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Juvenile playgirl deepthroats old shaft oldvsyoung hardcore
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"Sorry" I said cowering back as I bumped into a 12 grade senior on my way to my third period science class. Finally, I got there without anymore trouble or worries and as I sat down I saw her. Her name was Hailey, she had beautiful brown hair that went down just past her shoulders and a nice ass and rack to go with it.

Like usual she was wearing her tight and sexy TNA pants that showed her ass off very nicely and her tight spaghetti strap shirt that didn't quite reach all the way to her hips so you could see her nice, shapely hips and tan skin very well.

Right when I was about to turn my head away she turned around and caught me staring. All I could do is clumsily smile and quickly look away. I thought she was going to come and talk to me but then the teacher came in and saved me the embarassment. "Hello, Grade Nines." She said as always as if we were insects, "Today we are going to learn about DNA." Everyone groaned and got prepared for a boring class.

After a while I just zoned off and started fantasizing of Hailey rubbing my hard cock but then I was brought back to the horrible reality of the class when Ms. Frakowitz started assigning partners for a project. "Ryan and Carly, Joe and Aaron," She was listing out and then said something that made my heart skip a beat, "Alex and Hailey." Oh, ya!

Hi, I'm Alex. After class I walked over to her trying to hide the bulge that was slowely growing in my pants from just looking at her. "Hi, So I Guess we're partners right?" I perfect czech nympho is seduced in the supermarket and rode in pov to her. "Ya I guess." "So when do you want to work on it?" "Well tommorow evening would be fine I guess, My parents are going out so there will be no one home to interrupt us" I gulped at hearing that.

"Alright, see you later." After a boring fourth period I walked home, hopped into the shower, and started wacking my meat to the thought of her. She was so amazingly sexy that her appearance was burned into my mind and it was easy to fantasize her stroking my 6 inch cock.

Finally, I came then got out and dried off.

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After a uneventful evening I went to bed with thoughts of Hailey in my mind. The next morning I got up and got ready for yet another boring day at school. Finally, after plenty of grueling hours of school third period came around and I got to gaze yet again on the beauty of Hailey.

After it ended I approached Hailey to talk about after school. "So when do you want me to come over?" "If you meet me in the parking lot we can walk to my place together." My cock stiffened at the thought of trailing a bit behind her and watching her nice ass swing left to right.

"Alright, I brought the poster board and awesome bitch sucks rod inside the car pencil case." "Okay, see you later." After fourth period I walked out into the parking lot and saw her waiting for me. "Hey" "Hey" "So.Lets get going?" "Okay I'll follow you" We started walking and I pretending to text with my cell phone so I could walk slowly behind her and watch her hips swing and nice tight ass move.

"We're here." She said. It was an impressive sight.

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Only 2 stories but on a nice lot and pretty big. "Let's go inside" "Okay" Once in there she took me to a nice living room with a nice cherry table. "You can set your stuff down here and start I'll just be back in a second." She said. "Okay." I could only mutter one word replies because all I was thinking about was tapping that tight ass.

When she came out I saw she had changed clothes. Now she was in some pink short-shorts and had put her hair up in a ponytail which looked incredibly sexy. I was thinking about how it would feel to fuck her doggystyle while grabbing that pony tail when she spoke.

"Lets get started," She said as she I saw her look down at the growing bulge in my pants, "Want a drink or something?" "I'm fine thanks." Once again she looked at my incredible bulge. We started working and I noticed she kept looking at my bulge. "Ugh, I'm so damn uncomfortable let's take a break, Okay?" She said eyeing my bulge with a look of what I hoped was lust.

"Alright, I'm having trouble getting focused anyways." I said standing up and stretching not trying to make it look to obvious that I wanted her too see my hard cock. Then something very unexpected happened.

"I can help you relaxe a little" She said standing up and then out of the blue she grabbed my hard cock through the jeans and started full on french kissing me. I slipped my tongue through her lip and she accepted then did the same to me. All of a sudden, she broke off and started walking sexily away.

"Wait, where are you going?" I asked worried. "Follow me" She said. So I did and found myself in a bedroom. "Come here" She said. So I did and she grabbed my pants and pulled them down boxers and all. My hard cock jumped out at her. "Ohhhh," She purred, "You have a nice cock." "Thank you" "Let me help you relax a little." She started stroking it gently then got a bit faster and then finally she started to lick it.

My body shuddered in pleasure. After licking it a bit she started sucking on the head and swirling it around with her tongue. "Ohhh yeahh," I said in pleasure, "I bet you have alot of experience." "Mhmm" She said through a mouthful of cock. It felt so good I grabbed the back of her head with both heads and start face fucking her.

She started to moan and thats all it took to put me over the edge. "Im cumming!" I said. But she just kept on going I started splurting and she tried her hardest to swallow but there was just too much and she pulled me out and got a stepmom brandi gives a blowjob tutorial using katys boyfriend all over her face. "Howd you like that?" She asked as she licked the cum of her face.

"Ohh it was so good! now let me try you." I got on the bed and layed on her back. After she was in position I ripped her shorts off like an animal. She had an amazing tight pussy cleanly shaved. So I went down on her sticking my tongue inside her cunt as far as it would go. She moaned so I started rubbing her clit then stuck 2 fingers inside of her hot pussy.

She started to moan louder then I felt her cunt close on my fingers and her hot juices came out. I licked them all up. "How'd you like that?" I said mimicking her. "Best orgasm I ever had." "Well I hope you're ready for another one because I'm already hard." "I want you to dominate me doggy style." She said as if reading my mind. She got on all fours on the bed and stuck her nice ass in the air. I already knew she wasn't a virgin so I didn't hold back. I entered her full force. She moaned as I stuck my whole hard cock in her.

"Ohhh yaaa" I grabbed her ponytail and started fucking her brains out. I could tell she was about to orgasm again but I was going to torture her.

I picked her up and pinned her against the wall.

She gave out a small gasp of surprise but then knew I was going to dominate her tight pussy against the wall. So I did. Again entering her from behind fucking her so hard against the wall it was making loud banging noises. Somehow we both came simaltaneously. She didn't care I came inside her and neither did I.

After, the long fuck session we laid down beside each other stroking each other but to worn out to do anything more. 40 minutes later we heard a door slam and we slid apart just as her mom walked in. "What are you 2 kids doing?" We smiled at each other.

"Ohhh.just looking for supplies."