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Dad fucks teen crony playfellows daughter and wants threesome xxx fucking my mothers
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My lights were out, I lit a candle, and Lana Del Rey's "Body Electric" was softly playing from my laptop on the nightstand. I was lounging on my back with my arms and legs sprawled over the large bed. It was peaceful and serene just laying here. No one else was home; no one was here to bother me, to disturb me from my momentary trance. I felt the bed move and shake, and my eyes opened wide.

I looked left, and he was next to me, Leo, my best guy friend, and he laid down next to me. "Hey, you," he whispered with a smile.

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"Hey," I said nervously. "Umm, what are you doing here?" He laughed. "You always complained about how I never come to see you, so I came to see you." "Well you could have at least knocked. It's one in the morning!" A shiver suddenly ripped through me, and I realized that my small candle wasn't doing anything for me. Leo pulled the covers up to my legs and inched closer to me, his face just inches from mine.

"Why did you come here so late anyway?" "I just wanted to see my best girl friend in the whole world." He placed his hand on my arm and started rubbing it softly, warming me up with his touch. Something ignited in me, and I couldn't tell if it was just warmth or lust… But it was exciting.

And all from his touch. We sat there for a few more minutes just talking and laughing quietly, Lana Del Rey still serenading us in the background. Then something happened. When we stopped talking, Lana's voice became lustful, crazed, and we both felt the change in atmosphere in the room. The candle flickered wildly, and we angela stone and gianna michaels love to fuck guys sat in the stillness, silently trying to read each other.

His fingers trailed across my skin still, still shooting electric currents through me, setting my body on fire. The tension was there, it was intense, and it was going to break soon. His fingers traced from my wrist up past my elbow, to my shoulder and stopped on my chin, holding my head in place so I could look him in the eye. Before I could reject, he leaned forward an inch and pressed his lips against mine. They were warm and full, and he kissed me softly.

I felt so overpowered and overwhelmed. His hand wrapped around my waist, his fingertips dragging across the skin that he passed to get there.

His warm hands fondled with the bottom of my shirt and the waistline of my shorts, and his tongue licked around my lips, begging them to part. When they did—or when I allowed them to—our tongues danced together playfully, twirling around each other and fighting for dominance. But I didn't want to dominate. I wanted him to dominate me, to make me his, and to consume me and this burning desire that I had.

He flipped me over and laid me on my back, his body pressed against me. He placed himself between my legs and continued kissing me, softly biting and tugging on my lover lip and moving my arms and pinning them above my head.

It was getting hotter in the room, even when he pulled his lips away from mine and stared hungrily into my eyes. He moved down and slid himself further down my body, touching and feeling me all over.

As his hands came down, he started tugging at my shorts, slowly sliding them off. When I lifted my lower body so the shorts could come off, he ripped them off swiftly and abruptly spread my legs wide open. "You're not wearing underwear," he said seductively. He kissed my thighs repeatedly before he came to my sacred chamber.

He opened trois salopes gouine baise et se font jouir french amateur lips and started liking, and I moaned loudly.

In the back of my mind, something shouted, what the hell are you doing, Alice? But I was doing what I wanted to, what I needed to. And it felt amazing.

His tongue flicked and pried through my deepest depths, toying with my body and sending me into frenzy. As he continued licking around my clit, he slid a finger into me, pressing deeply inside me, taking his time. When he pulled out, he sighed, "Look at how wet you are, Alice," and I watched as he slipped his finger into his mouth and licked it clean. It drove me wild. He stuck two fingers in the second time, and I moaned louder, my body ready to spasm. He used his other hand to pin me down and keep my legs open, then he leaned forward and dived back between my legs, licking and softly nibbling and pulling my clit.

But before I could reach my climax, he pulled out and away and came back up to kissing me, his body back between my still widely spread legs. He pulled my shirt up over my head and unlatched my bra, leaving me completely exposed underneath naughty girl big tits xxx a brides revenge.

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I was still a bit cold, so my nipples were cold and rock hard, making them very sensitive to the touch. Nevertheless, Leo's warm fingers fondled them and softly trailed around them, sending more moans ripping from my lips. I wanted to cut to the chase, just let him have me and take me. I sat up abruptly, ripping myself from the kiss and softly panting. I pulled his shirt over his head, slightly stretching it, and reached down to help remove his pants and underwear. I could feel how hard he was, and I knew that he was ready to go.

I was hungry, and my craving was him. I wanted him so badly, and I didn't want to wait anymore. When he was completely nude, I pushed him backwards, held on to his member and was ready to please him, but he stopped me midway. "No, I want to please you.

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God, you're so beautiful." He pushed me back onto my back, and I plopped down with a sly smile. A few moments passed, and he was above me again, staring into my eyes. Suddenly, I felt something sliding into me, and I knew it was him, large, hard and dominating, he slowly pushed into me, and I nearly screamed.

He was almost too much for me to handle, but it felt too good, so I let him keep going. He pulled himself out, but then he plunged back into me, deeply and agonizingly. He was so big, bigger than I have ever experienced, but I was a big girl, and I could handle him. He settled into a slow, steady rhythm and fondled with my breasts at the same time, pulling long, pleasure-filled moans nasty sweetie is taken in anal hole madhouse for painful treatment behind my lips.

Something snapped in us again, and I pulled him closer to me, latching onto his back and digging my nails into him as he started stroking me faster and with more force. His fingers reached down and started toying with my clit again, and my eyes rolled back.

He slowed down a bit and then pulled himself out, kissing me forcefully through gasps for air. "Turn around," he growled, and I did so obediently, enjoying the pleasures of being dominated.

I bent over to my knees and elbows, looking back at him and his huge, hard member. He bent down behind me and held on to my waist with one hand, and as he slid himself into me again, he let out a long, sometimes a scene needs no further introduction th moan, more like a grunt, that was like music to my ears. It was almost harmonious with Lana's singing in the background, and it relaxed me, relieving the remaining tension in me.

With both of his hands on my waist, he began to grind into me, moaning louder and squeezing my hips. I bent over and laid my head on the bed, exposing my ass for him to see. He squeezed it roughly, lost in the good feeling. He pulled my body upward and I propped myself up on my hands, and he played with my bouncing breasts, squeezing them and tugging on the nipples as he continued thrusting into me. I didn't want him to stop because I was so close to my climax, but he slowed down again and pulled out of me.

He crawled off of the bed and pulled me up by the hand, wrapping his hands around my waist as we stood. He pulled my chin up and continued kissing me, his hands pawing all over me, from my thighs, to my hips, to my lower back, and my ass, squeezing it lightly. Unaware of the wall behind me, I was pushed back into the wall, and he stretched my arms above my head, kissing me forcefully and biting my lower lip.

When he pulled away, my lips were still parted as if he was going to kiss me again, but he whispered, "So hot." He held me by the waist and turned me around, nearly shoving me into the wall.

Lana was singing in her falsetto, and somehow, I started moaning again just at the sound of her voice. I was so turned on, and I think my moaning triggered something in him, because all of a sudden, Leo shoved himself into me and immediately started fucking me against the wall with no mercy.

He propped my leg up for easier access, ramming himself into me and filling me up with every stroke. My moaning was becoming louder and lazy, and my leg felt like it might give out at any moment. If this is what it feels like to have your brains fucked out, then I would spend the rest of the night happily brainless. I couldn't hold it in any longer; I was about to have the biggest orgasm ever, and the first one by another person.

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With his last few strokes, he sped up as my moans grew more intense, and suddenly, something like a switch turned on in me and I exploded, my juices flowing everywhere and I couldn't breather right. Leo picked me up from off the wall and carried me back over to the bed, seeing how calm I was; he simply kissed me lightly, on my cheeks, on my lips, on my neck.

He wasn't rough anymore, but I wanted him to be rough. I wanted to be dirty and tough, even if it was just for this moment. So I sat up and stared into his eyes, and I said seductively, "I want you to lick my pussy while I suck on your cock." A quick look of shock crossed his face; I was never this sexual with him, never this confident.

But I knew what I wanted, and I knew what I wanted to do to him. I flipped us over so that I was on top of him, and I turned around so that my pussy was in full view for him. When I felt his hands opening my lips, I lowered myself onto his cock, ready to dive in. It was still hard as a rock, so I immediately slid it into my mouth. My tongue slid across the shaft slowly, and once I reached the tip, I licked it sweetly and innocently as if it were a lollipop, taking it in from every angle.

Leo was fingering me and licking me at the same time until I felt something freezing go into me. I moaned and exclaimed at the same time, "What is that?!" "It's ice, baby, don't worry. You're going to love it." He slid the ice in and out of me, occasionally rubbing it against my clit.

It was chilling and stimulating at the same time. His tongue, his fingers and the ice were so much to handle, and I started moaning wildly as I was blowing him. I slid his whole cock in and out of my mouth rhythmically, letting my tongue graze hot stud enjoying both mom and daughter pussies threesome and hardcore the tip quickly. We both started to tease each other and pick up our speeds, he was fingering me with two fingers and I was playing with his balls and sucking his cock as fast as I could.

Before either of us could finish, I turned myself around and straddled him, my hands on his hips and my eyes locked on him. I was taking charge now, and I slid myself onto his large member, both sets of my lips parting with satisfaction and a long moan running from my mouth. I held onto him for support and he held my sides as an aid as I began to softly grind on him. We were both moaning, his eyes were halfway shut, and my back arched.

I bubble butt teen small tits creampie poor jade jantzen forward and kissed him, accidentally biting his lip from pleasure. He whispered in my ear, "You can do better than that, baby. Fuck me like you mean it." My body shivered at the word, it was so harsh and sexy at the same time, and I started to stroke faster, hearing our flesh clapping together from the impact.

I was moaning into his ear, and my hands buried into his shoulders. He grabbed onto my breasts and started sucking on them, driving me absolutely mad with pleasure. I couldn't contain it; the switch inside of me flipped again and I felt myself cum. A few seconds after me, Leo pulled himself out of me and came too, and his semen landed all over us. I laid on my back next to him, and he looked over at me. We both turned to face each other, and we kissed softly. I felt calm, almost drowsy, and our kisses were a bit lazy.

With one last kiss, we cuddled into each other, still naked, and listened to the sound of each other's slowing breath. As I was falling into unconsciousness, I felt Leo plant a soft kiss on my cheek and whispered, "Goodnight."