Sweet hot chick demi lopez loves a cock

Sweet hot chick demi lopez loves a cock
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I started this story to tell my true story of learning of sex, experiences and growth in my kinkiness. A lot of these are of my Naive years, learning the basics, I will keep these stories 100% true, only changing names and not embellishing. This story and previous were during my sophomore and junior years in High school.

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Mary was a hot little mexican with B cups and a bubble ass, Danielle was a tall lanky blonde with A cups but legs that were amazing. I left off after my first blow job from Mary.

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The next day met up with both Mary and Danielle at our smokers club a block from school, Mary and I hinted and teased about our fun the night before, She had already told Danielle about learning from me how to suck, and she wanted to skip class with me for more fun but had a test so she couldn't.then Danielle pipped in, can I have some fun with him. Well as I learned later these to shared everything with each other.I was to be a shared commodity.

So Danielle and I left together and walked back to her house as parents would both be at work that day.upon entering her home we were both a bit shy so we decided to take the edge off and enjoyed a Joint together, well this got us both worked up, next I know we are feverishly kissing, groping and tearing our cloths off, I pushed her back onto the bed and dove right in and ate all girls fuck and squirt pussy with abandon, making her climb the walls with her orgasms.

Soon she had to push me off, she climbed onto of me, pulled out my cock, and started sucking it, she got my cock soaking wet with her mouth before she told me those next words."do you have a condom"? Thank god I had bought some incase Mary and I went to the next level, I pointed to my back pack, she got one out, opened it, rolled it over my rock hard cock, then slowly mounted me, it took quite some time for her to rock back and forth on me before she finally took it all, at that time I was only about 6 inches but thick, once she had finally taken all of me in there wet pussy she ground down on me and rocked to further orgasms.soon after several minutes of non-stop fucking I couldn't hold back, I flooded that first condom like a water balloon.we fucked several more times that day until the condoms ran out.in the afternoon we walked back to school to meet up with Mary who was smiling with a massive grin seeing our fucked out faces.after some poking and prodding she got Danielle to admit to what we had done and how many times.Mary looked at me, grabbed my face, kissed me deep and said."tomorrow it's my turn".

The next day I was almost skipping to school, with a new box of condoms and a smile knowing and hoping what was to come soon.I turned the corner and say both Mary and Danielle waiting for me enjoying the first smokes of the day.I walked up, grabbed both there asses in my hand and said."who wants to skip and go play".Mary stated quickly."it's my turn".

so we left walking hand in hand.I lit us a joint to take the edge off during out walk, we started discussing our sexual experiences and things we've tried.she admitted she had fucked her boy friend but until she had sucked me off 2 days prior really had no cock sucking experience, also admitted she had never had her pussy eaten, I asked her what I'm allowed to do, she said i'll let you do anything you want.so I started testing her on our walk to my house."can I eat you".Yes."will you suck me again" .yes."can i fuck you?".yes more then you did to Danielle yesterday please."can i spank that ass".mmmm yes i think."get a bit rough" .I want to try.

then we soon arrived. we were naked before we made it to my bedroom.she dropped to her knees and readily sucked me into her mouth, soaking me in spit.I pulled her up, I told her there was something I wanted to try, i laid down, and pulled her pussy to my face.she leaned forward and swallowed me into her mouth, we enjoy both of our first 69.we stayed like this grinding our groans into each others mouths for what felt like forever.i finally told her I wanted to fuck her pussy.and for the first time she should take control till she's used to it.she ripped open the condom package, rolled it onto me, then climbed on, it took a minute to accept my rock hard cock into her pussy as i was stretching her a lot but beautiful vinyl pawner sucks dick for good cash brunette blowjob finally took it all the way.and rode.after a few minutes I flipped her underneath me and started banging the hell out of her pussy, the harder and faster I fucked her the more she moaned, and screamed, she started orgasming over and over yelling faster harder.thats when I flipped her over onto her knees, positioned her in doggystyle, ass up, I gave her gorgeous bubble ass a light smack."oh god yes" she moaned.I pushed into her pussy from behind.smacked her ass again.she started moaning and wailing with every push and smack, "oh god yes, more, faster harder", so I smacked her ass more, I fucked her harder, soon I was pounding away to the point she was getting pushed off the bed, I did the only thing I could, I took hold of her long black hair.and asked."can I pull your hair." oh god yes.

soon I was almost pulling her hair from her head pounding her from behind.I asked her I'm going to come soon should I in the condom or can I shoot it on you.she said cum on me, shoot it on my face and tits.she jumped off me, knelt below me, opened her mouth and jerked my cock into her mouth, cum blasted her open pornstar idol gets her ass hole nailed with erected love stick amateur and babe, face, tits, it coated her totally.we laid back and relaxed for several minutes.before I rolled another condom on and took her again and later again.

I fucked Mary through out my high school days and some after, Danielle and I did a few times more, but nothing Like Mary and I.

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You will see Mary pop up again later in my stories as we had many more adventures.I will keep to the highlights and not the day to day fucking.You will see some intermixing as Mary and Danielle were fuck buddies, and not girl friends, we made a pack, no matter who we dated we could always still call each other and they would have to take care of my needs or theres, no saying no.more on that later.(I found out 20 years later it still held true.).

To be continued. Hope your enjoying,