Oiled adorable gal enjoys coarse fucking hardcore massage

Oiled adorable gal enjoys coarse fucking hardcore massage
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I was 14 when I had my first baby sitting job.

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It was for a family in the next block and they had a 12 yo son and an 8yo daughter. On the third time I sat for them I was using their toilet and the boy walked in and said "Can I fuck you" and he was fondling his penis sticking out his pajama pants. I was really astounded at his proposal and his forthright manner in which he asked. He also had quite a big cock for a boy his age. My immediate reaction was to say "no". I was quite taken back and could not think of anything else to say.

His reply was "I know you do it - I have seen you doing it". I asked when and where he has as he put it "seen me". "My friend lives in the next block to your boyfriend and we have seen you and him in his bedroom fucking and sucking his cock".

What he had said was true well my bf and I do it regularly and I gather he has watched us through his window we had no idea we could be seen. I said at first that was bullshit but he said "we watched you last night its easy when you have the lights on" and we have them on all the time." You have good tits and no hair on your cunt".

He was right. I said "lets talk about it first I want to know more about you seeing you know so much about me". I finished peeing and pulled hot pretty amazing gal dominated and fucked hardcore and bondage pants up and as I did he said "I am right aren't I see no hair".

We went into his lounge room and I said I wanted to check his sister was asleep and when I was sure I went back to him and as I walked in he was masturbating. I said "you are not shy are you". He said no I wank nearly every day and Ken and I do it to each other he is the guy who lives next to your boyfriend and we also fuck Kens sister.

I said well you are quite experienced aren't you. How old is his sister. "Just turned Eleven". "How old is her brother ". "Same age as me 12". "How often have you fucked her". "I have no idea a lot. We both have". "Does she mind". "No- she enjoys it and often she asks us to do it to her". "What about her brother don't they know its wrong for brothers and sisters to fuck each other". "Yep but they don't care. She cant get pregnant so she doesn't care".

"Do you cum in her". "Sure she doesn't mind". "What happens if he fucks her first and cums inside her?

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What do you do? "I don't care I just fuck her.

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She is wetter inside her cunt but that doesn't matter if I fuck her twice its the same thing. I often fuck her a few times after school and when he comes home he fucks her too. We don't care its cool". "Do you do anything else". "No we want her to suck us mom and son real funking but she wont do that or kiss us either.

Why don't girls kiss when they are being fucked" "I don't know I do". "If I fuck you will you kiss me". I said "who said I am going to let you fuck me." "I think you will I am pretty good at it Sue says". "Let me see your cock it has to be big enough companions daughter catches mom fucking her girlpartner first time training my little me to be able to feel it if I let you." He slipped his pants down and I could see he had a good sized cock."I will give you $10 if I don't make you cum that's how sure I can do it".

As I took his cock in my hand and stroked it I thought I have had smaller ones than his before it should do the job on me so I asked him "where will you get $10 from." "I have plenty.

I will put it on the table now and if you don't cum, then you get the $10." "I said I may live to regret this but if you are game I am." "I will go get the $10". "Get it later if I dont cum". "Don't worry you will" he said. I really wasnt going to worry about that side of it if I let him fuck me I and I didn't cum then I wouldn't be trying. I rarely missed out on a good orgasm. Ok now I don't want this all over the neighborhood that you fucked me if I hear a word then never again will you ever get a chance to fuck me again and I may let it out that you two are fucking Sue.

Then you will be in big trouble about her age. I told him to finish undressing and I began to undress and when the two of us were naked he looked me over and felt my tits.

I put my hand down and felt his cock. "Can I kiss you before we start." I said "do you know how to French". "I am an expert". He kissed me and I knew immediately he was experienced at frenching and I quiet enjoyed the sensation of him kissing me and feeling my tits at the same time.

"OK lets get started" I told him and I got down on the floor and pulled my legs back and in a moment he was down between them and he went straight into me. He knew what to do and he did it. Whilst he hasn't got the biggest cock I have ever had up me I could feel it going in and down deep inside me it had a good feeling and he didn't waste any time he just began to fuck me.

"Shit he said you feel better than Sue you are great fuck". I said "it shows that you have done it before you are not bad. How many girls have you fucked." "Two Sue and you now". "How about your friend how many girls has he fucked" "Only one girl Sue……&hellip.

and me". "What ". "We were wanking and he asked me if I had ever wondered what it was like to be fucked up the bum". I said "NO ".

Then he told me his cousin had done it to him and cum in his bum. We talked about it for ages and he told me how he did it to him and admitted he quite liked it. Then he asked me if I would like to fuck his bum. He said "if I did it to him he would suck me off". I thought there wasn't any harm in fucking his bum I said "does your cock get covered in shit".

"No I know what to do" then he showed me.

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He took me into the bathroom and he had a hose he put on deep inside nubile stepmother and ex gf tap and put it up his bum and filled it with water - then he shit it all out and he did that twice and said I am cleaned out now it will be ok." We went back to his bedroom and I wasn't sure if I should but he really wanted me to, almost begging me to do it to him.

"Please" he said quite a few times so I said ok. He had some special jelly he put on my cock to make it go in easier he said my bum is much tighter than Sues cunt.

He bent over and I fucked him and he loved it.

It was hard getting my cock into his ass hole it was tight but the jelly really helped. I fucked his ass for about five minutes and then I came inside him and he said "I love you". He went to the bathroom and shit my cum out and washed his ass out again. Then he came back and said lets do it again only this time the other way. He lay on his back and I looked down on his face as he got me to put my cock in his ass that way while he put his legs over my shoulders like I do when I fuck Sue.

It was easier getting my cock in this time as his bum hole was stretched. I didn't need jelly. As I was fucking him I could see the look on his face - he loved it and he kept telling me how good it was you should try it he said. He also wanted me to play with his nipples like we do to Sue.

I had to admit he really was liking it and after I had cum in him he convinced me to let him fuck me the same way. It hurt a bit and we had to use a lot of jelly to get it into me. I seemed to tighten up as soon as I felt him trying to get his cock in, but I relaxed long enough once and it went straight in.

When he pushed his cock into me it soon felt better I don't know if it feels the same to a girl when she gets her cunt fucked. Sue seems to really enjoy being fucked and I cant say really I enjoyed him fucking me." Have you ever let a guy fuck you up the ass". "No and don't think you will be the first".

While we talked he kept fucking me and I was getting pretty worked up him telling me about him fucking his friends ass sort of turned me on a bit. I had occasionally had slipped a finger in my ass as I masturbated but had never considered letting a guy fuck me up the ass. H e was fucking me well and he said "could I fuck you doggy style". I agreed as I dont mind it like that. I asked him how often he fucks Sue like this.

"A couple of times she doesn't like it much because she says she likes to see our face when we are fucking her". After a few minutes he said how "do you like doing it". "cowgirl". "Whats that" he asked. "I said pull out and I will show you". He did and I got him to lay down and got on top of him.

As I sat down on his cock - and he watched his cock slip up into my cunt he said "this is unreal I will have to get Sue to do it like this its great and I can see your tits bouncing when you are fucking me its fantastic.

Wow wait till I tell Ken what we did". "I said you tell nobody I don't want it all over town I have let a 12yo fuck me". "Ok then I will say I saw it on the porn". I continued to fuck him like this and he loved it and before long I said "your $10 is safe here I cum" and I began to feel my orgasm building up and in a minute I had a great orgasm and moaned and groaned as I petite asian babe blows a thick shaft my cunt and clit all over his cock.

FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK I said as my orgasm overwhelmed me and I bent down and lay full length over him crushing my body to his forcing my cunt down hard onto his cock, and kissing him hard. Then I could feel him tighten up beneath me and he put his arms around me and pulled me to him hard.

I stopped kissing long enough to say are you cumming - and all he could do was nod, I could feel him pushing his cock hard up into my cunt and hear him grunt with each spurt of his hot cum as it ejaculated into me. Then I began to feel the wetness of his cum after it had spilled out of his cock head filling my cunt. I worked my body with him and resumed kissing until he had pumped every drop of his creamy sperm filled semen into me.

It was awesome. He was really making me feel like we were both really enjoying fucking each other he wasn't fucking me and I wasn't fucking him we were fucking and cumming together it felt awesome.

I broke away from his mouth and said "I have never been so well fucked in my life. I think I am going to want to do asian petite likes to get drilled hard again with you soon".

He was breathing heavily and said " Good Can I tell you I love you". I laughed and said "only when you have your cock up me and my cunt is full of your cum". Well he said "I hope to tell you every day". "No chance" I said "what about my boyfriend and he is older than you&hellip. but don't despair if and when I sit for you again we can do this as often as you like I promise you that.

What I can say is he has never fucked me as well as you did. I envy Sue". After we cooled down we were covered in cum and cunt juice so he said lets have a shower together- something he had done with Sue but I had never done it with Mike. I never mentioned the fact I was on the pill and had no worries about pregnancy but I tried to tell him Sue would shortly become pubescent and she could get pregnant in the month before her first monthly period he had no idea that could happen.

Mz sucktion sucking dick from the back he said "what can we do". I said talk to Ken and try and work it out. I love being fucked myself but I would hate to get pregnant and the way you two guys are fucking her she could if you are not careful. I had a couple of first times that night but after that the two of us fucked every time I sat for them.

I have to admit I even went looking for him a couple of times after school just for the two of us to fuck. I really enjoyed fucking with him but I could never be seen publically with a younger boy.

I cant let Mike know he is fucking me but I keep asking him to do some of the things we have done and so far he has not become suspicious. A couple of years later I had another experience I will write about this time it was the father of the kid I was supposed to be babysitting and his wife a threesome.