Big booty amateur rides pornstars and big butt

Big booty amateur rides pornstars and big butt
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As the hot water caressed her tired body, a beautiful feeling slipped down her spine; causing the kind of sensations she was craving for all day. She slipped her hand sexy diamond kitty plays w her favorite toy her legs, feeling the soft, bald folds of her vagina. She was wet; and not just because of the water.

Her juices were flowing like a torrent. After all, what happened the previous night was new to even someone like her. Emilia was a beautiful young woman, mid 20's; tall, long brown hair and a body that every girl wanted. her 34d tits were the things of heaven and her nice round ass had attracted the attention of boys ever since high school.

She had been one of those bespectacled girls with braces holding her teeth back for a large part of her childhood; but when puberty stuck, nature gave her what no one could have thought even in the wildest of dreams. From the corner bench nobody, she went on to become such an object of desire that here mere presence caused the loins of both guys and girls burn alike. This attention had given her the self confidence that eluded her for a major part of her childhood; and thus she went about exploring her sexuality and fetishes at will, finding the odd suitable partner from time to time.

She was an avid reader and had often plunged to the deep dark corners of internet in an attempt to bear with her loneliness, and had read about the weirdest of things possible; but surprisingly. they had always turned her on.

After puberty had changed her into the physical goddess she is today, she started to live out all those weird fetishes.

And she tried them all; almost all, until today. As she traced her fingers along the folds of her pussy, caressing it just the way she loved it, she thought about all those kinky times she had had till now; having threesomes, group sex, those couple of gang bangs, and her favorite pee play; hell, she had gone as far as even trying scat, which she secretly loved but hardly ever found a willing partner to do it with, what had transpired last night had opened up totally new possibilities to her; the kind she never though even existed.

As she slipped two fingers into her waiting, slick pussy, she recalled the events of the previous night. Just like every other day, Emilia had come home from work, tired, exhausted; after all her job at the clothing store was indeed tiring. She had to parade from one end of the large store to another to meet the demands of various customers. Her soles would hurt at the end of every day, after all she was required to wear those absurd heels to work; a request by her boss, who always tried to get in her pants.

She had dropped her bag on the couch and had proceeded towards her bed room, kicking away her heels; tiptoeing into her room as her heels ached. Once she had reached her bed, she sank into it, unzipping her skimpy work horny and wild fake penis playing pornstar and hardcore that pushed her tits up ever so much and hardly covered her bottom; and took it off in a flash, taking a deep breath, as her body relaxed.

It was not that she hated her outfit; instead, she loved it, just like she loved every other slutty dress she had, but wearing that for almost 10 hours was still something she hadn't been able to come to terms with. Under her dress she was only wearing a black g-string and a laced cotton bra, and just like every day, she walked into her kitchen to fix herself a meal. Just as she added milk to her cereal, she remembered that her neighbor had asked her to take care of her dog while she was away; so she quickly opened her door, walked across the hall(still dressed candidly), as she unlocked her neighbors and was greeted by a loud happy bark from the huge golden Labrador, as the dog jumped onto her and started licking her naked belly.

"oh! you have been waiting for me, haven't you", she said as the dog continued to lick her stomach as she caressed his head. After the dog was done showing his happiness and got off her and wagged his tail, Emilia took him by his collar and pulled him into her own apartment.

Once in her dining room, she fixed him some cereal too as both of them ate their meals. After the dinner, she took him to the living room and settled on the lounger while the dog, Max, sat down beside her as she switched on her TV while she also stroked the dog.

While flipping through the channels, she saw Max licking his own dick and balls and she smiled and thought to herself, "Damn! these dogs are so lucky, they can lick themselves and we girls have to rely on someone else to do it for us. how nature is so cruel sometimes." She smiled as the absurd thought crossed her mind. Brushing aside the thought, she switched the TV off and went off to bed, as Max followed her lead into her bedroom.

After she made up his bed beside her own, she climbed into her blanket and fell asleep in seconds. Sometime after midnight, she felt something wet touching her pussy, only covered by her g-string, again and again.

Initially she brushed it aside as some stupid dream, but when the feeling persisted, she opened her eyes and was shocked to see the sight in front of her.

Max, who was as awake as he can be, had jumped smol boy and big gil xxxxom her bed and was licking her pussy. She was shocked at first but the sensations his tongue was giving her were too hard to ignore. She thought, " what the hell! I haven't had sex for such a long time. what harm would his licking do to me" With that thought, she rested her head back onto her pillow, took off her g-string and watched as the big dog licked her bald twat like it was some tasty food he was having, wagging her tail.

The sensations were better that any she had had while someone licked her pussy; the rough tongue of the beast coupled by its sheer length kept licking away at her pussy, from her clit to her asshole in one lick. "mmmm", a moan escaped her lips as she felt him ticking her sensitive clit again and again. "Come on Max! Come on baby! you like licking Em's pussy, don't you", she said moaning as she spread her legs even wider, giving into the dog's assault.

He kept licking her and she kept moaning, her shrieks becoming louder and higher pitched as she started feeling butterflies in her stomach. Just then it hit her, a long impending orgasm, one which had eluded her for so long that the sheer intensity of the ensuing one made her scream at the top of her lungs, "I'm cumming! Max. I am. cummmiinnnggggg.". Her beautiful body convulsed and shook as wave after wave of pleasure engulfed her mind and loins alike, sending her into a trance as she shrieked, "aaagghghhhhhhhhhh." Her limbs fell numb for a few seconds as her orgasm subsided.

Surprisingly, Max was still at it, even hungrier that before, lapping up at her pussy, licking away all her cum and juices as he licked her clean. As her mind came back to reality, she sat up, pulling her girlfriend teen fucked by her boyfriends hard penis away from the tongue of the dog, as she looked at him with a feeling of love, his puppy dog eyes staring right back at her.

She bent forward, moving closer to the dog as she kissed him on his forehead and said, " That was the best orgasm I have had in a long time, and it's all because of you." She kissed him again. "But now, Em's got to sleep; she's tired", the dog listened as if he understood everything she said.

"So off you go now honey", she said as she pushed him off the bed, onto his pillow as she sank into her bed again, when she was Max licking his cock, which was hard and out of its sheath.

"Omg!", she thought to herself. "he got turned on while licking my pussy" She watched him pick his cock and realized that he was masturbating, trying to calm himself down after getting excited as he had licked her. Just the an idea came to her mind and she pondered it for a while before she said, "Oh what the hell!

I've done far more perverted and gross thing than this.

And this will be like repaying him for what he did." With that thought, she got off her bed and knelt beside Max; the dog looking at her, trying to comprehend what was happening. She kisses his forehead and said, "You made Em feel good, now it's her turn to return the favor", she said as she knelt even further, grabbing his dick, which would have been around 8 inches at least, opened her mouth and licked the tip.

Max cooed as if in appreciation, and that was all the cue Emilia needed as she lowered her mouth onto his cock and started sucking him. Max let her suck him for a while before he stood; Emilia positioned herself below the dog and started sucking him again, when suddenly, Max started humping forward, like he was fucking her mouth. encouraged by this, she closed he lips tightly around his cock and allowed him to fuck her mouth.

To her surprise, he was a pretty rough fucker, as he pounded away at her mouth relentlessly. Her mouth started to hurt with the sheer force of his thrusts but the tingling in her pussy had not completely subsided and she realized how good a lover Max had been to her; so like a submissive little slut, she allowed him to plunge his cock deeper into her throat.

Max started hitting the back of her throat with his cock and after what seemed like a very long time, he whined and released spurts after spurts of his cum into her mouth. Unaware of how much Max would cum, Emilia was taken by surprise by the sheer amount of jizz that was released into her mouth and tried to swallow as much as she could.

But eventually, the cum dribbled out of the corner of her lips, down her neck and tits, staining her skimpy black bra. Once Max was done, he took his cock out of her mouth, went to a corner, licked his cock clean and fell asleep. On the other hand, Emilia was suddenly introduced to a form of sexual pleasure she never though existed. She had done her fair share of scat, puke & pee play and incest, which she thought were at the pinnacle of pervertedness, but this new sexual activity she had experienced, trumped them all.

Back in the shower, Emilia, replaying the scene again and again in her mind, started fucking herself faster and faster with her fingers while her thumb played with her clit.

Her body started to convulse as waves of pleasure washed through her body and she reached another mind numbing climax, collapsing onto the floor, spread-eagled as water from the shower kept washing her body.

In that moment, she knew what she was going to do today. After drying herself, Emilia decided to skip on clothing and walked naked into the living room. After a long time, she was again feeling as naughty and kinky as she did in her sexual prime. Max's trainer had taken him out for a walk and she decided that she will greet him, in her natural state when he brings Max back from his daily routine.

The thought made her pussy wet, her juices running down her milky thighs. She knew she was going to do the kinkiest thing she had ever done. Nasty alice romain enjoys a solid pussy fuck was going to let Max fuck her. After about half an hour, someone knocked her door. She knew it was Max and her trainer; she quickly closed all the animal sex porn she was watching, something that had eluded her on the internet, and she was not quite sure how, and walked to the door, naked.

After taking a deep breath, she opened the door. "Hey! so how did Max do today?", she asked. His trainer, Andy was lost for words as he started on the naked goddess right infront of her. "umm. ugh.", he stuttered, making Em feeling naughty and wet. Max, who must have smelled the aroma of her dripping pussy, stuck his nose into her hidden camera is womanc wc to which, she opened her legs wider, making Andy even more uncomfortable, a clear hard-on, showing through his sweat pants.

"Ma. Max did. go. good today. I think I should leave now", he managed to say. "Okay! as you wish", she said as she bent forward, kissing him full on his lips, pressing her naked body against his, feeling his hot dick right above her crotch and pushing her tits into his chest. Max, meanwhile, kept on licking her wet pussy. "I'll see you tomorrow" she said as the dumbfounded Andy nodded his silly head, and walked away, sweating from head to toe.

He had wanted to fuck her hard for so long, and today, he was definitely going to masturbate to her naked figure. Once Andy left, Emilia laughed and pulled Max inside the house.

She quickly went onto the lounger and sat on it, spreading her legs wide and Max knew exactly what he had to do.

he positioned himself between her legs and started licking her wet pussy with his rough tongue; and immediately Emilia was lost into pleasure.

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Max kept on lapping up hew slick pussy and Em just closed her eyes, threw her head back and eagerly waited for the big orgasm that was about to hit her. And then it hit her, her body convulsing as she shuddered under the assault of the beast's tongue. "aaaggghhhh. i'mmmm ccuummmiinnngggg.", she groaned at the top of her voice. The dog hungrily lapped up her flowing juices as she pushed up her crotch into his tongue.

After a while, when her orgasm subsided, she sat up; it was time to take the next step. Taking cue from all those videos she had watched in the last half an hour, she got on all fours and pushed her bottom up, inviting Max. And he took the cue in an instant, jumping onto her back, securing her from the waist by wrapping his front paws around it and started humping.

She felt his cock rubbing between her thighs and realized that he was unable to find the target; so she held her dick and guided her to her pussy, and with one quick thrust, Max buried his entire length into Emilia's well lubricated pussy. The assault was heavenly; unlike any other she had ever witnessed.

Max pounded her waiting pussy as hard and wildly as he sex xxx story foran com sex stories play story. And all Emilia could do was moan and moan. "O.M.G. t.his is sooo. fu.cckking great", she cooed as Max's 8 inch cock plunged into her pussy at relentless speed; and just when she thought she had experienced it all, she felt something round and big, like a smooth tennis ball, hitting the base of her pussy, trying to get in.

Not sure what that was, Em tried to get away from Max, but he had secured her pretty well. She wasn't getting away from him any time soon. And then, the ball like thing, slipped into her pussy, stretching her cunt a lot more than she could have imagined. She had taken a fist in both her pussy and ass during her college days, but that was a while ago and nothing this big had made its way into her pussy for a long time.

She felt like she was going to be ripped apart into two as pain originating from her crotch went up her spine and down her legs. It was like max's cock was secured in her pussy as he continued with short but fast jabs into her cunt. She relaxed her muscles, letting his knot adjust inside her, and even before she could realize, the pain turned into pleasure, and she felt fuller than she had since like forever.

And finally she experienced, the real dog fucking, with a knot the size of tennis ball stuffed inside her pussy as Max kept on pounding away at her like his bitch. After what seemed like a few hours, max pushed deeper into Emilia and kinky interracial threesome starring lovely bree olson body tensed.

She knew america naughty girl natasha malkova mofos house party was coming next; she had been waiting for it. Max pushed one final time, deeper that he had been, piercing her cervix as he unloaded stream after stream of hot dog cum into her womb, as both of them climaxed at the same time.

Max stopped spurting cum after 9 shots and had probably deposited a gallon of cum in Emilia's pussy. She felt full and satisfied. This was the best sex she had had for a very long time; and the dirtiest too. She rested her head on the floor, waiting for Max to un-mount her. But when he didn't, her mind went back to those videos she had watched, and she realized, she had been knotted with him, and he'll probably get off her after 10-15 mins.

She decided to feel his swelling inside her in the meantime. After 5 mins had passed, Emilia heard a knock on her door and then her door clicked. She realized she had not locked her door in all the excitement and looked in horror as her door opened, and in came Andy, eyes closed as he closed the door behind him, sweating from head to toe. He kept his eyes closed and started talking. "Listen! miss Winston, I had been thinking about what happened when I came to slutty japanese cunt fingering stockings and hardcore off Max.

I thought about it during my walk down the stair and I sat in my car and thought about it even further and I couldn't shake off the hard on you gave me so I decided to come back and realized your door was open so I took the liberty of walking into your house. I. I'm really sorry for the intrusion but I i have to tell you how badly I want you and and.", he said in one breath, more nervous than he had been in his entire life. "Andy! Andy.", Emilia cut in. "Will you please open your eyes." He opened his eyes, and the sight infront of him made him freak out a bit but when he came back in his element, he said, " bloody hell miss Winston.

you are a bigger slut that i had ever imagined." His eyes were wide, his dick was hard and he was definitely salivating. "Andy! firstly, you call me Emilia or Em and not miss Winston, okay. And secondly, this is only one of the slutty things you have come to know about me.", she said calmly. "Really! okay miss Winston. sorry, Em.

so what other slutty things do you like?", he asked. "Believe me, you wouldn't wanna know", she said, remaining coy about her various perverted endeavors. "Try me", he said smirking. "mm okay. how about you get the dog off me and fuck my brains out and then i will tell you how slutty i am", she said. giving him a sexy smirk. "Sounds like a deal", he said smiling before he rushed into her bedroom. "Hey! where to?", she asked.

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"i'll be right back", he said and disappeared behind the curtains. "Here", he said as he squirted some oil onto her vagina and started massaging it around in circles. "I am not just a dog trainer but a breeder too. I have overseen a lot of dogs and bitches having sex so i know just the thing to do." And with that, a plop sound went through their ears and Max's knot came out of her pussy and a whole lot of dog cum accompanied it. Suddenly, he knelt behind Emilia and started licking Max's cum out of her pussy.

Stopping for a moment, he said, "you might wanna know, i have licked dog cum out of bitch cunts too." "really? do you like it? I mean I sucked Max for the first time yesterday and he came in my mouth and I totally loved the taste", she says excited.

"oh yeah I totally love the taste too.", he says, pausing again. "And well I have taken dog cocks in my ass a few times too, so if you wanna watch that later when Max is back up, you know; i wouldn't mind." "really? that's sick Andy. i'd really love to watch it. but right now, I need you inside me." "okay.

as you wish. let me take off my clothes." And was a small man, 5'5" and not very well built, but when he took all his clothes off, Emilia was salivating at what she saw. Andy had a huge 9 inch cock which was half as thick as her wrist. "now Emilia, i don't really wanna go sloppy seconds so i will be taking your ass", and before she could say something, Andy pushed his monster right up her puckered hole without any lubrication; half of his dick disappearing in one push.

Em moaned in pain and pleasure as Andy saucy mika gets screwed on a car big tits and cumshot pushing his cock deeper and deeper inside her bowels with every thrust. after about a min or two, is dick was buried to the hilt inside her ass.

that's when she managed to say, " I haven't cleaned my butt for anal sex you know." "i don't really care", he replied. And with that, Andy starts fucking Emilia as hard and rough as he can, his dry cock hurting her a bit but stimulating the nerve endings of her anus so good that she experiences two quick orgasms.

"you have a really big dick for your body", she says, moaning at the same time. He bends forward, taking her tits in his hand and squeezing them roughly and says panting, "I know I do. And i know how deep it is inside your bowels." And with that he up's his intensity, his balls slapping her well used pussy lips as he groans and pinches her tits and nipples. "I'm going to cum", he says.

"I want you to cum in my mouth", Emilia cooes. With that, Andy pulls out from her ass, his dick covered in Em's brown material, as he turns her around and shoves it down her throat. Emilia gladly starts sucking his dick, licking it clean of her shit while stimulating it at the same time. Suddenly, Andy's body stiffens. without saying a word, he holds Emilia's head and push his brave young beauty screwed by old rod all the way down her throat; her nose touching his crotch as he holds her there and deposits shot after shot of cum down her throat.

After he is done, he withdraws his shiny cock out of her mouth, picks her up, throws her on the lounger and kisses her deep before snuggling against her and caressing her well used body.

"Well that was fun", he says, happy and excited and satisfied. "it sure was. although i had more fun that you. with Max remember", Em says with a smirk on her lips.

Andy kisses her deep again and says, "I know I know, but soon i will have Max for myself and you can watch." "oh i definitely will. i might even join in with my strapon." Both of them laugh as the cuddle and come down from the sexual heights they had just been to a few moments ago. As Andy kisses her again, rubbing his knee on her sore pussy, Emilia thinks about the fact that Max was too good when fucking her.

According to her, such precision was only possible if he was trained well. She decided to investigate once her neighbor was back.