Dana dearmond and brooke scott interracial foursome

Dana dearmond and brooke scott interracial foursome
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What's not to like ? My wife Dee an I are in our 50's ,we have some friends whose wife is also named Dee that we would go out with time to time.

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This particular night we were going bar hopping in our christen courtney swallowed a huge fat dick town. We had already hit 4 bars when we came to the Brass Cactus, a little neighborhood bar that you parked in the rear and came in the back door, the had booths and tables, so by the time we got there it was packed so we had to sit apart,the two Dees sat together,and Dee's husband sat with them.I sat at the table in front of them with some other people.

They had a karioke set up and the place was crowded with a mix of people. After about an hour of drinking, my wife's friend started to get rowdy, and someone dared her to show her tit's,she said" I will if she will" elbowing my wife! Of course course all the men and some women started the "Show your tits" chant. Now my wife though she is 50ish has a prime set of 44DD tits !

The crowd continued to chant and after about two minutes the hands were under the blouse and bras, and there were two rime sets of tits bared to the bar ! All the men and women hooted and jeered, and the woman sitting next to me hollered to my wife,"will you be my girlfriend?" "My wife in her drunken state said, 'sure'.I asked her you like that?

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"Sure, what is there not to like!" Knowing our car was back in the parking lot, I thought I'd try and stir something up. I turned to the woman, who was sitting next to me,she was about 5'6" blond hair in ponytails, fair set of tits, and about 5'6.

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My wife is about 5'7 and 250. I asked the woman were you serious about my wife? "Hell yea!" I told her why don't you and her go out in our car and get to know each other.

"Is she bi?" I don't really know, I guess you'll find out? The woman's name was Sandy and I introduced her to Dee, and told her Sandy had something she wanted to show her outside. Dee said'" I don't know I'm pretty drunk." Well sit in the car and let her show you."Ok" and sandy and Dee went out the backdoor.

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After about 45 minutes I thought I better check things out, as I got to the car all the windows were steamed up ,and I could hear muffled noises, so I figured all was going well.

About 20 minutes later Sandy came back in without Dee, and I asked her where she was."She's still in the car, I think she may be a little dehydrated, but we are going to be seeing a lot of each other. For a virgin that girl can eat a pussy, I think I came 4 times, I don't think I have ever came 4 times.

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I'm sorry for all the hickies I kind of get carried away with that sort of thing. I can't wait until I use my toys on her, here's my number make sure she gets it. When I got to the car I opened the back door and Dee was naked with her hands tied up above her head with her bra, and the smell of pussy juice everywhere,the were hickies all over her neck, tits and thighs, Sandy wasn't lying.

And a red pussy soaked thong in her mouth. When she came to, she said,"I think I ate a pussy". I asked her "did you like it?,"I think she rubbed it on my face and wouldn't let me breath until I ate it. My neck and tits are sore&hellip.It will be OK, let's go home, I feel like fucking you all night ! When we finally got home, all I could think about was my 50 years old wife having her pussy eaten by a girl half her age,all I wanted to do was stick my rock hard cock in her.

I finally got her into the hose and into our bedroom, it was the first time I got a good look at her,on the bed I got her undressed, and was able to see her in the light. Her pussy was swollen and irritated,she had sucker marks all over her thighs, on both tits her neck, when I rolled her over there were bites on he round ass and on her shoulders, this wasn't a lesbian this woman was an animal.

Dee's face was all reddened from Sandy grinding her hairy pussy against her mouth. Dee was still drunk so I rough threesome banging session with hannah shaw brunette cumshot it was now or never, I stuck my cock in her mouth so she could get some saliva on my cock,when I spread her thighs It was a real sight, my wife has a very hairy pussy, but usually her lips are tight, the pussy I was looking at was bright red and swollen pushing the hair up to the sides like a pouty pair of lips.

I raised her legs to give me access and as my cock entered her cunt it was extremely tight, Dee groanedbut I sunk my cock all the way in causing her to whimper,that just excited me more and I fucker her until her own juices coated my cock.Finally I could not hold off any longer and shot a load of come that dribbled down her hairy asshole.

I figured she might as well clean my cock up, getting it ready for round 2. Now, my wifes asshole is always tight but tonight I decided I was going to really have some fun, so I decided to flip her over,oil her ass up and see how many fingers I could get step brother fuck lily carter her asshole before I fucked that tight little shit hole of hers.

I spread her legs and the smell of cum and pussy was almost intoxicating,I started with two she moaned ,then three, but when I tried four ,she tried crawling away from me, so I climbed onto her got the head of my cock in her ass and laid my weight on her pushing the rest of my nine inch cock into her rectum this caused her to fight a little but the fight only excited me more and her bowels took a major load of come.

What a night ! I can't wait for sandy to come over to our house !