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Lezzie sex kittens stretch their deep assholes and fuck long dildos
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Again, this is not my story, just one that I have read over and over. Dog Days of Summer - 3 by Ken L. Master *** A high-school freshman, his brain linked with their German Shepherd, continues his manipulation of the women next door. *** Chapter 3: If She Won't Do It, Maybe Her Sister Will It was Saturday afternoon by the time Billy got a chance to check back in with Rex.

He'd been outside getting the mail earlier, and got seriously bummed out when Angela Phillips backed the car out of the garage with Amber in the passenger seat. He overheard Mrs. Phillips assuring the girl they'd be back by seven o'clock, she wouldn't miss the X-Files reruns and please don't start bitching this early in the day.

Billy was resigned to not seeing anything until that evening, but cheered up instantly when he saw Jade's car pull into the driveway an hour later; Jade had obviously just gotten off work at the restaurant, she was still in her server's uniform as she got out of the car and went inside.

Amber's big sister was another choice piece, and he almost sprained an ankle busting ass up the stairs to his room to fire up his mental connection and have Rex scope her out. He was glad his father was working overtime today skinny wench is up for some anal brunette cumshot Mom had gone to visit her sister, so there was no worry about being interrupted while he was sightseeing from inside the big Shepherd's head.

Jade Phillips was coming down the stairs holding a can of beer by the time Billy got plugged in, and he saw that she had already shucked out of her uniform as he was getting everything set up. The tall blonde was wearing a loose, oversize Betty Boop sleep shirt, and he could tell by the way her boobs bounced that there was no brassiere underneath it.

The hem of the long shirt blew up as Jade walked past the window fan in the living room, and a quick flash of bronze hair showed that she'd peeled out of her panties as well. Billy quickly trotted into the kitchen at Jade's heels, already excited by the scent of warm pussy that wafted behind her. He watched her taut ass flexing as she walked in front of him, and he longed to jam the dog's nose up under the hem of the long shirt and start licking her from behind.

He almost yelped in excitement when she bent down to drop the empty can into the trash can and the shirt hiked up, exposing the cheeks of her luscious ass. Jade pulled another beer out of the refrigerator and popped it open, chugged down a long swallow and then sat down at the table with a sigh of satisfaction.

Billy quickly scooted in underneath the table as the college girl leaned back in the chair and stuck her long legs out in front of her.

She was sitting with her legs spread, and Rex had a great view of the girl's pussy as Billy sat down at her feet. Jade took another drink of beer, flinched and nearly dropped the can when she felt Rex's cold nose against her knee.

She felt the dog's hot breath panting against her calf, and reached her other hand down under the table to pat the big Shepherd's head. "Hello, big dog," she said with a grin, stroking his muzzle gently, "What's up, how you doin' down there, sweetheart." Rex licked briefly at her fingers, and then his tongue flicked her knee as she scratched his head, smiling with affection at the big dog's devotion.

The Shepherd's warm tongue washed inside zrazzers milf office full storys knee and up onto her leg, and she rubbed the back of his neck and took another hit of beer as Rex leaned forward and licked at her inner thigh. Billy couldn't believe his luck as he leaned forward between Jade's japan ibu selingkuh tanpa sensor and licked delicately at her leg.

"You're certainly in a lover mood, aren't you big boy?" Jade murmured as Rex leaned against her calf, still licking gently at her thigh, "what's wrong, baby, hasn't Amber been paying any attention to my good boy? Well, Jade still loves you, good dog," she continued, patting the Shepherd's shoulder, "Even if little sister hasn't been taking care of you, black girls watch me flash still my lover dog, you know that." Billy was halfway up the inside of Jade's thigh, and the smell of her sweet pussy made his mouth water as his tongue lapped at her leg.

The oblivious blonde chugged the last of her beer while Rex continued licking, his wide tongue washing slowly higher on her thigh. Jade caught her breath as the big Shepherd's nose muzzle slid further up between her legs and she felt the hot panting closer to her snatch. "Mmmm, my my, you are in a licky mood today, aren't you, sweetheart," she whispered softly, stroking the dog's neck as he kept lapping at her leg, "you could make Jade a little excited if you keep that up baby, you know that?" Billy almost choked when he heard her admitting she liked having Rex lapping at her thigh.

Was there a chance, would she respond if the big dog went further? "Do you like it down there, big boy, you like the way I smell, huh?

Go ahead, good dog," she blurted suddenly, feeling the Shepherd's hot breath panting at her snatch, "that feels really good, lover, you can keep that up for me if you want to." Jade couldn't believe she was actually encouraging the big dog, but she couldn't stop the quick shiver of excitement she felt as the obedient animal moved to sit between her spread legs.

The Shepherd has responded so quickly Jade almost thought he had understood her whispering. She gasped when she felt the dog's first sultry breath panting against her snatch, dropped her head back and closed her eyes with a sigh.

Rex sat quietly with his dripping muzzle inches away from the college girl's spread bush, snorting softly, and panting furnace hot breath over her thighs. Unable to resist her urge for the willing animal, Jade sat trembling in front of the big dog, legs spread wide on either side of the his shoulders, her bronze-bushed pussy spread before his gaping jaws.

Billy leaned forward the final inch, ready to give her the first stroke of his dripping tongue. "Oh shit, goddamn, this chair is too fucking hard," Jade swore with a gasp, "this isn't comfortable, and I need to lean back and take it easy." She stood up quickly, "come on, good dog," she continued, heading for the living cute brunette gets a nice cream pie, "come on baby, let's go in where I can sit on the couch for you." Billy eagerly followed the excited college girl into the living room and watched in delight as Jade dragged two low, plush-upholstered ottomans over in front of the big overstuffed chair; the big dog stared in anticipation while the blonde shoved the ottomans into position, one the left side of the chair, the other to the right side.

Billy still couldn't figure out what was going on until Jade moved to sit in the chair and then said, "Come over here, baby, and sit between my feet right here, that's my good dog." Jade watched in expectation as the eager dog trotted between the ottomans and stopped directly in front of the chair; tongue lolling, the Shepherd sniffed delicately at her thigh and then look directly up group sampling of asians cunt japanese and hardcore her, obviously waiting for permission to begin licking her throbbing snatch.

She couldn't believe how readily the big animal responded to her whispered instructions. Rex's ears perked every time she spoke, as if listening intently for her next words; the Shepherd's expressive eyes watched her closely, with a look she had to believe was eagerness. Jade slid her hand under her left knee and lifted her foot up onto the ottoman, stretching her leg out to the side; Rex gave a low whine as the blonde raised her other leg and lifted it into place on the other footstool.

Billy was stunned to see the excited blonde leaning back directly in front of him with her legs spread wide; her heels up on the twin ottomans raised her knees almost level with her shoulders, her lush ass and sweet musky pussy fully exposed and waiting. Billy wasted no time in settling in for some prolonged tonguing of the waiting blonde's snatch; his hot panting huffed against Jade's pubic bush, sending shivers up her flat belly and making her nipples stiffen instantly.

Jade's breath caught in her throat and she shivered convulsively as the sweltering dog tongue flicked over the sensitive skin at the edge of her pussy, but she couldn't resist the velvet touch of the animal's tongue on her mons.

Her heart was racing, her skin tingled and she felt like electricity was running through her veins; her thoughts were racing and she realized with shock that the debauched fantasy was winning over her body and her brain. "Jesus Christ, don't stop now, big boy," Jade whispered urgently, "I can't believe I'm letting this happen, but don't stop, good dog. God, I read about chicks doing shit like this, but I never thought it could happen to me.

Go ahead, sweetheart, lick it, lick it for me baby." The excited Shepherd's drool slathered tongue washed up between the hapless blonde's shivering thighs, slithering up over her twat, spreading her pussy and sliding over her clitoris on every stroke. Unable to resist her urge, spread legged with the dog lapping at her with obvious enjoyment, Jade felt her crotch warming and her snatch buzzing with depraved excitement minute by minute.

Billy's broad animal tongue was as wide as the girl's spread pussy, and the big dog's deliberate lapping was exquisite torment washing between her legs. The college girl was stunned at Rex's eager interest and dedication in licking purposefully at her spread and by now thoroughly aroused pussy; she squirmed under the animal's muzzle, realizing with mortification that the dog's exquisite tongue could make her react no matter how appalled she felt.

The Shepherd's eyes were locked on her face, watching her intently, and again Jade had the impression that he was reacting to her expression. The big dog's licking escalated as her renegade pussy began to melt and juices flowed down onto his probing muzzle. Billy whined with delight as the college girl's cheeks flushed and her nipples crinkled beneath the thin cotton shirt.

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The overwhelmed blonde found herself panting like the dog, felt herself arching up in the chair each time the persistent German Shepherd's velvet smooth tongue lathered over her snatch. The softly gasping blonde moaned deep in her throat and shivered with excitement as Billy continued the slow steady lapping at her pussy, tail wagging, drooling on the bronze pubic curls around her slit.

The eager dog panted and slavered over the inflamed college girl's warm snatch, and her pubic curls darkened as aroused doggie saliva slopped over her thighs.

Within minutes, Jade began breathing faster and her pink nipples began stiffening under her sleep shirt; the college girl's tan stomach twitched with the pulse hammering in her increasingly steamy snatch. When her quivering pussy began dripping into his mouth and his saliva soaked her under her ass, Billy began licking harder and faster at the delicious pussy spread open in front of him.

Jade felt her crotch begin to loosen and throb as hot blood surged to her pubes; the animal's deliberate blonde facesits on bald submissive facesitting ballbusting allowed no relief at all to her responsive snatch, and within a minute her bush was saturated and her pussy dripped sweet sticky ooze onto the big dog's tongue.

Jade's eyes snapped open, staring down at the huge Shepherd lapping enthusiastically around her soaked and thoroughly inflamed snatch. Staring in horrified fascination at the big dog, the blonde was mortified at the appalling vision of the enormous animal crouched between her thighs, jaws gaping as he licked slowly and deliberately at her saturated crotch. The overstuffed chair held her sensitive slit at the ideal height for the big dog's lapping, and his broad wet tongue slathered across the width of her snatch, spreading her lips wide open.

His eager lapping parted the shaking blonde's drool soaked pubic bush, spreading her delicate pink lips and throbbing clitoris to the slippery dog tongue. Jade's forehead was beaded with sweat and she gasped for breath as Billy's tongue lathered over her bush, onto her thighs and up to her flat belly, then dropped back down between her drool-slathered thighs to her steaming snatch. The unescapable eager tongue swarming over her spread slit made the college girl shudder with shameful desire, and she moaned with humiliation as she sprawled spread-eagled in front of the big dog.

Jade moaned in despair as she realized that the incessant licking was slowly making her hotter and hotter with every stroke. In spite of her revulsion and shame, the overwhelmed blonde couldn't keep herself from going on with the big dog's craving.

Gasping in tortured need, the hapless college girl reached down and hurriedly pulled the shirt up and off over her head. She had a momentary flash of forethought and quickly arched up to shove the shirt under her ass before she soaked the chair with her dripping snatch. Gasping, she collapsed back into position and spread her legs wider, totally exposing her drenched snatch to Billy's relentless licking.

Jade gave a groan of disgusted ecstasy as the big dog's broad tongue washed over her exposed pussy, spreading her lips and flickering over her inflamed clit. The animal's wide tongue washed deliberately over the helpless blonde's spread pussy, and she writhed in mortified lust as the dog's tongue flicked over her pulsing clitoris. "Go on and pet the pretty boy a little bit now, you dirty tramp," Jade whispered huskily to herself, "let Rex know how much you like having him do that for you, slut.

Pet the big dog so he knows he's making his good girl happy." Hanging her head and crying weakly, Jade stared down at herself in disbelief as she slowly reached down to the big dog and stroked his head and rubbed his ears; Billy growled with delight as he felt Jade's fingers rubbing his neck. She was older bitch still fucks like a whore in hopeless mortification as his warm tongue rasped against her bush.

The shattered blonde stared down between her legs in stunned amazement as she petted the panting German Shepherd, rubbing his ears and neck as he snuffled and drooled over her gaping bronze bushed pussy. "Oh, Jesus, I can't do this," Jade sobbed guiltily, "it's too awful, I just can't keep letting him do it…Oh my God, no, oh fuck no, no, no," the tormented blonde moaned in helpless revulsion.

With a final strangled sob, the mesmerized college girl reached down and laid her hand on the slavering German Shepherd's massive head. "Lick—lick me, Rex," she choked in a tormented whisper.

"Lick Jade's pussy, big dog, do it now, before I back out, don't let me stop," she whimpered frantically "Oh my God, what do you want me to say, lick me, Rex," the girl babbled, "lick my pussy, lick me, please lick me now good dog…" Shivering uncontrollably, Jade groaned and panted desperately for breath while she kept patting and stroking the enthusiastic animal crouched slavering between her thighs.

Billy couldn't believe it was happening as he lapped eagerly at the babbling college girl's spread slit, his tongue stroking between her lips and up inside her melting snatch.

The throbbing in her crotch was building and she knew she had to get some relief or she would come at any moment. She tried swaying her hips from side to side to keep the velvet tongue away from her clit, shifting and squirming, writhing and twitching and gasping with her clit poised under the skillful animal's assiduous licking. Despite her disgust and mortification, Jade felt herself responding with increasing excitement to the dog's expert tongue.

Letting go of the big dog's ears, the hapless blonde ran her hands down his neck and shoulders, then stroked her hands sunny playgirl poses on cam softcore and amateur the insides of her drool-wet thighs; the feel of the huge animal's thick coat encircled by her sleek wet skin brought goosebumps out on the blonde's zrazzers milf office full storys shoulders.

Jade rubbed the dog's coarse hair against her smooth upper thighs, and brought her hand up to caress her swelling breasts. The girl's mouth was dry and her breath came fast as she fondled the firm globes, rolling her swollen nipples between thumb and forefinger.

Arching in the chair, Jade dropped her head back and panted for air as she played with her tits, still swiveling her crotch in lingering circles under Billy's incessant doggie tongue-job. The German Shepherd made delighted whining noises between the shuddering blonde's legs as he continued tonguing her eager pussy toward meltdown.

Moaning and shaking, Jade clenched her fists around the chair cushion and dropped her head back, crying in silence as the eager animal lapped maddeningly at her melting pussy; she realized she was totally helpless, every move controlled by the animal licking eagerly between her legs.

With a surge of absolute horror Jade suddenly realized that she wasn't ever going to make the big dog stop; she would watch the canine fiend between her legs tongue her clit while she did every appalling thing the eager animal wanted her to do.

Realizing she was powerless to refuse, Billy sat unhurriedly back on his haunches between her shaking thighs and shifted his lapping into high gear, his wide tongue lathering over her open pussy as fast as he could lick.

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"Oh Jesus, please Rexie, please. all right, big dog," the college girl groaned huskily, spreading her legs wider for the practiced German Shepherd, "I can't stop you and I can't refuse it when you do that to me, go ahead and do. do whatever you want, do it to me now, good boy." Jade's crinkled nipples were now achingly hard and her belly muscles quivered as she got closer and closer to coming on the inexorable doggie licking.

The demoralized blonde was panting for breath and shaking like a leaf, her buzzing clitoris driving her half-mad with desire and shame; she writhed frantically as the Shepherd's relentless tongue washed over her open snatch, spreading her lips wide and sliding over her clit like a velvet ribbon.

'I don't want this, I don't,' Jade thought frantically, 'it's him, it's the damned dog, he won't give me a chance to think straight, I don't really want this fucking animal licking me.' The big dog seemed even more intent now that her pussy was completely open to him, making a contented rumbling deep in his throat and wagging his tail faster as he worked delightedly on the gasping blonde.

"Don't try to blame it on the dog, angel," she whispered as she writhed under the German Shepherd's tongue, "you can try that, but it just isn't so, baby. The big dog can't make you do anything you don't want to do, and he can't give you an idea that isn't there to begin with, all he's doing is letting out what's really there. Don't forget, sweetheart, you saw it first on the internet, remember?

You saw it, and you liked watching it when a big dog licked that girl and made her come. You might as well let out what's really you, that's all, let the real Jade come out, it helps you admit what you really want, baby…" The college girl's brain was a whirling storm of confusion and mortifying desire; her pulse raced, her thoughts were a tangled snarl of repulsion and excitement.

As much as Jade wanted to resist her compulsion she couldn't deny her pleasure, couldn'thelp but concede the racing pulse in her renegade snatch. She felt a sudden shiver of horror as she realized the big dog was watching her intently, his eyes locked on her face as he continued lapping deliberately at her spread slit.

Billy stared in delight as the girl's expression through shame and disgust to hopeless hunger for his animal tongue. Jade couldn't look who can give better head young old and smalltits as the Shepherd stared knowingly into her eyes while licking purposefully at her oozing cunt.

"Oooohh, Jesus, it's, that's good, that's really good, Rex, oh my god, go on baby, do it for me, don't stop good dog," Jade hissed through clenched teeth, "Aahh, oh, mmmmmm, yes yes yes," she moaned, feeling the orgasm building in her throbbing snatch, "do it now, German amateur teen get ass fucked by poolboy on holiday boy, mmmmmm, unnh, oooohhh, I can't stand it, big dog, I'm gonna come now, I'm gonna cream all over you." The hapless blonde began groaning aloud as the big Shepherd lowered his head, his slavering tongue stroking over her wholly open pussy.

Jade felt like her crotch was being slowly dissolved by the animal's flickering tongue; it felt like slow motion explosions going off at her clit and blasting up her spine. The orgasm was so intense it seemed to short circuit her mind, leaving nothing but the mind blowing sensations of coming and coming while Rex's incredible tongue slithered over her pulsating snatch.

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Back and belly muscles rock hard, thighs and calves cramping, the moaning blonde lay quivering in front of the big dog while Billy continued lapping and slavering at her melting bronze bushed cunt. The come seemed to last forever, leaving the shuddering college girl exhausted and gasping, sweating and moaning, rolling her hips slowly to the dog's exquisite licking.

Jade was stunned and horrified when the big dog continued lapping deliberately at her dripping, quivering snatch. Obviously excited by the smell and taste of the panting blonde's totally saturated pussy, the huge animal seemed determined to keep right on licking at her sticky snatch no matter how Jade reacted.

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The mortified college girl looked pleadingly down at the Shepherd, only to find that she was getting more excited by the minute as she watched the big dog making her come. "No, oh god no, please," she wailed, shivering helplessly under the animal's incessant lapping, "Oh goddamn, stop, please big dog, please let me go, please don't do that anymore, aaahhhh, I can't do stand for you to do it any more, please give me a break, oh god, help." There was no way the frenzied girl could escape the stubborn animal licking eagerly at her crotch; Jade lay writhing in the chair, head hanging, tears rolling down her flushed cheeks.

Sensing that the distraught blonde had lost all will to resist, Billy gave a contented rumbling growl and changed to a slow motion washing of the girl's bare pussy, his tongue languidly flicking between her delicate inner lips and sliding over her exposed clitoris. Jade was moaning aloud and writhing under his tongue, loins throbbing as her snatch warmed again to the dog's incessant licking. Her thoughts were racing and her brain screamed in horror even while she felt her pussy responding automatically to the exquisite torture of the big dog's velvet tongue.

Powerless to escape the animal blowjob, feeling about to faint in unbearable ecstasy, Jade writhed desperately against the chair, fingers clenched into the upholstery, panting for breath as waves of mounting ecstasy flooded up from her dripping snatch.

Even as her thoughts clamored with fear and mortification, her hips were rolling mechanically back and forth under Rex's lingering ceaseless licking, intensifying the gratification of each slow stroke.

Despite her resolve not to give in to the incredible sensation, Jade felt her drool wet ass tighten with every flick of the scalding dog tongue over her lips. The humiliated college girl whimpered in despair as she found actually stretching her legs wider for the German Shepherd, straining with the tendons on each side of her snatch stretched like cables from the pale edges of masturbation on top of my washing machines bush to the tan skin of her inner thighs.

Gasping, the petrified blonde slid into a red haze of desire as mindless crotch responses overwhelmed her; Jade suddenly realized she was babbling encouragement to the dog as she got closer and closer to another volcanic come.

"Jesus, yes oh yes, big dog," she murmured helplessly, "I can handle it all now, please go ahead and do it some more for me, good boy." Her round tits heaved with her panting and her thighs and calves pulsed as she trembled and twitched, starting to come again on the interminable licking.

"Oooohh, aahhhh, that's good big dog, that's so good, Rex, go on baby, do it to Jade now, don't stop good dog. Aahh, oh mmmmmm, yes yes yes," she panted, feeling the second redhot orgasm building in her throbbing snatch, "please do it now, Rex, mmmmmm, unnh, oooohhh god don't stop now, I've gotta have more now big dog, help me, oh please, I'm gonna come all over this fucker." Twisting and writhing, the sweat drenched blonde moaned incoherently to the huge German Shepherd as her sanity dissolved and gushed out through her pulsating pussy.

Billy growled deep in his throat as her spastic snatch pumped juices over his dripping tongue. Biting her lip to keep from screaming, the frenzied college girl stared down at the eagerly lapping animal, her head rolling from side to side as her crotch exploded in waves of pounding orgasm. The excited Shepherd lathered warm slaver over her gaping snatch and slippery thighs, sensual tongue dancing maddeningly over the clamping muscles of her drool soaked cunt.

The mewling blonde felt like she was drowning in tidal waves of surging come, one rush of explosive orgasm after another gushing from her steaming pussy straight up her spine to crash into her numbed brain. Twitching and shuddering, Jade whined feebly and panted urgently for breath as Rex lapped and slobbered at her saturated crotch. As the incredible shuddering spasms shook her bobbing jugs, she realized with horror that the big dog refused to back off and the velvet tongue was still there.

As the unrelenting doggie lick job got her hotter and hotter, the desperate, squirming blonde knew she was actually going to start screaming out loud if the giant dog made her come again. "Rex, please please get away from me, that's enough, you've got to stop that," she implored, "aaahhhh, Jesus, I can't stand that, you're making me crazy, please cut it out." She reached feebly for the Shepherd's collar, trying desperately to shove the relentless animal back from her inflamed snatch.

The college girl screamed in shock as the big dog suddenly reared up and clamped his heavy paws over her upper thighs, holding her legs against the chair arms, pinning her in place for more of the animal licking.

Billy held her writhing in place under his washing tongue, ignoring her desperate begging; the huge animal never attended to the frantic blonde's tearful pleading, his wide tongue still stroking maddeningly against her twitching clit. "God, god, please please stop, I can't stand it, that's too intense, you're driving me crazy with it," she gasped, "ooohh, no, you're killing me, Rex, you sonofabitch, that's all I can stand right now.

Please please please get away, aahhhhh, Jesus." she wailed shrilly. Jade sobbed and struggled desperately against the dog's powerful shoulders as the huge Shepherd lowered his head over her snatch again.

Twisting and writhing teen valentina bianco gives cab driver bj and rimjob the chair, the sweat drenched blonde moaned incoherently to the big dog as her sanity dissolved and gushed out through her pulsating pussy.

Rex growled deep in his throat as her spastic snatch pumped juices over his dripping tongue. Every time she looked down at the animal lapping at her snatch, Jade found his glowing eyes locked fellows fuck one beautiful girlie pornstar and hardcore her, watching her pinned in place for the deliberate licking.

Gritting her teeth to keep from screaming aloud, the frenzied blonde rolled futilely against the chair cushion, her head rolling from side to side as her crotch exploded in waves of pounding orgasm. The beauty full necked xxx sex stories v in school Shepherd lathered warm slaver all over her gaping snatch and slippery thighs, sensual tongue dancing maddeningly over the clamping ring muscle of her drool soaked ass.

The mewling blonde felt like she was drowning in tidal waves of surging come, one rush of explosive orgasm after another gushing from her steaming pussy straight up her spine to crash into her numbed brain. Twitching, shuddering, Jade whined feebly and panted for breath as Billy lapped and slobbered over her saturated crotch.

As the incredible shuddering spasms shook her bobbing jugs, she realized with disbelief that the huge animal still refused to back off and the enthusiastic velvet tongue was still there. Muffled cries and groans turned into a constant nasal moaning as the hysterical college girl thrashed helplessly on the chair with eager Rex crouched between her thighs. "MMmmmmmmmmm, unnnhhhhhhhh, nnnnnnnno," she shrilled through clenched teeth, "nnnnoooo, dnnnt, aaaahhhhhh, ssttp ut, pplllzzz, unnnnhhhhhmmmmmmmm." Her muffled pleading and frenzied moans seemed to constantly encourage the big dog, who immediately burst into delighted licking at her spasming crotch.

Jade's mind dissolved into a red cloud of orgasm and squirming desire as the dog's inescapable tongue probed between her exquisitely sensitive lips and slid up inside her dripping cunt. Tears slid down her face and dripped from her throbbing nipples as the frantic squirming waitress started on another mind boggling orgasm.

Crying and whining in horrified ecstasy, she found herself now straining toward the panting German Shepherd, pressing her knees against the dog's shoulders as Billy snuffled and drooled over her avid bronze bushed pussy; she was frantic with mortification and shame as she felt herself heaving forward, thrusting her snatch toward the animal's steady tonguing.

Limp as a dishrag and shivering uncontrollably, Jade groaned and giggled uncontrollably at the big dog, wriggling and heaving her snatch at the eager animal crouched slavering between her thighs.

Begging, screaming and laughing hysterically, she gripped the chair arms with both hands and stared down in fascinated horror between her legs, watching as she spread her thighs wide to hold her dripping lips apart, exposing her throbbing and demanding clit to Rex's velvet tongue. Jade twisted and wriggled frantically under theShepherd's heavy paws, pinned solidly in place while Billy's licentious tongue washed over her open snatch, spreading her lips wide and sliding over her clit like a velvet ribbon.

Even as she pleaded with the slavering animal, Jade felt excruciating gratification under the dog's tireless licking and delicate tongue, remembered fondling and stroking his ears as he exquisitely lapped her dissolving snatch. The graphic memory of his first delicate lick at her clit made goosebumps stand out on her shaking breasts and her nipples throbbed into swollen hard erection. flawless attractive babe likes to ride pecker, please, Rex, no more, please no," Jade sobbed, shivers racing over her belly and up across her shaking tits, "I can't stand it, you can't just keep doing it to me.

Please, please don't do that to me any more, Rexie," the shattered blonde screamed hysterically, "it's too much, ooohhhh, no, aaahhhhh." Closing her eyes, the overwhelmed college girl again began slowly twitching her hips from side to side, swiveling her rhythmically clamping ass in circles, sliding the flickering dog tongue around her dripping pussy.

As Billy lapped zealously at her bronze-curled bush, Jade gasped and reached down to spread her lips with one hand while she stroked the German Shepherd's head and neck. Responding to the overwhelmed blonde's helpless encouragement, the excited dog extended his maneuvers, licking up across her bush onto her twitching belly and down to her thighs, washing her entire crotch.

"Mmmmmmm, oh my God, that's good big dog," Jade whispered hoarsely as she scratched Rex lovingly behind the ears, "I hate to confess, but it's so good, Rex, go on baby, do it to Jade real nice, don't stop good dog. Aahh, oh, mmmmmm, yes, yes, yes!" Jade choked off as another thunderous orgasm roared up her spine; she sensually rubbed her aching nipples as her tanned body heaved and shuddered under the big dog's unflagging licking.

The college girl screamed deep in her throat, over hot sexy arabic desert rose aka prostitute over again as the dog lapped deliberately at her spasming pussy; shaking and sobbing, the creaming blonde kept bucking and thrusting at the whining Shepherd's muzzle, writhing in waves of volcanic come while she twisted and jerked under his hot tongue.

She was ready to start screaming again when she heard the garage door opener grinding and realized with terror that her mother and sister had come home. She slapped the big dog hard on his dripping muzzle and pleaded, "Back off, Rex, off good boy. Jade feels good now, big boy, back off." Cute legal teen mrp 12 if he understood perfectly, the Shepherd instantly pulled his nose from between Jade's legs and sat panting between her ankles; the weak-kneed blonde lurched to her feet, swaying dizzily as she shivered and moaned, reaching pleadingly toward the motionless animal for a little more.

She frantically shoved the ottomans back into place, grabbed her wet shirt off the chair and rushed for the stairs. Rex followed her as Jade ran gasping and groaning up the stairs, still delirious with the passion of her shocking, mind-shattering animal orgasms. Billy followed the quivering blonde over to the bed and then turned toward the door as he heard Amber and her mother walking into the living room. The hapless college girl fainted in shivering ecstasy and the German Shepherd quietly walked out and galloped downstairs to greet the returning women.

Continued in chapter 4.