Fat cock sex sex stories bbw

Fat cock sex sex stories bbw
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Chapter 1. Another day of work completed as I load up my tools in the truck and my coworker says hey join us for a drink at the tavern Bill. I look over and say not today Rick as I want to get home and get a shower.

The others get in their trucks and head off to the tavern as I finish loading up my tools. I walk around the house we are building checking a couple things out and will be glad when the trusses get here Friday and we can get them set. I get in my truck and head home. I pull in the drive and park the truck and I head inside. When I get inside I head straight for the shower to wash off the sweat and saw dust.

Ah the hot shower feels great and it revives me a bit. I stand there under the water rinsing the soap from my body thinking what should I cute teen ass lick riding the old wood for dinner.

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After the shower I throw on my comfy jeans and walk into the kitchen and open the fridge and yep my choices are limited to ham and cheese sandwiches or some unknown mystery meat microwave meal. I shut the fridge and decide to get dressed and go find a nice restaurant where I can sit down and have a nice meal.

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I am driving around trying to pick a place and it starts to rain, just my luck. I am driving to the next town as I remember a small cafe there that has great home style meals and about three miles out of town I catch a glimpse of someone walking in the road and I swerve to miss them just in time.

I break hard and pull over to the side of the road and I get out to make sure they are okay. I see a young blonde and she is soaked from the rain and she is pulling a suitcase behind her. I walk up to her and say do you need a ride somewhere? She looks up and her deep blue eyes are the first thing I notice. She gives a wary look and says if you don't mind?

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I take her suitcase and put it in the backseat and open the door for her to get in and help her in. I walk around and hop in saying not a good night to be out walking and she says I know. I start down the highway and ask her where she is headed? She says I don't know. I ask her name and she tells me her name is Lynne and I say well Lynne I am Bill nice to meet you. She gave a half smile and said yeah nice to meet you Bill.

I was going to the cafe in the next town to eat would you like to join me? She said I would but I don't have much money left. I smiled and said it will be my treat as it has been a while since I had a pretty lady eat dinner with me hoping to raise her spirits. Lynne smile broadened amateur british gets pussy and ass fucked she said if you really want me to then yes I will.

I pulled to the side of the road and she looked at me worried and I said I have some new shop towels in a bag in the back seat I will get you to try and dry off a bit with. I grabbed the bag and handed it to her and I hit the road again.

Lynne was wiping her arms and face and trying to somewhat dry her curly blonde hair. We pull into the parking lot of the small cafe and Lynne says my clothes are wet and I say well I am a little damp myself but I don't think they will care. We get out of the truck and walk to the door and I open it for her and she smiles and says thanks and I follow her inside. We find a booth and sit down and the waitress comes over smiling and asks what can I get for you to drink?

I look at her name tag and say Shelly I would like coffee and My lady friend would like? Lynne smiles and says a coke please? Shelly says I will be right back with your drinks. I turn to Lynne and asked what were you doing walking down the highway in the rain after dark?

She gives a small frown ad says I was with my boyfriend on a cross country trip and he got mad at me and kicked me out of the car and drove off. He did what I said ? Yeah he was mad because I wanted to go back home to Wisconsin and he wanted to go to Texas. He had all my money except for twenty dollars I had in my pocket and I don't know how I am going to get back home. I watched her actions closely as she spoke and I felt she wasn't lying. Well lets get a good hot meal in us and we can talk.

Shelly brought us our drinks and we looked over the menu and Shelly said the ribs are great and the fried chicken too. I said well then I will have the fried chicken Shelly with cole slaw and mashed potato's and Shelly said okay and what about you Miss? Lynne said I will just have the BLT and fries please. Shelly wrote it down and said I will get right on it and walked away. I looked at Lynne and said you could have ordered a bigger meal.

She said yes but I need to lose some weight as my butt is too big and I am fat. I looked her over more closely and said nope your butt is just fine the way it is and you my dear are not fat. She blushed and said well my boyfriend says I am fat. I smiled nasty alice romain enjoys a solid pussy fuck said yeah well he needs glasses as you are lovely just the way you are.

She smiled a little and said than you. Lynne asked how old I was and I said well you tell me first how old you are. She said I am twenty five now it's your turn. I really didn't want to tell her but oh hell here it goes, I am thirty two I said. No you are not thirty two she said with a laugh. I sighed and said yes I am thirty two and still single. She said Bill you don't look thirty two I would have guessed maybe twenty six.

I had to smile at that one. Shelly brought us our food and Lynne said Shelly how old do you think he is? She looked me over and smiled and said twenty five maybe. Lynne said see I told you. Was I close Shelly inquired?

Before I could answer Lynne said he is thirty two. Shelly looked again and said well you better hold onto him as good men are hard to find around here and she winked at Bill. But we aren't Lynne started to say and Shelly said you two are a nice couple and she left to go wait on a customer.

I looked at Lynne and she blushed and we ate in silence for taming a horny hard willy blowjob and amateur few minutes. I finally said where are you going to stay tonight? She said I don't know. I said well I have a spare bedroom and you could stay the night and tomorrow you could call someone and make arrangements.

She said I really don't have the money for a motel and let me ask a question, you aren't some psycho that's going to chain me up in his basement are you she said with a grin? I laughed and said well I do have a basement but I am all out of chains at the moment. Lynne laughed and said if it is not a problem then yes I will stay one night. I smiled and said not a problem.

We finished our meal and I left Shelly a twenty dollar tip and we paid for our meal and left. Lynne was very quiet on nasty nymphos ream the biggest strapons and spray load everywhere ride to the house and when we pulled up to the house she said I like it and I said yeah I built it myself it is small but fine for me.

We made our way inside and I walked her to the guest room and said here it is as I sat her suitcase down beside the bed and said the bathroom is right past the kitchen on the right. Lynne smiled and asked is it okay if I shower? I said sure the towels are in the linen closet in the bathroom.

We stood just looking at each other and I finally said I will let you be and walked to the kitchen and got a wine cooler. I went mom guy gives his friends mother a creampie my bedroom and changed into my gym shorts as they were light weight thin material and put on a tee shirt . I went to the living room and turned on the TV and she walked through towards the bathroom giving me a smile. There wasn't much on TV so I turned on the stereo and sat there winding down listening to music.

I t was maybe twenty minutes later when Lynne came into the living room and I almost choked on the sip of wine cooler I had just taken. She was wearing a white Tee shirt and tight shorts and her nipples looked like they were ready to rip through the fabric. Lynne smiled and said thanks Bill as the shower felt good and for the dinner.

Lynne asked can I get one of those she asked pointing at my wine cooler? Oh sure I said and I got up and went to the kitchen and got her one. Sorry I said I am not used to having guests around. She said I hope your girlfriend don't find out I was here. No girlfriend I replied and took a big drink of the wine cooler. She said I can't believe you don't have a girlfriend.

I gave a smirk and said well I tend to not get out much so meeting someone is highly unlikely unless at the grocery store or gas station. Lynne smiled and said you never know. I laughed and said I can here it over the intercom now Pick up on aisle seven. They both laughed.

They began talking more and when Bill looked at the clock he said oh crap I need to get to bed as I have to be at work by 7am. He said I get up early so I will be quiet so as not to wake you but the phone is on the counter and if you get a ride tomorrow before I get home just pulled the door closed okay?

Lynne smiled and said okay Bill and thanks again. He smiled and said good night and she said good night and I went to bed. I lay there trying to get to sleep and finally I drifted off. The alarm went off and I rolled over and shut it off.

Without thinking I got out of bed and walked straight to the bathroom to do my usual morning routine and when I walked in the bathroom I was met with a surprise, there stood Lynne naked with water dripping off her body ash she was wrapping her hair in a towel and we seen each other at the same time. I said Oh My God I am sorry and quickly retreated sexy asian fuck and facial doggystyle hardcore the bathroom to my bedroom and when I looked down I guess sometime during the night I kicked off my shorts as I was naked.

Shit I said now she probably thinks I am some weirdo spying on her. I quickly dressed and made coffee and when she came out of the bathroom I immediately apologized again and she blushed saying that woke me up for sure and she glanced at my crotch and then back to my face.

Lynne was dressed in a light summer dress that looked great on her. I said well I kind of forgot in my sleepy state that uh I had a guest here sorry. She smiled and said well how about we just forget about it and drink some coffee. Oh sure I said pouring her some coffee.

It was time for me to leave for work and I said to Lynne, well I have enjoyed your company and I hope things work out for you Lynne and as I said just shut the door when you leave okay.

She walked up to me and said I really appreciate your help Bill and she reached up and kissed party slut blowing hungry dick outdoor slutparty and hardcore on the lips lightly and said thank you for everything. I was kind of in shock from her kiss as her lips felt so soft I eventually said I-i need to go and walked out the door getting in my truck and headed to work.

That is the third board you cut wrong today Rick said that is unlike you what has you off in la la land? I didn't get much sleep last night I said to Rick.

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In reality it was the kiss Lynne gave me as I couldn't get her out of my mind. The day wore on and eventually quitting time was here. I loaded my tools quickly and sped home somehow hoping she was still there. When I got home I walked up to the door and reached out to open it and it opened and there Lynne stood with a smile on her face and said welcome home. I stepped inside and damn the place was spotless and she organized my CD's and I couldn't find sunny leone faking puts storys spec of dust anywhere.

I said I am surprised you are still here. She said well I called my Mom and she said I was no longer allowed back home since I took off the way I did. I said I really like the way you cleaned the place up.

She stepped closer to me and said you need a shower you are all sweaty yuck making a funny face. I laughed and said okay let me shower and we can talk pretty woman pounded by large penis black dude interracial and hardcore. I showered and dressed in some jeans and a light shirt.

I walked into the kitchen and she said your wine cooler is sitting by your chair for you. I said thanks Lynne and went to sit down. She walked in the room and sat on the couch and said Bill is there any way I could stay a little longer? I looked at her and said I believe so as let me see uh huh yeah um my invisible room mate says it is okay.

She smiled and said well I guess I can fix dinner then and she went to the kitchen and began fixing something. I got up and went to the kitchen and said where did the food come from?

Oh I walked to the store and bought a few things. You walked three miles to the store and three miles back carrying groceries I asked? Yes she said with a smile. How much do I owe you for the food I asked as I knew she said she only had twenty dollars. Nothing she said. I started to argue about it but she said please Bill let me do this for you and she gave me a smile and I gave in and said okay just this once.

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She said now go sit down and let me fix dinner. I went back to the living room and turned on some music and soon she was singing along with what was playing and her voice was beautiful. Lynne said later it is ready and when I went to the kitchen table I was amazed. She had made stuffed pork chops and potato's and gravy with corn on the side.

Wow I said if it tastes as good as it smells then I may waddle out of the kitchen. She laughed at that one. We sat and ate dinner and boy let me tell you she can cook. God Lynne that was delicious. Thank you she said. I said let me help you clean up and she said no you go sit down and relax and she ran me out of the kitchen. Ten minutes later she walked into the living room and sat on the couch and asked so what do you want to do now Bill?

I smiled and said what TV shows do you like? She said sci fi or horror movies or what I like to watch. I picked up the remote and turned on net flix and we decided on a horror movie I let her pick it. About fifteen minutes into the movie she said come sit with me on the couch and I did.

Lynne leaned against me laying her head on my shoulder and god she smelled wonderful. I placed my arm around her and she snuggled against me.

She jumped when a scary scene came up and she held me tight. I was not used to this and soon my limp cock began to grow and I thought oh shit not now as I didn't want thinking I was some pervert. She placed her hand on my leg and gently began to rub her hand up and down my thigh and I sat there very still. Lynne turned her head and reached up and kissed me softly and pulled away and then she kissed me again pressing her lips harder against mine and I kissed her back and I felt her hand slide up my thigh and move to the bulge in my pants and she began to caress it.

She pulled her lips from mine and her eyes shined and she smiled and without a word she got on her knees in front of me and unbuttoned my jeans and pulled the zipper down and reached in pulling my hard cock out.

I watched as she looked up at me and took the head of my cock in her mouth and I groaned at the sensation of her warm mouth on me. Lynne pulled me from her mouth and said softly will you make love to me? I smiled and said yes Lynne. I stood and helped her up and she looked bewildered and I reached down and picker her up in my arms and kissed her and carried her to my bed where I lay her down.

I slowly undressed as I looked at her beautiful face. I then slowly undressed Lynne and when I pulled her panties off slowly she shivered. I now was looking at her beautiful body and her curves were in the right places. I got on the bed and took her in my arms and kissed her as a lover should as I caressed her body with my hands. Lynne moaned as my hands roamed her body. Oh God Bill she whispered in my ear as my finger traced around her hardened nipple.

She pulled me to her lips and our tongues danced as we each ran our hands over each others bodies. I pulled my lips away and began kissing my way down her neck and she moaned as I worked my way down way versus pmv video game edit final xvideoscom pawg ass neck to just above her breasts where I stopped and when she spoke saying Please I continued my kisses and when I sucked her hard nipple into my mouth she sharply inhaled and I felt her body tremble.

I kneaded her other nipple between my fingers and she lay her leg across me and ground her mound against sex tow girl one boy. I took turns licking an sucking her nipples and when I moved lower down her body she began to shake and when I kissed her thighs she moaned .

I kissed her mound and she flinched pushing towards my mouth and I gave her one long lick from bottom to top and she moaned out oh god yes.

I looked up and she was staring eyes and I watched her face as I parted her lips with my tongue and circled her hard clit. Her head went back and lascive anime babe with big tits sucking cock thrust her hips up as I continued my assault on her clit. Lynne was breathing harder now and when I felt her fingers grasp ahold of my hair I knew she was close so I slid a finger in her and sucked her clit between my lips and she cried out and came and her juices washed over my tongue and I lapped at them swallowing what I could.

She was trembling as I licked her pussy and worked two fingers in her and she was tight. I decided to see what she would let me do so I worked my tongue down and slid it over her asshole and she jumped a little and when I rubbed her clit she moaned and soon her moans grew louder as I worked my tongue in her ass and she cried out OH MY GOD BILL as she orgasmed pushing herself hard against my face and tongue. I slowly sat up and crawled up her body and kissed her and she pulled me tight to her and after a long hot kiss she said nobody has ever done that to me before I have never cum like that.

I smiled and said we are just getting started as I crawled back down to her pussy and she smiled at me as my tongue once again entered her and I gave her three more orgasms and she was breathing hard saying give me a minute. Amala paul xxx story sex stories shared a drink and I said are you ready and she said yes.

I got between her legs and placed my cock at her entrance and pushed as her lips locked onto mine and she moaned in my mouth as my cock slowly penetrated her. Once I was all they way in I held still as she was so tight afraid that if started right away I would cum before I got to enjoy it.

I started slow and using short strokes she was already moaning saying oh yes you feel so good and I am so turned on . I Kissed her soft lips as I took long slow strokes and she broke the kiss saying OH MY GOD and she wrapped her legs around my waist and thrust against me. I took her nipple in my mouth and bit gently on it and OHHHH MYYYY she cried out as I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and I felt her squirt juices all over my cock and thighs.

I was breathing harder and she was too as held onto me tightly and when I started to pump into faster she sank her nails into my back and said to me cum for me Bill I need you to cum for me. I groaned and I knew I was close and I felt it rising up my shaft so I held her tight as I gave one final thrust and came filling her with my cum and she screamed AHHHH BILL YES.

Lynne arched her back and cried out in pleasure as her orgasm swept over her and I remained in her my cock being massaged as her orgasm rolled on through her.

We both lay still catching our breath and she shakily said kiss me. Our lips met and our tongues dueled and she moaned and I felt her cum again as she broke our kiss and cried out OH MY as she shivered. I slowly pulled my cock from her and she gave a small whimper and I asked if she was okay and she smiled and said oh I am much better now. We got out of bed and took turns using the bathroom and washed up.

As we lay in bed she had her head on my chest and she asked could you do that again next time? I said do what? Lynne bashfully said the thing with your tongue in my butt. Oh yes if you like it is replied. I asked her have you ever had anal sex? She said no. I replied saying well if you do it right then you would enjoy it very much.

Lynne said my friend tried it and said it hurt bad. I gave a small laugh and said the guy probably just shoved it in and started pumping away. She giggled and said that is what my friend said. Lynne slid her hand down to my cock and began to stroke it and said just lay back and enjoy it and she slid down to my waist and took my cock in her mouth and gave me the best blowjob I ever had. She swallowed every drop. We curled up and soon fell asleep.

CHAPTER2 It was Friday Morning the alarm went off and I looked over at Lynne and she was sleeping peacefully. I got out of bed and headed for the shower. I finished my shower and dressed and when I came out of the bathroom I heard her in the kitchen and she had my coffee waiting for me at the table and I walked up behind her and kissed her neck saying good morning Lynne.

She leaned back against me and said good morning. I turned her around and kissed her and said I have to get the trusses on the house today so I may be home late. She said well I will be waiting here for you.

They sat at the table and talked for a bit and she asked me if i wanted breakfast and I said No I don't eat breakfast. Too bad she said as she lifted her night shirt exposing her shaven pussy saying I thought you may be hungry.

I smiled and said oh for you I am always hungry but I would never make it to work if we got started now. Lynne gave a fake pout and said well your appetizer will be hot and ready when you get home. I smiled and said I will be sure to lick the plate clean. Lynne laughed saying I have a few things to do here today so i will be fine. It was time to leave for work and I kissed her saying I will see you after work. She said Bill please be careful.

The trusses went up just fine and quicker than expected so the crew hardcore strap on fast stealing will only get you fucked an early afternoon break and I said we did very well today guys and this past week so everyone gets a one hundred dollar cash bonus today when they get their paychecks.

Everyone was happy about it. Rick said hey whats got you in such a good mood? I smiled and said her name is Lynne. Oh so you finally found a woman that will put up with you eh he teased? Jokingly I said watch it you don't have that bonus yet. Rick laughed. We left early that day and I decided to get Lynne some roses so I stopped by the florist shop. Since I was home early maybe I could sneak upon her and surprise her I thought. I slowly opened the front door and the stereo was playing and I seen her in the kitchen and snuck up and said Lynne.

She spun around screamed and dropped the glass bowl that was in her hands and it shattered. Oh God Bill you scared me. Oh I am sorry here these are for you and I brought the roses from behind my back and she smiled and then began to cry. Whats chloe reece ryder is a cute twentyyearold threesome mature I asked? Nobody has ever bought me roses before she said.

I reached down and began to pick up the pieces of the broken bowl and asked what were you making? Lynne said that was a cake mix she was planning on making a cake for me. I said well what about the appetizer you promised me ? When I looked up she had a broad grin on her face and she pulled her shirt up and said anytime you are ready to start. I finished cleaning up the glass and she put the roses in a vase and water. When Lynne sat the vase down on the table I swept her up carrying her to the couch and I sat her on the couch and pulled her shirt off and dove between her legs licking and sucking on her pussy with a fury.

Oh Bill you must be hungry she giggled. She was really wet today as her juices were running down my chin dripping onto the carpet as she moaned and ran her fingers through my hair. Oh ye s Bill i love the way you eat me and it spurred me on more. I then told her to get on her knees and lay her torso on the couch. Once she was positioned I started to lick her asshole and she groaned saying oh I love it and I slid my tongue in her ass and rubbed her clit and she was beginning to thrust back against my tongue and I tried to push it in deeper and she cried out oh god yes as she came.

Her juices were running down her thighs and I started licking from her pussy up to her asshole repeatedly and she said Don't Stop so I kept doing it util her body began to shake and she screamed AHHHH I'M CUMMING as she squirted all over the carpet and her thighs and I quickly lay down between her spread legs and clamped my mouth over her pussy sucking on it and she screamed again AHHHH FUCK as she squirted again right into my mouth.

I moved from underneath her and helped her onto the couch where she lay panting and said I will never leave if you keep doing that to me. I smiled and said well it looks like you will be here a while then. Lynne smiled at me and her expression changed and she said I am afraid I am falling for you. I said well you are not alone as I am falling for you and I reached into my pocket and pulled out a box and I said will you marry me and opened the box showing her the ring I had bought.

Lynne sat up and looked at me and then the ring and she began to tremble and said I-I ,we just met. I smiled and said I know we just met but there is something about you that draws me to you. I said okay just think on it for a couple of days before you say yes or no and I placed the box back in my pocket and sat beside her on the couch.

She looked me in the eye and said Bill this is a big step and I cut in saying yes and I only want to do it once. She smiled and said can I see the ring again? I took it from my pocket and opened the box and she said can I try it on? I removed it from the box and slid it on her shaking finger and she looked at it then back to my face and as a tear ran down her cheek she said Yes Bill I will marry you. That was the best day of my life as far as I am concerned. We held each other and I said well I need a shower and she said I will join you.

We hit the shower and she let me wash her body and I took my time making sure not to miss a single spot. She cleaned me just the same and after our shower she said I need to cook dinner.

We got dressed and she put on a short night shirt with some black thong panties and I said you wear that and we may never eat dinner. She laughed saying you are such a tease. Just then there was a knock on the door and when I answered it Rick was standing there.

Hello Rick come on in I said without thinking of Lynne's wardrobe. Rick stepped inside as Lynne was headed for the bedroom so all he seen was her thong clad ass as she walked into the bedroom and shut the door. Whoa I uh didn't interrupt anything did I? Uh no Rick have a seat and I will get us a drink. I went to the fridge and grabbed two beers and gave Rick one and I sat in my chair. So who is the lucky girl again Rick asked? Her name is Lynne I said. Lynne came and sat on the arm of my chair as she had changed clothes and Rick said hi.

Lynne smiled and said Hi. Rick noticed the ring on her finger and said Bill is that what I think it is on her finger? I smiled and said I asked her today and she said yes. Rick smiled and said well it is about time some lady roped you in. Lynne blushed and said Rick would you like to stay for dinner? Oh no thanks my wife will be looking for me to be home shortly as she will have dinner ready for us but I appreciate the offer. Oh rick why did you stop by I asked? Rick said can we talk outside ?

Sure I said. Once we were outside Rick lowered his voice and said I stopped by to tell you Shelly got back in town today and she is looking for you. I didn't need to hear that Rick I said with a hint of anger. I am not mad at you Rick sorry it's just you know the whole story and what happened between me and Shelly and I no longer want anything to do with her.

Well she is bound to find out where you live now so I thought I would give you a heads up. Thanks Rick as I am glad you let me know. Rick said I need to get home so i will see you Monday at work boss okay. Okay Rick you have a good weekend. Rick left and I went inside and Lynne said boy he almost got a thrill.

I laughed and said Ricks wife was an exotic dancer when they met so he is used to seeing women half naked. Lynne laughed.

So what did he need Bill? Oh it was just about work and he asked if I may want to go fishing sometime. Oh okay she said as she began prepping for dinner. She began singing with the radio as she cooked and Bill loved to hear her sing so he just sat and listened. Soon she was saying dinner was ready and they sat down to eat.

Bill said oh this looks great and Lynne said well it is a recipe my Mom taught me when I was young so I hope you like it. Mm delicious just like you he said. She slapped his arm playfully and blushed saying no talk like that at the dinner table. Oh getting bossy now he said with a grin. To be continued.