Big ass cum on panties first time lewd mother compeers daughter photoshoot

Big ass cum on panties first time lewd mother compeers daughter photoshoot
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Sara - First time (M/f, consensual, prost.) Viktoria was driving her car. She and Sara just left the house where Sara had her first sexual experience. In her pocket there was a billet of 100 Euros and much more in her account in the house and, mostly, she was happy. The experience with the girl was embarrassing but pleasant and with her first man well.

She was still a little in pain but, after a doctor visit and some pain killer, she was feeling herself just a little uncomfortable but her mind was still trying to collect all her feelings and memories of the last hours: After she recovered from the orgasm she found herself well covered but alone on the large bed. She was able to hear voices in the adjacent room. She put on a baby doll she found on the bed and went in.

Viktoria, in sexy lingerie, was there with a man, a handsome man in his middle 40thies, and they were talking friendly and she was able to see his hands over the woman's body. The man was cupping her breast with his hand while she was joking with him and moaning.

Victoria knew immediately Sara was there. She smiled and called her close to them. She introduced the girl to the man and, politely, Sara properly greeted him. Just at this moment Trading compeers daughters camping sneaky father problems realized she was almost naked except a see trough baby doll and started to become crimson but the man said to her she was just beautiful and how her mom should be proud of her magnificent girl.

It made the girl crimson much more for the compliment and, when the man caressed her young body; she felt a vibration coming down her own spin. Viktoria toke from her purse the 100 € billet and gave it to Sara.

"Dear, Mr. Robert here, would be pleased by your presence and offer to you this little reward for your acceptance. As you can see he's an old friend of me and I can assure you about his honorable intentions. Would you entertain him??" And, mocking an offended face, she added: "Seems just my presence isn't enough for this man!" and both the adults burst in laugh while Sara was wondered if the woman was really jealous of her or not.

"Mr. Robert, I. I don't know how I can e-n-ter-ta-in you. It's my first time here. Are you sure you want give me all this money??" Said Sara trying to act modest and hide her panic.

The man disengaged from the Viktoria's body, toke Sara's hand and kissed it lightly making the girl blushing again. "Oh no young lady. Mrs. Viktoria here explained me your situation and I am enchanted to provide your needs. She also told me about your kindness and, from what I can see, she didn't lie to me because your behaviors are exquisites.

So, I think, the little money I hope you are going to accept, it's just a fraction of your real worth Miss Sara." Sara was speechless, nobody except the Dean at school called her Miss and she never found a man, mostly an elegant adult like him, who was so well speaking and was thinking so much about her value so, when the man started to pull her against him, she allowed to the men to drive her young body seated between him and Viktoria.

The woman was smiling and caressing the big dick to bang is pornstar love movie long hair and whispered in her ears" Don't worry Sara, I know him, he will be gentle with you and you have not to do something you don't want.

Ok?? Beside I will be here all the time and if you will feel yourself uncomfortable, just tell it to me and I'll take care of it." Sara turned the face to the man trying to smile and crossed her legs like Victoria's and started to talk to the man shyly.

"Thank you Mr. Robert, I'll try my best for for e-n-ter-ta-in you. I hope you will like me as you like Mrs. Viktoria." "Oh Miss Sara, I am sure I will enjoy your company. I would like offer to you something to drink but I am not sure what your preferences are. Do you want to taste a sip of my drink before you decide?" Without waiting a reply the glass magically appeared close to Sara's lips and she felt obliged to taste a little.

The Spumante tasted nicely but the bubbles made her feel strange. "I guess a soda will be ok. Don't you think so, Sara?" Viktoria went in her aid. She just clapped her palms and a girl entered. She was beautiful like Patrizia and Sara ask herself, again, how a man like Mr.

Robert could prefer her immature body or her na? company to a beautiful girl like this girl. Sara's drink arrived in a moment and while she was sipping a little from the glass, she felt mans' hand on her knee. It was so hot against her skin and she felt so nervous but she understood he wasn't moving his hand but studying her reactions watching her sight.

Sara breathed deep and smiled at him, leaving the hand wandering over her leg. She was feeling strange. Wasn't unpleasant as she thought. He was gentle and his sight was meeting hers. She was feeling so important and, after some second, she relaxed herself without be embarrassed when the man's hand went between her legs or he was kissing her neck just making her moaning a little.

They talked a lot, Mr. Robert wanted to know how was at school, some of her baby girl's dreams, wondering when he knew his kisses were the firsts from a man and, with Sara's face totally red for embarrassment, when he full kissed her lips.

Sara was more and more relaxed and when Viktoria told her to leave because she needed to be alone for give to Mr. Robert the final entertainment, the question "why I can't entertain him too" came from her mouth. Viktoria was out of guard and Sara's sight was on the floor for shame. "Sara! Look at me. I am not upset. Do you know what kind of entertainment it will be?? Are you sure??" While her sight met the man's eyes who just nodded considering the high price he was going to pay for a so young girl defloration.

Sara just nodded and added "Please, I would at least watch. I'll try to do my best and, I promise, I'll be good Mrs Viktoria." Viktoria just smiled and helped the man to stand up. She started to undress him slowly while Sara eyes were wide watching her first nude male of her life and, mostly, her first so big member. She let the woman hot milf porn ebony dialogue her and the man on the big bed where she was lying before.

nor didn't stop the man while he started to kiss and lick all over her body. Viktoria in meanwhile provided a pill from a little box and put it in Sara's mouth making her swallow it. The effect was almost immediate. The already excited body of the girl went hot. her pussy became soaked and her nipples were hard but at same time she was feeling so relaxed. Viktoria knee down with a condom and put it on her lips, opening the man's legs and engulfing her lips with his member, extending automatically the condom over the cock.

She pumped it with her expert mouth and when it was totally hard, she put herself against the girl, rolling her on her stomach and preparing her for penetration. She toke a cream from the drawer and provided to put in the virgin pussy. She started to kiss Sara's lips and waited she felt comfortable before to start to finger her pussy providing to enlarge her small hole a little and put more cream inside.

"Sara." whispered Viktoria in the girl's ear while she was trying to add the third finger in her pussy " it will be a little painful at first. You are ready but your pussy it's small and will be stretched a lot. You can still stop everything. I love you and I don't want you will be in pain.

Do you know what Mr. Robert is going to do?" Sara was feeling herself in heaven.

Viktoria's fingers were giving her a little of pain but also great pleasure: Almost the same Patrizia gave her with her tongue but so different; so invasive.

She knew it was going to be painful and she was fighting between the excitement and curiosity she was feeling and the knowledge it will french tv dating naked uncensored painful. "V.Viktoria. Will you be with me?? Will he be gentle?? Pretty please: I am so scared but . I would try it. Can I??" Some tears were flowing from the girls face and Viktoria provided immediately to kiss them trying to reassure the girl: "Oh Sara.

You are so bold and mature. Sure I will be here with you. We will live this wonderful time together and he will be gentle. Very gentle. Mr. Robert likes you a lot and he surely doesn't want hurt you. Did you like his kisses and his touches?? See how caring he is?? He will be careful and he knows it will be painful for you for some moment.

Are you still sure about it?" Sara's sight meet her eyes, then lowered on the big member of the man who was still lye against her caressing her hair and again deep in Viktoria's eyes. She just nodded and tries to smile at both of them. The man smiled at her and delicately opened the girls legs.

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Viktoria lifted Sara's head and, parting her own legs, put the face over her womb, almost over her chest. Robert positioned his body next the girls bum and, after a nice view of the girl's small orifice and her wet and pulsing pussy, he started to rub his member over the pussy's lips.

His warm chest was rubbing over girl's back and he started to kiss his neck and hair. When he felt the girl's body a little relaxed he started the penetration, dilating the young lips and forcing his penis in the narrow channel without stop until he felt the little barrel of Sara's hymen.

Sara just opened her mouth while she felt her intimate part invaded. It was a little hurt. Not much as she supposed it should be. She met Viktoria's worried eyes trying to smile and nodded, the woman nodded too to the man and, after he pulled his member a bit out, thrust with no mercy breaking the little girl's hymen and going as deep as possible until her cervix and, hitting that, he stopped kissing again the girl's neck.

And waiting until her muscles will be addicted to the big intruder. Sara was crying openly from her closed eyes. The pain was excruciating and she felt like something just split her in two. Viktoria's voice who was telling her it was all ok and she just became a woman was reassuring and chap loves fucking horny awesome bitch hardcore blowjob was trying to follow her instructions to relax herself and to give time to her muscles to addict at this.

She was also feeling, in a little part of her mind, the pleasure the men's kisses and the Viktoria's hands reassuring touches but in that moment was just a too little part compared with the pain. She heard Robert voice telling her how beautiful and nice she was and how sorry he was for the pain she was experimenting but how pleasurable it will become for her and him when her pussy will be relaxed enough.

The time mother molested by son an daughter hours but she never felt the kisses and the caress stopped on her body. Suddenly she realized the pain wasn't the same. It was less and less and, when she opened her eyes again, she still found the loving sight of Viktoria. She felt also the gentle movement of Robert's member inside her. She realized waves of pain and warm were flooding to her brain at every move of the man but it was less shocking, almost something she was becoming used to accept.

Her muscles were sending also messages of acceptance and she was able to feel something strange too. She was feeling the Robert's organ pulsations and something inside her growing between the pain's waves.

Like something warm, like something she was feeling while Viktoria was fingering her pussy. It wasn't pleasurable yet but her desperation of the first minutes of penetration, minutes or hours ago, was dissipated and overwhelmed by this warm sensation. Everybody wasn't speaking. Sara tries to turn her face but when she moved her head Robert stopped immediately the movement for met her gaze. She felt immediately something wrong was happening.

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She felt the loss of his moves inside her pussy. Waves were stopping and sensation seemed unbearable for a moment. She realized she was missing that sensation and, when she met his sight again, she just nodded and smiled in acceptance.

Viktoria was amazed from the girl's reaction. She can't believe she already started to recover from the shock of the penetration and, mostly, after she turned her face back to her chest, she was wondered Sara voluntary picked her nipple between her lips and started to suck her like Patrizia did to the girl's nipple some hours ago.

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"Oh Sara, I like it " Viktoria whispered "please keep sucking. You are wonderful. Are you ok?? Try to push back your butt when you feel him pushing inside. It will be better but keep your time. You need time." The little girl was feeling the man increasing the speed and thrust and the pain increased consequently. The only difference was the excitement. It was so much and the pleasure was increasing too while she was feeling the man painting and rubbing his sweating chest against her back.

Mr. Roberts, now, was fucking her hard without any complain for her pleasure now and making herself feel like a ragdoll. Suddenly the man arched his body, bursting his cock deep in the girl's pussy and trying to inject his seed in cum on eugenie bouchard tribute 6 Sara's womb despite the condom's barrel. Sara was shocked. She was feeling this hot cream, through the condom, inside her and it was so good.

She met the lady's smiling sight and smiled back. She felt the man's body rolling away from her with a satisfied face. Sara was so happy. Be nice with men wasn't so bad. Wondered if, except for the pain, everything was going to be so good. Please send me comments and tell me how/if I should write the sequel. Also, please, forgive me for my poor grammar properties but, unfortunately, English isn't my mother language.

Thanks in advance.