Jade amber needs a dick for her hungry juicy pussy

Jade amber needs a dick for her hungry juicy pussy
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DELETED SCENES OF X-MEN3: Scene 1 Scene 1 Bobby Drake and Kitty Pride after skating Bobby followed Kitty into her dorm room of the Xavier institute, and couldn't help but nothice how perfectly shaped her ass was. "Thanks a lot for doing thay for me Bobby it really made me feel better." Kitty said breacking Bobby's transe on her heart shaped ass.

"Oh, a yeah no problem you seemed kind of down so I just thought it might help." He answered, trying not to let his growing hard on show threw his pants. "Well it really did" Kitty said lying down in her bed pushing her breasts out just a bit to try to get Bobby's attention.

She had always had a crush on him but he was always to interested in Rogueto notice her' but after tonight she was starting to think she might have a chance, especially since she had noticed that Bobby had been checking put her ass all night.

"So how are things with you and Rogue." she asked casually. "Pretty good I guesse" He answered trying not to stare at her chest as it pushed out slightly towards him. "You guesse?" She said trying to make her voicesound a little ore seductive, she had been so horny latly, she figured it was because she hadn't fucked anyone since she'd fuck my girlfriend next tsleeping bff to this school.

"Well yeah I mean I still really like her but lately she doesn't seem to be interested in me." He said His eyes exploring her body. "You know I always thought you could do much better then her." She said unzipping and removing her jaket, so that she whore only a tight T-shirt, her nipples straining to get out of the confining top made it obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra.

Bobby's mouth dropped as he saw this and Kitty noticed the bulge in his pants grow, and she smiled slightly.

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"What, who do you mean?" He asked his eyes clued to her perky tits. "well you know I've always kind of liked you." "Really, I'v always liked you to but I never thought you would ever like me." "Well I do and I was wondering if you could help me with another problem since you were able to make me feel so much better earlier." Kitty said with a sly smile. "uh sure anything you need." "well I've been so horny ever since I came to this school and I was hoping you might be willin gto fuck me and relieve the tension." "WHAT!" Bobby said getting very nervous he had never had sex before since Rogue was the only girlfriend he ever had.

The furthest they'd ever gone was when Rogue gave him a hand job while she had a glove on. "You herd me and I think your interested." She said very seductivly. "So wahat do you say." "Well if it's really bothering you that much I guess I can help you." He answered very nervously. "That's what I thought." she said reaching down to the bottom of her shirt and slowly pulled it up th her chest and lifted it over her head revealing her beutiful little tits.

Bobby couldn't stop staring at them taking in every little detail, from the perfect curves to her puffy pink nipples. She walked over to him slowly and placed her hand between his legs feeling his growing cock in her hand.

She bent down and undid his pants and pulled the down to reveal his hard shaft, it wasn't very thick but was about 7" long, Kitty was pleasently surprised by this. :I knew you were intersted." She said as she reached out and raped her hand around his long cock.

Bobby was in heaven her hand felt so much better on his dick then when Rogue jacked him of with the glove. "Just trying to help out a friend." He said with a slight chuckle. She then lowered her head down and sucked his cock into her mouth, she loved the way his cock felt in her mouth and she started to tease the tip with her tung twirling it around and around. This wass better then anything Bobby had ever felt he looked down and saw Kitty's head bopping up and down on his hard cock, and even though he desperately wanted this feeling to last forever he could feel that he was almost ready to cum.

Kitty could feel his dick start to tese up, she removed it from her mouth excited wet crack of a lovely teen needs fuck hardcore russian said "No, no, no I dont want you cumming just yet, how about you eat me out for awhile to let yourself settle down a bit." "Sure, that sounds fun." Kitty giggled and stood un and used her power to allow her pants and her cotton whight panties fall to the floor without her touching them.

She then laid down on her bed and started to softly rub her clit. "Come black stockings slut ass fucked in taxi hardcore european I'm waiting." She said with a very seductive look on her face. Bobby walked over to her and bent down and just stared at her little pink pussy, perfectly shaven, it just looked so amzing. "Well are you going to lick it or just stare at it all day." "Uh yeah right." He answered.

He let gis tung slide acrosse her slit and listened to her moan. ". ooohhh yeah just like that." He countinued to lick her pussy and tease her clit with her tung. " uunng Bobby that feels so good, but you know what really turns me on."she said. "What?" he asked between licks.

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"when a guy licks my asshole." She said with a little giggle. Bobby was shocked by this but he was so horny by this pint he would try anything. So he lifted Kitty of the bed slightly, he spread her cheeks apart and looked at her beautiful puckered asshole, he leaned in and let his tung around her hole and start to probe in and explore her. "OH MY GOD THAT FEELS SO GOOD." She screamed out. It was good that these rooms were nearly completely soundproof or someone surly would have heard them and came in.

Then Bobby suddenly had an interesting idea, he used his powers to form an ice shaft about9" long and 2" thick. Bobby started licking her pussy again and then pressed the tip into her ass and started to fuck her ass with it. Kitty screamed out in pleasure at the sudden frozen feeling in her tight little asshole, she looked down to see what Bobby had done and saw the icwe, it felt so amazing to her.

Her ass had always been very sensitive and the fact that the shaft was so cold just made it feel all the better. "Ooohh god Bobby I'm going to cum!!!" She moaned threw clenched teeth, this ice cock was the greatest thing she ever felt and made her orgasm so intense. Her juices started to fill her cunt, Bobby licked it allup, he loved the tast of her cum. "Ooo that was so good Bobby but I think I still have a little tension left in me." She said as she stood up and pulled him to his feet and kissed him deeply.

Their tungs explored each others mouths. Kitty could taste her own cum in his mouth, she had always found that tast very erotic. Kitty broke th kiss and toke the ice shaft off the bad and seductively placed it into her 2 boys boobs milk drink and started sucking on it tasting her sweet asss.

"I've always loved the taste of my own ass." She said looking into Bobby's eyes. She threw the ice shaft away and said "That felt good but I'd much prefer the real thing." Then pushed him down on the bed and climbed on top of him, straddling him." Well i guess I should return the favor huh?" She said tacking his cock in her hand.

"That step mom care first time be a dick to get the pussy be nice." He answered as she guide his cock to the lips of her pussy. She rubbed his member along her slit. He could fell her juices lubricating the head of his cock, and then she finally guided it into her pussy. He was amazed at the feeling of her pussy, it was so tight and constricted tightly around his hard cock.

Sh ethen started to bounce up and down on his memeber, he looked up to see her perky little tits bouncing around freely as she rode him. He reached around and cupped her tight ass cheeks causing her to let out a low moan. Kitty felt so relived to finally have a cock in her pussy she had been so horny lately and this was the perfect relief. She felt his cold hands grip her ass and had to put her hands on his chest for support.

But no matter how tired she got she just kept bouncing un and downon his shaft giving both of the extreme pleasure like neither of them had ever felt.

Kitty started to feel a tingle in her pussy again and felt another burst of pleasure as her second orgasm came over her. But still she kept riding him, she desperatly wanted to make him cum. Bobby was overcome with slim pretty girl lies on her side, he was trying as hard as he could not to cum he wanted this moment o last forever, but eventually the tight grip of her pussy and the way her beautiful breasts bounced freely in the air as she rode his shaft got the better of him.

"Oh god Kitty I'm about to cum." She climbed off of him just before he came and placed his cock in her mouth, she was desperate to taste his cum. Kitty felt his warm juices squirt out of his cock into her mouth, he came more then any guy she'd ever sucked before, she tried so hard to swallow it all down but there was so much, some of his semen started to drip out of the corners of her mouth and drip down her chin.

He had finally stopped cumming and she removed her mouth from his memeber and looked up into his eyes and said "I bet that was much better than anything you ever did with Rogue huh?" "Yeah definetly" He said looking down on her, almost getting hard again just from the way she looked with his cum running down her chin.

After she had licked all the cum off her face, the two of the laid there on the bed for the rest of the night, naked and cuddeling together caressing every part of the others body until they both drifted of to sleep in each others arms.

Little did they know someone had been listening in on them the whole time. Rogue had followed them from the froze fountain and had been listening the whole time. She was so upset, she started walking down thw hall with one thing on her mind. Revenge. Do you want more?

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