Ride my anal friend dad

Ride my anal friend dad
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Please be aware i am not the original author of this work, i just edited and fixed the mistakes, enjoy! Everyone seemed to love lovely teen gives head and fucked deep previous story, "Margie - animal lover", however a number of people said that they'd like to read about forced bestiality.

This one is for them. Margie had always thought it a joke to flirt and tease her husband's friend Barry. Now that she was in the house alone with Barry she felt a little nervous. The trouble was that her husband had just phoned to say that he had to work back overtime and would not be home for a few hours, and for Margie to ahead and have dinner with Barry in the meantime. All through dinner and while Barry was helping Margie clear up, he had been very bold and very forward in commenting on her tight blouse, her short skirt, her sexy movements.

Of course if she'd known that her husband Robert wouldn't be here she would never have dressed in this provocative, and sexy way. Margie was washing up while Barry dried the dishes. He kept brushing up against her and she felt herself getting decidedly aroused. Finally he came right out and said with a laugh, "I'm getting a hard cock Margie; Are you getting wet between your legs"? Margie giggled and told him "not to be getting any ideas".

"Too late", he laughed, "I've already got them". It was only a matter of a few minutes later, before Margie was kneeling down between Barry's spread thighs and sucking on his gorgeous, big, hard cock.

Suddenly Barry's voice changed to a sneer. "You filthy, fucking whore", he snarled at her. "Your husband and I were just testing you out to see if you'd be a fucking whore the moment his back was turned". Margie gasped with embarrassment as Robert entered the room. "I always knew you were a fucking slut Margie", Robert said.

As they both grabbed her and began to shove her through the door and out onto the lawn. They forced her down onto her knees, took out their cocks, and both began to piss all over dirty couple having sex out in public, including on her face. "Urrrrrgh"! Margie tried to protest with her lips tightly shut, and trying to avert her face from the warm, yellow, stream of their urine. "Open your mouth you fucking whore", Barry snarled, as he grabbed her wrenching her head back by a handful of her hair.

Margie's mouth came open as her head was yanked backwards, and her husbands stream of warm yellow urine recommenced, and this time splashed into her gaping mouth, swirling around before running out over her lips, over her cheeks and running down over her chin and neck.

"You like fucking with other men while I'm at work do you? We'll let's see how you like being fucked by a few dogs", Robert sneered. "No! No"!

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Margaret shrieked, as Barry led three large hounds forward. "No! You're not serious"!, she gasped with eyes staring in absolute horror. "Fucking oath we're serious", Barry laughed. "No, no"! she screamed as she was violently trying to wrench herself free.

Barry stripped Margie of her pantyhose along with her damp panties.

"Ha, ha. Do you get the impression she doesn't like the idea of getting fucked by these huge dogs Barry?" Robert laughed. Margie fought and struggled some more trying to escape her impending fate.

When that got her nowhere she tried pleading: "No, no, please don't Robert", she sobbed. "It's vile and filthy. It's depraved. It's not natural. It's evil". "Yes, it's all of those things, and that's why you're going to do it", Robert laughed. Barry and Robert got either side of her and forced her into a kneeling position while forcing her head right down so that her ass stuck up invitingly into the air.

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The dogs, were all circling around her, as if they were hunting their prey. One dog moved forward snuffled its nose right into Margie's gaping unturned ass, her pantie less slit was open wet and giving off a scent of wet cunt to the dogs sensitive noses, and its slavering tongue began to lick the cunt juice running out of her.

With one knee kneeling on top of his wife's ankle, and one hand holding her wrist while Barry held her firm on the other side, Robert reached down with his free hand, stroked up the hound's big hairy sheath until ava ramons hubby watches her get fucked teazeworld and voyeur huge, ugly, purple cock was sticking out and dribbling its pre-cum. The dog didn't need any prompting and jumped its paws up onto Margie's back and moved its hind legs forward while thrusting its cock in search of this woman's slimy cunt.

Robert helped locate the dog's cock in his wife's cunt, and once the dog felt the slimy warmth of the cunt on his cock his hindquarters began to thrust vigorously and its cock plunged deep into Margie's cunt. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh! No! No! No"! Margie howled and sobbed in horror and absolute revulsion as she felt the dog's hairy body rubbing against her bum and thighs, and she felt this disgustingly filthy animal's cock penetrating her body. The tears streamed from Margie's eyes as she experienced what she regarded as the most vile perversion imaginable.

Robert, and Barry only laughed and gloated at the sight of the big, sticky, semen dribbling, purple veined, animal cock penetrating way up into Margie's sloppy cunt. "Look at the slut take that dog cock Barry." The dog was fucking her really fast, thrusting like a blur. "Yeah i see, sounds like she's liking it" Barry said. The dog's cock was being shoved in and out so fast she didn't feel the large knot being pushed into her expanded opening and deep up into Margie's cunt, each time the dog heaved its body forward and drove its cock deeply into her body.

The two other dogs both had the right idea now, and both the red, pointy tips of their cocks were protruding slightly from their hairy pouches as they both snuffled about catching the women's scent.

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Finally, after the first dog had pumped every last bit of its filthy semen into Margie's body, they were turned ass to ass, his knot still held them locked together.

Robert leaned forward and spat onto his wife's asshole and began working a couple of fingers up her hole to prepare it for the next dog. In a moment, Margie's well fingered asshole was gaping slightly open. After the first dog's knot plopped out separating them he was led away. Margie let out a big sigh, she was grateful the cock was finally out of her.

The combined juices of her and the dog came spurting out down her thighs and making a puddle between her knees. The second of the hounds was urged forward, to the accompaniment of Margret's pitiful sobbing and crying, its filthy cock was introduced into her anal fuck-hole. "God! Look at the filthy, fucking, great, slime covered cock pumping right the way up into her ass", Robert exclaimed with lustful gloating.

The dog was panting and its slobbering tongue was drooling saliva all over the hot saree gp3 story 2019 of Margie's neck as it worked at fucking her fast and deep. Finally it came the turn of the third dog. They forced Margie onto her back on top of a couple of cushions, and Robert sat on top of her while kneeling on her hands to make sure that she was well pinned down and couldn't resist this final and filthiest of her forced debaucheries.

Barry led the third dog forward so that it was straddling Margie's face. He then began to stroke its sheath back so that its filthy, big, dribbling cock was just above Margie's face. "Now you're going to suck this one", Robert taunted her. Margie's eyes were red and puffy from all of her crying. Her violent struggling efforts had largely exhausted her, so that she now could do nothing but plead pitifully through her tears. Barry held the dog's sheath tight up behind its rapidly swelling knot cock, and thrusting it downwards towards her mouth, he rubbed the dribbling cock right across Margie's face so that it left a glistening trail of dog pre-cum across her cheeks.

"Errrgh"! Margie exclaimed in sheer disgust, and she twisted her face away. Robert grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her head backwards so that her mouth involuntarily gasped open, and in doing so, the dog's sticky cock rubbed across her lips. "Urrrggghh"! Margie groaned in absolute revulsion, but now her head was being held and her mouth was being forced open with their fingers. "Urrrffffgh", she tried to protest in useless attempts to move her head away.

She felt the animal's revolting, slimy, cock slipping over her lips, she could see the huge knot being held firm behind Barry's fist. Her whole body was filled with absolute disgust as she felt the dog's cock slipping over her tongue.

The dog's hairy belly was rubbing over her forehead, it's warm, hairy balls dragging over her face. She could feel it's animalistic warmth, and she could smell the tangy dog piss smell in her nostrils as its vile cock penetrated right to the back of her mouth and made her gag as its cock touched the entrance to her throat, making her gag, and nearly vomiting.

Margie felt the warm, tacky, gooey dog semen fill her mouth. With her mouth forced open and being dog fucked she could do nothing but swallow the vile muck as it dribbled to the back of her throat. Her stomach heaved in revolt at the horror of what was happening to her, but she could do nothing but swallow and swallow until she'd swallowed every drop of the dog's filthy semen. The dog withdrew and she was released by Robert and Barry. It was true that she'd been a slut for her husband in the past, but now she had been virtually raped by her husband and his friend, violated, and fucked by dogs.

She felt that every last bit of purity and decency was being taken from her as the two men helped the dogs to humiliate her so. Margie could bring herself to do nothing but lay there and cry like a child. Two saucy bimbos and one stiff cock was corrupted and violated.

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