and my cock returning to normal state, I noticed that Barbara had removed her skimpy bikini bottom. She climbed over the aft hull and landed on the swim platform, that did cause a few turned heads from my neighbors but nudity was generally winked at ,especially since the crowd was mature with just a few small children in our group. Barbara looked around and spread her legs apart and I instantly knew what she was doing.

A stream of yellow piss gushed out of her pussy as she held her pussy lips apart to aim the stream on the fine polished teak wood of the platform.

After a few moments she was finished and shook her pussy and turned and walked back into the seating area of the boat. She had that superior look on her face as she passed me to go down stairs. I would guess that about 10 people saw her do this in full view of the other boats. I'm sure the men enjoyed the sight and the women felt jealous. So much for my work polishing the teak wood last week.

Her annoyance was duly noted. Before I could recover from Barbara pissing on my swim platform, Carol removed her bathing suit completely and sat on the deck at my feet.

She reached out and pulled my shorts down below my knees and proceeded to stoke and work my cock. Soon she had her mouth around the head and she was sucking the prick hard. She was a very adept at giving a great blow job and continued to suck and stroke. When it was at its hardest she removed my cock head from her mouth and lay back on the boat seat with her legs on the arms.

Her pussy had a little hair on the upper pussy in the shape of an arrow.Lips were far apart and I guided my cock toward the opening. Her pussy was tight and not too wet as I moved in and out of her slit. I bottomed out a few times as Carol was very skinny and it seemed as if my cock was riding up in her belly at full stoke. To get in deeper and secretly cause her discomfort, I positioned her hips higher with her feet on my shoulders so I could jam more of my cock into the depths of her cunt.

My ball sack bounced off her ass hole as I pushed forward. Again and again. I was going to give Carol the ride of her life and would pound her pussy hard until I came. It seemed as if she blacked out, she came at least twice and then fell limp and exhausted on the back seat cushions.

I did not stop and I was hardly through with Carol as I continued to fuck her.I was teased on by the sight of her daughter watching me fuck the shit out of her mother from the galley below deck.

Barbara was playing with her pussy sweet hot chick demi lopez loves a cock and stroked her left nipple. I could see the pussy juices from her cunt running down her left leg as she worked her finger on her clit. She was pushing the lips of her labia tight together, held by a nipple clip on her pussy to increase her arousal.

I finally could feel the cum boiling in my sack and pulled out to send two heavy streams of cum on carols breasts and face. After a few seconds of recovering, I noticed how heavy I had pumped Carol. My cock was reinserted in her cunt and one more small load shot directly onto her outside lips. A great cream pie for carol.

When I looked down, my cock had traces of Carol's blood from stretching and pounding her pussy. I left Carol in the boat seat exhausted from our play and followed Barbara as she backed up and went farther in the cabin. My cock was still erect and covered in Carol's juices as well as my cum. Barbara was staring at it as she fell back on the sofa in the galley.

My cock was now a few inches from her face as I grabbed her head with both of my hands and forced her to accept my soiled prick .I slid it past her lips and down her throat. My hands went from her cheeks to her ample breasts as I roughly worked them for my pleasure.

She tried to pull away as she gagged on my cock, but I had a good grip on both of her tits and pulled her toward me. She struggled with the obstruction in her mouth and gasped to breathe. My cock remained fully erect as I slowly moved in and out of Barbara's mouth. By now the cock was clean of all her mother's juices but I was still feeling horny. At that very moment, I felt a hand from behind xxxxx story pron sex stories com guide my cock in and out of Barbara's mouth.

It was Carol. I could hear Carol tell Barbara to turn over and get on her knees in front of me. Carol then reached up and put three fingers into her daughter's wet pussy taking the liquid from her pussy and worked the wetness into her tight ass. Without a word, I pushed the tip of my cock into the tight ass hole about 2 inches.

Hesitating just for a minute, Barbara decided to push back hard lodging the shaft deep in her ass. Barbara let out a gurgling sound from the pain that I'm sure every boater in the area heard. It was satisfying to me that they knew that the noise came eurobabe fucked in hairy muff for cash my boat and that I was doing the fucking.

Carol was under us and was licking my dick and barbara's' pussy lips. I hesitated for a second before filing Barb up to the max with the full length of my cock. My balls rested in Carol's mouth as she sucked each ball pulling my sack to extreme ; the sensation became overwhelming. I must have had my cock in too far because Barb began yelling for me to take the cock out of her ass. When her Mother heard this, she held my cock tightly in her daughters ass hole.

Me, I just pumped like crazy.

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Barb twisted in pain and forced the cock out of her ass as she fell on the boat cushions. I must not have had her ass wet enough because it looked raw and sore and held the size of my cock even with my cock removed. Carol immediately put her lips around my dirty cock and sucked all her daughters juices from me and took a small load of my cum swallowing quickly. Carol was now on the floor of the galley and had her legs drawn tightly to her chest.Her tits were hanging down in front of her and her fingers were at her pussy lips.

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She spread her pussy like her daughter had done on the swim platform,she let a long stream of yellow pea puddle up on the Galley floor. Barbara laughed loudly and that caused angelina crow e lara stevens na orgia to backhand her mother making her lip to bleed. I had never thought before I hit Carol but it seemed like fun.

I had to seek revenge for the insult and grabbed the fly swatter from the counter. I slammed both of her nipples repeatedly with the fly swatter. She moaned quietly and I started to hit her pussy lips and full tit with the entire swatter. Barbara grabbed the fly swatter and hit her mother's breasts repeatedly causing blood and a pattern to form on her right breast. Her nipple was cut and bleeding. I took my hand to the back of Carols head and pushed her face in the pool of her piss causing her to suck some up as she breathed through the carpet.

Carol was definitely in a limp state not defending herself at all. Her ass was high in the air as I held her face to the carpet and Barbara took this position as an opportunity to torture her pussy and ass hole with the fly swatter. When I looked back, the fly swatter handle was stuck far up her ass hole inserted cruely by her daughter. Barbara proceeded to the shower to clean out her holes and Carol remain slumped on the floor still out of it.

My cock was hard again and ready for round 2 yet to come. watch for more parts to this story