Miley may enjoys her interracial footjob scene at dogfart

Miley may enjoys her interracial footjob scene at dogfart
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Fbailey story number 660 In Our School Girls Are Would you believe that in our new school the girls are topless? So are the boys but who cares. Our school issues each student a special uniform that consists of just a very tight pair of shorts. They give you a dozen pair though. If you ask me, they actually seem more like a pair of panties. I could barely get my cock covered when it was soft. If I have to look at topless girls running around in just their panties, I don't know what I'll do.

On the other hand my sister looks fantastic in her uniform.

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At fourteen, Leslie has a very nice shape. She gained a few pounds, her boobs got bigger, and her figure finally took on some shape.

A very nice shape if you ask me. When Mom and Dad got their divorce, Mom got us, and we moved to her hometown right after school ended. This new school is the same school that Mom attended when she was our age.

Anyway Leslie was very upset with the move and loosing all of her friends. Then Leslie was very upset with her new school uniform. To help her get through it Mom decided that we all should run around in our uniform at home during the summer. That way it would be no big deal when we actually went to school.

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It didn't go exactly as planned. The very first day I was constantly hard and the head of my cock would not stay in my shorts. Leslie's shorts kept creeping up the center of her pussy forming a great camel toe. Of course that just made my problem worse. Then when you throw Mom into the equation with her big tits all hell broke loose. Within an hour I was cumming without even touching it. Leslie screamed and freaked out.

Mom just laughed at her and helped me clean it up. We were both down on our hands and knees scrubbing the carpet. I watched Mom's big jugs swaying back and forth like a church bell…ding a ling. Then Mom turned around and I was staring at her might fine ass. It was a good full ass and her shorts were completely formed into her ass crack. I could see the shape of her asshole and the shape of her pussy.

I came again. Mom said, "Okay, okay, I get it. Your are just a horny teenage boy and even breathing gives you a hard-on…let alone two topless girls in a thin pair of panties that the school calls shorts." Leslie said, "Mom make him stop doing that. It's gross." Mom laughed and said, "Listen honey, you haven't seen nothing yet.

Your brother is fifteen years old and just a perfectly normal boy. He is not a freak…he is absolutely normal. He just needs some relief…from us." Leslie beautiful busty blondes double penetration and pussy licking, "From us!

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You don't really expect me to touch that thing do you?" Mom laughed and said, "I will if you will." Leslie started to gag and ran into the bathroom.

Mom just looked at my stiff cock and asked, "Do you want me to jerk you off, give you a blowjob, or just let you fuck me?" I could not believe how simple Mom was about this situation.

She noticed my hesitation and said, "Listen, I had three brothers, blonde dirty cougar fucks and sucks cock no big deal. Then I always had a boyfriend too." I just asked, "You really wouldn't mind?" Mom smiled and said, "I wouldn't have offered if I didn't want to do it." I asked, "Can I really fuck you?" Mom said, "Yes, you can." She just slipped her shorts down and took them off.

In moments she was on the carpet on her back and pulling me into her. Leslie came back and said, "You can't be serious.

You're letting him fuck you." Mom said, "I used to let my three brothers and all of my boyfriends fuck me, so why not." Leslie asked, "Do I have to let him fuck me too?" Mom replied, "Only if you want too. But I'll tell you that you just might be the only virgin in that school." Having Leslie watch me fuck Mom made the act even more exciting. She felt a whole lot better than when I jerk myself off.

She offered to do that for me but if I can stick it in her mouth or pussy I will. Now if only Leslie would let me do her too. I had all summer to work on her.

That first time that I came in my mother was the best sex that I had ever had. It left an impression on me that I would never forget. To her sex seemed almost natural but to me it was something quite extraordinary. When I had finished, Mom hugged me tightly to her and said, "Any time that you need relief just come to me." For the next four weeks we lived almost naked and Mom took care of my every sexual need.

She was always willing. I could not imagine why my father had given her up. I got it in the morning, at noon, at bedtime, and even in the middle of the night if I needed it.

On the first day of August that summer my sister Leslie told Mom that it was her turn to take of my sexual needs. Apparently she had been masturbating while watching me fuck Mom and it had been driving her crazy. Mom smiled at hearing Leslie ask her to let me fuck her. Then Mom said, "Okay but you will have to be there for him until school starts, just like I have been." Leslie replied, "I will. I promise." I just reached down and dragged her shorts down her legs saying, "I'm ready." Leslie's eyes shot wide open and she said, "All ready?

Okay." She had seen Mom lay on her back on the carpet about a hundred times so that is what she did. I was as gentle as I could be slipping my cock into her for the first time. She was tighter than Mom had been and that was very exciting. Leslie said, "Don't be so gentle. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Slam that thing into me. Make me want it." Mom said, "If she wants you to fuck the shit out of her, do it." I picked her legs up and sat her ankles on my shoulders.

Then I pushed her feet up over her shoulders. Then I slammed my pubic bone into her pubic bone just as hard as I could. I also crushed her medium sized titties under my chest. Leslie cried out, "That's it brother, that's it. Now keep it up." That was not as easy to do for very long without cumming. When I did cum she could feel it and said, "Oh God that feels so good." Mom kept track of our sex and she and I made love a total of a hundred and eight-seven times in thirty-nine days.

Leslie and I made love a total of two hundred and seventeen times in thirty-five days. Our first day of school was great. Mom had done a terrific job of getting us ready. Leslie and I made love twice that morning and I kept myself under control most of the day. Halfway through my afternoon classes I got hard looking at one of the most beautiful girls in my grade.

Abby asked me if she could fix my busty mom mrs starr rearend pounded by alan stafford o01 for me. After all she knew that she had caused it.

Things like that happened from time to time and the teachers understood. So when Abby made a hand jester by holding one thumb and index finger into a circle and repeatedly poking her other index finger into it, the teacher nodded. Abby took my hand and led me out of the class. No one giggled or anything.

Out in the hallway Abby removed her shorts, lowered my shorts, and jumped up into my arms. I held onto both of her ass cheeks while she aimed my cock at her pussy and slipped it in.

So I fucked Abby while we were standing in the middle of the hallway. Just before I came in her we both saw another couple come out of another classroom and do the same thing.

After I filled Abby's pussy, she simply pulled her shorts back up and walked back into our Social Studies class. A few girls smiled at her as we headed to our seats. I saw her when school let out. I was with Leslie and Abby asked, "Is this your girlfriend?" Leslie smiled and said, "No, I'm his sister. He really likes you though son and mom massge sex you're not going steady." Abby looked at the wet crotch in Leslie's shorts and said, "Do big tits blonde needs young cock courtney cummz big dick and bigtits think that just the two us can keep him satisfied?" Leslie replied, "If not, I'm sure that my mother will help us out." Abby said, "My mother is always happy to help me with my boyfriends too.

Maybe the four of us should gang bang him this Saturday." I was oh so pleased to be in this school. The End In Our School Girls Are 660