Yanks milf masturbation ryder skye in stepmother sex sessions

Yanks milf masturbation ryder skye in stepmother sex sessions
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Hi readers I am 21 male years old from Pakistan in Asia. I have a real story for the readers.It was the month of julypeak of summer season in pakistan and i was in my grandma's home in village. She is disable and lived in her room and cannot move.

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My aunt also live in same village but at some distance on the other side of the village.She has four daughter's and uncle was died when the her youngest daughter(sadia) was 3 years old.Since then she was taking care of them.Her daughter's name were summaya(1st),sidra(2nd),nuvera(3rd) & sadia.Nuvera lives with grandma and take care of her.

She was 17(now 19) at that time and is the prettiest in her sisters with 5'4'' tall, long black hairs, brown eyes, fair complexion,slim and have juicy tits.It was summer's vocations from our college and i went to village to my grandma's home.Nuvera welcome me at the door and i entered in the home ,I asked her about the grandma.She took me to her room i asked grandma about her health as she was looking better than my last visit.I was tired and nuvera noticed me and ask me to tale rest i agreed and she show me my room and i slept.It was evening when i awake i came outside of my room.Nuvera was in kitchen making yakhni(soup) for grandma i also went to kitchen and asked to her that how she lives with grandma and credited her for her serving.She thanked.She had a nice smile in her face.Soon after i went outside to my friend home.I came back in night and take meal with nuvera and i came to my room.

I had a habit of naked sleeping and i remove sex xxx sunny leon hot sex fill sex stories dress and underware and layed on the bed.It was 9:30 as she came in my room to give me cup of milk without knocking the door.As the entered i was naked and layed on bed as my face was pointing upwards, she became nervous for a moment and stayed at her position like statue.I covered my self and then she came in and gave me cup and ran away from room leaving a naughty smile.I drank milk and thinked about herself as i saw a chance to fulfil my desire.

The next morning we took breakfast and i saw the same smile on her face like yesterday night.As the day passes in other works and now it was night i asusually went to my room and removed my clothes and lay down on bed.She came at the same time in the room now 1boy and 3 grils sex body was covered with sheet she gave me cup i took cup from her hand and hold her hand as she shocked and looked nervously towards me and asked her to sit beside me on my bed she first hesitated then sat on the bed.I took courage and asked "What you saw last night?".

She hesitated and then answered "you?".

I smiled and was bit nervous in myself then i took courage and removed sheet from my body.I was thinking that she will mind it but i was surprised when i saw her watching excitely towards my body.I took courage and started touching her soft skin and began to remove her kameez(shirt) as she didn't wear bra i start kissing her lips and massaging her tits with my hand.She became excited ,i carried on and start kissing her boobs as it was my first experience i was enjoying each moment of it then i slowly started removing her shalwar(trouser) and saw a real pussy first time i became excited i statr licking her pussy she was also enjoying it and uttering such voices " carry on !

come on! i am enjoying fast! fast!

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fast! you are too hot:" i remained lickink her pussy for fifteen min. and then i hold her hand and put it on my 6'' long cockshe start massaging it and then put it in her mouth and start licking it like a baby licking a lolypop i was enjoying and was very excited i said her"ya nuvera lick fastfaster as you can" she started at a double speed and soon i couldn't control my excitement and drop all cum in her mouth as she drunk it.I thinked it was end but she remain's kissing my body like a hungry bitch after 15 min.

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my cock stared erecting again.Now i grabed her and lay her on the bed and put mu cock in her pussy she suddenly cried" come on put it in as forward as you can come on!

yes" i started and ride on her pussy and make several strokes she was continously speaking"oh! oh! ya! ya!

hard! plz plz carryon fuck me!!! fuck me!!! fuck me hard!!!

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" i was also having fun of pussy and this trip was to exciting for me.After some time i again loose control and loaded her pussy with the cum now she was relaxed and lay down on the bed. I took bath and lay on bed with her in same sheet.

After that day i lived for two weeks in my grandma's home and every day i fuck her and we slept on the same bed as wife & husband.

This was my first experince of fucking someone and i really enjoyed this tour very much and decided to come to village next year also.