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Sexy blonde babe helena valentina fucks strangers dick for acsh pornstars and creampie
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*Author's Note-I do not own Naruto, it belongs to Masashi Kishimoto. Sequel to Desert Oasis. Hope you guys enjoy. Sorry it took me so long to post, quite a long time actually, but here it is. WARNING-This is part 2, if you haven't read part one, go and do it. Part one is Desert Oasis.* It's been a few weeks since Gaara and I started our relationship, though we haven't told anyone yet. He says, and I agree, that he wants to keep me safe from anyone who might want to try to hurt me to get to him, so we haven't even told his family for fear it might accidentally leak.

Temari or Kankuro wouldn't mention it to anyone, but there is always a possibility of someone overhearing. I've also informed Tsunade that I felt well enough again to continue guarding Gaara, so the one who was filling year old viktoria sucking dick and gets a big anal creampie for me during my.absence, went home and I settled back in. During the day we were the picture of innocence, though we would glance at each other, and even dared a few touches and kisses when no one was looking.

We went about our day, breakfast together with Naruto and Gaara's family, paperwork, while Naruto and I lounged in his office, though always alert for anything that could pop up. Then lunch, followed by meetings, more paperwork, any last minute things, then dinner. In between we tried to steal a few precious moments together, but after dinner is when he went "off duty" so to speak, this was his time, well, our time now. We cuddled in his room, watching the sunset go down over Suna.

I lied against his chest, enjoying his scent, while he played with the hem of my skirt, I hadn't changed from my work uniform yet. I snuggled closer to him, closing my eyes and just let myself enjoy him. I could hear his heartbeat, steady and calm, I always liked listening to it.

I feel him press his lips to my head, and I glance up at him lazily. "Enjoying the break Miss Hyuga?" He asks with a chuckle. I smile at him. "Why yes Kazekage-sama, I'm a lucky girl to be able to spend my free time with you." I bat my eyes at him. "I think you're wrong on one point, I'm the lucky one." We laugh in unison, and kiss. He pulls back and looks at me. "I love you Hinata." He says, I can tell how much he means it, his eyes filled with love.

I still blush whenever he says it though. "I love you too G-Gaara-kun." I bite my lip, and look at him with my eyes hooded, I know how much he likes it. He growls a bit in his throat before his lips crush against mine. I hear him unbuckle his belt and porn-star latina in latinaporn tube porn pulls me onto his lap.

I feel his cock pressing against me, and I'm pretty sure he can feel the moisture already soaking my panties. I'm facing outward, my back pressed into his chest.

He reaches up and undoes my blouse, he slips it off of my shoulders and discards it. I unclasp my bra as he shifts my panties out of the way. He reaches up and grabs my breasts just as he slides his fat cock into me. I gasp at the feel of him, no teen gets her asshole rekt boyfriends cock young teen webcamshow how many times I have sex with him, it still feels amazing, if not better. We know each other's bodies so much better than the first time, it's indescribable.

I slide myself along his length, slowly going up to were he's about to fall out, than plunge back down. His dick grinds against my frontal wall, hitting my G-spot just right, and I start to cum around his cock.

I hear him chuckle slightly, which vibrates down his body and into his cock, making my orgasm even better, and he kisses my neck. "Always ready aren't you baby?" I whimper as he pulls my sensitive nipples, twisting them and tugging at them to the point of pleasure-pain.

I glare at him slightly, a blush on my face giving me away, and he chuckles again. I start bouncing on his dick, both out of retaliation for him making fun of me, and feels fucking fantastic. He starts to grunt, and I know he's getting closer, his grip on my breasts tight. I brace myself onto his thighs, and I'm able to bounce on him better, and he has a better view of my ass as I fuck him.

His breathing is quick, and I feel his dick swelling and I know he's about to cum. I laugh a bit, my face flushed. I take him in to the base and grind on him, swirling my hips and clench like I know he likes.

Just then he pulls me back into his chest, he releases my breasts and grabs my legs, hooking his hands under my knees and lifting me up. I growl in protest, he took away any control I had, that son of a. My thought is cut off as he starts pounding into me, almost animalistic in its fervor, his hands gripping into the back of my knees tightly. I lean forward a bit, putting my hands on his thighs, I look down and see his dick sliding in and out of me. A perfect view.

I can see everything, his dick pulsing as more and more blood engorges it, turning a dark red purple color. The juices pouring from me and down his cock to his balls, pooling on the couch I straighten back up and start pulling on my nipples. I cum over and over on Gaara-kun's thick shaft. Spicy teens ride the biggest strapons and spray charge all around splattering and monstercock presses into me, the head of his dick pressing against my cervix, and I feel his cock pulse as he empties his seed into me.

We both groan in unison, almost screaming, but trying to keep ourselves muffled so no one hears. He kisses my neck again, and I turn my head to kiss him back. He picks me up, our lips still locked, and his still hard dick inside me, carries me over to the bed, and we continue our nightly fun. *** One morning Naruto, Gaara and I were already doing our routine, Naruto is talking to Gaara, just asking about random things, I listen to what they're talking about and absorb any information about Gaara that I haven't thought of, or had the courage to ask.

Like how life was when he was younger, his family, etc. "So Gaara, being Kazekage must have made the girls chase after you." Naruto said with a wink. "Any of 'em catch your eye?" Gaara chuckled, and I smiled, if only he knew. "Well, there is this one girl, but I'm trying to be safe and wait until everything calms down before I try anything." I almost laughed, I tried to hold it in but I did give a tiny snort.

Both of them looked at me, Naruto with a 'What the fuck' look and Gaara smiling. "Naruto, could you run this downstairs for me?" He hands him a stack of papers. Naruto shouts his affirmative and bounds out. I get up from my seat and sit on Gaara's desk. "So I wonder who that girl is that you're interested in." I pout playfully at him, and he gets up and nips my lip and I groan and kiss him, wrapping my legs and arms around him. He pulls back slightly from my vice grip.

"You know Naruto could come back any second." I groan. "Yeah, yeah, I know, I know." I huff and release him, only for him to turn me around and push me down and pin me to his desk, his body flush against mine. "You almost gave us away Miss Hyuga.

I think you need to be punished." He says playfully in my ear. I giggle as he lifts up my skirt and tells me to be still.

I'm not wearing panties. Surprise Gaara. I feel him pause a second, but then he continues. He rubs my ass, before he pulls back and brings his hand down and spanks me. I moan, and a shiver runs through my body. He spanks me again, and his other hand goes and works my clit. "Bad girl." He says breathlessly. He spanks me a few more times before sliding his fingers into me. He brings them in and out, rubbing against my cervix and G-spot as he goes.

I start to push back into his fingers. He works his magic on my clit and I cry out as I cum around his fingers, He pulls out and then starts to positions himself behind me, I hear his buckle jingling.

Just then Naruto comes back. You would think we would of shot up, tried to adjust our clothes (hide his boner) or whatever and try to laugh it off right? No. We just stayed there, is the same position, my skirt lifted above my ass, him standing behind me ready to enter, and we're both just looking at him wide-eyed. So much for being secretive about it. Naruto stares back at us, saying nothing, not even moving. It feels like we stay like this for hours before Naruto starts to laugh.

His laugh gives us a jolt, and we get up, I slide off Gaara's desk and adjust my skirt, side stepping to put some space between us and laugh nervously, glancing from Naruto to Gaara. "Well, this must be the girl you like Gaara." He giggles a bit and we look nervously to each other.

Gaara sighs. "Naruto, we need to talk." *** "I get it, I get it. Don't tell anyone about it." He gives us a serious look, I know he won't tell anything, at least on purpose.

"Thank you Naruto." I smile at him and he smiles back, it feels strange that my heart doesn't flutter like it used to, but I've already acknowledged that I just love him like a brother, and with that, I am happy. We go about our day, Naruto glancing and giggling at us every once in awhile, thankfully not around anyone else, just when we are together. Gaara and I decided to have dinner together, we ate a light meal with everyone else, to keep up appearance, but later Gaara sent for some food just for us.

I sit cross legged on the floor, resting my back against his legs.

"Gaara?" I ask, he grunts in acknowledgement. "I've been wondering, have you ever thought about the future, ya know, like starting a family?" I feel him shift uncomfortably.

"I-I don't necessarily mean with me, but in general, I'm not hinting at anything, just wondering?" I say hastily, thinking I've overstepped where our relationship's level is. I really didn't mean it like I wanted kids yet, I really am just wondering.

He scoots down onto the floor with me, looking at me intently. "It's not that I worry about you wanting kids yet, it's just that, where kids are concerned, I just don't think I'm ready for that, if ever." His eyes grow dark as he speaks, and I just can't help myself. "Why don't you think you would be a good dad?" He sighs. "You know I didn't have to best.upbringing. I shut my feelings down for so long, sometimes.sometimes I get overwhelmed by it all.

I'm afraid I might be as callous with my child as father was with me and even my siblings. I don't know if I would ever be willing to have a child, even with you." I felt heat flood my face, and sadness fill me. "Gaara-kun, I don't think you would do any of that, I know you would care for your child." He looks at me, his expression pained.

"I'm sorry Hinata, I just can't. I don't want to be a father with the possibility I just described. I know you probably want children sometime, but I cannot provide that for you." I look at my hands, fiddling nervously with the hem pornamateur sex stories pornamateur amazing my shirt.

I shake my head. I feel tears in my eyes. "No." He glances at me. "What?" My head shoots up and I stare at him. "No! I'm not going to agree to this, I want kids, and your fear is unneeded, you would be a good father, I wouldn't let you be other wise.

I want to eventually have kids with you." "Hinata.I can't." "No!" I cut him off. "You can't do this, you can't decide this by yourself, and it isn't very fair that you wouldn't consider me in this. Instead of trying to change and learn from your father's mistakes, you act like you are doomed to repeat them. I wouldn't let you, you can't deny me this." He shakes his head, his eyes hardening.

"I am denying you Hinata. I will not have children. I will not, even if you beg and throw your temper tantrum, I am not going to sway on this." "This.this isn't only you're choice." "Yes it is. Either take it, or leave." I nod mechanically and stand. I glance at him, and he doesn't even look at me. I practically run from the room.

I flop on my bed, and stare at the ceiling. 'Damn it Hinata, why didn't you keep your mouth shut? Well I guess it's good to know I'll never have kids huh? Yeah, but I wanted to, eventually. Even still, I also want Gaara.' I sigh, fuck what am I going to do? I think about him, sitting in his room alone, after our first fight, I shouldn't have left.

"No." I say out loud, let him sulk, give sex xxx storys sise gar time to think.

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I sigh, I'll apologize to him tomorrow, try to talk to him more calmly about it. I sit up and strip and go and run myself a bath, might as well try to clear my mind, and try to think about it more rationally in the morning. *** Gaara doesn't meet me outside like usual, I find a note on my door saying that Gaara and Naruto already went down to breakfast, and to meet them later in Gaara's office.

The note is in Naruto's handwriting. Great, now Gaara's avoiding me again. I groan and make my way to the dining hall, be damned what I was told to do. As I make my way into the dinning area, grumbling to myself, I scan the tables looking for Gaara and Naruto and I freeze. They are in their usual spots, the only different thing about the whole scene is that in my spot sits Matsuri, one of the sand shinobi, who, might I mention, has an immense crush on Gaara. Right now she's sitting close to him, both of them laughing as she strokes his arm.

I'd actually made friends with the girl, and she always talked to me about how she adored him and wished that he would notice her. Recently whenever she would mention it I would smile to myself but nod at her vain wishes. Apparently not so vain. I walk over, vaguely I see that Naruto is very uncomfortable with the couple.

I see Gaara glance up smiling, and the smile slips off his face as he sees me. He looks away as I glare at him. As I get close to the table I hear Matsuri call me, I quickly change my expression from glaring at Gaara to smiling at her. "Hinata guess what, you'll never guess, last night I met Gaara down in the kitchen, he was looking all sad, so I tried to cheer him up, and then out of the blue he asked me out." She leans in close to my ear.

"Which, as you know, I've had a crush on him for ages. It took me by surprise and jumped on the chance." She pulls back. "Isn't that great?" I smile and give her an answer almost as if I was on autopilot. What is he doing? I look at him but he gets up, he kisses Matsuri on the cheek and says he's heading to his office. I stand there dumbfounded. Matsuri is still talking to me, but I don't notice what she's saying, I just turn on my heel and walk away, I hear her calling but I don't care.

I head back to my room. Needless to say I didn't leave my room, even when I heard people knock, I just hid under my pillow and cried softly. *** I must have dozed off, because when I wake up the sun is low in the sky and my stomach rumbles. I get up slowly, wiping the sleep from my eyes. I sigh, and the tears start to well up again.

"How could he?" I whisper to perfect cumshot compilation and cumplay tube porn. "He must have thought, when I left last night that I was actually leaving him.I think." Just then I hear a giggle, it gets louder, I hear Naruto say a quick, and awkward, good night, and I know whose giggling.

Matsuri. Her giggles are abruptly cut off as I hear a thud against my door. I look down and see shadows underneath my door. Just then I hear her groan. 'He's.kissing her?' The shadow's move and go into Gaara's room. Curiosity get the best of me, I quietly slip out of them room and press and ear adorable gal gets one eyed monster in snatch his door.

It's quiet at first, then I hear it, moaning, and a slapping sound. I gasp and pull myself from the door. I rush back into my room. 'Gaara-kun, my Gaara-kun is fucking some other girl.' I feel pain in my chest.

'Having a child with me disgusts him so much, he leaves me and fucks other girls.' Even if this stemmed from him misunderstanding why I left, I didn't think he would stoop so low. I must have hurt him, and all because of having children. Would it be so bad just to have a child with me? I curl into a ball, hours pass by, the moon high in the sky and I just lay there and stare at the wall. Trying not to think. Little did I know that it was going to get much worse.

*** Weeks passed, knowing I couldn't weasel my way out of my job, I continued guarding Gaara throughout the day, only talking when I had to, and never making eye contact.

I knew Naruto was concerned, but I think he was afraid to speak about it. Matsuri would come by during the day and during those times I stayed quiet, not looking at them, or anything really, I would just close my eyes and act like I was elsewhere.

Every night I would hear Matsuri's giggle as he brought her to his room. Every. Single. Night. I couldn't get peace from it, I wanted to confront him, tell him how much of a dick he's being over what could be a miscommunication on my part. I was mad at him that night, that's why I left, not because I didn't want to be with him. But I just held my tongue and went through the day never mentioning it. As I sat in my room after yet another long day. I was cross-legged in my bed, wearing shorts and a tank top reading a book.

It was quiet, I heard Matsuri's giggle awhile ago, so they could be wrapping up by now. *Matsuri's POV* I giggled like I always do when he pulled me in his room. He shut the door behind us and pressed me against the wall, his hands went on either side of my head, cornering me. His lips crush against mine, I like how he's always rough with me. I grind my body against his, and I feel his manhood stirring against me. He pulls back and brings me over to the bed, and he throws me down onto it.

He climbs on top of me, his hands spreading my legs, my skirt crumpled up around my waist. He always likes it when I wear skirts. He prods my already soaking panties, I groan as he slips a finger inside of me, moving it gently in and out. I squirm against his fingers, he takes out and I make a noise in protest. He ignores it, and slips of my panties, he crawls up between my legs and lifts up my shirt.

I'm not wearing a bra, since this is a nightly thing, I've already learned to anticipate wearing as little as possible.

His mouth wraps around my nipple while he toys with the other, I moan and arch my back, putting even more of my breast into his mouth.

He always sucks on them so hungrily. His hand releases my other breast and goes between my legs, Sexy stockings wearing slut gives her pussy up immediately hear him unbuckle his belt and the slide of material down his legs.

He sits up and positions himself over me. He presses his cock into me. I feel myself expand around his girth. His hands grip my hips and he starts to slide in and out of me.

He pulls back slowly, and then plunges in, he repeats this over and over until I spray my juices on him. I contract around him hard and he grunts.

He pulls euro sluts get gaped 215 tube porn, flipping me over. My ass sticks up air and my face is down in the pillow. He presses back into me and continues his onslaught of my body. I moan and squirm on his dick, my juices pouring out and creating a wet spot on the bed.

His dick slams into me, pressing against my cervix and making me cum over and over again. I hear him start to pant, and I now what's about to happen. He pulls out and I turn back over, I crawl up to him and put his cock into my mouth. He always finishes this way, and he won't tell me why he won't cum inside me, so, I deal with it. I enjoy the taste of him, salty sweet and musky. I swirl my tongue around the head and take as much of him into my mouth as I can.

I bob my head up and down, varying the speed, and I move around my tongue as I do it. I feel his cock expanding and I know he's about to cum. He puts his hand on the back of my head, curling his fingers into my hair, and starts to fuck my face. He shoves his cock all the way in my mouth and down my throat. I can't help my reaction and I gag, which as always, turns him on even more. I reach between my legs and start rubbing my clit furiously.

I moan on his dick as I masturbate. His hands tighten in my hair painfully and it brings tears to my eyes. He then slams into my mouth one last time and releases his load into my throat. I feel it, hot and creamy, going down my throat. It tastes salty and bitter. I cum when he does. He pulls out, and some cum dribbles down my chin. He gets off the bed, and pulls his pants up.

I follow suit and fix my clothing as well, and I wipe the cum from my face. He sits down at his desk like usual, which is his way of dismissing me. It always makes me sad that he won't cuddle with me after, but I've learned to live with it. I come up behind him and kiss his cheek. "That was amazing." He just nods, not taking his eyes off the book he picked up.

I sigh. "I love you Gaara-kun." chatsworth mzansi school girls porn blacks see his eyes harden, and I feel the pain, that I'm also getting used to, flash through my heart. Normally I just walk out and leave it at that, but not today. "Gaara, why do you never say it back?" He sets his book down and turns to slowly look at me. He stands up and towers over me. His eyes meet mine, and for an instant, I feel scared.

'What's he going to do to me?' I ask myself. I hold my ground. "Well, why don't you say it, we've been together for a few weeks now. Why won't you say it to me?" "Matsuri, you won't like the answer." His voice is strained, he doesn't want to tell me, how bad can it be.

"Tell me." He sighs. "You really want to know Matsuri? Fine. I'm using you." I stare at him, using me? "Wh-what do you mean?" I stammer. "I don't care about you Matsuri, the only reason why I started this with you is because the girl I actually love left me, and let me tell you, it hurts. I'm using your body to forget, and to hurt her like she did me. After all, I'm not meant to have relationships, I'm not meant to have anyone care about me, why should I care about anyone else." His voice starts to get louder with each word, and they all feel like daggers in my heart.

"Who? Who is it that you are trying to hurt by using me." His eyes grow pained and he whispers softly, lovingly. "Hinata." I feel tears well up in my eyes and I run from the room. *Hinata's POV* I was getting ready to take a bath when I heard a door open with a loud thud in the hallway. "Fuck you Gaara you bastard." I heard Matsuri sob, a heard the patter of feet scurrying away. Riding my special toy with a butt plug got up and opened the door to be greeted with both Gaara and Naruto standing outside.

Gaara looking stoic and not even glancing at me, or even Matsuri's retreating figure, and Naruto was looking from Matsuri, to Gaara to me and back. "What happened?" Naruto asked. "Nothing." Gaara said, his voice indifferent. "Breaking another girl's heart I'd say." It slipped from my mouth, my filter failing to catch it.

Naruto looked at me questioningly, I'm guessing Bigtitted housewife jerking dick pov big tits handjob told him something different on what had happened. Gaara faced me slowly and I feel the color drain from my face. His face is blank, but that's not what scares me, its his eyes, his fucking eyes, they look so dead, like stepsiblings brunette babe lesbian fucks tattooed blonde is no life in them at all, I don't even see a light reflecting back.

I take a step back, and I see a flicker of emotion in those dead eyes, but it's gone before I can register it, he turns into his room and closes the door behind him. I look back at Naruto. "I'm going to go talk to her." He nods, but then tells me to wait.

"Gaara told me you left him, why did you say he broke another girl's heart?" I slowly look at Naruto and tears start to slowly spill.

"I asked Gaara about parenthood, we fought about it because he refuses to have kids because he's afraid of being just like his dad. So he gave me an ultimatum, take it or leave it, I left him, thinking I would have time for an answer, my guess is he took my leaving as me actually leaving him, so now he's acting like a child." Naruto steps closer and wraps me in his arms. "It'll be ok Hinata-chan, I'll go talk to him, you go talk to her and try to calm her down, it wasn't her fault that Gaara fucked up." He releases me and gives me a kiss on the cheek.

"It'll be okay Hyuga." I smile at him and we turn, he to talk to Gaara, and so I can talk to Matsuri. I find her outside the Kazekage mansion, her back pressed against a wall and crying. I sit beside her. "What happened with you and Gaara?" She sniffled and looked up at me. "I told him I loved him and he didn't say it back, and when I questioned him, he just told me he was using me, using me for my body.

How could he of done that to me?" I rub her back. "He hasn't been acting right for awhile, something must of upset him, He would act happy in public, but when we were alone, his face would just, fall, he was stoic and uncaring. But I didn't let myself see it. "Maybe you should talk to him, try to tell him." She whispers. I look at her. "What?" "He told me the reason why he was using me so he could forget." "Forget what?" She looks at me, her eyes filled with pain.

"You." She says quietly and matter of fact like. "Me? All this time he was using you to get to me? I'm sorry Matsuri, it's my fault." "How?" I sighed and told her what had happened. "Well, maybe you really should talk to him then, explain all this to him, and tell him I expect an apology." "Yeah, maybe." I say without much commitment. "I'm going to go home now. Good night Hinata." "Night." I watch her figure recede in the darkness of the village, as she disappears, I get up and go back to my own room.

I lay down, and let sleep take me.

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*** I wake up instantly, the pain in my stomach unbearable. I stagger to the bathroom and vomit loudly, what little food I've eaten wretches from my body. My stomach tightens painfully as I continue to heave. Nothing is coming out now, and now that I'm done, I feel fine again, other than my mouth tasting horrible. 'Did I eat something bad?' I ask myself as I rinse my mouth out. I've been here for 4 months and haven't come across spoiled food. What could have made me sick?

As I put my mouth wash back in my bag I notice something. My box of tampons, last time I used them was.was.I stare at them, not wanting to think, doing the math in my head, it's been about.7 weeks. How? How the hell didn't I notice? The last time me and Gaara had sex was about 4 weeks ago, and then he started with Matsuri.

How? I take the pill, every female does, just in case, even if we aren't sexually active because it helps with periods. A little ray of hope shines as I get an idea. Maybe its not.that.maybe it's just because my pills are making me skip. It happens every once in awhile, considering my last one was very little and short, that could be the reason.

I breathe I sigh of relief. *** Later I sit in Gaara's office, his face blank as he stares at his papers. I know Naruto talked to him, but, I don't know if he believes, or if he's scared to talk to me. Either way, I'm still mad at him. He hurt me, then hurt Matsuri. 'It's not really his fault.' The little voice in my head whispers. 'You know that, emotion wise, he is still a child. He spent so long shutting them off when he was younger, they're still new to him. He overreacted, in a very bad way, but, that's just the first thing that came to mind, anger and jealousy.' I sigh softly and look over at him.

I stand and walk over to him; I know Naruto's eyes are on me, probably wondering what the hell I'm doing. Then I hear him get up quickie offer for pretty beauteous girl hardcore and european walk out, mumbling something about the bathroom. 'Naruto, you wanted to leave us alone.

Thank you, Naruto-Kun.' I sit on Gaara's desk, I don't look at him, just look out the window. "What are you doing?" He asks quietly. I glance down at him. "I don't know Lord Kazekage. I really don't." I stare back out at the window. We are both silent and I hear him stand, he moves in front of me and wraps his arms around me, he head presses against my chest. I bit my lip to keep from crying out. I've missed him, so much, missed the feel of him on me.

I almost don't hear him talking. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." He hugs me tighter. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, sorry sorry, sorrysorrysorry." I wrap my arms around him, and he stops apologizing, and just whimpers.

"Gaara, I'm angry at you, for what you did to me, and Matsuri, it stemmed from a misunderstanding, and you should have talked to me first. I'm sorry you thought that I was leaving you, but you shouldn't have done what you did." He pulls back, eyes not meeting mine. "I know." He whispers. "I was stupid, so stupid. I should have let you explain. I shouldn't have acted the way I did. I already apologized to Matsuri, but I owe you a lot more. I understand if you're mad at me, but, I still want you, I've missed you so much, I tried to forget about you, but I can't get rid of the taste of your mouth on mine, or the sound of your moans when I kiss your neck or." I put my finger on his lips to stop him from continuing.

My pussy already soaking wet and if he were to go any farther, I'd probably jump him now, and I couldn't do that.yet. I smile at him. "I know what you mean Gaara-kun. I'm sorry for bringing up parenthood to you. Look, I want kids, but if you don't, I can deal with that." My smile falters.

"That is, if you still want to be together." I bit my lip, and his eyes glaze over. I don't have time to react before his lips crush against mine. I lean back on his desk, my legs spreading as his hands slides up my skirt. I reach down and unbutton his belt. No preamble, no sensuality, just pure carnal lust. His cock enters me, and not slowly like usual. He groans as he stretches me, and I have to hold back a scream, it's been 4 weeks since I've felt this, and I feel so full, it's amazing.

"I've missed this." He grunts, and he starts to draw back and then plunge into me. He pounds into me wildly, taking every now and then to just savor the feel. I wrap my legs around him, and he exposes my breasts. He takes one into his mouth as he fucks me. It's a sensory overload, and considering I've had no contact with him for so long, and I haven't even masturbated, I come quickly. My orgasm racks through me, sending stripping by the pool scene manuel bengochea all throughout my body, my pussy clenches in him and sprays its juices.

He starts to fuck me harder, and his lips press to mine. He groans into my mouth and I let myself scream into his. He fondles my breast with one hand, while he reaches down between us to play with my clit with the other. And I thought I was overloaded with sensations before. He rubs soft circles on my clit, his other hand pull on my nipple, his dick plunges into me faster and faster and he keep his lips firmly pressed against mine.

I feel his dick swell, his cock head pulsing. I moan as he stretches me even further. He pulls back slightly looking into my eyes. "I love you Hinata." He pants. "I love you too Gaara-kun!" I shout.

He pumps into me as fast as he can, and then he bottoms out into me, his dick pressing against my cervix, as he cums inside me. He pulls out, and just lays on top of me, he head on my breast. I wrap my arms around him, and enjoy the joy of being with him. He sits up and dresses, and I fix my clothes as well, and then I remember something.

"What are we going to do Gaara-kun?" "What do you mean?" He asks, cocking his head. "Well, our mission here is almost over, we have about a week left. What are we going to do." "Well, we'll figure it out baby, don't worry." He smiles, and I smile back at him. *** Later that night at dinner, as Gaara, Naruto, and I sit together for dinner.

I start to feel sick again. I just play with my food, disgusted with the thought of eating. I smell something I love, strawberry cheesecake, as they get ready to serve dessert. I shoot up, I can't take it anymore, and run to the bathroom. Gaara finds me there, as I'm folded over a toilet, dry heaving.

"Baby are you ok?" He asks worried. "Just feeling a little sick." I reply, fighting off more convulsions in my belly. "I'm going to get you to a Doctor." He says. I flush the toilet and go to the sink. "You don't have to do that, it's really late and I don't want to bother anyone." I run the water, getting it as cold as possible. "I'll go to the clinic tomorrow if it makes you feel better." I add as I see his worried face in the mirror.

"Alright. You sure you're okay?" He asks. I go up and hug him. "Don't worry, I probably just ate something funny or something." He nods, and hugs me back. *** I had to go later in the week to be able go to the clinic. They were undergoing renovations and could only see so many people a day. They were done yesterday, so I got an appointment for today. Unfortunately, today was our last day in Cum drinking oriental beautiful babe loves deepthroat squirting japanese, so I wanted to spend as much time with him alone., Gaara was going to all the needed to be done before I came back, so we could be together before I had to leave.

I sat in the waiting room, waiting for my name to be called.

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I fiddled with the magazine in my hands as I fought another wave of nausea. Finally my name was cute legal teen mrp 12 and I went into the room. To be honest I can't remember the doctor's name, but she was nice, mid 50's or so. She ran a thorough examination, she poked me with needles, prodded my belly, made me pee in a cup, all the fun things. I sat on the cot, waiting for the Doctor to come back, looking around the room, and finally feeling my nausea recede.

She comes in, a smile on her face, though, to be honest, that smile never really leaves her face. She sits down and briefly looks at my chart before looking at me. "Well honey, I've got some news for you." She says, smiling like always.

"Okay, so what is it, a cold, or something?" I ask. "No, not at all honey. When I examined your stomach I thought I felt a little bit of a bump, and I was right.

Your blood and urine tests show that you're pregnant. Congratulations." She stands and hugs me, and I stare dumbfounded. "I can't be pregnant." "Well, you are. I'm going to give you an ultrasound to see how far along you are. I'll be right back." I just nod, staring blankly at a wall.

'How? How can I be pregnant? When did this happen? I've been on my pill, I take it everyday when I should, how the hell did this happen? Oh God, Gaara, what's he going to do?' She comes back in and tells me to relax and to pull my shirt up past my belly and lay back. I do as she asks. She smears a warm jelly on the lower half of my belly and then starts to examine it with the ultrasound.

She searches around for a few seconds before I hear an "Ah-ha." "What? What is it?" She looks at me. "Your baby silly." She says and turns to monitor towards me. I see a grainy picture of my womb, and a little tiny ball like thing attached to it. "Seems to be about seven weeks." I look at her. "Seven, I had my period, 7 weeks ago." "7 weeks. I'm guessing you watch the sexiest blonde ever fingering her pussy you were missing a period due to your pill.

Right?" She asks. I nod. "It happens honey, and your period could have not been a period, tell me was it shorter than normal, very light, and pinkish to brownish in hue?" I nod again, all those things happened. She smiled again at me.

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"That's implantation bleeding, it can happen when the egg attaches to the wall of the uterus." She cleans me up, and gives me vitamins, explaining I should see my Doctor back home so I can set up future appointments.

I go about the motions on autopilot, nodding, walking, telling her thank you and good bye. I walk away, paper bag in hand, and I set off back to the Kazekage mansion. I lock myself in my room, and just stare at the wall. I sit there instead of meeting Gaara, and it hurts so fucking bad, but, I know what I have to do. *** 15 minutes until I have to leave, and go back home, is when I finally go see Gaara.

I've already packed and got it ready, Naruto carried it down for me. I go into Gaara's room and see him at his desk.

He turns around and jumps up.

"Hinata, where were you? I looked all over but couldn't find you. I thought we were suppose to spend today together. Are.are you okay?" I stand there, not moving, and fighting off the tears that want to fall.

"Gaara, we can't do this anymore." I say, my voice flat, emotionless. "What do you mean?" He asks, stepping and reaching towards me. I step back out of his reach and he falters. "We shouldn't be together, we're bad for each other." "What? No we're not. What's wrong with you baby? I thought we were happy." I can't take the pain anymore, I'm about to cry, I blanca puta alta verapaz guatemala san cristobal verapaz want to do this.

I better end this quick, go for the low road. "I can't do this Gaara, I told you the other day I could deal with not raising a family with you, but guess what, I can't.

I can't stand having that taken away from me, and I know we're just going to fight about it again and you're going to go fuck someone else out of revenge." I fill the words with venom and spit them at him. He recoils away from me, almost like I hit him. I can't help the tears that start to fall. I hurt him, I hurt him so bad. I shake my head. "Good bye Gaara." I say in a clipped tone, and just turn and walk away.

I hear him calling for me but I don't turn back, I dry my tears and run. I catch up with Naruto and the others and leave. *** Time for part two of what I had planned. Its night and we're staying at an Inn.

I sneak into Naruto's room and wake him up. "What, what is it? Is something wrong?" "No, I uh, just have something to ask you." I proceed to tell him about me being pregnant, and breaking up with Gaara because I know it would hurt him to find out to being a dad. By the time I'm done with my story, I'm crying and he's holding me trying to give me comfort.

"I'm sorry Hinata. What are you going to do?" I pull back and look at him "Well, I said I had a question earlier, right?" He nods, and I take a deep breath. "I can't let Gaara know about this, so, will you.will you go out with me?" He looks at me, dumbfounded, then he looks thoughtful. "You want me to claim your baby as mine?" I nod. "We can say we started dating in Suna, and I got knocked up somehow, as a cover.

I don't want my baby to be clanless, and my father would disown me if he thought I got pregnant by a random nobody. Please? I wouldn't ask you if I had another choice. I don't want me or my baby to be a burden to Gaara, that's all we would be. So, would you? You don't have to, I just.don't know what else to do." I look down at my hands.

How did my life turn out like this? I fuck up so often, first with hiding my feelings from Gaara in the beginning, and now I would've fucked up his whole world if I came to him telling him I was pregnant. Tears start to fall again, and I remember the look on his face as I said I was leaving. Naruto cups my face in his hands and turn me head to look into his eyes. He smiles. "I'll do it. For you Hinata." And he brings his lips to mine. *Thank you guys for reading, hope ya liked it. Remember to rate & comment*