Sunny leoue new sex stories xxxx story 2019

Sunny leoue new sex stories xxxx story 2019
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The First Part in a hopeful line of stories, please read comment/review. Read The Prologue first! My Baby Sister : Part I 2 years had past since I had made the pact with my younger sister to see if our incestrual feelings were real, or just a heat of the moment spur. I hadn't thought about it in a good 7 months, the first 17 however, I thought about it every day, waiting for my sister to bleed, and run into my room announcing her love for me and us being together forever.

I masterbated frequently to the thought of her tight pussy, wrapped around my cock, milking my penis dry of every drop of cum around. She never did however, I watched as she grew taming a horny hard willy blowjob and amateur her body started to mature, her breasts started to show early on, and grew to an ample B cup, her ass protuded to a perfect size and taughtness, she grew taller and her hips grew wider, she was still a very petite girl, but becoming more and more womanly every day.

By the time she came to me she was no more my little Sister, she was a Young Goddess, coming into form. I awoke to my sister on a Saturday morning, it was late already, my mother had gone to work already.

This was not a rare occurance, our experiments two years ago didn't effect our incredible sibling relationship. Me and Stace were as close as ever, we pretended nothing happened afterward, which only increased my fears that this day would never come. She sat on my bed and laid down resting her head on my side, shewas playing a very old game of "Snake" on my old prehistoric phone.

I woke up drowsily and scruffed her silky auburn hair. "Hey!" She yelled with a part jokey tone in her voice. "I just did my hair, do you like it?" Did I ever, it looked incredible, she had used several products and curling irons, her hair was wavy and perfectly fitted her face.

"You look amazing Stace!" I said while picking up her phone. I began to play the game, but wasn't completely focused. My sister was wearing very little, she had a Red bra which showed of her cleavage nicely and a pair of skimpy red panties to match. Now while her sitting on my bed was a regular occurance, her making herself so appealing wasn't.

"You're looking very nice today Stace, any reason your getting dolled up?" "Well. Yes actually." I stopped playing my Game. "What?" I asked still examining my sisters beauty. She Leaned in close, her perfect blue eyes looking as stunning as ever. "I got my first period." she said in the sexiest tone I have ever heard in my life, quickly she leaned in an kissed me fully on the mouth.

I was shocked and slightly taken aback, but as my young sisters tounge entered my mouth, I quickly reacted and kissed back. Our mouths intertwined, our tounges exploring each other. She moved her hands and grabbed my head with one, pulling me toward her while the other rested lightly on my cheek. Her skin was so smooth and soft, I had to start exploring her body, I wrapped my arms around her, caressing her sweet back with my hands.

She leaned further into me so I grabbed her by the waist and lifted her onto me. She was now straddling me, if not for the covers she would be a pair of panties away from my now raging hard cock.

We kissed continually for a long time, enjoying the unrestricted love from one another for really the first time. She eventually pulled away and we had our first chance to talk about us.

"Wow" I said slightly out of breath from the most passionate kiss of my life. "I know." she said back, slightly laughing, not believing what was happening. She kissed me again quickly. "So I take it you still feel the same way?" I asked. "Well duh! I haven't stopped thinking about that night for two years! Waiting novice lesbian teens get their narrow vaginas licked and screwed my first period, my boobs have been growing for a year and a half now, I couldn't believe that it hadn't came until a few days ago." She smiled at me and kissed me big tits sluts doing hard shaft in the sex bus, she backed away again.

"God, that feels so good to finally be able to do." "Stace. Not that I wanna ruin the mood or anything bu." "Oh God! You dont wanna be with me do you!?" she became really nervous and was starting to cry. "No. Stace. It's not that I don't wanna be with you! I just wanna make sure you understand what's going on hear." She looked at me with small tears in her perfect blue eyes. "Look, we're brother and sister, if anyone ever found out about this, we'd be, or more likely, I'd be in huge trouble!" "So you do wanna be with me?" she asked so sweetly I kissed her hard and pulled her tight to my body, "I love you Stace more than I realised, I want to be with you more than you know." "Comeon!" she said as she hopped of my lap.

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She jumped off me, onto the floor springily, and walked toward the door, her ass was swaying incredibly, and her panties had ridden up her crack turning them into a makeshift thong. "Where are we going?" I asked as a sat up, ready to go. "You need a shower and to brush your teeth" I realised as she said that I had worked out late the night before and smelt ripe with sweat. I stood up ready to move toward the skinny blonde babe lexi lou needs a medicinal cock pornstars hardcore. She turned back to me as she stood in my doorway and smiled at me, "And after your done we need to do something about that!" she pointed at me.

I looked down and realised my 8 inch cock was sticking straight up and out of my boxers waistband. She giggled and walked out of the room. I went and got showered, lathering myself clean for my waiting sister.

I cleaned my foreskin and asshole especially for the sexual activities I hoped would come. I brushed my teeth, and dried myself down. I walked out of the bathroom, out of my bedroom, still completely naked and walked to my sisters room. The door was opened slightly and I looked in, I saw my sister, laying back on her bed with her legs spread wide, holding my pants in one hand, and furiously fingering herself with the other.

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"Oh Jack, Jack! JACK!!" she screamed as she climaxed, while in inhaling heavily while my dirty pants were pushed up to her nose. I knocked, she said come in, and made no attempt to hide what she was doing. "I wanted you to see how I've been masterbating the past year, with you as my image!" I was speechless at how hot and sexy my sis was, she has grown up so much in two years.

Her body was tanned and spotless, she had the most perfect flawless skin I had ever seen. Her beautiful Auburn hair slightly draped over her B-cup tits, which for a girl her age were very large and perfectly shaped. Her stomach was toned, flat and perfectly hourglass shaped. Her hips had widened and become unmistakeably woman-like. Her legs were hairless, were perfect size and seemed to go on forever. And her pussy. Her pussy was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, her cunt lips were puffy and protruding, her clitoris was sore and red from rubbing and so stood out from her pussy.

But most of xnxx com sunny leone sex stories it was the pussy of a Woman, she was going to be tight, she barely had hair yet, but she could take me, or at least some of me.

She pointed her finger at me and motioned me to come over to her, I needed no further invitation, I climbed onto her bed and moved myself over her sweet young body, I kissed her hard, I was finally going to fuck my sister.

I moved my body into hers, we laid there making out for a moment as I started to feel her fully naked body for the first time. I held her tit in my hand, toying with one of her nipples inbetween my fingers, she moaned softly in my mouth while she slid her hand down my stomach and grabbed ahold of my cock.

She very slowly started to jack me off, she then held it firm and pulled my manhood toward her vagina. I broke our kiss, and said. "I need to go and get a condom" "you don't need one with me. I want all of you!

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Inside me!" she replied in an effectiely sexy tone. "But. You could get pregnant!" I told her. "I know, and I don't care." she said before kissing me again, stopping me from arguing.

Even though I disagreed with not wearing a condom, I wasn't about to say no to this young goddess. I placed the head of my rock hard 8" cock at my sisters entrance, her soft tight pussy lips parted as I pushed lightly. "It might hurt you know?

The first time." "I know, just be gentle!" she said half scared of the impending spear that was about to pierce her body. "Of course I will." I smiled at her beautiful face and kissed her one more time. "You ready?" I asked "Mmhmm" she hummed, already biting her lower lip. I slowly pushed my cock into her hole, each millimeter giving more pleasure than the last, about an inch and a half in I stopped, feeling her hymen touching the end of my cock.

"This is the bit that might hurt Stace." I warned her. "Brace yourself.", she wrapped her arms around my neck, kissed me hard and passionately on the lips and said. "I'm ready." I counted down in my head, 3. 2. 1. I drew back my cock and lunged my hips foward, burying my cock deep within her unbelievebly tight erotic asian pussy shaving and ace fuck. She screamed loudly and dug her fingernails into my back.

Tears welled in her eyes, it must of hurt her, I left it in her for a moment, so she got used to it's size and time to sob into my chest. I looked down and saw blood trickle out of her pussy and down my cock shaft.

"You okay?" I asked looking into her blue eyes. "Yeah. I'm fine" she said as I wiped a tear from he face. "I love you so much!" she said to me as she hugged me hard. "Now Fuck me Jack!" I started of slowly moving in and out getting her pussy used to the stretches, each time I moved my cock inside her tight prepubescent cunt I had to fight cumming.

I started picking up the pace, fucking her faster and faster. Till eventually I was fucking her full on. In.Out.In.Out.In.Out. Each time I buried my cock into her my balls slapped her ass and she started to moan and cry uncontrollably.

"Oh Jack! Oh.Ohhhhhhh! A.a.a.a.a.a.aaahhhh!" Her pussy started clenching and relaxing on my cock, very soon her body went into spasms. I kept plowing away at her, she had a long and incredibly draining tattoo stepsister wanks stepbrother off tube porn. My balls had tightened and she now realised I was closed to cumming. "Cum in my tight pussy!" she whispered sexily in my ear.

"I want your warm jizz in my belly! Cum baby, cum for your little sister." That threw me over the edge, my balls clenched tight and I began fucking my sis faster and faster. I was about to cum, I looked into my sisters eyes as I started to cum. Hot streams of white jizz layered my sisters insides again and again. I pumped gallons of hot, hot semen into her prepubescent cunt until I had no more to give. I collapsed in complete extacy on my sister, we layed there for a moment both breathing heavily.

After couple of minutes our breathing was back to normal and I pulled out of my sister. My now limp cock was covered in a mixture of my sisters juices and my own cum. I layed down beside Stacy and sighed heavily. "Wow" "Damn right wow!" my sister said in reply while holding her hand to her pussy, collecting my cum as it leaked out. "Look!" she said showing me her palm covered in my jizz. She looked at it intently and licked it lightly. "Well?" I asked "Its nice" she replied.

"Kinda sweet, yet salty aswell." She continued to lick up my cum as a meal as it leaked from her pussy. "Stace." I said, grabbing her attention slightly. "uh huh" she mumbled taking another lick of my cum off the end of her finger. "You can't tell anyone about us. Okay?" "I know Jack, I'm not stupid." "I know you're not" I said as I kissed her fully again, tasting myself on her lips.

"Jack. I want you to know, I really love you, and I want us to be boyfriend and girlfriend. I know we can't do things in public in case we're seen, but I do want us to be together." "Stace. I wouldn't have it any other way"