Full specter of enjoyment for shaved wet crack

Full specter of enjoyment for shaved wet crack
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I had been awakened at the same time every morning for the last three weeks, 3 a.m. and I'm wide awake. I got up to go and pee, when I heard a mature sex girl brazzers com of rattling dishes or something coming from my kitchen downstairs.

I walked to my closet instead of the bathroom, and reached inside acquiring the bat that I hadn't used for softball in over a year. I crept silently staying close to the wall down the steps ensuring that I didn't step on the creaky steps that I hadn't fixed in years, therefore, I knew exactly where they were.

As I got to the end of the staircase and turned the corner headed toward the kitchen when I heard another loud thump. Valentina nappi henessy club pink velvet the beginning tightened my choke up on the bat as silently approached the kitchen. I could see a shadow on the far wall; it appeared to be a man based on the shape. Now I was scared it was 3 a.m. in the hot year old sweetheart hardcore and massage, I lived in a very rural area, where the police where at least 20 minutes from me.

Had I been smart instead of thinking I was invincible I would have called the cops on my cell and they would have been on their way. But not I, my first instinct was to grab a ball bat and take it on myself, now I knew how dumb I had been. Well nothing I could do now but approach and threaten to beat the living hell out of this guy in my kitchen.

I rounded the corner and stood face to face with this man all I could really see was the moonlight shining in from the window hitting his dark eyes. "Get the fuck out of my house, "I screamed.

Instantly this guy grabbed my hand that was on the bat and squeezed, the pain was intense, however, I was not letting go of the damn thing. I screamed in rage and fear as he began to battle me for my weapon. I knew if I let go since I had seen this guy my life was in serious danger. He didn't make a sound as I fought with all I had. He jerked the bat from my hand and through it to the floor; I began pounding on his head, face, chest and anything else I could hit as I swung wildly at this stranger.

I was aware that my t-shirt I had worn was ripped and my breast was exposed but I didn't care I just had to get away from this guy. He shoved me against the wall and put his forearm into my throat. I was gasping for air when he ripped my gown off of my body, I was very aware of my surroundings, he had me against a wall where there were no pictures, nothing I could use as a weapon against this intruder. Roughly, his hands began to fondle my exposed breasts; I still struggled as his forearm was tightened against my throat.

I was trying to breathe, all I could think of at that moment was to just give up let him fuck me get the hell out of my house. I could call the cops and they would catch this son of a bitch. He pulled roughly at my breast pulling my nipples and smacking them with his hand, it hurt I had never been roughed up before, nor had I ever enjoyed rough sex before. Not that this was sex, I was being raped, I was being forced to fuck this stranger that had invaded my home. The guy grabbed a handful of my hair, "your going to shut the fuck up, stop trying to fight and come with me or I swear to god I'll kill you," he spat at me.

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I looked at him; he had a handsome face, one that I would likely not forget anytime soon. He had dark eyes; black hair pulled into a pony tail and had a dark complexion. He pulled me by the hair into the living room and threw me on the sofa.

There was really no point in fighting this guy he was going to rape me one way or the step dad and dougther fugking story, I just as well be very still and let him do whatever. He unzipped his pants and pulled them off; I could see his huge cock bulging in his underwear. He got on top of me and began to suck my nipples first one and then the other. I didn't move, I didn't react at all, although it did feel good I was not going to give this son of a bitch the satisfaction that I was sexually aroused by this kind of behavior.

I felt his hand probing between my legs, he grabbed my legs and pulled them a apart exposing my pussy to his throbbing huge cock. He shoved two fingers roughly into my tight little pussy hole. I bit back a scream because I was not wet and it hurt. He moved his fingers deeper and deeper into my hole.

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After he was satisfied I was getting wet and He knew I was aroused he took his hard cock and in one stroke shoved it into my pussy. Pulling my legs up he held them to his chest around his neck as his cock slid fast and hard into my cunt hitting my cervix with every stroke. What appalled me the most was I was just about to cum.

I had to try to stifle this feeling I had. I couldn't help it I came, I was silent but my quivering legs I was sure gave me up. He knew that I came, I could see a smile of satisfaction on his face as he quickly flipped me over and pulled me up at the waist.

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At least if he fucked me doggy style the bastard couldn't see my face. That's not what he had in mind, and I didn't realize it until it was too late. His fingers probed my asshole. No one had ever fucked me in the ass, and I wasn't going to start now. I tried to wiggle and fight him off. He smacked my ass hard several times, tell me to stop it or he would make me pay.

After the pain of him smacking me got to me I stopped fighting. As my punishment I am sure he shoved two fingers into my asshole, I screamed unable to help myself.

I could feel his fingers digging into the tender skin just inside of my rectum. I was aware that I was crying now.

I felt the head of his huge cock pushing against my asshole. All I could do was continue to beg him to stop fucking me. I screamed biting my lower lip until I drew blood as his huge dick shoved into my tight little ass, he shoved straight past the nice little ring inside of my asshole, and shoved deep into me all the way up to his balls.

I cried for him to stop, he continued to smack my ass as he fucked me harder and harder as he rocked my face against the sofa. The pain in my ass was starting to subside just a little bit however, the spanking was killing me, I still cried, when he pull his dick out of my tight hole, and flipped me back over.

He got on my chest and shoved his cock into my mouth. My first instinct was to castrate the son of a bitch but I couldn't hot teen fucked hard my big black threesome myself to do it. I let him fuck my throat, he pulled out and came all over my face.

Breathing heavy he got off of me, all I could do was lay there perfectly still hoping that now he would just dress and leave me to my mess so I could call the police. I lay there still not moving not wanting to disturb him for fear he might fuck me some more.

He zipped his pants up and stood up. He held his hand down to me to offer me help up on the sofa. I gave him my hand as he pulled me up and close to him. His lips brushed my face and then his lips found mine, he kissed me deeply.

His lips were soft and tender against mine, as his tongue found mine they danced. He pulled away and smiled at me. "Baby you were great," he said. I smiled at him, "I love you," I said.

My boyfriend and I had been playing this game for quite some time, there was something that turned me on about getting up at 3:00 a.m. when he got off work and finding wherever he was in the house and letting him fuck me however, he saw fit.

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This was just another one of his little games, he loved to fuck me anyway he saw fit. Tonight he was the rapist. Let's see what tomorrow night would bring.