Made to jerk off during confession by sister taylor

Made to jerk off during confession by sister taylor
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We had been invited to a party hosted by a friend of yours. You and your friend had a very special party in mind. As always when we are going out you lay out my outfit on the bed while I'm showering.

I walk out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. I'm surprised when I see a fairly modest white cotton summer dress, and laid out next to it a matching set of blood-red lace bra and panties. You smile at me when I question the underwear as usually I'm not allowed to wear any. I get ready while you shower. First I smooth jasmine scented body lotion all over my body.

Then I pull the panties up, they are a snug fit and the gusset hugs my pussy suggestively. Then I slip on the bra, it gorgeous cutie has her orgasmic pussy plowed my breasts up and hot teen ruby plays with her big tits and tight pussy in her bed a deep cleavage.

It feels strange wearing underwear again after so long without it. I pull the sundress down over my head; it stops just above my knees. The bodice is a little tight, and when I look into the mirror I can clearly see my red underwear.

I'm still standing in front of the mirror a little shocked when you walk into the room and whistle. You tell me I look fantastic. I bite my lip nervously, but you just tell me to put on my makeup. You want my lips as red as my underwear and my eyes dark with mascara and liner.

After that while I'm still sitting at my dressing table, you get to your knees and slip my feet into a pair of blood-red strappy stilettos. When you do up the straps I notice that there are tiny gold locks hanging from them.

You tell me not to worry that you have the tiny key that goes with them. Dressed we leave for party. In the car you remind me to be polite and respectful to your friends as they are other Doms. You tell me you don't plan on my being used at all at this party, and that I can mingle and stay on my feet, instead of on my knees next to you where I usually am for parties with your friends. I smile with pleasure as I hear that, and I thank you. At the house your friend lets us in I smile and thank him for inviting me.

As my eyes are slightly downcast I do not see the look the pair of you exchange.

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Walking into the living room I notice 6 men and only one woman. Our host pats me on the arm and leads me over to the bar. I'm given a drink and left to mingle. After an hour or so of talking politely with these virtual strangers, you come up to me, there was a little bit of lipstick on your cheek.

You tell me our host has asked if we'd like a tour of his house, as he'd just done a lot of remodeling. Following you we head downstairs to the basement. There is a short hallway leading to a heavy, thick, old wooden door. It was open only a little, you pushed it further open and we walked in. I felt hands grab me and when I looked up you were being pushed into a chair. Our host smirked at me, and then looked at you. He said that you had to watch me being used by all the men here. You started to protest but he just shushed you.

You then looked at me and told me that I was not to let any of these men fuck me. I started to struggle but the 7 men just laughed. Before I knew it my hands were cuffed together and were being attached to a hook on some rope. Our host pushed a button the hook started rising in the air, it went up until my arms were over my head and I was almost on my tiptoes.

I looked at you and you just shrugged, as if there was nothing you could do, I didn't know it then, but you had planned this. You and our host had planned to have me raped busty milf businesswoman in stockings fucked doggystyle your pleasure.

With my arms over my head, our host walked up behind me and showed me a wickedly sharp knife. He told me to behave myself and I wouldn't be hurt. I begged him not to do this, I begged to be let go, but he just chuckled and said I'd be let go once every guy there had used all my holes.

I started to cry at that as you had been the only one to use my ass. My tears caused my mascara to run.

I felt the cold blade of the knife against my skin. Our host was cutting off my dress. It fell to my feet in pieces. I felt hands tugging down my panties and I tried to kick out but hands grabbed my legs and kept them still.

The knife once again slid again my skin, cutting my bra off. The hands around my legs were replaced by cuffs and my legs were tied apart. I was crying and begging to be let go. At that point I noticed the woman was kneeling at your feet and your hand was stroking her head.

Our host said it was time to punish the cock tease for coming over dressed to show off her underwear and make men think about fucking her. I screamed when the first strike of the belt hit my ass. It continued until my ass was glowing red. For fun one of the other men held my ass cheeks apart and using a single tailed whip our host laid several stinging strikes to my little anus. My head was hanging and my face was a mess of tears and mascara streaks, so I didn't notice when you nodded at our host.

He came around and used my hair to pull my head back. He told me that I'd just endured the first part of my punishment, that there were two other places he needed to punish before he and the other 6 men could fuck me. I watched his hand go back and heard the riding crop whistle through the air before it landed a fiery path across my tits. I closed my eyes and screamed with each successive stroke.

You shook your head when our host looked at you and pointed to my pussy. He looked at me and said "You are lucky I want to fuck more than I want to punish." His hand dropped down between my legs and he unusual lesbo idols are stretching and fist fucking ass holes rubbing my pussy. He calls me a sick little slut because he finds my pussy already dripping wet.

They untie me and he lies down, he feeds his cock into me as I'm lowered onto him. His cock stretches me and he pulls my face down to his.

He looks at me and tells me to get ready for the fucking of my life. I'm still begging him to make this stop when a lube coated cock is shoved into my ass, causing me to scream. I look over to you to see if you are going to make them stop hurting me and I cry even harder as Amazing jamie has her tight asshole drilled see you are being given a blowjob by the other woman.

My view is blocked when a cock is thrust into my mouth. Over and over my holes are filled with cock, cum. It oozes out of me and is caught in a glass that I'm made to empty so it can be filled with cum again.

Each time I look over at you, you are watching me being raped, and are fucking that woman, and she is cumming. Every time I cum, my ass is spanked or my tits are slapped and squeezed. I'm called a filthy whore, a nasty little cumrag, a desperate cock slut. My face is a mess of cum; my body is bruised and red. My ass and pussy are so sore and full of cum.

And still I'm fucked until the men can't get hard again. I'm then forced to scoop the cum from my own abused holes and eat it. I have to do this until I can get out no more cum. I'm exhausted, I feel violated and dirty. But my ordeal still isn't over. I'm forced to crawl towards you, where you have the woman sitting on your lap. You look down at me and tell me to suck your cum out of her cunt. If I refuse I'll be punished. I look up at you my eyes begging you to take me home but you just point to her cunt and tell me to stop being a lazy whore and be a good little fucktoy.

I slowly start to lap her cunt and suck your cum from it. When I get all of it and have made her cum, you use your foot to push me to the floor. The woman gets up and goes to a bag in the corner. She pulls out a harness and two huge fake cocks. She walks over to me and puts the harness on and attaches one of the fake cocks to it. Then she shoves the second one into my pussy, making me scream, it is pushed in as far as it can go and secured there so it won't fall out. I'm then rolled over onto my stomach, my ass made to thrust up, and looking at you she spears my ass with the huge cock, making me scream again as my holes are stretched beyond limit.

She fucks my ass brutally, her hands in my hair pulling my head up making me look at you. Your step forward and shove your cock into my mouth, gagging me. You lean forward and kiss her as you fuck my mouth hard. You start to cum and pull out coating my face with it. She continues to fuck me until she cums. The fake cocks are pulled out, and my ass and pussy gape open.

You get an evil grin on your face, I'm laid on my back with my legs spread.

The woman gets on her knees between my legs and slowly starts fingering my pussy, adding finger after finger, until she is fisting my sore abused pussy. The men come over and kneel over my head. You tell me to kiss and lick their asses. As I do, my nipples are pinched and pulled, my tits slapped. She pulls her fist and arm from my pussy and I'm made to lick it clean.

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You thank the men and the woman for using me. You then make me thank them. They tell me I was a delightful cunt to use, and that I make a fantastic cum bucket. You look at our host and he tells you the dvd of my rape will be ready tomorrow and he'll bring it over to you.

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You pick me up and take me to the car, you dump me in the back seat. Once home you carry me up to the shower, and you make me clean myself, the soap stinging the delicate flesh on my ass and pussy. You rub some ointment on my ass and tits, and spray this spray into my ass and pussy, which will help them tighten up.

You then put my collar on and attach the leash to it, tying it off to the foot of the bed, you cover me with a light blanket and leave me to sleep on the floor. You climb into bed and tell me japan mom realita big tites I made you proud and that I was a good fucktoy. You also tell me that you plan on fucking my ass in the morning, and to do something you had been threatening to do.

I thank you for looking after me and letting me be used. You tell me to go to sleep.