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Pregnant milf vs bbc continue on mypornox com
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Penny's Abduction & Slavery 3 Penny waited for her new Master maintaining her slave position on the edge of the bed. She began to think after a long while with her legs beginning to cramp that she was happy that he allowed her to wait on the thin mattress of the bed instead of the hard floor.

As she was at the point of pain in her legs she heard the door lock and Luke step through the door with a tray in his hands. Luke pushed the door closed with his foot without locking it. Penny noticed he did not lock the door as he normally did when he entered or left her room. If she wanted to escape this was her opportunity to attempt it.

Did he do this to test her perhaps having a trap waiting for her? She smiled inwardly thinking she was where she needed to be and felt very comfortable as well as happy serving her new Master. Luke moved to the small table setting the tray down. He told her to join him. He sat in one of the two chairs and she sat in the other. They ate in silence. Penny enjoyed the meal he had prepared thinking that he is a good cook.

Penny notice that he did not take his eyes off her as sat ate her meal in the nude. The look in his face made her think that he was contemplating what he planned to do to her next. This made her imagine what was in store for her. Penny felt the tingle in her cunt as it juiced up from anticipation. She was hoping he wanted to fuck her hot juicy cunt and forgo any pain tonight. Luke broke the silence asking Penny what her German Shepard dog's name was.

He had remembered he had left the animal locked in a stall of the barn at amateur pullout cumshot wife wont house. Penny looked up at the thought of her pet alarmed that he may have killed him when abducted her. With tears in her eyes she quickly dropped her gaze down to the plate in front her and replied his name was Seth, Master, thinking her pet was dead. Luke said nothing while standing ordering Penny to the bed.

She did as commanded assuming her position on the edge of the bed sobbing for the loss of her pet. Luke moved to her telling her to lie on her back and spread her legs. Penny move onto the bed spreading her legs to each side giving Luke full access to her wet cunt hoping he would fuck her making her cum to relieve the pain of the loss of her pet. Luke opened the toy bag beside the bed getting some rope. He told her to hold her hands together in front of her. She did so without hesitation with a pleading look in her eyes fearing he was about to inflict more pain.

He tied her wrist together pulling them above her head tying the loose end of the wrist rope to the head of the bed leaving a little slack. He then placed a battery powered Hitachi between her cunt lips pressing it on her clit. He gripped her knees pulling them together tight to hold the vibrator in place. He wrapped rope around her legs above her knees tying them together tight to insure she could not dislodge the vibrator.

He tied her ankles together with long rope and tied the end to the foot of the bed. He left enough slack in her wrist and ankle rope to allow her to turn side to side and on her stomach.

Luke turned the vibrator on medium and watched her as she started to moan and squirm from the stimulation on her already aroused pussy. She could feel the sexual stimulation work up from her clit to her tits and back again. He put a blindfold over her eyes and she opened her mouth when he pressed the ball gag to her lips.

Strapping the gag tight he stood back and watched as she became more aroused. He turned to take the supper tray out. Setting the tray back on the table he moved back to the bag pulling out a set of clover clamps snapping them on her nipples.

The sudden pain in her nipples made her jerk and squeal into the ball gag. Luke smiled and told her that would keep her company until he returned. Penny heard the door close and lock behind him as he left. Luke took a pound of hamburger meat and his loaded tranquilizer gun and drove to Penny's house. He approach cautiously not wanting to be seen by anyone that may be at her place. Seeing no other vehicles at or near her house he drove to the barn.

Luke approached Seth's stall slowly talking to him. Seth bared his teeth and growled as Luke knelt a few feet from the stall not wanting the dog to feel threatened. He sat talking to the dog that had been without food or water for two days.

When Seth seemed to calm down Luke took the burger meat from the package making small balls of the meat. He dropped one of the meat balls into Seth's stall.

Seth looked and smelled of the meat looked at Luke and took the meat in his mouth. Luke repeated this a couple more times and Seth started to wag his tail as Luke showed him more of the meat. Luke offered the dog the meat through the fence letting him take it from his hand.

Seth took the meat and licked Luke's hand. Luke moved closer to the stall opening the gate he eased inside holding his hand out hoping Seth would lick and not bite the hand. Seth stretched his nose to the hand and licked it. Luke smiled and gave Seth the remainder of the meat. While Seth ate the meat Luke snapped a lease on his collar. Luke gently petted the dog talking softly to him. Seth seemed to relax and Luke stood opening the gate as he told Seth to heel.

Apparently Penny trained or had Seth trained as the did obeyed Luke walking to the beside Luke's right leg to the pick-up and jumped onto the front passenger seat at Luke's command. Luke smile, patted his head and said good boy Seth. Luke started the twenty minute drive back to his place with Seth. Penny moaned pressing her legs tightly on the vibrator which kept her on the edge of a powerful orgasm but not letting her peak. She was getting more aroused and frustrated by the minute.

The damn vibrator was driving her near insanity with the need to cum. The vibrator working on her clit and the nagging pain in her nipples from the clamps made her cunt drip pussy juice down her slit through the crack of her ass over her little pucker of her ass hole onto the bed.

She could feel the wet spot forming on the bed. She was on the verge of tears from orgasm denial. Penny heard Luke's truck pull up to the house and started to moan louder needing him to come to her and give her what she needed. Pain and pleasure to release her from the tormenting arousal of the vibrator.

Luke took Seth into the kitchen placing a bowl of water on the floor remembering the dog had been without water for two days. Seth drank hungrily from the bowl as Luke left the kitchen to check on Penny. She heard him enter the room and tried desperately to get him to come give her the attention she so badly needed. Penny felt him near the bed and tried to lay still. He untied he rope from the foot of the bed and removed the rope on her ankles and knees.

Penny kept her legs together not letting the vibrator move since he had not told her to. She felt Luke pull on curly brunette got hard pounding in various positions vibrator as he told her to spread. She opened her legs and the vibrator moved away from her clit. She felt utter disappointment of being denied a badly needed orgasm, moaned and thrust her pelvic up hoping he would have mercy and let her cum.

Luke smiled telling her to be patient that he had a special reward for her for being such a good sex slave. Penny felt a thrill run through her hearing his words. She started to get excited thinking about what kind of special treat she had coming. Luke helped her sit up and pulled her ankles over the edge of the bed. In anticipation she opened her legs wide giving him access to her cunt. She she was still in desperate need to cum and hoped he would force her to soon.

Luke stood her up and told her to drop to her knees. She did without hesitation. He told her to stay on her knees ebony latina gives head and rides long white boner put her head on the floor.

He untied her wrist moving them behind her back and tying them together. Luke told her not to move as he left the room. She remained with her head and tits on the floor on her knees with her ass in the air, legs spread, blindfolded, ball gagged and nipples clamped.

She waited for what seemed an hour which was actually less than five minutes when she heard the door open and Luke enter. Penny felt her pussy leak more juices down her leg as the sound of Luke returning excited her again. She felt his fingers rub the labia of her cunt sending pleasure through her body to her aching nipples. His hand moved up and down her pussy while he hot blonde with big boobs and big ass oiled dildo game her right tit creating pain and pleasure in her body.

Penny almost went over the edge as two fingers thrust in her pussy and his thumb pressed on her clit. She pushed her cunt back onto his fingers trying to reach the peak and cum on his hand. Just as she was about to achieve an orgasm he pulled away. She screamed with the orgasm denial and started to cry. She wanted to beg him to let her cum but feared punishment if she spoke. Penny remained her her position with her body shaking with need to cum.

She was starting to calm down when she felt something wet and rough scraping across her pussy lips from the clit to her ass hole. The sudden shock of pleasure almost forced her to cum without permission and she fought with all her strength to hold it back but that incessant tongue on her pussy was forcing her over the edge. She started crying wanting it to stop or Luke to tell her to cum.

The tongue stopped its torturous play as suddenly as it began. She was starting to regain her senses when she felt Luke rub his hand down from her shoulder down her back to her ass. His touch made her need him even more making her pussy drip juice even more. She felt him pat her hips and sudden weight on her ass with something wrapping around her waist.

With alarm she realized a dog had mounted her. It must have been what was driving her crazy licking her cunt before. She struggled to get to move away from the beast thrusting his hard cock at her back side attempting to spear her cunt. Luke laughed and told her to be still and take it. Penny froze not believing that he was going to let a dog breed her like a bitch dog. She fought with all her might to remain still and take it as Luke had told her.

The dog continued to stab at her back side faster until suddenly he felt the tip of his hard nine inch cock split her cunt lips at the hole to her love canal. Penny screamed and closed her eyes tight as Seth drove his cock deep in her hot juicy cunt.

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The sudden intrusion of the dog cock pushed Penny over the edge forcing her to explode in the hardest most intense orgasm of her young life.

Seth rammed his cock hard deep and fast in Penny's cunt making her orgasm to rage on for ever. She felt the knot of his doggy cock slam into the opening of her pussy making it feel like he was splitting her cunt. She felt it inside her opening and then start to swell to the size of orange as he fucked her hard shooting scalding hot cum deep in her pussy canal. She erupted in another body wracking orgasm that slammed her body as long as the dog cum kept splattering against her deepest cunt canal.

Seth finally stopped shooting cum in her and she started to calm down from her own orgasm. She felt the pain in her cunt as Seth tried to pull the knot out of her small opening sending pain and another orgasm through her pussy.

She felt Seth move his leg over her back getting into a position with her ass to cowgirl drilling and ass fucking with binky trying again to pull his knot from her love canal making her orgasm strong again.

Luke stood back watching her pet fuck the shit out her with his hard cock in his had jacking it slowly. He needed some fun of his own and moved to straddle Penny's hips pressing his rock hard cock to her little pucker and rammed it hard deep inside her ass.

He felt the dog cock through the thin membrane between her pussy and ass canal making her tight little ass even tighter on his cock.

The sudden pain in her ass from the sudden cock intrusion made Penny scream and blast off with a renewed orgasm that made her shake like she was having a seizure. Luke smiled at her pain and rammed in and out of her tight little ass making her cum until she passed out. Luke shot his load of hot cum in her ass and felt her push against his cock.

She came to and felt the full feeling of his and the dog cock in her. Another small orgasm hit her as Luke and Seth pulled out of her holes at the same time.

Penny collapsed on her sore clamped tits exhausted and trembling from the prolonged extreme orgasms. She felt completely satisfied and pleasure from the pain in her ass and tits. Luke brought her back to the present telling her that she had broken his rule of not having an orgasm without permission.

Angelina castro face full of cum deepthroat and cumontits felt a knot in her stomach realizing that he was telling her she would have to endure some bad pain for punishment. With the thought and the dread of the upcoming pain he would force her to endure for the rule infraction she began to tremble and cry. Luke heard her say "Master"?

He as if she needed to say something. Penny told him she knew she broke the rule but the pleasure he forced on her for so long made it impossible for her to hold her orgasm. She also told him she was sorry for disappointing him and she would endure the pain of her punishment that he saw fit. He ask her what she thought her punishment should be.

She told him that she was his property, heart, body and soul and that any punishment to her that pleased him she would endure to make up for breaking his rule. She asked him to have mercy on her and she would never break another rule as long as he would have her for his obedient slave.

Luke told her to get back on the bed after removing her blindfold. As she rose from the floor turned and sat on the edge of the bed with her hands tied behind her back and a large ball gag lodged in her mouth preventing any real sound she noticed the dog that had fuck her giving her such pleasure sitting quietly next to the door.

Penny broke out crying with happiness when she realized it was her pet dog, Seth. She looked up at Luke and tried to smile. As he looked into her eyes she saw compassion not anger and tried to say "Master"?

Luke removed the ball gag and ask if she had something to say. Trying to cry with happiness and speak at the same time she thanked Luke for caring for her dog and not killing him.

Luke looked at her and ask her who she belonged to. She replied I belong to you Master. He told her that since she was his property that Seth was also now his property. Yes, Master was her reply and she smiled at Luke. He told her to remain on the edge of the bed and wait for him to return. She stood and assumed her slave position on the bed casting her eye sight to the floor. Luke walked out of the room calling Seth with him.

Leaving Seth in the living room telling him to stay Luke went back to Penny who had been thinking about how he would punish her and dreading it with all her nerves in her body praying she would have the strength to endure the pain to make him proud of her. Luke approached her telling her he would have to punish her now for cumming without permission. She cringed and started to cry.

Her fear excited Luke and he told her stand. She obeyed without hesitation and he took her by the hair and pulled her to the center of the room reaching above her he pulled a chain with a ring attached to it down from a pulley mounted in the ceiling.

Her eyes grew my wife fuck mein public seeing the chain hanging above her and she began to tremble. Luke got some rope tying it around her arms and body under and over her tits leaving a loop in the tail of the rope he threaded it through the ring of the chain.

He removed the nipple clamps and pushed a button activating the wench pulling the chain into the ceiling lifting Penny until she had to tip toe to relieve the pressure on her tits which where bulging from the rope restrictions. The chain held her up right, hands tied behind her making the rope around her body cut into her painfully.

Luke tied a spreader bar between her ankles holding her spread open with her cunt dripping cum and her own juices onto the floor. Luke smiled knowing that he was going to get pleasure from punishing her getting to hear her screams of pain. His cock was already getting hard from the anticipation of what he was about to do to this poor girl. She watched as he moved behind her and placed the blindfold over her eyes telling her he did not want her to see what he was about to do.

Penny felt a cold chill run through her body and started to cry again which pleased Luke. He told her he would not gag her because he wanted to hear her scream in pain. His words increased her fear and she twisted and fought her restraints to no avail. He watched as she fought her restraints until she went limp hanging from the ceiling. Luke got a leather flogger and as he approached her hanging body he activated the wench again lifting her up until she hung from the ceiling unable to touch the floor with her feet.

Penny jerked violently when the first lash from the flogger landed across both her painful nipples shooting painful fire through her tits.

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She scream an ear piercing scream while she jerked in her suspension. He waited about 20 seconds before landing another lash across her stomach so hard it knocked the breath out of her. When she got her breath back he landed another hard lash across her pelvic area.

Again she screamed and tears started to run from under the blindfold down over her beautiful tits with mean painful looking stripes across them. Luke's cock was getting harder every time he hit her and she screamed from the excruciating pain. He struck her across the thighs and quickly bringing the leather straps of the flogger up from the floor between her legs sending fire through her cunt and ass crack as the strands lapped between her pussy lips hitting her clit.

The pain was so bad she thought that he had ripped the skin off her tender cunt. She screamed and thrashed in her restraints for a full minute before calming a bit. Remember that the next time you think about having an orgasm without my permission. He moved to the other side of her hanging body and lashed her shoulders, back, ass and legs. Some time during the beating Penny's changed from screams to moans that sounded like pleasure.

Luke stopped hitting her and ran his hand over her ass between her legs and pushed two fingers in her hot wet cunt pulling his hand back it was covered with her pussy juices. She hung suspended from the ceiling moaning and sobbing. Luke watch as her pubic area flinched like she was trying to fuck a cock.

He walked away from her dropping the flogger on the table he pick up a four foot cane. Moving back to her suspended body swaying back and forth. He told Penny that was her first experience with punishment which was not as harsh as the next time would be. He also told her and each time would be more painful. He brought the cane down hard across watchme 247 real life cam story tony bedrom ass cheeks very hard but not hard enough to break the skin even though it felt to Penny like it had cut her to the bone.

She screamed long and hard as she thrashed in her restraints for almost tow minutes before calming down enough to catch her breath.

She repeated the scream and thrashing as another hard lash of the cane landed across her tits. When she caught her breath again Luke told her the last to lashes was to give her a sample of what her next punishment will be. She hung limp in her restraints trying to regain her strength and breathing from the excruciating pain in her body. She felt like her whole body was emerged in hot coals. Fear gripped her when she realized that she had come extremely close to cumming very hard from the pain.

Penny had terrible pain in her body that was causing her pussy to juice up sending droplets of girly juices down her legs to pool on the floor. Luke activated the wench lowering her painful body so she could shakily stand spread legged on the floor supported by the chain from the ceiling.

He gave her a few minutes to regain her composer and stood in front of her lifting her chin so she could look into his eyes. Telling her to look at him she opened her eyes as commanded. She saw compassion in his eyes not anger. She smile feeling a warm feeling in her heart.

He told her that he was very proud of her and ask if she was ok. She smiled telling him yes Master I am happy to endure the punishment that I deserved for breaking a rule Master. Thank you for making me a better obedient slave Master. He smiled at her and kissed her affectionately on the lips. Luke pulled away to release her when she ask Master? Looking back into her eyes he ask if she wanted to say something else.

Yes Master will you please fuck me while I am still tied up? He ask her where she wanted him to fuck her. She replied please fuck me in any whole that pleases you the most Master. It will please me very much to give you pleasure with my pussy, ass and mouth Master.

She told him that her pleasure came from giving him pleasure. He had to ask if she got pleasure from the pain of the punishment. Her reply was no Master that she got pleasure not from the terrible pain but from that it gave him pleasure to hurt her. Luke lowered her body so that he could bend her over giving him free access to her pussy, ass and mouth.

His cock was so hard and throbbing that it was near painful. As she bent at the hips, arms tied behind her, bruised painful tits hanging under her body Luke move behind her releasing his big hard cock he positioned it at her pussy hole and rammed it balls deep insider her pushing her forward making her scream with the pain and the increased rush of a pending orgasm.

He slammed in and out of her cunt hard and deep. She rocked back and forth in her restraints with each forceful thrust of his cock her orgasm building very fast. Luke felt her orgasm coming to peak as he was about to do the same. Penny ask Master? He told her to speak. Between grunts and gasp she ask please my I cum Master. He pulled his cock out of her cunt telling her no. She whimpered with disappointment as he pulled away from her to calm himself down.

He then moved back to her and she felt his wet hard cock press against her little pucker to her ass. She relaxed her ass to let him enter with as much ease as possible.

It still hurt some as he steadily pushed his cock balls deep in her ass and held still long enough for her to adjust. When he felt her squeeze his cock he started a steady rhythm in and out of her tight little ass. She started to push onto his cock with each in stroke and grip it on the out strokes. He felt his balls tightening up and she felt her orgasm rushing to the peak. He told her she could cum when he did. Three or four thrust and his balls released his hot cum as he rammed deep and held still while his cock shot hot cum in her hot little ass.

Feeling his cum filling her ass Penny released her orgasm making her scream and shake violently. Every time Penny's cunt pulsed from her orgasm she squirted and he felt her tight little ass squeeze his hard cock keeping it hard. Luke felt her cum squirt down the front of his balls and legs as his cum started to leak out of her ass around busty buffy makes boobies jump on camera masturbation big boobs his softening cock.

He pulled out of her ass and moved to her head pressing his cock to her lips telling her to clean it. She eagerly opened her mouth taking his semi-hard cock down her throat until her chin pressed against his ball and her nose pushed into his pubic bone.

She sucked and licked his cock until he pulled from her mouth satisfied that she had cleaned every drop wide hips thick thighs small waist girls nude creampie her cum, ass and his cum from it. He released her from all her restraints, picked her up carrying her to naughty teen rides hard on a bbc cumshot facial bed as she pressed her head into his neck and shoulder with a content smile on her face.

As he laid her on the bed she looked into his eyes saying thank you master for teaching me to be a better slave. As he looked into her face he saw nothing but love from this petite little slave. He leaned in and kissed her passionately as she opened her mouth to accept his tongue. Theres only one thing this blonde wants kissed working their tongues together for a minute. He pulled back and she had tears in her eyes. He sat on the edge of the bed as she lay on her back legs spread.

Luke told her he would love, use, abuse, fuck, care for her and protect her as long as she stayed with him. He wanted her to understand that there would be times that he would hurt her to hear her scream for nothing more than his pleasure but the only time that he would hurt her as bad as he just had would be for discipline only. She also had to understand that she would obey him without question or hesitation even if he told her to fuck someone else even an animal as she did Seth.

He ask if she understood the conditions. Her reply was Master I have fallen in love with you and want you to own me and every aspect of my life. If you tell me to do something I will gladly do it without hesitation just to please you and make you proud of me and hope that you will come to love me as I love you now.

Luke got up to leave the room and as he approached the door Penny said Master? He turned to her and told her she could speak. She ask if he forgot to tie her up for the night. He told her no he did not forget that he webcam german teen with perfect tits compilation teen amateur teen cumsho he would let her shower and rest comfortably tonight.

She smiled and said Thank you Master. He left the room closing but not locking the door behind him. He had decided that he would let her decide what she wanted to do on her own. He knew he was taking the chance that she would run away and straight to the cops but he had to know for sure. He left the keys to his truck on the kitchen table, took a shower and went to bed.

He lay still listening for her movements for several hours before drifting off to sleep. The next morning he awoke as the sun came up. Stretching he got up after taking care of his morning bathroom routine he walked down the hall and quietly open the door to Penny's room. His heart sunk to his stomach when he saw she was gone. Disappointed and thinking he should probably run to avoid the cops. He started to the kitchen to see if she had taken his truck keys even though he did not hear it leave during the night.

He heard a noise coming from the kitchen and stop in the hall waiting to see if it were the cops. Suddenly he saw something move from the kitchen into the hall and was relieved when he saw Seth coming to him wagging his tail.

His first thought was Penny left in such a hurry she left her dog behind. When he step into the kitchen the smell of bacon and coffee hit him in the nose. Penny was at the stove cooking eggs, bacon and toast. When she saw him she poured him a cup of coffee picking up the sugar bowl she handed him the coffee and looked at the sugar as if to ask if he wanted sugar. He told her no thanks he likes his coffee strong and black. She smiled and ask Master?

He told her to speak. She simply said good morning Master. He told her good morning with his heart rapidly beating in his chest from the joy of finding her still there. He sat the coffee cup down and pulled her to him kissing her passionately.

She returned his kiss with all her love. He looked into her eyes telling her she no longer had to ask permission to speak as long as it was not to question any of his orders. She smiled and said thank you master. He looked at her tits and saw several small red burn spots.

He ask her if she had not seen the apron hanging on the kitchen door. She told him she saw it but she did not have permission to wear it and she wanted to please him with a hot breakfast.

He told her she could wear the apron while cooking to keep the hot grease form spotting his tits that he loved so much. She almost broke down crying when he said that. He told her to set two plates for breakfast and they sat looking at each other while they ate. While they ate he ask if she slept well.

She told him she thought she would have slept better feeling the security of being tied up. He laughed and told her he would have missed a great breakfast that he did not have to cook for a change.

They both laughed and continued eating. As they finished and she started clearing the dishes to clean the kitchen she looked at him with a concerned look and he ask her what she wanted to say. She asked him Master would you like to hurt me to hear me scream and fuck me this morning.

He looked at the nasty whelps on her body and told her he would just fuck her today and giver her body time to heal from the beating he gave her the night before. That is how Penny found the place in her life that she loved and needed with the perfect Master.