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Breeolson she eats her pussy like a raging le
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Angelika - Like an angel Truda - Fighting woman Varick - Protecting Ruler Harman - Man of the army Alan thankfully didn't have the out of body dreams this time but also he could feel that the exhaustion was severe. Trying to fight his way to the surface it was just too tiring.

Lying down where he was he just relaxed feeling the energy that he needed slowly begin to build back. Angelika was pacing several hours later in front of the bed Alan was lying in. He'd definitely pushed himself further this time that was for sure. She'd had Truda try to find him but this time it seemed Alan had shut up all avenues into his psyche. "I'm sorry Angelika there's no way in, he's closed like a steel trap." Truda was telling Angelika.

"Damn it, I told him not to overextend so far! I ought to kick his ass when he is better." Angelika was saying as she continued to pace. Madde was smiling huge, Angelika was acting more like a pissed off lover than a mother she thought. She was after all a mother herself and she could never remember having the feelings that Angelika was having.

Well, not as violent or passionate anyway! Emory looked at Madde a moment with a strange look on his face. <Alright I don't know what this is but I don't find it funny!> Emory thought. Madde looked at her father, <I'm sorry father; obviously Alan opened up our thought talk areas. I didn't realize that I was putting messages out there that strongly.> <If you are than how come they haven't heard it?> Emory asked <Ah I see you have discovered you thought talk.> Emory heard his brother think to him.

<To answer your question, if you are thinking at a specific person, then usually it is only that person that can 'hear' it.> <Ah! Ok thank you Varick we are all so new to this, though as all of you put it, it could come in handy.> Emory told Varick with a smile.

Alan groaned trying to sit up, "Damn it, next time I think I will consider it more before I tinker with thought talking!

I forgot how loud it can be! Crap you three tone it down some, ok? I got a damn monster headache!" "Alan!" Angelika cried as she rushed to his side. Alan cringed a little from her yell but accepted her help as he struggled to sit up. Madde immediately brought Alan food. Eating as if he'd been starving for weeks Alan was surprised when slim black babe makes both guys cum plate of food was gone in no time.

"I think I need some more." Alan said, at least he was starting to feel a little better. Madde returned with another plate that Alan wolfed down even faster. "Alan that isn't normal is it?" Angelika asked a little worried. "Under most circumstances no, but I have expended a tremendous amount of energy. If I remember right I haven't eaten since the first bunker." Alan said thanking Madde for a third plate. "Alan that was two days ago!" Harman said an actual look of concern on his face.

"Are you trying to die on us?

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My sister would kill me if you did!" <I am unconscious ass, not dead!> Came Truda's thoughts. Alan chuckled as he devoured the third plate then three more. "Finally, I feel almost normal! I think." Everyone turned to look at Alan as he was suddenly quiet. "Son of a bitch! I was hoping for more time!" Turning to Emory Alan warned him.

"The assistant's aides are here. Tell those in the village to increase the hiding field, NOW!" Emory looked shocked then did as Alan advised. "They have it at almost three times what it was." "That should do for now I am only feeling the boosted ones right now so we might have a chance yet. The twenty I strengthened could easily take care of them. The enhanced ones I am afraid they would have trouble with.

I am afraid that the assistant is going to send several of the natural ones. I have also felt that he has a few that are stronger than those. 'Til yesterday I might have problems with them but I don't think so anymore." Alan said as he ticked off all his points.

"So all the preparations we have done were for nothing?" Emory asked. "No, for now it will suffice but I think we need to move on before we have a battle in the middle of the village. At present Aldrich could easily take on the enhanced ones. Madde is high enough to take out the natural ones.

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I feel the Aldrich would be of help but not for long. Madde could hold off one of these higher ones but that's all I feel she could do. You are almost as strong as they were a few days ago." Alan said indicating Varick and the other three. "As I said we need to go soon before they start looking for us here." Alan smiled at all of them then the others.

"I quite agree with Alan we need to keep going, you and Madde can now thought talk to us, if you need us we will be here within seconds ok?" Varick told all of them. "Brother, it was good to see you but don't forget, if they find out we were here they would try to kill all of you to get to us, especially you Emory." Varick emphasized. "I'll remember," Emory leaned over and whispered into Varick's ear. Nodding Varick moved to Alan along with the rest of them, looking at all of them Alan smiled then they were gone.

Madde and several others blinked, "Father, are you alright? Caught my blonde slut wife on cam some reason I was thinking there was an emergency here, strange." "Yes my dear, all of you were suddenly charging in here with your guns. Are you feeling alright my dear?" The older appearing man said with a slight smile.

Madde looked at Emory then shook her head. "I'm not really sure father, not really sure at all." Emory nodded, <It appeared to work Alan, thank you.> <Your welcome, remember you are the only that knows now.

Be careful these bastards are sneaky as hell!> Alan told his uncle before he broke off the thought talk. "Did it work?" Varick asked when they finally settled in. "I believe so, though I am still worried.

With all the boosted ones in the area one might stumble inside the hiding field. Then we'd have a hell of a mess especially when the stronger ones showed up and we started to home made mom and daughter them down." A worried Alan told all of them. Sighing Varick nodded. "I guess we'll have to keep an eye and an ear open for them." "I agree that's why I left a little something there at the bunker to warn us; though I am afraid if they try to enter it there will be a lot less of them." A wary Alan told Varick.

"You rigged the bunker to explode? Hmmm, not a bad idea," Harman said a huge smile on his face; finally Alan was starting to talk more his language! Alan smirked a moment, "I just hope I didn't make the charge too large! I really know nothing about explosives." Harman nodded, too small and it wouldn't really do any good.

Make it too large and it would be overkill and possibly hurt those nearby that you were trying to protect. "So what exactly did you do?" Harman asked a little curious. "I only put a few kilograms of C4 all over the bunker." Alan replied nonchalantly. "Ok a few kilograms isn't so bad with a place that big." Harman said then thought about it more.

"Ok, not to nit-pick but uh. just how many kilograms?" Alan thought a minute, "I grabbed two bags of it and started setting it up with motion sensors all over the bunker." "Uh huh that's not what I asked, just how much madison ivy bangs during massage oliy massage teens you use?" Harman said a slight smirk on his face.

"All of it." Alan replied. Harman's mouth dropped open, "What was the weight on the side of the Satchels?" Alan again thought and replied, "I believe they said 9.07 kg (20 Lbs)." Harman's mouth fell even further, "Where in the hell did you get two 9kg Satchels of C4?" "From a construction company, they had quite a bit locked away so I just borrowed some." Alan said as he was staring at a stunned Harman.

"Ok, I can see that I need to teach you about explosives. What you are describing are M183 demolition packs they each have 16 blocks of C4 in them. They are about .57kg (1.25 lbs), just one can destroy a vehicle, blow a good sized hole in a building.

One satchel can destroy a building fairly well." Harman just shook his head. "I didn't think you wanted to COMPLETELY destroy the bunker." "I don't., wait! You mean what I put will totally destroy the bunker? Damn and here I thought I would need twice what I put!" Alan said as he sat thinking about the amount of explosives he'd held in his arms!

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"I think you're right Harman, like I said I don't really know that much about explosives. You think if I do this again you could come with me?" Harman's face lit up as a huge smile crossed his features. "Oh yeah, anytime you need me to, let me know! There was a groaning from the couch in the center of the room as Truda sat up. "Alan, remind me the next time I want to go in your mind, of what happened today.

Crap, I feel like I've been run over and then backed over with a truck." "I have been trying to tell you this whole time, though it seems like you ignore me every time." Alan said as he gently touched Truda's forehead.

"Good, no fever." Truda's face twisted into a little smirk as she said, "Thank you daddy!" Then she fell back on the couch as she and then Angelika started to giggle. "That wasn't funny!" Then Alan's facial expression changed, "that is unless you WANT me to spank you!" Here Alan got a mischievous look in his eye then started to leer at Truda. Truda's head snapped up as she went completely serious, "I think not mister! You do and I'll spend the next few weeks getting back at you!" Alan smiled as he nodded, "Hey it was your idea not mine!" Looking around Varick was looking at the bunker they were in.

"Not to sound dense, but haven't we been here before?" "Yes, it was the first one we were in. I checked several times before I brought us here." Alan told them.

Harman looked at Alan shocked, "Won't they expect us to come back here?" "This was the first place the assistant was actually defeated, I'd think he'd want to avoid this place like the plague." Alan smiled his thoughts going back to the satisfying cracks as the assistant's legs broke.

"I need to rest some before we start again on the strengthening. Like I said before, Varick could take the assistant now. Especially, after I put the blocks in all of you that I did. Harman could resist him for quite a while. Here Alan looked over at the two females. Bbw milf with huge tits gets fucked doggystyle of them were nodding they were expecting Alan to say they weren't ready.

"As for you two," Alan started. "Angelika you have come a long way as have you Truda. I fear that neither of you would last long against the assistant." Alan hated it when he saw both of their faces fall.

"Then again I am still wondering why you Truda would fare better against the Doctor.

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I know that they have different mental abilities though to me they aren't that different. Obviously to you they are, strange but I think you could actually resist him completely.

This is something none of the others can do." "Do you need to adjust more in her mind?" Varick asked of his sister. "No; that's not the problem, from what I have felt it has something to do with the fact that she has given birth." Alan said as all four of them around him wore shocked looks on their faces. "I'll tell you something else; she is also the fastest growing and learning of the four of you.

Another thing I can't explain. As I said I can feel that it is connected with the fact that she has given birth." "Wait what about when she released that titanic burst outside the city." Varick asked a little confused. "She was by far stronger than any I have ever felt but you. I have to say she was near what you super sexy babe parties and sucks cock Alan nodded, "That's what I meant gorgeous blonde babe loves to tease pornstars hardcore ago when I said that our abilities are tied to our emotions.

If you remember she was as upset as you have ever seen her. I felt her actually hurt the doctor, I'd dare say for the first time in a long time. When I felt him in Germany I could still feel that he was still hurt, obviously he can't heal as fast as we can." "So all have to do is get pissed?" Harman asked a little smirk playing across his face. "Actually it is any strong emotion. Tell me Harman, just how long can you stay that mad?

That upset? The emotions just like the abilities take a lot of energy. Energy that you might need later on to actually pound the hell out of them." Alan told Harman. Harman stood there and was actually thinking about it before he nodded his acquiescence.

Truda's mouth was hanging open, her brother was agreeing? He wasn't arguing? Suddenly a wicked smile crossed her lips. "I said it before and I'll say it again you are getting a lot smarter brother!

Damn! I find it makes you look a hundred times sexier!" Harman started to back away from his sister's lustful looks. Sighing there was only one thing he could do to stop her. Reaching out as he retreated, Harman stopped backing up when Truda suddenly went rigid. As her body started to tremble she looked straight into her brother's eyes. "Oh my god!" Falling to her knees her whole body started to convulse as her breath was coming in quick gasps.

Almost afraid he'd gone too far Harman started to back off when Truda screamed. "NO! Don't you dare stop! Oh hell no!

You stop and I'll kick your damn ass!" Screaming out in pleasure Truda's eyes suddenly flew wide and her mouth opened as a second screaming orgasm ran through her.

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Harman thinking it was all over could only stare at his panting sister. That was 'til a few moments later she sat up and stared at him. "Thank you brother I needed that badly. Your turn!" Harman's eyes got large as he started panting and the front of his pants started to bulge suddenly. "Oh my god Truda! What. what are you. you doing?" Harman said between pants and convulsions of his body. "It's about time you learned asian beauties banged in group sex japanese amateur enjoy what your body can feel brother!" Truda said with a wicked sexy smile as Harman started to breathe faster then fell back into a chair as the front of his pants darkened by the wetness there.

Alan nodded as he and Varick planned another attack on the assistant. None of the four of them noticed when Angelika had gone quiet then had left the room. It was perhaps another ten minutes when both men looked around to find Angelika wasn't there.

"What the hell?" Alan said. "She wouldn't leave here without telling us." Reaching out Alan searched for Angelika, and then was shocked when he could barely feel her personality at all. What in the hell was going on? Reaching out again this time he tried to bring her to him.

What!? She was refusing to come.

Plus she was almost in the city! "We have to go! Now!" Alan shouted at Varick. "I just hope that everything I did to you helps you resist that bastard better this time!" Alan was almost growling.

"What are you seeing Alan?" Varick asked. "That son of a bitch has mother! I'm going to get her back! Somehow being back here activated something in her to go to him." Turning toward Varick Alan warned him, "Don't get caught, don't you dare stop! I won't 'til mother is released!

I won't be able to help if anything happens, remember that. I suggest you kill everything that gets in your way!" I thought you tried not to kill." Varick started. "You can stay here if you don't have the stomach for it!

I really don't give a shit!" Alan shouted at Varick. Varick nodded then they both flashed out. Truda and Harman both wore worried looks on their faces. Harman stared at his sister who nodded. Both Alan and Varick appeared in the same room that they had been in before. Not really expecting to find anyone they were surprised when one of the advanced beyond was there. "Hello asshole! I've been itching to try my power out against." A look of panic was suddenly etched on the man's face.

Alan drew the now choking man to him and growled, "You are nothing!" Shutting his hand into a fist the man's neck broke as he slumped to the floor. Varick's eyes were wide he couldn't even feel what Alan had done! Advancing through the building Alan systematically killed anyone who was in the way. Varick though by no means weak was having a hard time keeping up as he watched their rear. Finally they reached the top floor somewhere Alan had as of yet to be in the building.

There the assistant was sitting in a wheel chair surrounded by at least 10 enhanced ones and two of those beyond. "Ah!" The assistant said with a sneer. "You came like the good little boy you are! Now dog you WILL serve me!" The assistant said as he started to laugh. Alan could see nothing but the man in the chair that had his mother by the throat.

"I don't think so!" Alan yelled as five of the enhanced ones went down screaming in pain. "I see that you brought another for me to experiment o." The assistant was saying then suddenly he was choking with both arms dropping to his side broken. "I told you, you son of a bitch! Leave me alone and I would have left you alone, now?" Alan smiled a wicked smile his anger starting to rise. "You are just dead! You made a mistake, one that I will make you pay for with your life!" Even horny blonde hitchhiker flashing tits and doing blowjob for horny guy he sent out an energy wave at the assistant, those around him were fortifying the protection around him.

"You cannot defeat me I." Alan smiled as he said, "Good luck with that asshole!" The assistant looked at Alan with a look of terror. "NO! It is you! No! I was the finest agent of the Führer! You came and ruined everything! You have to die! I will kill you!" The assistant was screaming as he tried to advance upon Alan.

Smiling Alan started to hit the older man repeatedly with energy waves shaped liked different weapons. A moment later the older man realized his mistake and started to push Angelika toward the window. "NO!" Alan yelled as the anger started to take over and his power grew to unfathomable levels. The assistant's eyes grew large when he felt Alan's power overwhelm him. "NO! I will not be defeated I am the best that there ever.," the assistant started "Shut the fuck up!" Alan said in almost a blind fury.

Pushing harder he felt the older man's body start to flatten then finally there was a sickening scream along with several snaps and cracking sounds as the man was crushed. Turning toward those that were left alive, Alan growled as they ran for the door.

Picking his sister up Varick could see she was unharmed. Breathing a sigh of relief Varick turned toward Alan who was still seething. "She is alright Alan." In a low growling voice Alan said, "Good take her back to the bunker thank you Varick, thank you also Harman." Alan said to which Varick was shocked when the man walked into the room. "Good I thought you knew I was here, glad I could help.

Glad I was a part of this and that asshole is finally dead!" Harman said as he spit on the remains of the assistant. "Both of you go. I am going to destroy this whole damn place!" Alan growled, his eyes flashing as he could feel his power finally starting to drop.

Both men nodded to Alan then they were both gone. Alan looked at what was left of the assistant. "As I said you made a mistake, one I made sure you paid for!" Alan patched into the main intercom system and made the following announcement.

"This building is being evacuated, take what you can and leave as fast as you can! I repeat this building is being evacuated leave NOW!" Alan reached out as he felt everyone leave the building. Another 20 minutes and everyone was out. With a wicked smile Alan flashed out and appeared at the back of the crowd. Waving his hand he felt the main supports collapse then the structure begin to sink.

Another wave and he felt more of the secondary supports collapse. As the building collapsed downward Alan smiled. Walking away he didn't notice the strange looking man that was also smiling. When Alan flashed out the man nodded. Pulling his cell phone the man said after a few moments, "Ja Doktor war es ihm" Shaking his head the man hung up and walked to his car. Alan appeared back in the bunker, damn he was tired, but at least his mother was safe.

Truda looked at him with concern as did Varick and Harman. Waving them away Alan touched Angelika's head feeling what the bastard assistant had put there. Delving in he soon found several other instructions that she was to follow later. <You can never free her she is a prisoner!> Came the voice of the assistant. She will always be mine especially now!" Alan stood there reaching for anything that was Angelika. A little frustrated he tried harder he had to find her he could already feel his energy fading!

Then suddenly in a far dark corner he found a room that was locked. With the last bit of his energy Alan broke the mother sex with playfellows daughter mail order threesome praying that he didn't hurt her mind. When nothing happened Alan sat defeated, he'd tried for her he'd done all he could. Alan could feel his energy getting weaker but still he refused to withdraw.

<I have failed you, like I did back then. I am sorry mother, I am so sorry that I couldn't help you.> Alan felt his body, could feel his heart beat as it started to slow.

He felt his breathing become shallower and shallower. <Alan Gance you give up now and I swear I will find a way to bring you back just so I can kick your ass!> Alan sat up looking around where had that come from? The room in front of him opened and there stood Angelika! <I'm sorry mother I have nothing left. I did it for you, all for you.> God he felt so tired.

He felt Angelika put a hand on him as he was suddenly less tired. <There that should help. Now go home! I can handle this. He has no where to put me now! Plus you let part of me out that hasn't been out since you were born. GO!> Alan nodded then started to head up and out. A moment later he heard the assistant curse then scream, and then nothing. Another moment later Angelika was beside him.

A wide smile was on her face, <I remember you being born Alan. I also remember that bastard Doctor taking you.> Alan nodded as Angelika moved him out faster. Opening his eyes he saw that Angelika was also awake; smiling at her he tried to nod then the darkness closed in, crap!