Shameless cfnm girls getting laid in harcore porn party

Shameless cfnm girls getting laid in harcore porn party
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The rest of the business trip was rather uneventful. Sunday was spent finalising deals, Rachel finally understanding why people couldn't refuse David. She did stay rather quiet the whole time, clearly shaken up by learning the horrible truth about her parents. The entire plane ride home on Monday morning was spent with the two of them just cuddling, Rachel having no interest in sex.

David resisted willing her horny, content just holding her in his arms. David got home early Monday morning, and crawled into bed with the sleeping Samantha. He leaned down to her pussy, and got to work on licking her. Sam moaned for a while, before waking up.

"Oh my God…honey…David is that you?" David responded by moving up to make out with her, while he telekinetically licked her pussy. "Miss me honey?" He asked her. "Oh God yes," she replied, kissing him back.

"I'm sure you've had fun without me though. Like with that other teacher?" "You saw that, huh?" "I may have watched for an hour or two. You didn't get lonely then?" "A little bit." "You should have gone and cuddled Jack and the girls." "Yeah, but they seemed so happy.

I didn't want to disturb them. And besides, I'd rather cuddle my husband." "Well don't worry, we can have lots of cuddles forever and ever. But listen Sam, something amazing happened to me on the trip." "What?" "I've been promoted!

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I'm going to be on the board of directors! Isn't that great!" "I guess so…" "I don't understand? Aren't you happy for me?" "David, you're God. You should be running that company!" "Why? Miss Helligon does a great job." "You're all-powerful and all-knowing! Everyone in that company should obey you!" "Sam, it's fine, really." "Where's your ambition, David!? Those people should be on their knees worshipping you." "Sam, really, I'm fine. Now, you need to get ready for work." "Do I have to?" "Yes.

You go take a shower, I'll go wake the kids." David walked into Jack's room, where he was sleeping peacefully with Megan and Molly. "Time to wake up for school kids," David grinned. He snapped his fingers, and the three of them were instantly woken up by incredibly powerful orgasms. David watched them ride them out, before they just stared at him.

"Hi kids, daddy's home." "I never get used to that," Megan panted. "Miss me kids?" David asked. "Maybe a little bit," Molly replied. "Good. Well then, you three need to get ready for school." "But I'm comfy here!" Molly protested. "Kids, you really should care about your education," David said. "Oh teen first anal quest bounc bbc gives a fuck about out education?" Molly asked.

"We're God's kids!" "I'm not having you give up school. But tell you what, how about I spice things up a little?" "What do you mean?" Jack asked, finally sitting up in bed. "Well how about I give you the same powers I gave your mother?

Control everyone's minds and bodies?" "Wow, that'd be so cool!" Megan said. "Thanks Mr Jones!" "Not you Megan," David said. "The powers are for my family only." "Awww…" She moped. "Oh don't worry babe, I'll make sure you get to have fun too," Jack smiled, kissing her. ------------------------------- "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" A man screamed as he was dipped in boiling, pirrana-filled water. "Yes yes, so I've heard," Achré said as he watched the man be tortured. "PLEASE, I'M SORRY!" The man screamed.

"I've heard that plenty of times too," Achré said. "Honestly, you'd think millennia of torment would convince you that you're not getting out of here. And you'd better get comfortable in there, well, not comfortable, but you know what I mean, because I've got you down for 300 years of it before we move you into the Pit of Scrotum Snakes. I'll let you spend the next 3 centuries wondering why we call them that." "Lord Achré, we're out of Nerve Solvent." "Lord Achré, I can't find the keys to the Chamber of Sorrow and Exos has gotten himself stuck in there." "Lord Achré, we've got a clash.

3 different sinners are down to play with Cerberus all at the same time." "There's more Nerve Solvent down in Storage Room 5, get Argoss' key for the Chamber, and just put all 3 of them in with Cerberus. He deserves a treat." "Yes Lord Achré," they all said as they left to do as instructed. Honestly, were his staff incapable of thinking for themselves? He walked into his office for a long-overdue sit down.

"Something wrong?" Achré saw David in his office, sat down first class anal sex porn video scene his seat. "Lord!" Achré exclaimed, getting down on his knees. "To what do I owe this honour?" "Just thought I'd check on things down here," David replied.

"I'm having the time of my life and I've got 2 weeks off work, so I figure I've got time to kill." "Well Lord, things are going well for the most part," Achré told him. "Though we do feel a little bit under-staffed. I was going to put in a request with Michael to get us some more torturers." "Oh? You mean recruit more angels?" "Yes Lord, that's his job. Of course, angelic ascension requires your approval, though traditionally God approves all Michael's choices." "Well I can't see me being very different.

Michael seems like a good man." "He is, Lord. He throws good parties too. Well, his wife does." "He's married?" "Yes Lord. Angel marriage is as common as with mortals, as you can tell with Amia and myself.

Of course, angelic marriage requires divine permission." "Do you have any kids, Achré?" "No no, we're far too busy for that. And besides, Amia likes to think of everyone as her children. I suppose that technically means I'm married to my mother." "Don't worry, I don't mind. I've fucked my daughter." "Yes, I've heard. I hope you enjoyed it." "Oh I did. It really took me back to my teenage years." ------------------------------- The next 2 weeks were very enjoyable ones indeed.

David spent the 2 weeks he had before joining the board of directors performing his Godly duties. Prayers were answered (From the entire universe that is, and not just the non-sexual ones), souls were judged, and holy laws were decreed. The planet Runos was given a technological boost as atonement for David's damnation of it, so because of that, they were currently enjoying the wonders of electricity.

While David was off at his second job, his family was busy enjoying the benefits of God's love. Andy Stephenson became Samantha's personal slave, including teaching several of his classes while she had some students have sex with her. Or maybe another one of the teachers. Molly's week was also an enjoyable one. She revealed her powers to Luke and Isaac, which led to a threesome on a teacher's desk.

Molly also turned her Geography class into a Pussy-Eating class. The dorkiest boys in the class were surprisingly some of the best pussy-eaters.

She made sure to reward them with some amazing blowjobs. Jack had plenty of fun too. He made it so that whenever someone in his Maths got a right answer, they'd have an orgasm.

Small enough that they could hide it, but big enough for it to be both pleasurable and embarrassing. He also turned himself invisible and pretended to be a ghost while the 9th grade girls were changing for PE. They'd all wondered why they could feel someone feeling them up, before Laura Peters had felt herself be bent over and fucked doggy style by the ghost, resisting only briefly before she realised just how good it felt to surrender her virginity.

Of course, people started noticing these strange occurrences. The students noticed their bodies changing to become sexier; dick, boobs and butts grew, and people lost or gained weight as appropriate. After two weeks, the school was full of the sexiest teens and teachers in the world. They didn't talk about it openly, but people did talk about the goings on with their friends, and sometimes, online. "Hey there everyone!" Shouted a very overly enthusiastic girl.

"Pepper Fairbanks and Chris Jackson here, outside Amason High School, where some very strange things have been going on!" "Horny ghosts in the locker rooms, people suddenly lusting after each-other, and overnight sexification," Chris said.

"Just some of the strange occurrences that have been reported as going on here." "Chris and I are here to investigate this place, to find the scoop for YOU!" "So stay tuned for all the truth about Amason High school!" "This is Pepper Fairbanks and Chris Jackson for!

Bye for now!" The two of them turned off the camera, and started packing the equipment away. "You really think the principal's gonna talk to us?" Chris asked. "Chris, I've learned in my time that men can't resist obeying cleavage," Pepper said, indicating to the obviously too small top she was wearing. "He'll talk, now come on." It was still early in the morning, before most of the students and staff had arrived for the day, but they knew that the Headteacher, Mr Powers, would be in his office preparing for the day.

"Come in!" He shouted when they knocked on his door. They walked in, and sat down. "Who are you?" "I'm Pepper Fairbanks, and this is Chris Jackson," Pepper said.

"We'd like to talk to you about all the weird stuff that's been happening." "What weird stuff?" Mr Powers asked. "Body alterations, ghosts, random orgasms," Chris replied. "Hell, you yourself look about 2 decades younger than you should." "I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about," Mr Powers said.

"I don't know why you're denying it," Pepper said. "We've heard all the stories. We've seen before and after photos of your students. We know it's happening." "You kids shouldn't believe everything you read on the internet, now I suggest you leave," Mr Powers said. "If you'd just let us-" "I said leave." "…Very well. Come on, Chris. Thank you for your time, Mr Powers." The two of them left, and Chris turned to Pepper.

"Is that it then?" He asked. "Are we leaving?" "Of course not," Pepper replied. "We're just going to find someone who'll actually talk to us." The two of them walked through the near-empty school for a while, before they ran across a teacher, who they stopped. "Excuse me, can we have a word please?" Pepper asked. "Oh…about what?" The timid teacher asked. "About all these strange happenings recently," Pepper replied. "What? There's nothing strange going on!" The teacher said.

"Of course there is!" Chris said. "No no, nothing!" The teacher insisted. "I need to go!" The teacher then ran off down the corridor, in order to get away from them as quickly as possible. "Well that was weird," Chris said. "I guess the stories about people not wanting to talk about it are true," Pepper said.

"Well maybe there's a good reason for that." "What do you mean?" "Well, have you considered that maybe we shouldn't be meddling here? I mean, let's say there is something going on. That maybe some horny kid found a genie or something. What do you suppose he'll do if we find him, or he finds us? If he's feeling kind, he'll wipe our memories. If not, he'll turn us into frogs or something." "Chris, now you're being ridiculous.

The way I see it, the worst we'll end up with is the bodies of porn short hair teen dani desire hitchhikes and gets banged and a bunch of random orgasms. And I don't see anything wrong with that." "I'm serious Pepper, I don't want us getting hurt. Like I was reading up about a computer program that allows you to control people, and some of the things those people did were pretty cruel." "You've been spending too much time on ASSTR." "Excuse me," said another teacher, who stopped them.

"Did I hear you say you're investigating all these paranormal events?" "Yes we are," Pepper replied. "You're not going to tell us to go away are you?" "No no…" He said. "Come with me." The three of them went into a classroom, and sat down. "I wanted to be in here so no-one'll listen to us," the teacher said.

"I'm Mr Johnson, and you're right, lots of weird things have been happening." "You've seen it?" Chris asked. "I've experienced it," Mr Johnson replied. "The other day, while my class was doing a test, I started to feel a mouth on my cock.

I looked down, but I saw that my clothes were all in place, and there was no-one there. So I had to try and resist letting the class realise I was getting a blowjob. Of course, that got much harder, if you'll pardon the pun, when all the other mouths appeared. "Other mouths?" Pepper asked. "Yeah," Mr Johnson continued.

"Before long I could feel thousands of mouths all sucking my cock at once. It felt incredible, and I did let out a couple of moans. The orgasm however was out of this world. Like I was having a thousand orgasms at once. I couldn't resist moaning then." "That sounds incredible," Chris said. "Chris, please," Pepper said. "So have you experience anything else?" "Well there's obviously all the students turning into sexpots, but there's also the orgies." "Orgies?" "We were having a staff meeting last week when one of the PE teachers, Samantha Jones, walked in and ordered us to fuck.

We did. I don't know why, but I just suddenly felt like I had to have sex with all the teachers in the room. I mean, don't get me wrong, it was weird, but it's hard to look your co-workers in the eye after you've cum inside half of them." "I see, Samantha Jones…" Pepper said.

"Is she new?" "Oh no, she's worked here years," Mr Johnson replied. "I've admittedly never spoken to her much, but I heard her husband got promoted recently." "She probably whatever magic hot teens get enjoying their stepdads dicks in a group fuck she's got to get him that promotion," Chris said. "Magic powers?" Mr Johnson asked.

"Chris has a theory that whoever's doing this has magic powers," Pepper explained. "Honestly, I'm starting to believe him. We did think it was one of the students, but it could be one of the teachers." "Well you shouldn't rule out the students," Mr Johnson said. "Samantha's got two kids at this school; Jack and Molly, in the 10th and 9th grades." "Notice anything strange about them?" "Not really. They've both had the same bodily changes that everyone's had.

Though now that you mention it, Jack was in the class when I had the thousands of blowjobs." "Did you notice anything unusual about him then?" "No, he was just sat there, doing his test and getting his dick sucked." Chris and Pepper just looked at each-other.

"Uh…what?" She asked. "He was sitting there doing his test and getting his dick sucked," Mr Johnson said. "And you don't think there's anything out of the ordinary about a boy getting his dick sucked in class?" "Well, it would be for a normal boy, but Jack and his sister have special permission to have sex with whoever they want whenever they want." "Right…Well…Thanks for your time," Pepper said, leading Chris out of the room.

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"He's insane," Chris said when they were out of the room. "Maybe, or maybe Jack and his family have put some mind control on him," Pepper said. "I'll admit it's getting more likely." "You still wanna investigate?" "Of course I do. It's what we're getting paid for." "Alright, so what's our next move?" "I'll try and find the kids.

You go and find that teacher." "Splitting up? Pepper, have you not seen horror movies?" "Chris, it's a high school in broad daylight with hundreds of people around. I'm sure we'll be fine." ------------------------------- "OH GOOD GOD!" Rachel cried out. It oma auf der strasse angesprochen David's first day at his new job, and Rachel had offered to pick him up. Of course, the company's head office was thousands of miles away in Washington DC, but thanks to David's powers, the drive from Rachel's mansion to David's mansion had taken minutes.

They'd then proceeded to fuck each-other's brains out in the back, the driver in the front completely unaware of what was going on in the back. David was using his powers to make it so that the journey to the office would last forever until he willed it to end, so he and Rachel were taking full advantage of that. For 3 full hours they'd made passionate, non-stop love in the car.

Right now, Rachel was cuddled up on top of David, his cock inside her as far as physically possible, while the two of them experienced the most powerful orgasms in the history of the universe, which would last forever and ever. Or until David decided to end them, whichever came first. David was using his powers to remain composed, simply laying there relaxed, cuddling Rachel and smiling contently as the most amazing sensations in history flowed through his cock, in the form of the orgasmic contractions that every few milliseconds were pumping another load of his holy spunk into Rachel's pussy, which, by divine command, could take every drop of it easily.

Rachel, meanwhile, didn't have the benefit of unlimited Godly power to control her reactions to the pleasure. She was moaning and screaming and writhing and doing everything else imaginable in reaction to the incredibly intense orgasm that had been ravaging her vagina for the last hour. Fortunately David's cuddling acted as a way of keeping her under control, and eventually she became so worn out that all she could do was lay there and enjoy her orgasm.

"Miss Helligon, Mr Jones, we have arrived." Rachel opened her eyes and realised that she was sat in her seat, fully dressed, with the door open. "Oh…thank you," she said, getting out of the car, followed by David. She looked over at him, and he just winked at her, the pleasant afterglow in her pussy confirming that it hadn't been a dream. "Come on," David said. "We've got work to do." The two of them walked into the building, and through to the boardroom, where everyone else was waiting.

David noticed that the rest of the board was old men, which Rachel had told her was because old men are the most likely to obey a young, attractive girl. "Everyone, this is David," Rachel said. "Say hi everyone." "Uh…hi…" they said awkwardly in various combinations. amazing sexy big tit latina teasing on webcam is the man who's going to be turning this company from one of the biggest companies in the country to one of the biggest in the world," Rachel continued.

"He's already secured our European distribution." "I look forward to working with you all," David said. "Good…" Said one of the men. "So then, shall we get down to business?" "Alright, lead on," David smiled. "Very well…Well, we we've been noticing a drop in sales among teenagers and the elderly. We should discuss how to try and win these groups back." "Simple," David said.

"We make a commercial where I order everyone to buy our products." "Mr Jones, with all due respect, I think something a tad more subtle is required." "Nonsense," Rachel said. "David's idea is brilliant. No-one will be able to resist his will." "Miss Helligon, we can't just do that, it's insane!" "No, insane would be not going with David's idea. Why don't you convince them, David?" "What a great idea, Rachel," David said.

He waved his hand, and address the board. "All of you agree with my idea. It is the best idea you've ever heard." All their facial expressions then changed, and 3 girls 1 boy ebony sex stories started shaking his hand. "What a great idea David! Let's film it today!" "I don't know how you do it!" "Oh I do," Rachel smiled, kissing David.

------------------------------- By asking around, Pepper managed to find out what Jack's next class was, as well as see a picture of him on someone's phone.

It was just a matter of waiting around for him. Eventually she managed to find him, making out with a girl against some lockers. "Excuse me," Pepper said.

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Jack broke the kiss and turned to face jack barkwith barkwiths cam skype tube porn. "Who are you?" He asked her. "Are you Jack Jones?" "Yeah, so?" "I'm Pepper Fairbanks from," Pepper replied.

"I was hoping to be able to ask you about all the weird things going on here." "Weird things?" Jack asked. He looked at her as though reading her, and then smiled. "Certainly. Megan babe, you head to class. I'm gonna go talk to Pepper here." "Alright Jacky, come back soon," Megan said. She kissed Jack, before walking off.

"Why don't we go and be alone?" Jack suggested. The two of them walked into an empty classroom. Jack sat down at the teacher's desk. "Before we start, wouldn't you be more comfortable naked?" Jack asked. "Oh…I suppose I would," Pepper said, as though she'd just remembered the most obvious thing in the world. She then removed all her clothes, and sat down on a seat.

"So what can you tell me about what's going on?" "Oh Pepper, I don't think we need to talk about that," Jack said, removing all his clothes and sitting with his large erection exposed. "Well what do you think we should talk about?" "About how much you want my cock." Pepper's expression then changed, and she looked down at Jack's groin with a face full of desire.

"Oh…okay…" she said. "You want to touch my cock, don't you?" Jack asked. Pepper nodded. "You want to suck me cock, don't you?" Another nod.

"Please let me suck your cock," Pepper said. "Suck it." Pepper got on her knees and crawled over to Jack, janet mason jv mitchells young black man meat his cock into her mouth. Jack moaned, running his hands through her hair.

Meanwhile, Chris had found Samantha, sitting in the staff room. "Excuse me, are you Samantha Jones?" He asked her. "Yes, and who are yo, sweetie?" She asked. Chris was amazed at this woman's beauty. She was definitely not old enough to have teenage kids. "I'm uh…investigating a bunch of mysteries for…" He replied.

"Oh are you? Well then, I'm going to have to blonde slut tinslee reagan anal banged in her bedroom with you then, aren't I?" "What do you mean?" Chris asked, slightly worried. "Take your clothes off, dear." Chris obeyed, stripping immediately. "So then, why don't we go and see what your partner's up to? Samantha led Chris naked through the school, to the classroom where Jack was.

They walked in and found him fucking Pepper doggy-style on a table. "Oh hey mom, you like my new toy?" Jack asked. "She's wonderful dear, but could I borrow her when you're done?" Samantha asked. "Sure thing mom, hang on," Jack replied. He then grabbed hold of Pepper's ass, rammed deep into her, and willed the two of them to orgasm. After a full minute of cumming, Jack pulled out of Pepper. "Good job honey, now run along, mommy wants to be alone with the reporters." When Jack was gone, Sam addressed Chris and Pepper.

"So then, I expect you two want answers," she said. "Uh…yeah…" Pepper said, still thinking about Jack's cock. "Well then let me explain it to you. 3 weeks ago, my husband became God. He's omnipotent. He gave me and our kids powers to control people too, and we've been having lots of fun." "God?" Chris asked. "You expect us to believe that?" "You would have believed a genie, so why not this?

Well, I suppose it doesn't matter what you believe. What matters is what I'm going to do with you. Now, if you want to go and release your story, I won't stop you. People won't believe you, but that's irrelevant. You could do that, but I really don't recommend it." Samantha snapped her fingers, and Chris and Pepper cried out in pain, as he felt like his cock and balls were in a shredder, while she felt like she was giving birth to 100 children at once. "Because if you choose to release your story, I'd be very upset," Samantha continued.

"I might have to mention to my husband that you upset me. My husband is God. One word in his ear and you'll get pain 100 million gajillion times worse than that, every second, forever and ever. One word in his ear and you burn in Hell for all eternity.

Would you like that?" "NO!" They screamed. "Are you going to release your story?" "NO!" "Good," Samantha said. She snapped her fingers, releasing them from their pain.

"I never want to see you ever again." ------------------------------- Author's note: A short one today because I really want to go to bed. My favourite part of writing this chapter was coming up with all the tortures for Hell.

I'll let you use your imaginations for what they all are. Besides that, I know know for certain how the story will end, and most of how we'll get there, it's just a matter of writing it. I don't know how many chapters more there'll be.

Certainly a few, but we're not going to reach Chapter 20 I don't think. Anyway I'm off to bed. Seriously, why am I up at 2am? Probably because I've been up until 3am the past two nights.