Heather harmon knows how to do a proper deepthroat

Heather harmon knows how to do a proper deepthroat
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It was getting late and Peter said goodbye to his guests.

They all just had had a wonderful evening in Peter's house. Only Pam stayed behind. - Oh, Peter. I had a great evening with you. I just hoped that you would show us around your farm for once. All the times I came here, we only stayed in the main house. Don't get me wrong, it's a magnificent villa, hard to believe you have stables nearby.

- Well, I don't think that my barns are so interesting.

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- I love animals, I saw a couple of your dogs in your garden once, and sometimes you can see your horses from the road. I just hoped I could get closer sometime… - In that case, why don't you come with me… said Peter with a massage rooms cute teen gets a dirty massage in horny lesbian romp. What Pam didn't know was that Peter loved to conduct experiments in his barns.

All started one day when he was a teenage boy and he walked in on his brother getting his dick suckled on by a calf. He stayed hidden in the shadows and watched his brother have a huge orgasm and decided to try it as well. He came back to the barn at night and took out his throbbing member. He could barely believe what he was about to do, but when the sucking reflex of the calf brought him to ecstasy he understood why his brother had done it.

Although it felt good, somehow it felt wrong. He thought about it and decided that it felt wrong because he tricked the calf. He didn't hurt it, but he used it for his own pleasure without giving something back, and so he decided he wouldn't do it again.

He still had to tend to the animals, and each time he would walk by, his dick would get hard. He didn't have a girlfriend, so the only relief was jerking off. One time he did it in the barn. He lay down in the hay, took down his pants, closed his eyes and massaged his penis. Spitting in his hand to get extra lube he placed it around his dick and started to pump. His brain stopped working and he was lost in the sensations. Suddenly he was jerked back to reality when he felt something licking him in the face.

He opened his eyes to see that one of the sheep had gotten out of the pen. He tried pushing the ewe away with his hand, but somehow the sheep caught his smell and started licking off his hand. Slowly, it started down and then started to lick his erection. He again closed his eyes. It felt so good. But then the sheep stopped and gave him a nudge. He looked at it and saw the ewe turning around, offering its rear end. Confused at first, he then saw the juices running out of the ewe's swollen pussy.

He only hesitated a second before placing himself behind it and his penis immediately entered the well lubricated pussy. He started to rock his hips, he penetrated the ewe with his entire length and could feel the soft fleece on his naked skin. Lust overcame him and he started to fuck her energetically, taking his cock almost all the way out and ramming it in again. It wasn't long before he felt the pussy walls spasm and milk his penis. He could feel that the ewe just climaxed and it brought him over the edge as well.

From then on, he knew what he would do in the farm when he grew up. He took Pam by the hand and led her to the nearest barn. -I hope you won't be shocked by what you see in there. It's usually not what uptown girls like you expect. -I love dogs and horses, and I don't mind getting dirty! "You don't know what you are getting yourself into" he thought. He would take her and make her his slave.

After all, she was asking for it. She kept flirting with him, and porn cutie babe fingering ep high def knew all she wanted was his money. She had four ex-husbands, got their houses and sold them for the cash. And each of them was paying her alimony. She was a real slut, and he would show her how to behave. He led her inside and closed the door. It was pitch black inside, but he knew every corner of that building, and before her eyes could adjust, he took her from behind and bound her hands together.

He held his arm around her neck so she couldn't move. -Peter! Let me go! -Shut up, bitch. I am now your master and this barn will be your new home. Nobody is going to miss a slut like you! I am going to train you, and you will obey me. Understood? -Are you crazy?! -Enough! He threw her on the floor, and with her hands behind her back, she couldn't get up before his whip touched her.

She didn't dare move and then the lights came on and she saw where she was. She then understood that she probably would not be able to escape and that she should obey, at least for now. All around her she saw sex toys and what she guessed was BDSM stuff. Then a young woman stepped into the light. She was dressed in some sort of leather swimsuit, but her tits and her shaven pussy where visible.

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She also wore a dog collar. -Come here, Crystal. Be a good girl and help Pam here get ready. -Yes sir! Crystal knew very well what she had to do to please her master. First, she took a ball gag from a shelf and secured it tightly in Pam's mouth. Pam didn't dare move, she knew she couldn't outrun Peter, and he was standing there with a whip in his strong hand.

After the gag was securely in her open mouth, Crystal tore off Pam's shirt, and cut the sleeves open with scissors to get it entirely off. Next was her skirt and she was left on the floor in her sexbeautiful girl bathroom rape sex stories com and panties.

Crystal helped her stand, and placed cuffs on her wrists before taking off the twine her master had used before. She cut off Pam's bra and then slid her panties down her legs. Pam was left standing on shaky legs, only in her high heels. Crystal brought her to some apparatus where she had to lie down on her belly. Her legs where secured on each side of it, so that her cunt was fully exposed. Next, her neck was secure down as well and an iron latch secured her waist.

She couldn't not move and felt very weak. Peter came in front of her. -Well, I hope you are comfortable, because you are about to get fucked.

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Not by me though. You said you liked dogs? Well I am sure they will like you. Crystal, let the dogs out please! What Pam saw frightened her. She couldn't move her head, but she saw at least five big dogs walk past her. She then felt something being smeared on her ass, then her back, and inside her pussy. Crystal then came over to her head and put some on her face, in her mouth around the gag and in her ears.

Pam could taste it, but couldn't spit it out. It was some sort of meat preparation, and before she realized what was about to happen, Peter said "Go boys!" and the dogs started to lick her on every inch of her body. First were her arms and legs and then one of the dogs put his tongue in her mouth. She couldn't move away from it and had to endure it.

Then she felt a tongue in her hear, and it felt strangely good. She never had a tongue lick her ear, and the dog had a very long tongue. She then felt one or two dogs starting to lick her ass and soon enough her pussy.

She became wet at the thought of being licked by those beasts, thinking about how it looked. They quickly finished licking her clean, and she saw Crystal restraining some of the dogs.

One, a big Dane, was brought behind her and started licking her pussy. The meat was gone, but her scent guided the dog's tongue. -Well, Pam. You are getting Danny aroused! I can see his throbbing cock from here. You should know that all my dogs are trained to fuck, and they get a lot of pleasure from it.

Crystal, why don't you show Pam what I mean… Crystal got on her knees in front of Pam, so that Pam could see her well, and called one of the dogs. She parted her legs and the dog jumped on her, placing his paws on either side of her. Crystal moaned in pleasure and slid one of her hands underneath her and rubbed her pussy.

The dog humped her faster and faster and her eyes glazed over with pure lust. Pam could see her thrust her hips back into the dog, making him even madder. While this was happening in front of her, she could feel a tongue deep inside her pussy lapping out her abundant juices. As Crystal climaxed with the dog's penis in her, Pam reached a climax of her own and her pussy walls squeezed down on the dog's tongue.

Her smell made the dog continue his assault. He licked her pussy and every so often gave a lick to her clit and her ass crack. Although she was restrained, Pam's body was shaking under the pleasure and the ground in front of her was slick with saliva. Another dog came up to her head and licked her mouth. Pam could only moan, as did Crystal arb boy and boy xxx the floor right before twistys keira kelly starring at burgundy cr. The dog finished humping her and ejaculated deep in her womb.

After a couple of minutes, Pam could see his knot slipping out of Crystal's pussy. The dog then licked her pussy clean and then licked his own dick. Crystal was spent and lay motionless on the floor.

-See how a good slave is rewarded? I am afraid that I will need to teach you discipline before I let you get rewarded like this. Kitty, can you come here for a second? "Kitty? How much slaves does he have?" thought Pam when she heard him call yet another girl in a similar attire. -Why don't you give our guest here a nice enema, so that we can use and abuse her ass?

At that sentence, Pam got scared. What would he do to her?

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The other girl started to undo her bounds and helped her to her feet. Pam wanted to run away, but she knew she wouldn't get far. She was led to some sort of table with a hole in the middle.

She had to lay down on it face down. Her belly was right over the hole. - How do you like my invention? As Kitty gives you your enema, your belly will extend, and gravity will do its job and pull it down thru the hole. I hear it is very disagreeable, but some girls come to like it very much! While he was explaining this to her, Kitty had prepared everything.

She lubed a nozzle that she inserted in Pam's anus and inflated some sort of balloon inside of her. Another one on the outside secured the nozzle in its position. Now Kitty opened the valve and luke warm water started to fill Pam's bowels.

At first, the feeling wasn't too bad, but soon enough she had the feeling she needed to empty her bowels. Instead, more water flowed inside of her and she british big breasted lady fooling around masturbation and real tits she would explode under the pressure.

Tears started to flow down her cheeks as she begged Peter to stop. He just stood in front of her, massaging his cock in front of her face. At some point, when Kitty deemed that she had taken enough in, she stopped the flow of water. - Listen carefully. I will now take out the nozzle, but you have to keep everything inside, understood? Pam nodded her head, and Kitty slowly took out the enema nozzle only to quickly replace it with a butt plug.

She then undid Pam's restrains and led her to another bondage device. Her wrists were cuffed cowgirl drilling and ass fucking with binky chains coming from the wall, but a metal bar kept her from getting close to the wall, so that she was bent over the metal bar that came to her hips, but her arms were outstretched towards the wall.

Peter came behind her and let his hands roam her body. - I know how bad you want to empty your bowels. But first, I will give you a good fucking because you are so fucking hot! As soon as he said this, he entered her pussy with his full length and fucked her hard.

While he rammed her pussy, he was massaging her tummy with his hands, which made it even worst for her to keep the water inside. Then, as he still fucked her very fast, he started playing with her butt plug, eliciting even more moans from her.

Maybe it was from pleasure, maybe from pain, but more probably from fear. As he pulled on her tits, he felt that he was close to coming. He then grabbed tightly onto her distended belly and rammed her full force, driving his entire length inside of her pussy, and ejaculated. She didn't dare move, she was like paralyzed.

As his orgasm subdued, he withdrew for her and left Kitty take out her butt plug and let her finally empty her full bowels. She still received several enemas after that, until Kitty was satisfied that her anal canal was clean. She was then brought into a dark room with only a mattress on the floor, where she quickly fell asleep from exhaustion.

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