Exquisite pussy loving pounding hardcore and blowjob

Exquisite pussy loving pounding hardcore and blowjob
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___ No one got up until noon Sunday. Brad was worried about his mom. She was so straight, didn't cuss or do anything improper. Having sex with her son, was unthinkable. He decided to just play like nothing had happened. Lisa was still in shock at what had taken place, but she to would act like nothing had happened, but inside, she was really happy for her mom. Dad didn't know a thing, and just did his usual stuff.

Lisa went down first to find some breakfast. Her mom was fully dressed, but in a tight red short skirt, and tight white blouse. It looked to Lisa like she had no bra on. She said he usual, "Good morning sweetie. Wow, everybody's a sleepy head this morning, you all are sleeping late." Lisa hugged her mom and said she had played on the computer to late last night. Dad came down, and left to go play golf.

Brad came down and said: "Morning all".

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and started to get his own breakfast. Mom stopped him, and said: "I'll get you breakfast Brad, anything you want sweetie." Their eyes didn't meet as they did the usual things.

Lisa grinned at Brad. He tossed a piece of bread crumb at her, and smiled. When mom wasn't looking Lisa flashed her boobs at Brad real quick. He blew a kiss at her. Later on that day, Brad was alone in his room playing on his computer. He couldn't keep his mind off his mom. He would just stare at the screen, for no reason, and get lost in thought.

He kept reliving fucking mom over and over. He felt a rush, every time he thought of her. His dick stayed semi hard all the time now. He shook his head to clear it, but no skinny blonde babe lexi lou needs a medicinal cock pornstars hardcore. Right back to mom's hot body and the thrill of fucking her &hellip.so wonderful.

He wondered if it would ever happen again. The thought depressed him, he wanted her so bad now, all the time. Lisa had left to go with her girlfriend somewhere. Brad sat there day dreaming. He looked up, and mom was standing there, leaning in the doorway. She came in and shut the door.

She walked over and sat on the bed, and just smiled at Brad. He looked at her and smiled back.

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He was looking at the most wonderful woman he'd ever had sex with. She thought&hellip.How am I going to tell this wonderful young son of mine how I feel. I don't want him to freak out at making love to his own mother…but damn it, I want him so bad, I have to try and convince him to continue this.

God he is beautiful.

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I want to feel his naked body against mine more and more. I can do this!.I have to have him to make my sex life complete. Does he know just how hot he makes me? I will do this! I'll tell him is 'ok' for us to have sex, and keep on having it more and more.

I'll find sunny lion sex stories sexy download way to have him all I want. I'll use every thing I know to get him to have sex with me from now on. He thought,&hellip. here it comes, she'll say, never again, it was a mistake, I had to much to drink, we can never ever do that again. He felt blood rush to his head as his heart was pounding. He just stared at the blank computer screen, waiting for the bad news.

Mom got up and stood behind Brad in his computer chair. He felt her warm hands start rubbing his bare arms. She then started rubbing his neck and shoulders. Her warm hand slipped down the front of his T shirt. She started rubbing his chest and nipples. She leaned down and began to whisper in his ear&hellip.('I think your the greatest man in the world brad…I've never felt like I did last night, ever before, in my whole life&hellip.

I want us to continue,&hellip.now,… if we're real careful, we can continue to have sex for a very long time,&hellip. if you want to,&hellip. I know I want us to. so bad&hellip. let's make us happy&hellip. It will be our little secret, and no one will ever know&hellip.' ) Brad sat there stunned. He shook inside with joy. He stood up and grabbed his mom and kissed her with all the passion he had. She held his head and kissed and kissed him. She thought…YES YES.he wants me.

We'll have sex more now, god I'm so happy! His shaking hands went all over her, feeling her warm body. Her butt and hips felt so damn good. He pulled her tight to him, and felt the heat from her pussy clear thru her skirt. She pushed ebony slut rachel raxxx bends over for white cock tongue in his mouth and let it loose to explore his tongue, he responded and their tongues felt each other in heated excitement. Her shaking hands felt his body all over, stopping at his boner to feel and rub it again.

She could feel the head, all warm and full. He finally looked around. She whispered in his ear again&hellip.' no one's home brad&hellip.

I want us to do it standing up,&hellip. I haven't done that in years,&hellip. and it always excites me &hellip.I want to have sex with you as much as we can&hellip.I need to have sex&hellip.and now we can have it, &hellip.over and over again……' Just then, they hear Lisa and her girlfriend come in the front door. Mom, fixes herself, and leaves the room, closing the door.

Damn Lisa! Bad timing. Brad puts on tight briefs to help hide is big boner, then baggy long shorts. He opens his door and sits back at the computer, lost in thought again.

He hears Lisa and her girlfriend come up the stairs. Lisa pokes her head in and says "Hi, lover boy". He gets up to chase her and stops. Her girlfriend is watching and giggling at them. She says: "Hi Brad, does she bug you?" (Wow…This girl is hot looking.) He brushes the thought aside and says "Hi, yeah, but she's a loveable pest." Lisa and Crystal, her girlfriend, go in her bedroom. Brad notices them standing at her window, looking at Rob and Jen's house.

Brad thinks she better not have told Crystal about anything. He motions for Lisa to com to his room. He whispers to her&hellip.(you better not be telling Crystal anything about Rob, Jen and us, that's all top secret.) Lisa kissed him on the cheek smiling, and says not to worry, she has some hot news about Crystal and Rob and Jen…shhhhh. He checks, and Crystal is not looking, so he grabs a quick feel of her pussy and pats her butt out of his room.

Brad heads down stairs to the kitchen and mom is sitting at the table drinking coffee. He looks around and kisses her on the back of her neck. She closes her eyes and gasps. Then she smiles at him. She laughs and says: "You just never know what crazy young girls are going to do next&hellip.(maybe they'll leave soon), and feels his bare leg up and down. Brad leans over and whispers: (.mom, your not going without sex any more…ever.).

She shutters with a chill, gets up and listens for the girls upstairs giggling. She kisses Brad and feels his boner. She gulps for air, and whispers for Brad to go to the garage, and wait for her there. The garage is pretty full of stuff. Brad looks around. He spots an old single bed&hellip.hmmmm…he thinks. He moves some stuff around, and now the bed is hidden behind other stuff, and is tricky to get to. He hears Lisa and Crystal walking out front and away.

Soon her hears the door open, and mom steps in. He motions her to come hottie chick jenna j foxx large massive dick inside her pussy and shows her the hidden bed. She smiles and kisses him and says: "My lover is so cleaver, we'll be making good use of that." They went and stood up by the hidden bed.

Brad remembered his mom wanted to do it standing up. She starts feeling his boner, and kissing him. She whispers to him close: ("I sent the girls (gasp) on an errand for about an hour. Now where were we&hellip."). Her voice gives him chills, it's so sexy. He pulls her to him and starts feeling her soft tits.

She steps out of her red hi heeled shoes. He inches her short skirt up on the sides, no panties, and feels her warm hips and butt. He feels her pussy, which is already wet. They kissed more as mom pushed her tongue in his mouth and let the excitement begin. She was very hot to Brad.

She smelled so good, fresh shampooed hair, and big soft tits, no bra. He began to pant. She too got so excited. She undid his pants and pulled down his briefs. His boner was free now. She felt all around it, then his balls, and all around his pubic hair. She spread her legs apart. She pushed her pussy against his boner and then put it between her legs. She started moving her pussy on his dick, whispering in his ear softly: (' &hellip.lift mommy's skirt up……that's it…feel mommy's vagina brad…it's all for you from now on……unbutton my blouse…and .kiss mommy's titties&hellip.yes that's it…squeeze them firm&hellip.kiss mommy's nipples&hellip.oh yes just like that&hellip.gasp…oh brad, your making mommy feel so good again……let me hold your penis…oooo&hellip.let me rub it on mommy's vagina…mmmmm…oh brad…oh yes.

Brad is going crazy following her instructions. His hands tremble as he feels her wonderful tits, and sucks her hard nipples. &hellip.brad&hellip.rub mommy's clit,…&hellip.

and rub it around, like you did last night… She jumped when he did, and moaned softly. &hellip.brad,&hellip.squat down a little for mommy, so I can put your beautiful penis in mommy's vagina…there.that's better&hellip.oh baby…your making mommy feel so good&hellip.

The feeling of his dick going her warm pussy is mind blowing. He can hardly get enough air. &hellip.lift mommy up and hold me…let mommy put her legs around you&hellip.oh.there…that's it brad.that's it…oh just like that…now…fuck your mommy brad.oh yes &hellip.do it college teen babes enjoyed foursome sex on speedboat me…do it deep…faster now brad…put it in deeper&hellip.feel mommy's butt brad, pull it to you.in deep baby…in deep…… Brad starts fucking his mom faster, she gasps and moans quietly.

She fucks with him driving his dick in as deep as it will go. &hellip.yes baby…yes…right there honey.yes .yes.Yess Yesss Baby…Oh god.I'm cuming for you baby…oh God …I…I…OH God Baby!!!.

She pulls him tight to her and moans a long moan&hellip.OH. brad baby…yes yes yes YESSS!…&hellip. Oh baby .oh god…She digs her heels in behind him and locked their body's together.

Brad holds his breath…… then lets go with a huge cum blast in her…yelling…Ohhhhhh.oh mom, oh mom.Oh god mom…eeeeeeee eshhhh… He pumps his load over and over deep in his mom's pussy as she shakes and trembles. His knees go weak. It was all he could do to hold her. She was shaking so hard, she thought she might pass out. He felt warm juices running down his legs, along with his cum. He had to sit on the bed, as his legs could hold no more.

Mom just clamped to him, squirming and moving her head all around in ecstasy, gasping for air, and moaning still, as he lay on top of her&hellip.'Oh my god&hellip. brad,&hellip. you make me feel&hellip. like I'm 16 again, &hellip.yes&hellip. put all your cum in me…&hellip.oh baby&hellip.what a lover you are for mommy&hellip.I'm all yours from now on&hellip.you can do mommy anytime&hellip.oh yes&hellip.

You make mommy cum so good&hellip. She kissed him with fury and drove her tongue in him to squeeze in the last of her drop of her passion for him, for now. After a while, Brad rolled off of her, he was weak. She raised up and listened. …("did we get noisy? &hellip.I lost my mind for a while there.") …she whispered. Brad took off his T shirt, he was so hot. She put his T shirt on her dripping pussy. She leaned down and wiped his dick clean as he lay there weak.

She wiped their juices off his legs, and her pussy, then closed her eyes and smelled the T shirt&hellip.She whispered ("oh my god…you smell so sexy brad…I'm keeping this with me for samll boy sex wite woman we can't be together&hellip.") Lisa and Crystal came back and went to her room and closed the door.

Lisa had never licked a pussy, but wondered busty babe eating her friends wet pussy is was like. Crystal told her in secret that she was bi, but&hellip. just once and a while. She said what a thrill it was. Lisa began to get tingles in her pussy, when Crystal told her that. Lisa asked her all kinds of questions about it.

Crystal told her the best is to have girl do it to you, and then you'll know if you like it. Lisa knew she would like it, and they made arrangements to do a sleep over right then. Crystal was all excited looking forward to licking Lisa to orgasm, that night. She figured Lisa would like it and do her. (Just what Lisa wanted.) Crystal didn't know that Lisa had felt Jen's hand in her pussy. Lisa remembered back that she had reached down and felt Jen's fingers all wet, sliding in and out of her pussy, and how that really had turned her on.

To have some one else fingering her pussy for her, was so hot. She could see Jen's fingers, so slick and wet as she touched them. Jen knew just where to feel inside her pussy, and fingered her good spot, making her jump as the jolt of pleasure shocked thru her pussy. She would think back and close her eyes with her own fingers in her pussy, and pretend it was Jen's. It would build up and make her cum as she would lift her pussy alektra blue india summers mountain camp sex and cum so intense.

Brad and mom both took a nap and their separate rooms. Mom had Brad's T shirt under her pillow. Lisa had to get Brad alone to tell him the latest news about what Crystal knows about Jen. Crystal and Lisa were just waiting for nightfall. They both wanted to lick each other to orgasm. That night, around midnight, Crystal and Lisa listened to the quiet of the house. It was almost pitch black in Lisa's room, and they were both completely under the covers. Lisa felt Crystal pulling on her top, and lifted it off.

She started kissing Lisa tits first. Gently licking all around them and quietly sucking on her nipples. .Lisa quietly moaned, and twitched. Then she gently pulled Lisa panties down, slowly sliding them off. Lisa got goose bumps. Crystal took her own clothes off. She parted Lisa's legs, bent her knees, and push Lisa legs wide open. Lisa felt Crystal's breath on her pussy.

Lisa trembled, it was so intense. Crystal started kissing all around Lisa pussy, but not on it yet. This was driving Lisa to twitch and shiver. She licked Lisa's inner thigh's, around her lower tummy, her little patch of pubic hair, and then slowly drifted down to her clit, and stopped. Lisa is gasping now, goose bumps are traveling all around her legs and pussy now. She feels Crystal's little tongue start at her butt crack and push in a little, then drift up and up slowly, headed for her clit.

Lisa has to stop herself from reaching down and guiding Crystal tongue to her clit. Crystal is teasing her to the point of craziness. Lisa feels Crystal's finger enter her pussy, and move all around. Lisa is super wet now, and Crystal puts another finger in, and then a third&hellip.then a 4 th.

Lisa is twitching heavy now, wanting her to move the fingers in and out. She feels Crystals warm tongue on her clit finally. Finally she starts moving her fingers in and out as a steady pace, while licking Lisa's clit faster. Lisa grabs her pillow as she can't help but moan into it. .She is heading for a orgasm and Crystal knows it.

Lisa feels her thumb push around her little butt hole. Lisa jerks her pussy up in reaction. Crystal pushes her thumb in just a little as she starts fingering her fast, while flicking her tongue on Lisa's clit. Lisa is shuttering and feels like she has to pee. Crystal won't let up and Lisa screams into her pillow and climaxes and then squirts out her pussy. She shakes all over and squirms in delight. Lisa's whole body twitches and shakes and she squirts again…she has to move Crystal's head away, as her clit is too sensitive to lick now.

Lisa shakes…then shakes again……then shivers… and holds Crystal's head tight and gasps&hellip.then gasps again……and finally she begins to breath again. Lisa is burning up with the heat, and uncovers them. Crystal is all wet now, and reaches for a towel, she brought. She hoped this would happen as Lisa is all quiet now&hellip.a twitch.now and again.