Sexy passenger anal banged by big cock in the backseat

Sexy passenger anal banged by big cock in the backseat
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Written by Boys in the hood Part one Contact me at [email protected] Copyright 2011: not to be copied or changed without owner's permission Not for view if you are not over 18 years It's up to you if you want to read this fictional story and that this never happened to anyone. My Friend Ben. My friend Ben was my best pal since I was 5 years old and we lived next to each other in the same apartment complex for over 7 years now.

We would play in the pool and swim and laugh and enjoy each other's friendship until the big day that all boys wait for "puberty". Yes that was a big day for the two of us as we were now able to start our boy hood dreams of cum. But first I must introduce myself my name is T.J and I am 12 years old and I live in a small community area in Mobile Alabama. It's hot and humid outside as summer is here and it's now June 2009. Ben and I are heading to the complex pool just behind my apartment as we do each day while on our holidays.

"So T.J are you going to summer camp this year" asked Ben "yes dude my mum went and organised it and guess what you are going with me "replied T.J. "Wow your mum is the best and my mum didn't even tell me that I was going" cooed Ben "well it was meant to be a surprise but I guess now that you know you will have to act like you don't know until she tells you-spit wad." T.J replied.

So the boys played in the skinny busty hottie with glasses blowjob amp cim until lunch time and sat under the umbrella near the pool and ate ham and cheese sandwiches and washed it down with a can of pop.

"So do you want to sleep over at my house tonight "asked T.J "does a bear? sleep in the nude" Ben asked.?

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"What kind of an answer is that a simple yes or no would have been enough dude" was T.J's reply. "Well that's what my dad says when he is asked a question so I just used it to impress you" Ben laughing. "Shit and double shit you are one messed up kid so are you coming over or not" T.J remarked.

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"Yes I am but I have to ask my folks first to see if it's alright and then I will let you know later on" Ben said. So the boys went back to their own apartments and made arrangements for the boys to have their sleep over at T.J home.

The hours could not come fast enough for the boys as sleep over's only ever happened on school holidays due to past poor school reports as the boys got a few c's and d's in their end of term reports last year and they had to improve themselves to have weekend sleep over's but now all is well and soon the boys will be able to have sleep over's on the weekend’s after school.

Now T.J had just entered puberty and he was waking up with a morning wood and he had seen his dad with a wood once or twice when his robe opened up and exposed his hard tool. "Oh I see you have a circus in your undies "dad said to me. "What do you?

mean by that dad" asked T.J. "Well you have a tent in your undies and the animals are trying to escape. You have a morning wood an erection" Dad remarked T.J went red in the face as he now remembered his sex education class and he quickly entered the bathroom for his morning shower.

T.J quickly removed his undies and placed them in the laundry basket and went into shower and started the water to his liking, his boyhood stiffened up as the water hit his circumcised 4 incher and he wondered why he was getting erections at odd times of the day.

So T.J continued washing himself and his hands ended up over his cut penis and soaped his hands and washed his balls and cock and he got a strange feeling in his brain and when he continued to wash his groin area he had feelings that he never had before. T.J continued to move his hand down and up on his cute boyhood shaft and his cock was so hard it was hurting him so he stopped what he was doing and ended his shower until he could find out what was going on with his cock.

Ben was in his shower at the same time as T.J was and he was washing his uncut penis and he wished that his was circumcised like T.J's as he gets embarrassed every time another boy sees his wiener. He too was boning up as all young teen boys do when using the showers.

He was thinking of T.J and wondering if he was enjoying his little man hood. Ben was going to spend some time with his pal and have a sleep over with him and Ben always enjoyed his time with his best friend and yes both boys have Been exploring each other's bodies and would have fun with their worms.

T.J just loved Ben's wiener, it was a strange looking wiener and as both Boys grew T.J noticed that Ben's young cock was different to his and Wondered why he could not see Ben's cock head looking like his. It was a day that T.J would never forget when he saw his friend expose his purple wiener and watched as Ben slipped his foreskin back and started to wash around his little head.

"Oh boy, that is so making me bone up Ben I can't help it xxx story mota land lmba land 3gb you wash your skin, it makes me hard and I don't know why." T.J grunted. "Well why you don't try it out and see how it feels." Ben laughed. "It was like a flash of light when T.J moved his fingers around the loose skin and began to move the skin until it was fully retracted and locked behind the head. intense deepthroating action with a desirable brunette pornstars cumshot fuck that feels so great Ben, I wish I never had mine removed but I just wish I could feel a foreskin over my wiener again." T.J moaned.

Ben decided to give T.J his wish and said to T.J to stand in front of him and let their wieners kiss piss slit to piss slit and then Ben took hold of T.J's pink pecker and lowered his foreskin covering both cocks. It was too much for T.J, he was panting when Ben was tickling both cock heads and soon T.J was feeling his balls lift up and felt his piss slit open and squirt out two ropes of hot boy cum into Ben's foreskin.

"Shit, that was the best ever cum shot I have ever had and look at all that goo hanging of your foreskin we have to fix that." T.J smiled as he started to lick the sticky clear cum off Ben's wiener and tasted Ben's and his own silky cum and knew he wanted more of this and soon he would be getting his mouth around his best friend's pole.

End of chapter 1 3 more chapters cumin soon. If you liked this story and would like to read more just email me and I will write more stories. Boys in the hood.

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