A nice massage is just a bait for a quickie fuck

A nice massage is just a bait for a quickie fuck
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Part 2&hellip. Neighbor Whore That weekend he knew her husband was british slut nadia in a solo scene with toys in both holes of town again and so he called her and told her he was coming over Saturday. Actually he was going to surprise her and get her Friday night. He showed up with two bags of clothes and other items Friday night at 7 and she was surprised to see him.

"Well you look good woman, I may not take you out tonight but just keep you to myself, but I have other plans already made so here put these on and oh there is the latest DVD in there too of the last pregnant milf vs bbc continue on mypornox com. Had a fellow offer me $1000 for a copy or $5000 for the rights.

Want to go into business?" "You SOB you better not sell it and no I don't want to go into business" and she took the bags and looking inside could see the clothes and toys he had brought along with the DVD. He had brought a pleated mini skirt, thigh high nylons and couple pair of "fuck me" shoes. There were several blouses and a couple of bras. All of the clothes had been purchased at a local sex store. There were also several toys, vibrator with clit stimulator, a fisting toy, anal beads and a couple of things she did not recognize but the leash and collar she knew well.

He took the collar and put it around her neck right away, "there now you look proper". His hands moved to her breasts and cupped and squeezed each and then as the nipples hardened he pinched them hard making her winch.

His hands moved down further and jaye summers gets her virgin ass fucked by bfs huge dick pornstars fingering the shorts she was wearing and pulled them down showing her panties.

"You need to wear better looking panties." "I had not been expecting company tonight otherwise I would have dressed for you." She knew what he liked and she actually liked the clothes her wanted her to wear. The clothes sort of turned her on and sex with him had not been so bad but being used as a whore, well that was another matter but as long as he had the photos she had to do what he said. His hands slipped inside the panties and felt her wet pussy, "looks like your all set to go with that wet pussy of yours".

She liked the touch of the fingers as the moved roughly over her lips and she gasped as two of the fingers pushed into her and lifted up hard. Her body quivered and she suddenly was getting horney. Now she wanted him to fuck her in the worst way and she did mean worst.

But it was not to be as he had plans for the night. Several of his friends were having a party, mixed, and they wanted him to bring his woman/whore with him to get the other women to play along. She was dressed in white stilettos, white thigh high stocking, black mini shirt, black lace crotch less panties, and a black silk blouse with a red lace pushup bra, which caused the nipples to ride on the top edge of bra.

The party was at a special friends place in the suburbs. The way she was dressed gave every man a hard on as soon as she walked into the room and the women looked with curiosity and some with envy. He led her across the room by the leash and sat down in a big easy chair and made her sit on his lap exposing her legs up to her thigh. She was starting to like this game and she ran her hand through his hair and play with his ear.

Drinks had been flowing heavy before they showed up and so the women were all very relaxed. It never seems to take any encouragement to get men interested in sex games but a swinger's party was something new for most of the women. The two of them were sitting in the center of the room and so easy for all the couples to see them.

After a little while and a few drinks his hand moved up and down her legs. For several minutes he caressed her leg making sure all the other women were either directly watching or from the corner of their eye trying to look like they were not looking.

When he was sure they all were looking he slip his hand up between both legs under the skirt and let his finger caress her pussy through the panties.

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She liked the feel of his hands on her legs and as she watched him she began to get the idea of what was going on tonight and it turned her on. The two of them were going to get the other couples involved in group sex; she was part of the seduction of the other women. She got all hot and wet and now wanted to play the game for real as she felt the fingers touch the panties she threw her head back and made the face of a woman enjoying sex.

She then bent to kiss and bit his ear. He felt her body tense and then react to his touch.

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The kiss and bite on the ear made him realize she was getting off with the game. The fingers now pushed to touch the lips directly as the crotch less panties made access easy. Lucky guy eat and fuck the pussy of beautiful babe fingering camfree then pushed the tips of two fingers into her and waited.

He was looking around the room as he fingered her and saw all the woman watching directly now. The tall blond on the other side seemed to be rubbing her pussy under the pillow on her lap. He smiled and winked at her and she smiled back with a dreamy sort of smile.

She liked the feel of his fingers in her pussy and wanted them deeper and wiggled her hip trying to force them. Looking around she could see the others were now watching more intently. Then she felt his had push deeper and the fingers sought the spot. She spread her legs so the hand could have better access then she wiggled her ass on his lap and could feel his erection pulse. He was kissing and biting her neck then his lips moved lower and kissed the cleavage. The free hand was cupping her breast and teasing the nipple through the silk blouse.

The touch of his hand on her breast and the thrill running through her body from the pinching of the nipple caused her to give a soft moan and throw her head back and her hips to buck forward. The blond, with her male companion standing behind her with his hand pushed down and caressing her breasts through the dress, was now very obviously rubbing her pussy.

He looked at her and them just pointed and crooked his finger gesturing for her to come to him. With only a slight hesitation she got up and came to them. She sat on the wide arm of the chair and let him put his arm around her and pull her head to him.

"What is it you like so much you were rubbing your pussy so fast for?" "I like the way it looks when you handle her breasts and the fact she lets you finger her in front of everyone." "Well you will reach in and play with her tits now like I was and I will play with you". With that the blond slowly unbuttoned the blouse and exposed the red bra and hard nipples which she rolled between her fingers.

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In order to do all this she had to kneel on the floor now and it was easy for him to reach out and caress her tits which were not in a bra. The blond moaned and shook as he pinched her nipples while she was pinching Ursula's.

"Take her blouse off and suck her nipples". He watched as the blond stood and took off Ursula's blouse and pulled the breast further out of the bra then bent down and sucked each nipple.

As the blond was doing that he reached out and slid his hand up her leg very slowly. She was wearing black fishnet thigh high and he could feel her body shake as his hand passed over the top of the stocking across the bare skin and touched the panties. He felt the wetness through the panties as his fingers caressed her pussy lips. Then he pushed the panties aside and wiggled a finger into her pussy. Now he mom of sam xxx storys a finger in the pussy of both women and the blond was sucking Ursula's nipples and Ursula had gotten really into the game and was caressing and pinching the blond's nipples.

The only thing missing was a woman on his cock and he was getting very needy for that. The blond was getting very aroused and he moved Ursula off his lap then made the blond sit with her back to him as he pulled the dress up exposing her ass. He had taken his cock out of his pants and the hard organ was sticking up from his lap as straight as an arrow. As she sat down he pulled the panties aside and his cock rubbing against her pussy easily parted the very wet lips and slid deep into the warm wet cavern of a very hot blond.

He could feel the head sliding deeper and the blond flexed her ass and pussy muscle gripping his cock making him moan. The tight grip she had around his fully imbedded cock was sending wonderful shocks through his body.

He had Ursula by the leash and now directed his attention to her. Yanking on the leash he pulled her to him and forced her by grabbing her hair to bury her face in the blonds' cleavage. "Open her dress and suck her tits and nipples hard bitch and make her moan loud" and he then motioned the blond's man to come over.

"You fuck her from behind. Now the blond was impaled on his cock on his lap with her tits being sucked hard by Ursula who was being fucked from behind by the fellow. John started to moan and so did the blond and Ursula could not resist the feeling as her pussy was being rammed deep.

Her tits were now being squeezed and nipples pinched as well. The blond was first of have and orgasm and that triggered her male friend to shoot his load into Ursula causing her orgasm and all that made John blow his load hard. The four of them were moaning and groaning and then the blond actually screamed.

The fellow backed up and Ursula stood up only after she had given the blonds' pussy a quick lick tasting John's cum. Then John moves the blond off and handsome fucking skills of a mother id like to fuck bending her over the back of the chair he stripped off her dress then motioned for another fellow to come over.

"Now you fuck her from behind." Taking Ursula by the leash he led her to the other fellow's woman, "okay you take her clothes off but do it slow and with feeling." The woman removed the bra and squeezed the tits then pinched the nipples. She removed the skirt and panties. As she bent down to pull the panties off John grabbed her hair and pulled her face into Ursula's pussy. "Now taste how good a woman is" and he made her lick the wet pussy.

She was a little reluctant at first but quickly seem to like the feel and the wicked sensation of eating another woman. Her hands were soon on Ursula's ass squeezing and kneading the cheeks while her tongue worked faster and deeper into the pussy. John moved around behind the woman and reached up under her blouse and squeezed her tits hard making her moan.

He felt the nipple harden and pinched each through the bra. He then pulled each breast out of the bra and then rolled the nipple between fingers. He then undid the slacks, pulled them down, and reached up and stroked her pussy. She winched and gasped as he rammed two fingers into her and found the spot.

He could see her body quiver as the fingers rubbed the spot harder and his thumb found the clit. Getting the last couple involved was easy as the man was at Johns shoulder reaching out for Ursula's nipples. Ursula was now deeply into the game and pulled the man to her and kissed him hard and deep. His woman looked a little lost and John just walked up and put and arm around her and kissed her hard.

She resisted only a little and then their tongues meet and she went wild straddling his leg and roughing up his hair. She humped his leg like she had not had sex for months. John quickly took off her blouse and then the skirt. As she was wearing pantyhose he just ripped open the crotch and started to lick her pussy with frenzy. She took off her bra and grabbed his head to make him lick faster and deeper.

John stood up; reached around cupping each ass cheek lifted her up to ride his cock.

She screamed as he roughly entered her and started to bounce. Ursula was now being fucked by one man and a woman sucking her nipples when another man came up with a massive erection. She reached out and grabbed it as it looked so good and took it deep into her mouth. Now she was getting it hard and fast and the sensation was building. Then the first wave of ecstasy passed through her and every muscle tightened up and she moaned and sucked the cock so hard. Her orgasm causes both men to shoot their loads into her mouth and pussy.

John has now pumped two loads and time for some other play. John grabs the leash and jerks her to her feet, "okay woman now we show the folks what a real whore can do". Putting several cushions on the floor John has one of the men lay down then he makes you lie on top and put his cock in your pussy. Then he has another fellow with a big hardon come over and fuck your mouth and then the fellow with a very stiff but smaller one lubes up his cock and as John spread your ass cheeks you feel his cock enter your ass.

The feel of the head as it slips in causes you to winch but soon he is pumping along with the fellow beneath. The sensation to two cocks ramming like pistons in and out of our pussy and ass at the same time has you building to another orgasm. Then the fellow with the cock in your mouth explodes pumping a massive load of cum down your throat which causes you to flinch and tighten all muscles. The tight muscle on their cocks causes the other two men to also explode and now cum is being pumped into all your holes.

The women have been watching and John has gotten them to eat and suck each other as the men assault Ursula. The hot awesome babe is about to cum one time another time hardcore blowjob change positions and go again only this time they are directed to ejaculate on your body and not inside. Then John takes each woman and has her lick the cum off you.

You soon like the sensation of three women licking your pussy and tits and a small orgasm ripples through your body. The pile of female flesh is a sight to behold. The sight of four women licking and sucking every part of each other's body is a major turn on. There are finger in pussies and assholes and tongues in every hole available. "Okay folks time to try to see just how big Ursula's pussy is" and with that the leash is jerked up choking a completely honest lying cheating wife. John now makes Ursula lay on the cushions' again and makes two men hold her legs spread apart.

He then gets the woman with the smallest hands to come and directs her to cover one hand with lube and shows her how to start to insert fingers into Ursula's pussy. You feel the woman's hand first massaging your pussy and then two fingers which easily find the g spot.

Your pussy is wet with cum and has been well used tonight so as she put the third and fourth finger in you are still enjoying it.

Then you feel the thumb as it has been tucked in along the finger and she is pushing hard while twisting. You feel your pussy lips stretched to the limit and the men pull your legs apart. Then it happens, her hand is in you and your pussy lips close around her wrist.

She make a small fist inside you and you feel the big lump of a hand and then the fingers open and wiggle sending a strange but wild sensation through you and you build to an orgasm. Your body quivers and you scream as the sensations and feelings surge through you. Slowly she extends the fingers and pulls her hand out of your convulsing body.

You lay naked in the middle of the room surrounded by naked men and women all looking. The collar tightens as the leash is jerked and you are forced to your feet. John leads you to a shower room where you are cleaned up for the next round.