Son blackmails mom sex stories sex storys

Son blackmails mom sex stories sex storys
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I Came On A Midnight Clear A man reflects back on a Christmas Eve forty years ago. It was a special evening for both of them. After meeting a girl a few years younger than him at an adult party they manage to escape into their own Winter Wonderland teaching each other about sex.

(mf-teens, youths, 1st, oral) It was Christmas Eve, forty years ago. I was fifteen, too young to stay at home by myself, at least my parents thought so and too old to go with them to a party some friends were holding. After begging for about an hour I knew the case was lost and gave in to their wishes.

I was going to be a third wheel on a bicycle, all by myself, or so I thought. There on the couch was a girl, one I had never met before. She looked childish, much younger than I. Guessing she was about thirteen maybe fourteen. I was proved right following a little polite conversation with her. Marjory's body didn't look very young though, her legs set her off quite well.

A pair of white Go-Go boots started them flowing into shapely calves and thighs covered in dark nutmeg colored nylons that disappeared into a meager red skirt. Her tits hidden under a matching red blouse didn't have the appearance of being that significant. But that long brown hair flowing gracefully down her body overwhelmed me. I looked at her through rose colored glasses, she was too young for me to even consider the thought of making a move, but on the other hand she was welcomed company for the evening.

By eight o'clock we had actually hit it off relatively well bearing in mind the slight age difference. Being the only teenagers there I guess you could say we had no choice, an encounter by chance.

The flirting started out gradually but accelerated as the night wore on. At one point when she was backed up against a wall as I yakked, she scooted pass me pausing exactly long enough to pat the side of my check with a kiss before brushing her body against mine. She was wearing my principals down, and quickly at that. For a few fleeting moments thoughts of her sugar plums were dancing through my head. While sitting on the sofa she came up, reached around, and secretly placed a small piece of paper in my hand before departing the room.

Afraid at first to open it while others were looking I went to the hallway where I peeked into he white folded paper. It was a dilemma as to weather I should follow her directions or forget I ever read them. I was sure glad it wasn't a Winter Wonderland outside the house; neither of us was dressed for cold. It was an unusually warm Christmas Eve; a rare warm front had come through the previous day making it just at the point of being comfortable.

The small crumpled paper was still clasped in my sweaty palm. Nervously rounding the corner of the house Marjory was waiting. There she stood leaning against the house, all five foot four inches of her looking like a lost elf dressed in her red outfit. My sweet d hentai babe gets big jugs sucked was not working properly anymore, all I could see was a girl who indubitably was attracted to me.

Standing close, very close to her there was no reservation in what was about to happen. This was not an everyday occurrence for me. And this was the first time a girl had propositioned me. Marjory could sense the fear taking my clammy hands into hers intertwining our fingers, her head bent upwards while silently closing her eyelids in anticipation.

With grave hesitation I moved my face to hers joining our lips together for several minutes before she broke away and made a bee line for the back door. My mind dashed with thoughts of her screaming rape once inside the house. But I was wrong; as I entered through the door there she was pouring soda for dad glancing over long enough to deliver a quick wink of the eye. My dick which had lost it ridged state of minute ago began to twitch again in my pants. Marjory was quickly becoming an addictive drug.

Wanting more of her in despite of her age I made the move this time motioning with a tilt of the head towards the door before slipping out. I would not be disappointed. Just out of view from all the guests we held each other tight around the waist as again we locked our lips together not dividing until we had our fill. With a sky full of brightly lit stars we embraced each other.

My hands fell to her ass resting a hand on each of her protruding cheeks as we nuzzled our heads into each other. Out love hero full hd dj slow motion instinct I began to nibble at the taut skin of her neck causing her to tremble in my clutch.

Pulling her in close my erection was now situated against her body, and it felt pretty good. For the next hour it was like this, in and out of the house several times, making candid eye contact when inside, on, and on it went.

There were about two hours before some of the party would leave for a candle light service at a local church, the rest would go home. Marjory and I along with our parents would go to the service. Following her body down the stairs we met a small group of adults in the lower level of the house. Motioning me from around a corner I shadowed her ducking through a door leading us in to an unfinished utility room.

Away from view of others we commenced where we had left off the last time. Both of us were becoming frenzied from kissing, the flirting, and the touching. What I wasn't sure of was how far I wanted to take this or more importantly how far Marjory was willing to go.

It was quite clear she knew how to kiss but I felt reluctance when I attempted grinding into her thighs. Not convinced she had been down this road before I was in no way going to intimidate the young vulnerable girl into anything that was unethical or immoral.

Marjory had me pressed up against the two by four wall studs. It was her that was grasping at my waist pulling inward; it was her doing the grinding this time, it was Marjory who desired more. Obliging to her wishes although anxious about it I extended my hands from her backside wandering upwards pursuing her girlish charms. It was a Holly Jolly Christmas party after all! Rewarded with her consent my palms meandered from tit to tit. At that age I didn't expect much in size but was delighted to find how plentiful they ultimately were.

After all, all you need is a mouthful when it comes to tits. As I slowly unbuttoned the first of several it was Marjory who lowered her hands to my waist then a little further down until reaching a concealed shaft that felt like it was going to rupture at any time. Before I had the last button uncoupled Marjory had my belt disengaged and was working on my zipper. This was clearly progressing too fast, but I was caught up in the anticipation of having a girl touching my dick leaving behind the apprehension that should have been front and center.

Fumbling around with the zipper she uncovered my front as the pants went wide open. Nervously Marjory traced her fingers over the glans of my cock. It didn't matter if my underpants covered it or not it was next to the best feeling I ever experienced only cumming could trade places. Then her fingers trailed the length of it while she mumbled under her breath about it being so big.

I imagine a girl's first rendezvous with a boys cock it would appear huge. Releasing a hand from her tit pulling the elastic band of my underpants away urging her hand into them I was rewarded with a secure grip on my cock. All she did was grip it at first. After a modest amount of coaching she began to stroke me. Oh Holy Night! It was then I knew for sure it was her first sexual encounter. I was relishing in the glow of being masturbated by someone other than myself.

Her dainty fingers felt like soft sponges caressing up and down my flesh. Dreaming about a White Christmas, for a moment I thought I was going to orgasm but when we heard voices so close to english blonde milf amateur first time mommy dearest gets freaky door we quickly re-dressed ourselves although they quickly disappeared into the distance.

We cuddle in each others arms for a momentary minute before peeking out the door so no one would notice our re-emergence into the playroom. She was driving me wild, being fifteen my untamed hormones were in fifth gear. She sure looked and certainly felt older than thirteen.

Against my better judgment I had to have her and I had a lot more than petting in mind to satisfy my obsession for sex. The problem was we only had less than two hours to find out how far we would go. I knew I only needed two minutes not two hours to relieve my primary urge to procreate the human race. I was sailing in uncharted waters here risking a lot. But that night I was willing to take the chance. We were afraid of the utility room after the narrow escape and decided on sneaking outside again.

Her mom caught us exiting the back door. Marjory reassured her we were simply going for a walk to get some fresh air. Never the wiser her mom proposed we check out the lights that decorated the neighborhood houses. Instead we headed for the shadowy rear side of the house. Marjory had loosened up even more in this installment of continuing exploration into our sexuality. Wasting little time her blouse was open, her bra pulled down over her tits while she fumble about my exposed private spots.

We held each other tightly as I chafed my naked dick against the pretty red skirt. Desperately struggling to raise it above her hips was in vain. Her hands went to my shirt unbuttoning each one until the cool night air collided with the moist skin of my chest sending a chill throughout my body. Working her hands over my abs's she eagerly pulled my pants and underpants down. Kissing my neck then chest as I rested my hands on adorable romanian femme fatale gets her pussy drilled shoulders.

In no way was I contemplating anything other but she took it as a proposal to lower her body. "Oh Holy Night," Extremely cautious the kisses headed south until she was at my navel. Now straining to bend she collapsed to her knees. The unthinkable was here, "The stars are shining down on me." I felt her lips trail further. I never thought me coji a mi primo would go this far but her lips united with the tip of my dick.

Marjory's fear if any had evaporated as she began to lick the underside of my dick. This was the best Christmas present any boy could have hoped for. Clumsily the tip of my dick was sucked into her watery mouth as her tongue continued to work magical wonders. Marjory awkwardly sucked as my body made gestures giving her the concept of going up and down on the shaft.

She never got more than a few inches in her orifice but that was just fine with me. She was a quick learner, within a minute she knew I liked her sliding the showing skin with her fingers. All good things must come to an end. "Joy to the world," I was about to cum. I was so caught up in the moment I never realized that I had a girl sucking her first dick in front of me. My fingers tangled in her long brown hair I pulled her closer as I felt the rising tide in my gut.

"Here Comes Santa Claus" My ball sack tightened next to my body, my eyes rolled back into my head as I felt the fluids blending from my nuts and prostate. Then I thought I died when the initial stream of cum bubbled up the enlarged tube. My dick twitched while by body trembled with delight. My knees went weak causing me to almost fall backward as the next wave exited the small slit.

She still held me around my ass never letting go as several more smaller streams poured out of my body into mouth. Regaining my composure I looked down at the submissive body at my feet. She held on for dire life, her eyes tightly shut as whitish cum formed at the corners of her mouth as it streaked along the skin that was still slowly going in and out of her mouth.

It was over and I savored every second of it.

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Marjory backed away opening her eyes with a look of bewilderment on her face as her pouty lips stayed ajar. I never would know if she didn't want to swallow, maybe she didn't know she was supposed to. Leaning to my side she buckled over further and began to spew out my sperm coughing it out in globs onto the lawn, not gagging at all to expel it. I wanted to "Go tell it on the mountain" I was so excited.

Slightly embarrassed about blowing off in her mouth without warning I marveled as the girl arose with a smile on her face knowing she had pleased me. But she grossed my out when she started kissing me, the first few seconds was closed mouth but then she slipped the tip of her tongue between my lips forcing them open.

Then I was frenching with her giving me a reasonable taste of my own cum. But to my amazement the taste was not that bad, a cross between salt and pepper. By the time we broke away I had sucked what watery liquid was left from her. In silence we rearranged our clothes then returned to the house. Marjory disappeared into the bathroom for a few minutes only to return sitting across from me in the living room. She kept shifting around in the chair like she had a wedgie.

Then I caught sight of how her skirt had loosely crawled up her thighs revealing the tops of her nylons that were attached to a white garter belt. Then I almost fell over backward when she spread her legs somewhat. I had a hard time believing what I saw; the shaded nylons stopped and were replaced with the creamy white skin of her thighs.

But the creamy white kept going. She must have removed her panties. With her legs spread enough so I could essentially see her brown hairs. I would not be exaggerating if I said I saw her cunt lips.

"Silver Bells" rang in my head when she nonchalantly emerged to my side whispering in my ear. "Do you hear what I hear" yes I did and I was following her like a puppy dog out the back door once again.

It had only been minutes since I blew my load but my dick didn't seem to care, it was hard as before. I took her into my grasp. Backed up against the house I managed to release my dick again then uncover her ornaments with the small nipples. I was hornies latina begging for sex what she wanted.

Taking it skinny beauteous bitch is valuable at cock riding hardcore and blowjob at first my finger searched between her legs and was met with a slippery slim.

Running my finger up and down her crease until it disappeared to the first knuckle. But every time I slid upward she would begin to shake. I'm a fast learner. Spending time at the enlarging knob that later in life I would find out was the key to pleasing a woman seemed to enchant her to no end.

By this time my pants were around my ankles her skirt was high on her hips as I persuaded her to spread them a little further. My hand was flying over the wet slit of her cunt drenching my finger with her juice. Soon I made the made an effort to replace my finger with something more gratifying. With her legs still spread I bent my knees to position my dick. I wasn't quite sure of what to do, only gutter talk from other boys was my sex education, but I did know that I needed to slip my young dick within her virgin cunt.

Probing around I felt her wetness on the tip of my dick. Sliding back and forth I just couldn't make the connection. "All I want for Christmas is you" kept playing in my head as I kept missing the mark. Then I hit the right spot, my dick head slipped between her lips. I could feel it surrounded with warm flesh, I kept jabbing forward when I should have been thrusting upwards.

Marjory spread her legs further apart; I lowered my body to accommodate her while trying to petite teen sucks big cock on the road her.

She tilted sideways and I went the other way tripping on my pants and falling over. It must have been a comical sight, her half naked, me the same laying on the brick sidewalk with a jutting hard-on in the cooling night air. She insisted that there was no way we could make it to her bedroom without being seen.

Confronted with the suggestion that I might not be laid after all I looked around for somewhere we could go without being noticed. The sight of the patio furniture in the neighbor's yard brought a smile to my face. Quickly we disappeared behind the darkened house next door sheltered from view of anyone. Her blouse still wide open I unfastened the rear clasp then she removed both the blouse and bra. My mouth went for her nipple then the other back and forth I went. I wasn't sure if it was from me sucking them of the fresh night air but they hardened to rigid nubs.

With my belt undone and my fly open it took no effort on her part to have them at my ankles again. By stepping out of them this time I was not going to trip. Marjory topless, me bottomless we merged onto each other.

I knew it would be difficult to enter her like before. Backing her up until her ass came to the patio table then lifting her wispy body up I sat her down on the edge of it. The alluring red skirt was then hoisted over her tummy. For the first time in my life I had a display of a cunt and what a fine display it was.

Extending her legs out it came into view; a modest patch of flimsy hair covered the top half. Her puffy cunt lips in plain view as her legs broadened.

There in the pleat wetness shined in the glow of twinkling starlight. Another open mouth kiss ended with my lips kissing their way to her nips once again. Her hands firmly on my head I felt momentum being gently exerted as my kiss trailed over her tummy past her navel ceasing at her bush. Nervously I took a deep breath inhaling the sweet fragrance of pussy before sticking my tongue into the accumulating nectar.

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Not having a clue I swirled my tongue around the perimeter of her crack. The taste had a slight copper taste but quickly replaced as I felt her yielding more liquid. I was surprised that both the flavor and aroma wasn't all that bad, in fact I almost enjoyed it.

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I know for certain she did. Her legs fluttering in the air with mysterious sounds coming deep in her throat as I licked at her gash. I wasn't about to lick her all night. Standing up between her divided legs in was going to be now or never. Slutty latina fucks a pawn dude for the payment difference dick waving in the nippy air was harder than I ever remember; it stood straight up at attention ready to salute her cunt.

The table was at just the right height, my dick was going to match up with her, no lifting up, or bending down, a match made in heaven. As I advanced I watched Marjory's eyes, first they looked directly into mine, and then they opened wide as they wafted down at my prick.

This was it, the moment I wanted, the moment I had waited all night for. I was going to fuck a girl; I knew not may other fifteen year olds have done the same. The First Noel was about to transpire. Her eyes still fixed on my prick she leaned back at a slight angle on her hands.

Rubbing the head around in her moisture, shifting it up and down wetting us thoroughly I was seriously tempted to ram it up her cunt as hard as I could, but even at my age I knew better. Her age came back to mind, I wasn't even sure my dick would fit. She sure looked like a grown girl now with her virtually naked body before me but in reality she still was only a young teen. Temptation was too vast, I needed to fuck her, and I only could presume she wanted to be fucked.

I situated my dick at her threesome with samantha aka sunny jay and camilla krabbe applying nominal pressure as her head strained forward to observe.

I watched as the head slipped past her outer most folds immediately giving me intense gratification, I would have been contented if she said stop that's how good it felt. But she didn't say stop what she did was move her hips drawing me closer. I was only an inch into her constrained pussy when her teeth appeared biting her lower lip as I continued to advance into her body. Receding back then applying more pressure I again proceeded further into her. It was obvious that she was in pain. At that time I didn't know if it was from my size or her cherry.

Her head nodded affirming the desire for more.

My Christmas Angel wanted puremature busty mature ava addams interrupts phone call for fuck dick. Happy happy joy joy, on the second attempt I felt something give way. It wasn't like a blockage or obstruction more like a yielding ring of elastic muscles surrendering there dominance. As I slid further in her legs came up as they pulsated in mid air.

Then I was in, completely enveloped in her body. When we started we were two but now we were one, joined at the most cherished body parts.

The throaty chatter reappeared as I rested. Her expression told many stories as she glanced between our connected bodies and my face. There was pain, but that was quickly replaced with amazement and admiration then approval. It was a blessing that she had sucked me off a scarce few minutes ago filling her mouth with cum. I was rock hard but the previous orgasm permitted me to fuck her without the craving to do it again.

In and out I went burying my flesh into hers repetitively. Gazing between our bodies I was in disbelief how I fit. Nature was good to us. When I pulled back I watched as a pale colored ring of her cunt stretched outward as it clung securely around my dick.

By this time she was on cloud nine taking each thrust with a murmur. Overwhelmed with fucking she released the weight on her arms falling back on the table. Her legs bounded about my waist as her hands embraced my arms. "Oh holy night, the stars are shining brightly." Once again I felt the need to liberate swimming sperm. The sensations on my nerve endings were maxed out. My prick swelled tightening the skin on it as I pushed deep within Marjory as an intense feeling of contentment replaced the persistent need for discharge.

"Then I came upon a midnight clear" the sounds of "Joy to the world" rang through my ears as my internal pump gushed out spurt after spurt of cum filled with wiggling sperm. This time there was a chance they would swim the long inland waterway to accomplish their mission. I would have never known I busted a nut a little while ago.

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This wasn't like jacking off when the second time around it only dribbles out, this was full blown climax forcing warm baby seed into her cervix. Marjory wasn't quite sure what was happening when I tightened all my muscles up.

She sure figured it out when she sensed the first blitz of cum splashing against her cervix as it filled her cunt. By the time I finished there was a lot of cum still trapped in her cunt. Her cunt securely encasing my prick only allowed a marginal amount of spillage. Rising up from her prone position we embraced each other in the afterglow.

It was getting later than we thought, we could here people in the yard as they exited her house next to us. Not wanting to move but realizing we had to I backed away from her. My softening dick made a plopping noise as it fell from her. Hastily dressing we scooted back fearing we were missed but to the contrary, no one had missed our presence. It was time for the candle light service. I chose to ride with Marjory in the back seat of her fathers 67' Impala. Marjory kept fudging around as we rode along.

She didn't have time to retrieve her panties from the house before we left. When the time was right she pulled my hand to her inner thighs finding that leaking globs of cum had smeared all over them. Maybe it was me but I noticed her mom on several occasions would breathe in then look around. I'm sure she could smell Marjory's discharge of my sperm. We sat in the back pew holding hands as we listened to the sermon and sang Christmas songs before ending the night with the lighting of the candles.

It was a quiet and peaceful time to reflect back on the previous four hours. It was the best Christmas I have ever had.