Pov brunette teen wearing mask with hairy bush pussy

Pov brunette teen wearing mask with hairy bush pussy
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Daddy and Aunt Sandy By Blueheatt __I was little when mom left, daddy said he would explain it to me when I got older. I remember aunt Sandy, his sister, moved in right away. She was not like mom at all. She did all the 'mom' stuff, but she was cold to me. She had the bedroom right next to daddy's, a I knew there was a door between the rooms. I noticed they both locked their doors when they went to bed. I was to young to even think about what might be going on.

I heard moans at night. They told me aunt Sandy had bad dreams sometimes and is was nothing. I had bad dreams before, but I never talked and said things like: "oh yes", amateur brunette milf noise complaints make sloppy breezy cops like me moist for massive "oh baby" stuff. I slowly caught on that they were doing something.

One night I snuck out into the hall and listened close. Now I knew they were doing something. I heard her and him both moan and the bed bouncing. I was at the age now where I had new feelings about sex. Listening to them was making me horny to. My pussy itched when I listened to them. I began to rub it as I listened. That felt real good.

Feeling my new tits felt good too. I let my finger go to where it felt best on my pussy. I found some real good spots, and rubbed them as I listened to them. I got real warm with all the rubbing and kept it up. I went back in my room, laid on my tummy and put my little fuzzy pillow between my legs.

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I let it rub on my one outside spot. I moved my hips like I was having sex with a guy. I was getting major good feelings in my pussy. Now I wanted to moan like aunt Sandy. I reached down and rubbed my pussy along with the pillow. I put my finger inside my pussy&hellip.oh my… that felt good. I kept up until I got a real good feeling that make my pussy move inside with pleasure I had never felt before. I fell asleep like that. I had a dream that night that it was&hellip.oh my god&hellip.my daddy's finger in me.

I woke up all hot with the thought of that…but liked the thought that my daddy and I were having sex. I didn't like aunt Sandy having sex with him.

I want to have sex with my daddy, and not her. This was all new to me. Having sex with your own daddy!&hellip.but I liked the idea and it made me horny to think about it. My girlfriend told me she put her hairbrush handle inside her pussy, and I felt real good. I had to try it. Teacher hordly student sexx mobi next night daddy and Sandy started in, I was listening in the hallway.

I used my hairbrush inside my pussy and closed my eyes. I pictured daddy having sex with me. It got me so hot as I could make my pussy feel good much faster now. I was so into it, I didn't notice daddy's door open. I was leaned against the dark hallway, legs apart and my hairbrush going in and out of my pussy.

I was peaking as the high feeling was coming. My hips jolted as it hit me with a real good wave of sexy high feeling. I slowly opened my eyes to daddy in front of me. I must have jumped about a foot off the ground as I gasp for air.

Daddy reached out and held me. He was so warm and nice. I then realized he was naked. I felt his hardon for the first time between my legs. I started to get that high feeling again in my pussy. I couldn't help but rub my pussy on his hardon. His hardon got bigger and bigger. He moved us into my bedroom and shut and locked my door. We continued standing up as his hardon began to move back and forth between my legs.

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It felt awesome. I had no panties on, and now I raised my nightgown up to feel him and I with bare skin between my legs. I got real wet down there as his hands moving all over me made me really horny now. I was in daddy heaven. His hardon was so warm and slick, my body bucked with spasms at times. I could feel the heat in my face as it laid on his neck. He started kissing me like a lover, not like a daddy. He slowly laid us down on my bed and raised his hardon up to rest on my pussy.

I opened my legs to get all the feeling I could. He kept kissing me, but now I let my tongue wander around his lips. We were both breathing hard. He slid his hardon back and forth on my pussy, causing me to jump and squirm with the good feelings.

His big warm hands now felt my tits. It gave me even more good feelings. I reached down to feel my first hardon as it slid over my pussy. It was big, warm and slick with my wet pussy stuff on it.

It was exciting to feel as it got closer and closer to going inside my pussy. I wanted it in me so bad, I moved and let it slip inside a little.

It was to big at first, but we kept putting it in a little further with each stroke. I can't describe how awesome it felt. It was a dream come true. We held each other tight as we moved together. I felt like I had to pee, but a good feeling like never before took away everything else to think about. He was so gentle as the feeling went high, I started to quietly moan. He moaned to as my mind went to heaven. He moaned and hot cum came shooting in me as I gasp and squirmed.

It was more wonderful than anything&hellip.ever. We locked together and kept moving him deeper in me. We lay there as he pumped hot baby masturbating on website for chatting cum in me.

We trembled together as my mind drifted away…… Sandy&hellip. The next morning I came out of my bedroom and notice a hairbrush in the hallway. I picked it up and noticed the 'penis' shaped handle. I grinned and smelled it&hellip.yep&hellip.it smelled like a pussy. I put right back like I hadn't noticed it. My think my niece was having fun, probably listening to us and masturbating.

I saw her door was open a few inches, so I peaked in. There she was naked on her tummy asleep. A little fuzzy pillow between her legs. I smiled as I use to do the same thing myself. My my, what a sweet little ass she's got. Some guy, or girl will love feeling that. I wonder if she done any bi experimenting with a girlfriend yet.

The things I could teach her. I could make that little ass of hers jump and bounce with sexual joy. I wish that was my face in place of that pillow. A young and sweet first time pussy makes me hot just thinking about it.